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Default Free images from 3D comic

The following images are from The Amazons' Slave, available to buy at www.lulu.com.

Long long ago, in the Greek province of Lycia, was a lonely and forbidding fortress. No sane man dare go near it for fear of angering the mighty female warriors who resided within the castle's wall... the Amazons.

It was the Night of the Fifth Moon, a time of celebration for the Amazons. On that night, the giant female soldiers gorged themselves on wine, bread, meats and wild, depraved sex. Their slaves, men and women they had captured during their military campaigns, were used as sex toys for all kinds of dirty, perverted fun. But for one young slave, Hella, a young woman from a cold land in the far north, it is too much... and tries to escape. But the Amazons' fortress is just as good at keeping prisoners in as it is at keeping attackers out. And for poor Hella, there is no escape.

Angered by her slave's insolence, Hyppolyte, the commander of the Amazonian Elite Guard, tracked down her fleeing slave... and made her suffer. Normally, a slave who tried to escape would have been thrown into a pit of starving wolves. However, Hyppolyte was feeling merciful... but not too merciful. The mighty Amazon guard decided to torment her slave and make her scream and cry with laughter. So she ruthlessly tickles her nude, helpless slave. And Hyppolyte was very, very good at tickling, as poor Hella found out. Hella cried and screamed with laughter. She begged her cruel master to stop. But the tickling went on... and on and on.






The Amazons' Slave has 114 pages of sexy tickle torture and forced orgasms, and it is available to download at http://www.lulu.com/shop/doctor-t/th...-20454209.html . If you like what you see then just click the link.

Thanks for dropping by

Doctor T

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