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Old 01-08-2012, 06:28 AM   #1
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Default Tickling my Sister-in-law (true story)

This happened just tonight. This is also a genuinely enjoyable story because its based on good clean tickling fun.

Some small back history - I'm 50 and have been married for 20 years now. My wife is the oldest of four, so when we got married, my sister-in-laws and brother-in-law were just teenagers in junior high and high school. Laura (the SIL of focus in this story) has always been very close to me, always saw me as the 'old man' in the family only because someone at 14 years old typically sees someone at 30 as old. And to make matters even more fun, Laura was always my tickle victim, not because I tracked her down for a good tickling but because she actually liked to be tickled and always teased me into it, all in good fun.

Anyway, she called me tonight asking for dating advice about her current bf. Apparently I've become an object of angst with him because Laura told him a few weeks ago that his tickling technique was terrible and that he needed a lesson in Tickling 101 from her BIL, meaning me, evil grin ; ) Unfortunately we live 1700 miles away so I couldn't provide any in-patient care (figures) so the conversation steered towards a few memorable tickle attacks of the past.

On to the story - She asked me if I remembered when she grabbed my wedding band and ran off with it refusing to give it back. Silly girl I said to her, of course I remember (she was 19 at the time). My FIL and I were working on his car and I always take off any jewelry while working on an engine. Anyway, she managed to get my tickle-on by making me track her down throughout the house with me typically yelling out 'you do know what's going to happen when I find you don't you'. Cornered! I caught her trapped at the end of the hallway when she blew her cover by dashing across the hall from one bedroom to another thinking I wasn't looking. The begging started almost instantly.

Laura was a 'drop and laugh' type ticklee, so when she knew it was coming, she would just drop to the floor and start laughing and begging while pleading her case. 'Please! PLEASE! I didn't break anything, its not like I broke any laws!' That was enough. I grabbed one ankle and brought it waste-high while standing over her. Off came the shoe. Off came the sock. And off to the races we went. Laura could not stand to have her feet touched and went bonkers whenever anyone came close, but touch them I did anyway. I started by writing 'you have been very bad' with my index finger right in the dead center of her bare foot. The laughter was deafening. 'Noooooooaaahhahhaahhaaahaaa! Naaahaa no writing don't writehahaaahhaaaaaaahhahahaha! Next were a few purposely meaningless tickle taunts like 'can you feel this' and 'does this tickle when I touch your foot here'. Taunting is an absolute favorite of mine, definitely enhances the tickling. On to the toes I went. First a few piggy comments, pulling, wiggling this toe and that, fingers slipping in and out of various toes just to run the course, soft fingertip tickles on the tops of her toes to fingernail drags across the bottoms of her toes, back and forth I went about my business. 'David stophophoaahayaahaaahaaa! I'm losing it I'm loooosiniahhaaahhaaa staaahaaap!

Our tickle episodes would typically last about 5-10 mins and so I ended it, me smiling down on her still giggling sweating face. 'Ask me if I'm done tickling you' I said to her (I always made her ask when I was done). 'Are you done tickling my toes' she half-asked half-giggled. 'I'm done' I said and let her lifeless leg drop to the floor.

Can you believe it, my mid 30s SIL is telling someone shes dating that I'm her family tickler and that they need to improve their tickling according to my level of torture!

Anyway, that's the story (among dozens), hope you enjoyed it : )
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Old 01-08-2012, 10:27 PM   #2
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I liked it Vinny! Always been a fan of true stories. Well written too. Feel free to share more if you feel the mood hits.
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Old 06-17-2014, 06:00 PM   #3
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Default Sil

this remind me something that happen some years ago..

me and my SIL don't use to have a good relationship, actually she doesn't have a good relation ship with all my family except of course for my brother, her husband.. anyway time before we use to tickle each sides other by surprise just to bother... once we where sitting in a bench( we were in the same university, so she was with the legs crossed in the loto position, so we were in silence i seen her shoe was dangling out of her foot covering only her toes and i stroked just about two milimeters with a pen, so she jumped... she's so ticklish every inch of her skin she said. ok beacuse she was the kind of person who like to bother other ones and she doesn't like to be bothered,we stop that tickle wars..she's a real witch and to avoid to fall in argue with her i don't use to talk so muh with her.

four years later, when she lived with my brother i was unemployed and my gf leaves me,i was plunged into one of the most difficult days of my life... one day my brother called me, to stay in his home because, he knew my situation... i tried to decline because my SIL as i said before i ddin't have a good relationship with her.. but i thought that it could be fine not to be alone in a situation like this, so i went my SIL was sick with a terrible flu, so she couldn't go to work, i was there in my brother's home,i was taking care of her meanwhile my brother was working, take her temparture giving her the soup and medicine things like that.. even if we don't have a good retalionship she's part of my family anyway, and the woman that my brother loves, and at the next day i was watching tv...so she called me she was in bed.. i entered in the room and she ask me if i could help her with the ointment she rubbed it on her chest but she needed help to rub it on her soles.. i told her are you sure? that gonna tickle you.. yes but i need to rubbed on them, and i don't feel good enough to sit.. i took her foot by the ankle and i told her try to don't move.. she said,, i'll try --- she close her eyes and she smiled when i beggan to trace circles with my fingers rubbing the ointment, she beggan to do some noises and giggles,, and began to move her hands, then she hitted me with a pillow, i told her it is enough?-- no.. you need to cover all the sole and between the toes, and you must do the same in the other foot. i did it.. she was giggling and laughing and finally when i finish the job she told me taking her breath.. thank you... i told her you can't stand it-- tickles are torture but it's better than a neddle on my cheeck-- i can inject you if you want it will be better just a little time of pain and you will be fine--no thanks, i prefeer this remedy, so i need you to rub that on my feet, i hate injections more more than tickling, but don't tell your brother that i didn't took my injections--

time passed and i get a job one day she told me..i remember whn your ex gf left you and you lost your job, you was so depressed that i allow you have some more fun, i was amazed and ai asked her --seriously?-- yes, you looked like a doomed, and well i neede to be healed... thank for don't inject me..
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Old 07-01-2014, 08:02 PM   #4
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You only tickled one foot? You should have gave the other foot equal treatment.
The secret to tickling is to make the person who is being tickled enjoy it.
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Old 07-21-2014, 08:05 PM   #5
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Default hey!

i did the same treatmen in the other foot too and i did it until she didn't needed anymore.. it was about three times... she hate to be tickled, and she's such a unbearable sister in law but she's affraid of syringes.. XD
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sisterinlaw, story, tickling, true

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