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Paul Jones
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Smile >>> F/M Story: The Interrogation

(Previously published elsewhere)
{Although there’s comparatively liitle actual tickling in this story,
I hope that you’ll find the interrogation technique interesting. —P. J.}

Mark was naked and sprawled out on the Director’s interrogation table. She had just
finished securing his wrists and ankles with restraints.

Most foreign operatives like Mark feared the Director because of her reputed use
of tickle torture to extract information from men in her custody.

She said to him, “The doctor who examined you noted that you’re very ticklish. Now
I’m sure that you’ll tell me what I want to know. Ticklish men are never really much

With that, she drew her nails across his stomach, making him squirm and laugh

“Nobody as ticklish as you are should ever become an operative,” she observed.

Her eyes narrowed as she surveyed the man before her. Knowing that he was ticklish,
she took dark pleasure in having him naked and helpless.

“Perhaps you’ve heard rumors about my tickling fetish. They’re quite true.
What’s more, here at the Ministry, I’ve developed special methods for handling
ticklish male operatives like you. And I do mean HANDLING.”

“But perhaps I won’t have to use my special methods on you. For as yet, you have no
idea what real tickle torture is. In a few minutes, you’ll understand how I can make
tickling positively excruciating. Let me demonstrate one method.”

She showed him two electric toothbrushes of a type noted for its brisk vibrations.
He gulped as she held them before him.

“For the ultimate in tickle torture, nothing is more effective than electric toothbrushes.
I call these charming toys my tickle sticks,” she chuckled.

“If you really want to tickle the living daylights out of someone, this is how to do it.”

Smiling wickedly, she applied her toys to his armpits and breasts, then to his
stomach, to his inner thighs, and finally to his feet. Mark responded by howling
with laughter and writhing vigorously.

Then, taking care not to let him climax, she used her playthings masterfully on his
scrotum and penis!

At this, Mark began shrieking with hysterical laughter as the sensations exploded in his
brain. The vibrating sticks thrilled his organs with the most electrifying (and maddening)
sensations imaginable.

She finally stopped. “Wasn’t that fiendish?” she asked merrily.

“The remarkable thing is that whole tickle-stick demonstration lasted for less than
a minute. It just seemed like an eternity to you.”

She put the implements aside, and said, “That’s just one of my tickle-torture methods.
Now answer me this: How would you like me to bring you to a delicious climax, to a
really happy ending?”

“Oh, would you?” he asked eagerly. “Be careful what you wish for,” she replied.

“I’ve learned from experience that an orgasm generally enhances a man’s ticklishness.
Once he’s climaxed, his susceptibility to tickling increases for a time.” Mark fidgeted
because he knew from his own experience that she was right.

“During that time, tickling becomes truly unbearable. Quite agonizing, in fact. I know,
because post-climactic tickling is one of my favorite methods. Believe me, it works.
It really works!”

“In direct contrast, another technique is to withhold a happy ending. Using that method,
I combine tickling with teasing. Cock teasing, you understand. In addition to tickling
you, I bring you right to the brink of an orgasm. But I don’t let you climax.”

“I repeat that cycle over and over, alternating orgasm denial with tickling. I find it a
truly delightful torture mix. I wonder how long you’d be able to stand it. Already your
penis is swollen—and throbbing!”

Mark gulped again. He knew only too well how maddening cock teasing could be.

“Let me show you.” She started stroking his shaft devilishly with her obviously
practiced fingers. She worked maddeningly slowly. “Isn’t this fun?” she asked
cheerily. By now, Mark was desperate for an orgasm.

She kept the tickle-teasing up for only a minute or so. As with the tickle-stick
demonstration, the experience seemed interminable to Mark.

“You know, Mark, if I tickle-teased your organs long enough without letting you have
an orgasm, your poor brain would turn into mush!” He knew that she was right.

“Oh, what fun that would be!” It was frightening how she relished every syllable.

“But it wouldn’t come to that. No man can withstand tickling plus orgasm denial.
The combination always works.”

“Finally, I could use drugs. I’ve developed several unusual (and unpublished)
compounds. There’s one in particular. I call it Vellicane.”

“It has the effect of greatly increasing a man’s ticklishness. It makes a man
agonizingly ticklish, more ticklish than you would have thought possible.”

“First, I would inject the proper dosage. In a few minutes, your body would start to
tingle, the drug would take effect, and your susceptibility to tickling would increase

“You would become hyper-ticklish. And then, I’d have some real fun with you!”
Mark squirmed.

“Although I’ve given you some idea of what tickle torture can be, you have no
conception of its ultimate refinement: tickling under Vellicane. It’s unspeakably
excruciating.” Mark squirmed again.

“You should realize that I might use more than one method. For instance,
I might climax you first, then administer Vellicane, and finally attack you
with my tickle sticks.”

Mark shuddered at the prospect. He was sure that, given her obvious tickling fetish,
she was quite capable of such cruelty.

“Whatever method or methods I used, you’d soon be reduced you to a lump of
squirming, shrieking protoplasm, pleading for mercy,” she taunted, with obvious delight.

“In the end, you’d have no dignity left at all. You’d be utterly demoralized, totally
humiliated, and bereft of any pride. You’d be begging to surrender all the information
that I wanted,” she added.

“I have one other item in by bag of tricks, a new one, that I’ve developed here at the

She showed him an ornamental bottle. “This is a lotion that makes the skin itch—
Mark shuddered. “It’s much more effective than old-fashioned itching

She continued, “Itching is closely akin to tickling, and can be just as maddening.”

“Wearing surgical gloves, I would apply the lotion to your scrotum. Think of it.
Within seconds, your delightful sac would begin to itch maddeningly, unbearably.”

“You’d beg me to scratch your balls, and I would, briefly. This would bring partial relief,
and feel grand.”

“But then, the relief would gave way to an itching even worse than before. My
scratching would have made your skin more sensitive, you see. So the itching
would be worse.”

“If your hands were not secured, you’d scratch your balls off,” she said, with a cruel
grin. Mark cringed in genuine dismay.

“The itching sensation would sear into your brain, and you’d be screaming for mercy.”

“I might leave it on for a long, long time,” she added. “You’d never forget that as long
as you lived! And you’d have nightmares about it for the rest of your life.”

Mark quivered in horror at the very thought.

“Well? Are you ready to talk?”

The descriptions and demonstrations of her various tickle tortures, as well as the
knowledge that she would derive immense pleasure from inflicting them on him,
proved overwhelming. He gave her all the information that she wanted.

“Thank you, Mark. As a reward for your cooperation, I’m going to give you the most
thrilling experience you’ve ever had.”

Then she gave him an injection, explaining, “This is Vellicane.” Mark gasped. “But
don’t worry, Mark. It won’t be necessary to tickle-torture you now.”

“You see, I didn’t tell you about another effect of this drug—the chief effect,
as a matter of fact. It greatly intensifies the male orgasm—and prolongs
it as well, extends it quite a bit. Believe me, you’re going to love this!”

And so he did. For she began caressing his now hyper-sensitive genitals with superb
skill. She soon engulfed his eager, quivering body in stupefying pleasure, bringing him
to an intensely thrilling orgasm.

The climax she bestowed on him was, indeed, amazingly intense and wonderfully long.
As an orgasm enhancer, her drug really worked!

Finally, after a deliciously long time, he cried out loudly (and long) in pure ecstasy, an
ecstasy so exquisitely intense that he lost consciousness.

When he awoke, he had been unfastened. He lay on the table, and slowly recovered
as the Director sat by quietly.

Finally, he spoke. She beamed with satisfaction when he asked,

“Isn’t there anything else you’d like to know?”
The Director hadn’t been entirely truthful about Vellicane’s not affecting women.
Not only does it maximize a man’s ticklishness and orgasmic rapture, but it also
greatly intensifies and prolongs a woman’s climax.

In the privacy of her boudoir, she prepared another syringe.
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Delicious F/m tickle torture!
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&gt&gt&gt, >>>, f/m, interrogation, story

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