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Default Tickle Therapy (F/M, FF/M, Explicit)


To explain my experience, first I must describe my physical therapist. Callie is nearly 6 feet tall, and accentuates her long, shapely legs with high-heeled sandals which invariably display her sexy, slender toes and high arches. Her tight jeans also show off her legs, along with her spectacular hips and ass. The tight tops Callie wears almost always reveal a delightful strip of toned, tanned tummy above her waistband, and are always cut low to show off her equally tanned, firm, full breasts. Her waist-length blonde hair, bright, blue-grey eyes, and beautiful face complete the picture. Add to this the fact that during my therapy for my injured leg, Callie touches and manipulates my body in the most intimate ways. Is it any wonder that I fell in love with her from the first time I met her?

I met Callie through Sara, my massage therapist (yes, that Sara). Sara discovered early on in our relationship that I am very ticklish. Soon she would end every massage session by tickle-torturing me. She would slowly, lightly tickle from my neck, along my back, underarms and ribs, down my legs to the soles of my feet, making me cringe, giggle, and squirm helplessly for minutes at a time, all the while giving me the hugest erection- then she would turn me over, strip nude, and gently tickle my cock and balls until I exploded. I got to eat her pussy after that and then we would fuck. We had a wonderful affair going for over a year.

Delightful as Sara's massages were, I still had a pain in my left leg, the one I injured when I was in the Army, that no amount of massage therapy could correct; so Sara referred me to her friend Callie, who worked in the same office. In retrospect, it was clear that she told Callie all about me, too....

I arrived for my first therapy appointment with Callie dressed in a T-shirt and my old, baggy military PT shorts. Callie wore skin-tight jeans and a flower-pattern off-the-shoulder top that plunged deep in front to reveal her generous cleavage. She also wore a light perfume that seemed to connect my sense of smell directly to my libido. My entire groin started tingling at her presence. My cock was more than half erect by the time we finished discussing my medical history.

Callie laid me down on my back with my arms over my head. She gently took hold of my legs, lifting them, bending my knees, moving them from side to side, spreading my legs, testing my range of motion. As Callie's cool, soft hands gently caressed and manipulated my bare legs, my cock grew harder, my balls contracted as I became more aroused. Callie couldn't have failed to notice, but she just kept working on my legs. She commented with a great deal of pleasure on how flexible I was, stretching my legs out so I was spread-eagled, then up so my toes nearly touched my fingers. She murmured appreciatively as my legs reached maximum extension, and I felt a throb in my groin in response.

Then Callie started working on my left leg, pushing my loose shorts up over my hipbone, making me feel almost naked as she manipulated and rubbed my hip and thigh. I could feel my shorts pouch open, revealing my naked testicles beneath- but Callie didn't appear to notice, or if she did, she didn't let on. She just continued rubbing and massaging the big tendon in my thigh and hip. She worked on my leg for over an hour, rubbing and stroking. By now I was fully erect, and Callie must have noticed. Her stroking now became more sensual; slower; caressing; not working on my muscles, but energizing the nerves in my skin. When she ran her hand down the inside of my thigh, her fingernails brushed lightly along the edge of my exposed scrotum, forcing a sudden giggle from me.

"Why, Lee," Callie grinned. "Are you, by any chance- ticklish?" She teasingly ran her nails along the edge of my balls again.

"Yes," I giggled. "I'm very ticklish. Especially there. Please don't stop."

Callie pushed my shorts completely out of the way, giving her full access to my hairy balls, but leaving my aching cock covered up, pressing against the material restraining it. Holding my legs over my head with her right hand, Callie used her wicked left hand to tickle-torture my contracted balls. Starting with just one finger, she began at my root, where my perinium meets my balls, gently circling with the tip of her nail, brushing my skin. Immediately, tingling sensations radiated through my balls. I moaned with arousal.

Then Callie began flicking a second fingernail slowly up and down between my aching balls. I started giggling helplessly between my horny moans, as the tickly feelings spread through my groin. Callie grinned down at me, fascinated at the torture she was putting me through, entranced with my helplessness- because even though I wasn't tied up, I couldn't move if my life depended on it. I was completely at her mercy. She had seen instantly through to the core of my fetish; that I needed her to tickle me. Callie knew that she was in total control; and she loved it.

Still flicking one finger under my balls and another between them, Callie started gently tickling with her pinkie over my puckered asshole. Now I started laughing out loud, as the tickling sensations overwhelmed me. My whole body started shaking. My cock was throbbing. I could feel little jets of cum shooting out with every tickling touch, but the orgasm that I now ached for was still far away. With just three fingers, that felt like ants crawling all over my most private parts, Callie had reduced me to utter helplessness; and she could tell it was the state that I most desired.

Now Callie put all five fingers of her left hand to work torturing my helpless balls. As her pinkie teased my asshole, three fingers and her thumb danced deviously over the hypersensitive skin of my testicles, sending tingling, tickly sensations shooting from my root to the tip of my aching cock. I was screaming with laughter. Callie joined me, her throaty, sexy laughter cranking my arousal up another notch.

Soon I was begging Callie to let me cum. The endless tickling was a wonderful torture, but it was still torture, and I was reaching my limit. Every throb of my cock, straining against the fabric of my shorts, was sheer torment. Every brush of her fingernails over the helpless flesh of my balls was like an electric current; her pinkie tickling my puckered anus was unbearable. I was near tears with my need for release.

Callie, on the other hand, was so completely intoxicated with the power she wielded over me that it seemed she would never stop. She was utterly entranced at the sensations she knew were running through my helpless balls and up into my straining cock; and at that moment I realized that Callie, too, was ticklish. I resolved that I would take whatever chance I could to tickle her, if there ever were to be such a chance..... but for now, I was so desperate for an orgasm that the thought disappeared instantly, overwhelmed by my need.

Callie had begun teasingly chanting as she tortured me. "Tickle, tickle, tickle... tickle, tickle, tickle..... you can't get away from the tickle, tickle, tickle......." I hadn't thought it possible to be any hornier, but her teasing cranked me up another notch. Now my cock was spurting mini-jets of cum with her every touch. The front of my shorts were soaked, yet I still hadn't gotten my release.

"You are just so much fun to tickle," Callie crooned. "Aren't you, Lee? You were right about him, Sara."

"Told you so," replied my beautiful massage therapist.

My eyes sprung open, in the midst of my begging and laughter. How long had Sara been in the room? How much of my pleading had she heard? How much of my humiliation had she witnessed? Sara had never tickled me the way Callie was doing it.... were my sessions with Sara now going to become tickle-torture nightmares instead of sexy tickle-fucking?

"Sara," I begged as I laughed helplessly... "Sara, please... I need to cum... please... please, come touch my cock, suck me, fuck me, please let me cum, baby, I can't take any more, plee-hee-hee-heeheeheeeeeese..."

Sara came over to stand by my head. She was already nude, her 38DD breasts, cute tummy, round ass, and shaved pussy gorgeous as always. She kissed me sweetly, then leaned down, stripped my shirt off over my head.... and started tickling my underarms...

"You see, I told Callie about our massages," she whispered, as her nails scribbled through my hairy armpits. "I told her all about your great body... and your big, juicy cock... and how ticklish you are... and how much you love to be tickled... and, well, Callie just got so jealous... You see, Callie and I have been best friends since we were little girls, and we shared absolutely everything... clothes... toys... we had sleepovers together... and, well, I've known since our very first sleepover how much Callie loves tickling...."

I looked into Sara's eyes, more turned on than ever.

"Mm-hmmm," she murmured. "In college, Callie let me tickle her, and then we slept together. Later she tickled me. We both are really into tickling. That's why you're such a treasure, Lee. The combination of your ticklishness, and your big, heavy cock, and that submissiveness that lets you be restrained without even having to tie you up.... I couldn't keep you all to myself. I just had to share you with Callie. And now, we're both going to tickle you...."

Callie, who had eased up her tickling during this conversation, returned to tormenting my aching balls, dancing her fingernails lightly over every inch of skin she could reach; while her right hand held my legs and feet in place, up over my head. Sara, still scratching through my hairy armpits with her fingertips, leaned forward and extended her pink tongue.

"No!" I begged. "No, please! I can't take that! Not my feet! Not now, it'll drive me insane!!!"

Sara's soft, wet tongue came into contact with the ball of my right foot, tickling like nothing I had ever felt in my life. I screamed with laughter as she gently swirled her tongue there, then ran it slowly, sensually up my arch, to my heel, where she nibbled gently. I giggled insanely, my foot twitching and squirming helplessly. Sara repeated the treatment on my left foot, which was even more ticklish, while Callie laughed and giggled at my frantic antics.

After lickling both feet over and over (and while her best friend kept up the merciless tickling on my contracted balls), Sara gently licked between my hairy toes, making me beg anew for mercy. Then she took my right big toe between her soft, red lips and began sucking and licking, as if giving me a blow job. She moaned hornily around my toe as she pictured my cock in her mouth. I groaned with frustrated agony, an inch away from orgasm. Sara was only tickling me with one hand now; the other was caressing her breasts and belly, then sliding down between her legs, stroking herself until her breaths grew short and fast. She cried out when her orgasm came, then caressed my cheek with her hand, giving me her scent before going back to tickling me. This just increased my horny frustration.

At long last... maybe only an hour later, maybe an eternity... Callie let my legs down in front of me and pulled my soaked shorts off, the mere friction of that almost making me cum. Then she stripped, slowly, letting me drink in her beauty, stunningly tanned where Sara was beautifully pale, sexily slender while her friend was pleasingly plump. Then, as Sara gently tickled the soles of my feet, Callie straddled my head so I could taste her pussy, run my tongue through her cunt, suck her clit until she came; then she kissed me and climbed onto my aching cock. A few pumps of her athletic hips was all it took to make me explode like Vesuvius. Callie laid her head on my shoulder, hugging me happily; Sara embraced us both. Once I caught my breath, Callie sat up and spun gracefully around to face away from me, so I could fondle her stunning ass as she fucked me a second time. Sara straddled my knees, so she and Callie could kiss and stroke each other at the same time. Soon I came again, followed by Callie and Sara; then we all collapsed in a happy, tickling heap... until my next appointment....


This is a sequel to my story "Massage Therapy", in the Non-Tickling Story Section, if anyone is interested in reading about Sara's first appearance.

I received a PM from a member who noticed that I hadn't posted any stories lately, and I replied that I hadn't felt like I was up to my best work for a while; but perhaps that message would be the nudge that I needed to get back to writing. Twelve hours later, voila!! I won't mention who it was that PM'd me, but here's a story for you, and let me know how you like it!
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GREAT! thank you for posting!
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Great story!
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explicit, f/m, ff/m, therapy, tickle, tickling

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