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Playful teaser!

Default Emily - M/F

Hope you enjoy all *Warning* Story also contains mild references to tea fetishism!


Emily woke gently to the low light filtering through the bedroom window. Fluttering her eyelids open, she lay for a while, watching the rain slowly trickle down the windows; tracing random patterns down the glass. She listened to the wind howling outside, reminding her how safe and cosy she was wrapped in his warm duvet. She shivered at the sounds of the weather outside and snuggled deeper down into the soft material; pulling it around herself, making contented little noises.

After a while, Emily yawned hugely and, rolling onto her back, indulged in a stretch so great that the world swam a little afterwards....it had been a long, satisfying sleep and it was already approaching midday. She smiled to herself. She loved her sleep more than anything and to be tucked up in his bed, all warm and safe like this......well, she could think of nothing better.

Time passed and the weather outside worsened if anything. Emily shuddered as she imagined how cold and unpleasant it was out there. She decided it was just the excuse she was looking for to enjoy an afternoon curled up on the sofa. This rather one-sided ‘argument’ being settled, the cute girl threw back the duvet and wrapped his robe around herself. She giggled at her reflection in the full mirror as it swamped her, leaving her looking even more adorable......then she padded softly down the stairs; enjoying the plush sensation of the soft carpet beneath her bare feet.

The laminate in the kitchen was chilly and Emily curled her sweet little toes and gasped as she came into contact with the icy floor. She hurriedly put the kettle on, waited for the click and retreated to the living room to find her slippers. Sliding them on, she cooed with pleasure at the warmth and softness which engulfed her pretty little toes and, wriggling them in satisfaction, went back to rescue the teabag from her mug; the tea brewing away pleasantly, sending little spirals of steam into the air.

Half an hour later; having plonked herself down on the sofa, Emily realised she was becoming restless. Despite channel hopping relentlessly, she found nothing but reruns of the ‘X-factor’ and ‘Supernanny’. The girl on screen was currently sobbing as she thanked the judges for giving her “The greatest opportunity of my life!!!”.

Just as the girl in the telly was gushing “I promise I won’t let any of you down!!”, Emily picked up the remote and the picture vanished suddenly, leaving the screen in darkness. Silence settled suddenly around her in the cosy little living room. Outside the wind howled and rain battered against the windows.

She sighed aloud and cursed the awful weather now. No matter how much she tried to deny it.....there was one simple truth.....She was bored!

Emily rested her chin on her hand and sighed again. He had decided to go out and get some lunch but had been gone ages already and she had no idea when he was getting back.

She let her eyes wander about the living room and it was only then that she spotted a note on a folded piece of paper resting on the little table in the corner of the living room. It read “Emily x”....

Hesitating a moment, she lingered on her name and pondered just what might lie within. Picking the note up, she unfolded it slowly; a sense of excitement filling her.......Then she smiled!

He’d actually left her a list! She could ‘help herself to anything’, ‘towels were in the bedroom cupboard’ and there was ‘milk in the fridge for her breakfast’. She scanned the list casually, grinning at how sweet and thoughtful it was....and then.....

......Then something reached off the page and grabbed her attention:

“#5: On no account are you to look in the box in the bedroom wardrobe. I trust you Emily.”
Emily stared at “number 5” on his list. Then she put the note back on the table.....moments later, she picked the folded paper up and read it again, crinkling the corners of the note nervously between her slender fingers.

It was such a clear statement. Such a concise instruction and yet......yet, it captivated her. Try as she might, Emily just couldn’t help wondering just why she was to leave that box alone. The thought tickled at her mind as she finished her tea. No amount of rubbish telly, hot drinks or anything else for that matter could stop her wondering........But she couldn’t......she just couldn’t! He’d specifically asked her not to......it just wouldn’t be right.....would it? The questions swirled round and round in her head. She needed a distraction!

Emily took a long, hot shower and let the water pour over her. As the steam filled the bathroom up to the ceiling, she shook her head and tried to clear any thoughts of that box, but she couldn’t help but wonder what naughty secrets were hidden inside......she could see it now, in her mind’s eye. Could sense it calling to her......

She dried herself with a large, fluffy towel and slid into her clothes for the day, pulling on the cutest little pair of socks; wiggling her toes contentedly. Before she could get any further, however, she stopped and sat down on the end of the bed, just staring at the wardrobe door in front of her.

Just on the other side of that door! That’s all.....just one swift tug on the handle and there it was!.....She could just take a little peek.....just one little look wouldn’t hurt.....would it? Really?

A devilish little smile crossed her face and she bit her lower lip as a wave of naughtiness washed over her. She looked around his bedroom guiltily, as if someone might somehow be watching. Emily figured, as she reached out and nimbly wrapped her fingers around the handle, that she’d be ever so careful and put everything back exactly the way it was. There was no need for him to ever know she’d been here.........he’d never suspect a thing!!

She grinned excitedly as she spied the box, nestled snugly at the back of the wardrobe....the perfect crime! She wondered what she might find in there. It felt so deliciously naughty peeking through his private things but, nevertheless, if he hadn’t mentioned anything, she wouldn’t have given it a second thought so.......in a way, he only had himself to blame really.....didn’t he?

Emily smiled; pleased at her logic and gently slid her hands under the box to drag it out. In the end, it was surprisingly light and it didn’t take much effort at all to pick it up. She set it down on the bed and slowly began to ease the lid off. The box was crafted from dark wood and had beautiful, intricate patterns carved into it. Almost as if he’d bought it to hold something very special indeed!

She paused a moment longer as she held the lid now. This was it! There was no turning back after this! Emily wiggled with pleasure as she revelled in the delicious naughtiness of her discovery.

She could feel her heart pounding as she gently slid the lid off to reveal the box’s hidden secrets.....she gasped as she opened it up, her eyes widening in surprise.....and delight at the forbidden objects that lay within.....

************************************************** ********************************

He whistled a happy tune as he walked slowly up the path to his front door. The rain was continuing but he didn’t have a care in the world.

In his hand he held all the ingredients for that classic combination of ‘dinner and a movie’ and he pondered his backup plan now....still, a lovely afternoon spent on the sofa in good company was nothing to complain about....however...he was confident the DVD wouldn’t be needed.....confident she wouldn’t be able to resist!

He smiled at that thought and thought to himself that although the weather wasn’t on his side, he somehow had a good feeling about the rest of his day!

Whatever happened, he certainly had no intention of going back outside again now.

Turning the key in the door he opened it slowly and, noticing it was quiet inside, figured Emily would be fast asleep still. Grinning to himself, he couldn’t believe how much that girl loved to sleep!

************************************************** ********************************

Emily shivered with a mixture of horror and delight as she unpacked the contents of the box and realised just how serious he was about his fetish; the thought making her tummy flip excitedly. The contents of the box were packed with great care and attention and she memorised the order for when it came to replace them.

The objects filled her with breathless excitement and she marvelled at this secret wonder she’d uncovered.

Slowly and with equal care and attention, she laid out the contents of the box on the duvet, to get a good look. As she unpacked each item her eyes sparkled with surprise and excitement. When she’d finished neatly and carefully unpacking, she had:

1 x Silk Blindfold
4 x Shibari Bondage Ropes
1 x Hogtie Kit
1 x Electric Toothbrush
1 x Assortment of devilish looking Feathers

She couldn’t help but imagine what it might be like to surrender herself to him.....to let him control her world with the most delicate touch....let him tease and gently torment her senses.....She wiggled with pleasure; the very notion making her pulse quicken...... a thousand thoughts flitting through her head about what it might be like to lay helplessly before him.....what it might be like to......


Then she heard the awful sound of his key in the door; the noise amplified by the silence in the house..... A jolt of panic sweeping through her as she looked at his possessions lying on the bed in front of her.

She moved quickly; her hands a blur! There was simply nothing for it now! She had to try to get the box and its contents back into his wardrobe. She began to frantically stuff the ropes, the blindfold and the hogtie kit quickly into the box........

“Emily....I’m back. Wake up sleepy head!!”

.....and now.....as he rummaged around in the kitchen, there was just no way to hide her naughty little indiscretion! Surely........He was going to catch her in the act!!

She heard the kettle being switched on as she hurriedly grabbed the electric toothbrush and set about scooping up the multiple feathers that spread across the duvet. Shaking with excitement at the thought of being caught like this, she managed to somehow clumsily slide the box into its cubby-hole as she heard mugs being taken out of the kitchen cupboard. Fumbling to close the wardrobe door as quietly as she could, Emily tried desperately to slow her breathing down, as she quietly slid out of her jeans, climbed into the bed and quickly grabbed at the corner of the duvet just as she heard his footsteps begin up the stairs......

The bedroom door swung open slowly just as Emily finished pulling the duvet over herself and closed her eyes shut......the perfect crime!!! Face buried into the pillow, Emily allowed herself a tiny, secret smile and, safely under the duvet now, the tiniest pleasurable little wiggle!

He approached the bed slowly and looked down affectionately at her laying there; so snug, so cute; all wrapped up in his duvet and so cosy.....He leaned down to kiss her cheek and was just about to ask her whether she fancied a nice cup of tea when he stopped suddenly in his tracks......Out of the corner of his eye, something leapt out and grabbed his attention!

He stared for the longest time at the tiny, tickly looking feather which lay in the middle of the bedroom floor.

He slowly turned his attention back to the ‘sleeping’ girl, leaning his head to one side enquiringly, realising with pleasure just how easy it had been....just how sure he was that she’d take the bait; that she couldn’t resist that ‘forbidden’ treasure in his wardrobe. A devilish smile tugged at the corners of his mouth now as he contemplated his next move.....He had her now!

“Morning sleepy head! Time to get up!”

He watched her pretend to stir.....pretend to stretch.....He almost laughed as Emily even managed a spectacularly realistic yawn. He had to hand it to her....she was good!

He looked down upon the cute girl tucked up cosily under his duvet and, with a great deal of effort, straightened his expression as he tried desperately not to look at the feather.

Emily blinked sleepily up at him, laying it on thick now:

“Oh hiiiiii! How was it out there.....did you get everything you went for?”

He smiled, noting the nervous energy in her voice, “I think so, yes. Have you been ok here Emily?

She yawned again and replied somewhat dreamily “Mmmhmmm!”

He watched her stretch for maximum effect....trying to convince him just how relaxed she really was....and for a moment, as he watched her arch her back and the duvet slide off slightly revealing her bare underarms as she reached to touch the headboard, he was distracted....so soft....so.....inviting......

In the end, he managed to gather his thoughts enough to carry on.....

“Oh, by the way....did you find my note?”

Emily began to feel a nervous little swell in her tummy. She couldn’t quite shake the feeling that there was something not quite right.....Mischief seemed to be glinting in his eyes and she had a horrible sense that he was trying not to smile.....

“Um.....yes thanks. I was up for ages but I was still a bit sleepy so decided to come back to bed! You know what I’m like!!”

She realised she was rushing now......her words tumbling out excitedly as she tried to act casual. She cursed herself as she stuttered.

He smiled even more at this; knowing he was being fed a lie.....smiling as he watched her dig herself in deeper!

“Is that so? Well I’m glad you’ve been ok anyway. I’d hate to think that you couldn’t find anything to do.....Although as I can see.....”

He paused; the slow, devilish smile that had been teasing at the corners of his mouth for a while now, gradually began to spread as he spoke; his eyes alight with teasing menace that made Emily’s tummy tingle:

“.......you’ve obviously managed to keep yourself entertained!!”

He gave the last sentence a knowing, teasing tone and Emily found herself squirming at this gentle interrogation......He knew!....She realised, somehow he knew.....but how??!!

“I don’t....I don’t know what you mean....” She stammered, flustered and uncertain; “I’ve just been watching a bit of telly and sleeping!”

Emily felt herself shiver as she read something devilish in his eyes....felt his teasing energy growing now as, unbeknownst to her, she began to wrap the duvet tightly around herself......

“Do you know what happens to girls who lie, Emily? Hmmmmm?”

His voice?!! His voice was rich with menace that made her toes curl instinctively and goosebumps form all down her arms......

“Naughty girls deserve to be punished until they’ve learned their lesson!!”

Emily’s pretty eyes widened at this as she began to protest: “But I......I swear I don’t know.....”

He interrupted her suddenly, his voice low and teasing now:

“Oh yes you do Emily......unless of course..... I have a habit of keeping tickly little feathers on my bedroom floor!!”

She gasped as she looked to where he pointed and saw with horror, the soft, pink feather that lay by the bed. Cursing her carelessness she looked down guiltily as he walked slowly to the foot of the bed now....and, taking a corner between finger and thumb, teasingly began to turn back the duvet.......

“Wait no!!! I can explain....I......I...”

Emily panicked as she felt the cool air caress her sock covered feet. She tried desperately to pull them back under the duvet but, quick as a flash, He scooped her ankles up in the crook of his arm; holding her tight. Emily found herself still covered up by the duvet; pretty little feet sticking out and completely and utterly helpless......

“I told you not to go through my box Emily......but you didn’t listen!”

His voice sent shivers racing through her as he held Emily’s ankles still and though she tried to kick and squirm and wriggle, she found that no matter how she struggled, she simply could not get free....


He grinned at the note of desperate panic that had entered her voice now.....she looked so cute and helpless, wiggling under that duvet.....socked feet sticking out at the bottom and he couldn’t help but laugh now.....

“Mmmmmm I love your little socks Emily! SO cute!” and his teasing fingers began to lightly pluck at the ends of the soft material; slowly and gently tugging them from her wiggling feet.....

“Come on!! Hehe.....Please......don’t!!”

He was feigning ignorance now to toy with her as he easily slid her socks down, revealing, inch by inch, in the most agonisingly teasing fashion , her beautiful bare feet.

“Don’t do what Emily??! Hmmmm?”

She looked at him but couldn’t meet his gaze for long. She looked down again, fixing her eyes on the duvet and said nothing.....

He marvelled as he tugged at her sexy little socks. He paused at each stage and she watched him, transfixed, unable to tear her gaze away as he slowly but surely undressed her feet.....Teasingly sliding the delicate fabric away to reveal first, her smooth heels...then her delicate pale arches and soft, bare soles.... and finally.......her cute little toes, adorned with their sexy, black polish.......

“I didn’t.....please!!!”

He looked at her, and shook his head in mock disappointment as he gave one last little tug to free her feet and though she curled her toes instinctively, desperately trying to hang onto the thin material for whatever protection it might give, he had no trouble stripping them from her.

He couldn’t help but stare at her soft, cute, sexy little soles and delicious little toes which wiggled and squirmed nervously as he slowly and tantalisingly uncovered them.

Emily pulled one last time to try and free her feet, but he felt this renewed effort and simply held her ankles even tighter....She knew already what he had in mind for them! The fact she began to realise she could not get free....could not escape his gentle grip, made each teasing word seem all the more unbearable!

“Naughty girls who ignore their master need to be taught a lesson!”

He repeated the teasing threat, grinned broadly now.....

“Say now......Do you know what I like to do to helpless little bare feet hmmmm?”

Emily shook her legs one last time, desperate to free her little soles.....His voice rich with teasing that made her squirm; suggesting a thousand delicate touches.....

“Wouldn’t it be terrible hmmmm? Wouldn’t it be awful?....”

Emily squirmed at this teasing......desperate for him to reveal what he had in store and yet.....just to get it over with......His patient, devilish teasing driving her crazy.......

“Wouldn’t it be......absolutely UNBEARABLE.......if somebody were to ever so gently.......and EVERRRRR so slowly.........."

She pulled her legs one last time.....wiggling and squirming desperately......

“TICKLE the soles of your bare, helpless little feet!!!”

Emily’s eyes widened in panic at THAT WORD and she pleaded now.....

“NO!!! Please!!!! DON’T!!!!!”

He laughed at this.....”But I haven’t even done anything yet!!.....Mmmmm such pretty little soles.....I’ll bet that they’re VERRRRRY sensitive indeed!!”


“Oh but I HATE waiting Emily!! I prefer to just.........TICKLE!!!”

She wiggled under the duvet, covered her eyes, tried to reach down and grab his arms in a desperate bid to get her pretty feet free from this unyielding grip.....but no matter what she tried, he simply held her tight.....and teased!

“Oooohhhh here I come......I’m going to ever so gently tickle your pretty little feet Emily.....and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!!”

And with that, he reached out a single, teasing fingertip and ever so gently placed it in the middle of her pretty, bare little foot....... ever so slowly beginning to wiggle it against her soft, naked sole; the tip of his teasing finger barely touching......grazing the skin with agonisingly soft caresses.......

With that very first contact, although she didn’t mean to.....a gasp left her lips before she could hold it in.....He read it instantly and teased her in that split second after she unwittingly gave him exactly what he was hoping for!

“Does that tickle Emily? Hmmmm??? Does it??!”

She cursed how her body betrayed her in that instant, buried her head in her hands, thumped the mattress and squirmed back and forth......but his teasing fingertip barely moved......just carried on lightly tickling.....and tickling........and tickling........the ghost of a sensation; whispering up and down her soft, vulnerable sole, vanishing as quickly to be replaced by another, dancing across her naked little foot......

“Please NO!!! Please!!!........*hehehehe*...”

And there it was......A ticklish giggle lingering at the edges of her voice......she managed to suppress it by biting her arm and fighting it down inside her......but it was too late....he heard and a huge grin spread across his face as he teased....

“I’ve got you Emily.....and I’m going to teach you just what happens to naughty girls who don’t listen! I’m not going to stop Emily! I’m not going to stop!! I’m just going to keep tracing this unbearably ticklish fingertip up and down your soft little soles and you can’t get away!!”

“PLEASE!!! NONononononooooooheheNooooooo!!!”

It was all he needed to hear and, as he continued to trace an unbearable ticklish pattern across her helpless, bare little foot, he teased her unmercifully:

“Oh I heard a ticklish little giggle there Emily......Somebody’s in a LOT of trouble now!”

No matter how much she pulled and writhed, wriggled and squirmed, she couldn’t get free! His dreadful, awful, wonderful tickling fingertip continued to ever so lightly stroke and tease the soft, ticklish surface of her naked little foot.....trapped and helpless......

His wiggling digit tickled slowly up and down; seemingly finding new areas of sensitivity as it passed and Emily grabbed bunches of the bed sheets between her fists, in a desperate bid to block the sensations of delicate, unbearably ticklish torment that flooded her senses.....

It was no good. He simply didn’t stop tickling....no matter how much she wiggled and writhed.... she couldn’t get free...couldn’t reach down....couldn’t do anything to stop that single ticking finger stroking up.....and down......and up.....and.......

Slowly at first, a smile tugged at the corners of Emily’s pretty mouth......with each teasing wiggle of his fingertip it spread until she was grinning broadly....then as she wiggled, she tossed her head from side to side and when she simply could fight it no more.....she began to giggle.....softly at first but as the finger glided gently and knowingly up her exposed sole, tracing over the most sensitive areas of her pretty, bare little feet, the giggling became louder.....and louder.......

It had been mere moments of tickling when Emily began to beg through her giggles and laughter; mere seconds of his long tickly fingers tracing and teasing and stroking and yet......his slow, patient, unbearably delicate touch had already reduced her to a helpless, giggling mess.

Emily writhed on the bed and threw back her head as his fingers wiggled ever so gently up her bare soles. She shrieked with ticklish laughter as she realised with horror that she just couldn’t move......no matter what she did.....no matter how much she tried........he had her now!

He laughed with her, endlessly amused at how such a tiny, insignificant touch could have such an effect......lightly stroking and teasing and toying with her.....

He smiled to himself and watched Emily as she wiggled and thrashed......he honestly couldn’t believe that anyone could be this sensitive....after all it was only one little fingertip!

He meandered his tickling finger onto the pretty arch of her wiggling bare foot and let it linger.....only for a moment......

Her reaction was more than he could have wished for! Emily filled the room with the delicious, loud laughter of the truly ticklish now. She shot forward, throwing the duvet off the bed and frantically grabbed at his arm; pawing at him to try and stop the tickling.....desperate to get free.

He laughed and simply pushed the helpless, hysterical girl gently backwards onto the bed.....before ever so lightly resuming the ticklish torment of her soft, bare little arch. She pleaded as he tickled.....begging though her laughter......her toes wiggling and scrunching as her sensitive little arches were teased and tormented. He switched to her left foot now and poor little Emily nearly hit the roof! The sole of her left foot had become so sensitised with all the ticklish wiggling she’d been doing, that having it touched, so gently and so teasingly, was utterly unbearable!

“NOOOO! NOT THAT ONE!!! NOT THAT ONE!!! Nononohohohohhoohohahahahahaahahaha oh pleahehehehehehehase!!!! HAHAAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!”

Helpless, tickled laughter poured out of this tiny, pretty girl and yet, he couldn’t help but notice how her sexy little toes wiggled and danced as her bare feet struggled to be free from their ticklish torment......

Suddenly a huge, devilish grin crossed his face and though Emily was sobbing with laughter, long after the tickling had stopped, she felt him slowly let her ankles go and climb off the bed......

Hazily she watched him go to the cupboard and, on opening the doors, slide his box of tickling toys out. Breathless excitement coursed through her as she realised with horror just how devilish he really was...... In that moment, he planned to tie her up and have his wicked way with her!!

Emily acted without thinking, stumbling clumsily to her feet trying to shake off the ticking she’d just received and, grabbing the door for momentary stability, swung herself off the bed and dashed out of the room.....

He was unaware of this until he whirled round at the sudden movement in the corner of his eye and grinned as he watched her run....Standing slowly now to follow her.

She was just beginning to pad quickly but silently down the stairs when she heard him; her cute little tummy performing a somersault......His voice rich with devilish promise:

“Ohhhhhh Emily!!! Where are you?? I’m coming to get you!!!!!”

She looked left and right for somewhere to go....anywhere......

“You’d better come back because otherwise.....I’m going to catch you.....and when I do Emily.....”

She was almost giggling out loud now as the excitement hit her.....

“I’m going to tie you up......and TICKLE you without mercy!!!”

She could almost feel his fingers roaming across her soft, sensitive skin as she finally heard him at the top of the stairs behind her......Looking to her left, she crawled quickly and nimbly behind the big sofa in the living room and pulled her legs up, as far as she could.....desperate to remain hidden.......

She heard him walk slowly into the living room now. Sensed him pausing to look slowly around....

“Oh Emily.....I know you’re in here Emily!......And when I find you.....I’m going to tie you up....and tickle that delicious bare little tummy of yours!!”

Emily lay behind the sofa, and tried desperately not to giggle.....her heart pounded in her chest as she lay perfectly still; tried not to let on her whereabouts to her captor......If only he’d stop teasing.....if only he’d give her a moment to think......As he paced slowly around the room, a giggly, squirmy sensation bubbled up in her tummy as she realised something.......She was being hunted! He was deliberately teasing her; toying with her......and then:

“Hmmmm I wonder where I might hide if I was a helpless girl with unbearably ticklish underarms!!”

She could bear it no longer...his awful, unrelenting teasing.....he was actually naming her tickle spots....one at a time.....and the excitement almost overwhelmed her....those fingers.....she just couldn’t let him catch her again.....couldn’t let him TICKLE her!! The thought was just too much to bear......

Without even thinking, Emily pushed herself off the floor and, like a streak of lightning, burst from behind the sofa and sprinted towards the door.......

Giggling frantically as she ran, she shrieked as she spied him in the corner of her eye beginning to turn and step in her direction; his eyes shining with tickling menace....She knew she had to make it to the bathroom....the only room in the house with a lock!!

As she rounded the corner and put her foot on the first step, she heard him behind her now; mere seconds away and gaining.......

“Oh Emily!!! I’m coming to get you!!!”

She couldn’t believe he was still teasing her even as he chased! As she ran, she felt him thundering up the stairs behind her. She shrieked with laughter now as she made the last step with the bathroom door wide open and gaping.......So close now....almost.....

*and then*

She stretched to reach the doorway and pull herself inside........but it was too late and she felt a strong arm snaking around her tummy and gently pulling her backwards.

“NOOOoooooononononono Don’t!!!!!”

Emily, squealed and writhed against the arms which wrapped around her pretty waist but it was no good.......She was captured!

In a desperate last gasp to save herself, she grabbed at the doorframe, wrapping her fingers around and, clinging on with all her might, tried desperately to pull herself inside to safety......but he wouldn’t let go!! No matter what she did....he just wouldn’t!

His whispered voice made her shiver as his lips were millimetres from her ear now.....Emily felt every single teasing word, felt his warm breath and, despite her resolve, felt her grip weaken slightly.....

“Mmmm it’s no good Emily! I’ve got you!! And I’m going to tickle every inch of you!......But first, someone is going to be a good little girl and let go of this door for me!!”

Emily surprised herself at what she did next.....knowing what would happen, even as she did........She shook her head ‘no’!

He laughed in surprise: “Do you know how much worse it’s going to be for you if you don’t? Let go of the door Emily!!”

The petite, ticklish girl, looked away submissively...she couldn’t bring herself to look into his eyes now....didn’t dare see the teasing expression she knew was there......Emily shook her head ‘no’ once more......Then something all together naughtier possessed her and, grinning, she stuck out her tongue at him!

He laughed at her spirit and pondered their situation for a moment......“In that case.....you leave me no choice Emily!” Then he leant forward and whispered something gently in her ear: “Say now......I wonder if somebody here has ticklish little underarms.....Hmmm?”

Her eyes widened in sheer panic at the tease that made her shiver to her core. She simply couldn’t bear to have her underarms touched.....He wouldn’t......surely........!!!!

His teasing touch began at her wrist.....a single fingertip that began to trace ever so lightly down her bare arm, sending ticklish electricity coursing through her. Emily wiggled and gasped as the teasing, torturous sensations, sliding devilishly down her soft, bare forearm began to drive her wild. He knew exactly where to tickle, such that the poor girl was having an incredibly difficult time maintaining her grip.

As his devilish finger reached the soft, sensitive crease of her elbow, he lingered a while drawing unbearably ticklish circles there; lazily stroking her bare arms in the most deliriously unbearable manner, making her flinch and twist in his grasp, beginning to giggle now, hopping from foot to foot in a desperate effort to block it out.....He watched her sexy, wiggling, ticklish dance; captivated by how she moved when he traced his fingers so gently up and down her bare arms.....How she squirmed......

“Please!! Please no!! Don’t!!!!”

He grinned at this sudden begging note that had entered the pretty girl’s voice as he teased....

“Mmm hehe ‘don’t’ do what my helpless little plaything??”

Emily clung to the door frame and blushed a little now, her cheeks growing pink in the most adorable fashion as she tried desperately to avoid saying.....the ‘T’ word!

She giggled now.....“You know what!!”

He shook his head, deliberately tormenting her now :

“I’m afraid I have no idea what you mean!!” He countered, continuing his teasing finger’s slow, deliberate and agonisingly ticklish touch; the feather-light contact driving Emily crazy. She hopped and twisted and giggled frantically as his wiggling fingertip got closer....and closer to her helpless, exposed, soft little underarm......and yet.....yet, there was nothing she could do!!

Emily knew she would have to let go of the frame to stop his wicked fingertip from lightly trailing its way up into her delicate, ticklish, silky little hollow. However the moment she did, she’d be captured by this merciless ‘tickle monster’....one who at this very moment was whispering naughtily into her ear.....

“MMmmmmm I’m not sure I do know Emily! You’ll have to be more specific! Is it something to do with.......this?”

And at that final word, he teasingly let his fingertip trace the outline of her helpless, bare little underarm; the wiggling tip caressing her delicate soft skin so lightly that Emily thought she might just go mad.....For the briefest moment, time stood still as she almost failed to register the sensations as his fingertip finally reached her soft, sensitive little underarm and began to dance back and forth, tantalising her soft skin.....Then she squealed as the tickling began and she realised with horror that there was no escaping his touch without falling further into his clutches.

“Nooooohohohohoho Don’t!!! Dohohohohohohon’t TICKLEHehehehehehehahahahaahahahaDon’tTICKLE MEHEHEHEHEHEheheheheheheheeeheehehehehe!!!!!!!”

Emily threw her head back and laughed wildly as he held her round her pretty waist, and lightly teased the tip of his finger back and forth inside her soft, silky underarm. She shrieked with laughter and begged and pleaded, but there was simply no stopping him. He tickled and tickled and though she clung on for dear life, slowly but surely her grip began to loosen......

He sensed this and, as he tickled her bare little underarm, with his other hand that wrapped around her waist, he began to lightly squeeze her hip, his fingers delicately prodding and wiggling into her soft skin.......that ticklish touch was all it took.

As his elusive fingertips continued to gently delight her naked underarms, this new contact...this fresh sensation was excruciatingly ticklish. Emily, helpless with laughter now, could hold on no longer. In a desperate bid to stop the tickling of her soft little hollows, she let go of the frame and tumbled backwards into his arms......

Though Emily desperately tried to get free of his clutches, it was no good. Having let go of the door frame, she was lying sprawled on top of him and, quick as flash, he wrapped his legs around her and snaked his hands up inside the poor girls t-shirt and began to tickle her tummy and sides!

Emily screamed at this new ticklish contact, as his fingers lightly fluttered across her bare little belly, before breaking down into delicious laughter; trying desperately to wrap her arms around her to protect herself from the unbearable sensations that crawled all over her helpless body...however, the captured little cutie found there was simply nothing she could do as he held her in place with his strong thighs......his hands disappearing beneath the soft fabric of her t-shirt and all ten fingers finding soft, bare skin to tickle!

All she could manage was to grab at his arms, pawing weakly at him as she giggled and laughed and shook her head no; pleading for the tickling to end.

He had no intention of stopping anytime soon and he laughed at her girlish giggles as he tickled her tummy, and her ticklish shrieks as he squeezed her sides over and over; watching her wiggle and squirm as he teasingly sought out all her sensitive spots and exploited them ruthlessly!

His legs wrapped round her thighs, she discovered to her horror that her cute little belly was stretched out and deliciously vulnerable. He took great pleasure in exploiting this delicious position.....stroking and poking and wiggling his fingers gently up and down, circling her naked tummy, running his fingers teasingly around her belly button; tracing a single finger across her stomach, underneath her naval as he marvelled at just how ticklish she really was. Even when he paused to let her catch her breath, she lay back against him, lost in giggles.....

“Mmmmm....such a ticklish little tummy!! I’ve got you now Emily!!”

Emily squirmed and wriggled her hips from side to side; a helpless ticklish dance designed to shake her tormentor from her sensitive, bare little tummy. In part she was successful as she managed to temporarily wiggle herself away from her captor for just a moment......however, in doing so, it was then she realised that all she had managed to achieve was to cause her t-shirt to ride up, exposing her delicious little tummy and helplessly sensitive bare sides; a beautiful canvas of sensitivity for him to exploit.....hips to ribs bared to his devilish, wonderful, merciless fingertips.

He let his gaze wander hungrily over her bared torso now, stretched out beneath him, pinned beneath his weight; feeling her wiggling and squirming for him in the most delightful fashion, noting with pleasure how Emily’s breathing had quickened with excitement now; how she squirmed in unbearable anticipation of his teasing fingers; wiggling her hips in a wonderfully sexy little dance, trying desperately to avoid his slow, nimble, patient fingertips which wandered up and down her delicate sides.

He let his fingers wander, never letting her get used to the sensations that delicately tormented her soft little tummy, her bare, helpless sides and her unbearably ticklish ribs. She shrieked with laughter as he let his skilful tickling hands meander all over her beautiful, bare upperbody until she could barely even laugh.

He watched with pleasure as she sucked her stomach in, desperate to move away, as his fingers lightly descended again and again, drawing tiny, unbearably ticklish circles all over her naked tummy and sides. Tears of laughter streamed down Emily’s face and she found she could barely wiggle. She was powerless to resist his touch and lost in beautiful, ticklish laughter!

Pausing to give her a momentary break, he straddled the helpless, ticklish, wiggling girl beneath him and slowly wandered his fingers down her bare neck making Emily scrunch her shoulders up in the most adorably ticklish manner; giggling and shivering at this devilishly light touch.

He wandered his long fingers lazily back up until they rested on her pretty little ears and fluttered them lightly, sending shivers through her and making her twist her head and plead, giggling and struggling to get away. He returned his attentions to her soft, sensitive neck, brushing his fingers lightly up and down; tracing a delicate, unbearably ticklish pattern which made her deliriously giggly and she wiggled and squirmed and cooed beneath him at this sensual touch, trapped between his thighs now, powerless to escape!

Even though freedom was so close....in reality his touch left the poor, helpless girl weak with laughter, robbing her so gently and patiently of her control.... a prisoner to her own delicate sensitivity.....rolling and squirming all over the floor, squealing as his fingers tickled and tickled; simply lost in helpless, giggly laughter as her soft, sensitive tickle spots were uncovered and then gently and devilishly explored by his merciless, teasing fingers.

He indulged his wicked desires and spent a good deal of time tickling her this way, gently, teasingly, leaving Emily breathless; he couldn’t help smiling as he watched her wiggle frantically as he teased; watched the effect of this slightest contact, driving her wild; her laughter desperate as his fingers lightly traced her sensitive skin; unable to get away as endless girly giggles poured out of her. So cute....so helpless.....so deliciously sensitive!

After a while he slowed this delicate, ticklish torment and though he let her catch her breath, leaving her for a moment to gasp air into her lungs as she lay, still giggling and slowly gathering her senses, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease her.....

“Oh Emily!” He began, feigning mock disappointment in his cute little tickle toy....

“I told you what would happen if you made things difficult for me! But you didn’t listen......And now I’m afraid I’m going to have to tickle you without mercy!”

He let the threat hang for a moment, watching her shake her head and plead “NO!”

She giggled helplessly, anticipating his next ticklish touch as she wiggled and writhed on the floor beneath him, but it was no good, despite all of her squirming, she could not get free.....he was straddling her and pinning her to the floor with his weight......and there was a look on his face now; teasing....menacing......a predator that’s caught his prey; simply toying with her for his own pleasure.....waiting for the perfect moment.......

“Please!! Nohehehehehehehahahaha please don’t tickle.....please!!”

Grinning down at her, enjoying her anticipatory dance as she tried desperately to get away, wiggling and giggling beneath him, he gently gathered Emily’s wrists together, held them above her head and sat, pinning her waist to the ground, looking down at this helpless, wondrous and delightfully ticklish little canvas that now presented itself to him......

“Please what little Emily? Hmmmm? What is it? Please what?”

She was lost now. Excited giggles poured out of her as Emily realised that she was going to be tickled mercilessly.....and there was nothing she could do about it......she was trapped.....and she could feel his tickling fingertips tracing up and down her helpless form. The anticipation was driving her crazy...... She couldn’t look at him....couldn’t answer that question......

But he wouldn’t be denied; he leaned forward, closer now than ever.....She could feel his words tease her ear as he whispered, deep and low.....

“What is it that you don’t want me to do right now Emily? Hmmmm?”

“P...please.....” she stammered nervously.....”Please don’t tickle me!!”

He was millimetres away now, his head down by hers, his lips almost touching her ear making her shiver as he whispered........

“Don’t tickle you hmmm? Don’t tickle you? But I have to tickle you Emily! I warned you in my note not to go through my things.....I specifically warned you didn’t I? Hmmm?”

She nodded but stayed silent. Wanting to wiggle.....wanting to squirm.......

“And since you’ve been such a naughty girl Emily......I’m going to have to punish you! I warned you......But you didn’t listen!!And naughty little girls get tickled......”

And he looked at her hungrily now, his eyes tracing up and down and whispered once more in her ear.....

“....And I’m going to tickle.....EVERY.....INCH!!

Her eyes widened in panic now at this latest tease....she tried desperately to squirm free but his strong grip left her no chance of freedom....And that terrible, teasing voice in her ear....It left her wanting to escape desperately.....and yet, at the same time, it left her tingling with breathless excitement.....wanting nothing more than to be tickled......without mercy!

“Oh Emily!! Here it comes......”

And with that final, whispered, devilish tease in her ear, Emily felt a single fingertip placed gently on her exposed left underarm.....for a moment it did nothing....just sat waiting......She felt nothing but that single, tiny point of contact on her soft, sensitive skin.....That single fingertip that controlled her entire universe.....

“NO! Don’t!!.............Wait!! Wait!!! Please!!!!”

And then......The finger began to wiggle....back and forth.....back and forth.....ever so gently tracing an unbearably ticklish path up and down her soft underarm. Emily pulled her arms frantically but they were pinned firmly above her. There was quite simply nothing she could do and though she tugged and squirmed in his grasp, that thought settled on her........It started as a giggle.....She wiggled left and right and yet his fingertip stayed right where it was.....tickling......and tickling.....and......

“Nonono please.....plehehease.....I’ll do anything hehehehe nono don’t.....I’ll heheehehehe please.....don’t tickle...don’t heheheheehe........”

Her helpless pleading excited him more than anything she could have known. He couldn’t get enough. Had to see her squirm! Had to see her wriggle!.......Couldn’t resist teasing her again and again.....

“I’ve got you Emily! My, what soft, sensitive little underarms you have.... I’m going to tickle.....and tickle.....and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!!”

Her giggles were growing more frantic as he spoke but, as he finished, he added another fingertip, stroking and caressing and teasing her deliciously soft, sensitive little underarm, and though she wiggled and pulled her arms desperately, she could do nothing....He was just too strong and there was no getting away from that awful, teasing, delicate touch which danced gently in her helpless underarms, over and over....up and down......

“HAhahahahahahaahaha ohno ohno ohno!!!..........Heheheheeeheeheeheease!! Don’t Don’t hahahahaahahaha!! No hehehehehehahahahahaahahahaha oh god oh god oh hohohohohohnohohohohoho nooooohahahaahahahahaah pleaseplease hahahahahahahaahahaha!”

Emily could resist no longer and as his fingers wandered into her sensitive, exposed little hollows she threw her head back and laughed and laughed as his questing fingertips easily discovered velvety soft, delicate skin and caressed and stroked and teased until Emily thought she’d burst....no matter what she did, she was trapped and he had her at his mercy.

She must have begged within seconds and yet, he wasn’t in the mood to listen.....in fact, there was something about that helpless, ticklish begging through her desperate, sexy laughter.....something that made him want to tickle her until she couldn’t stand another moment......He lightly and devilishly circled first one....and then the other of her bare little underarms and the poor girl simply couldn’t get away. She laughed and laughed until tears formed in the corners of her eyes. She shrieked and wiggled and giggled and begged for mercy; his only reply? Knowing fingers that teased tiny circles against her deliciously soft skin until she was weak with laughter.

He lightly tickled her ribs on either side, wiggled a single finger inside her belly button and ever so gently tickled her smooth, sexy little tummy until she was helpless with desperate giggles and rolling round on the floor looking just about as cute as it was possible to be. Despite her best efforts, no matter how much Emily wiggled and wriggled, somehow, she always managed to present a sensitive little tickle spot to his teasing fingers....and he always managed to tickle in the very place she hoped he wouldn’t!

If she wiggled left, he tickled her hip, lightly pinching and squeezing until she just had to wiggle the other way, squealing and laughing helplessly......and then he simply tickled the opposite one, waiting for her own sensitivity to unwittingly expose somewhere new to those devilish fingers.

He tickled her ribs until she couldn’t stand it anymore and, desperate to escape those cruel, knowing fingers which traced and squeezed and skittered all over until she filled the room with beautiful laughter, she thrust herself into the air, still pinned at the wrists but rolling, jumping, bucking in a frantic bid to get those hands away from her delicate and terribly tickly ribs......he waited until she was writhing in desperation, and then, laughing out loud as he teased her ferociously, tickled her gorgeous little tummy on the way down.

Poor Emily was absolutely frantic now! His strong fingers glided across her soft tummy and wiggled and traced agonisingly delicious patterns just beneath her sexy little belly button. She was powerless to resist. He even let go of her wrists, as she now lay curled helplessly around his hands as they tickled and tickled her helpless little tummy. Emily was lost in desperate laughter, her begging descending into pleading laughter each and every time.

Those awful, wonderful teasing, tickling hands wandered down lower and when, eventually, he tickled the tops of her thighs, fingers stroking and wiggling in that unbearably sensitive little crease where Emily’s thighs met her tummy, she threw her head back and howled with laughter, trying as hard as she could to curl into a protective little ball.

He spent a long while, straddling the poor, helpless girl beneath him, stroking and teasing her ticklish thighs, wandering his hands slowly up and down each and gently squeezing them between thumb and fingers, sending little ticklish waves of sensation through her....Emily beat her hands on the soft carpet, she rolled around and lapsed into silent laughter....Nobody had ever tickled her thighs before. It was unbearable.....Emily lost all conscious thought....there was just tickling.....nothing else....just those wonderful, knowing hands of his.........and then........

He’d stopped.....surely not.....it was a rouse...a scam....and yet....there it was. She opened her eyes and blinked through the tears on her delicate eyelashes and looked at him.....he was straddling her shins, sitting just below her knees and his hands lingered mere inches above her knees now.....and he was waiting.....waiting.....

“Please....hehehe please no more!! Come on now..... hehehehe.....I can’t.....I can’t take it anymore.....hehe please don’t tickle my knees!!”

His face was a picture of teasing menace. She looked at him, pleading with her eyes now...

“Please!! Don’t make me beg!! I’ll do anything!!! Just no more tickling.....please!!”

He simply grinned back and said....“Oh but I’ve just GOT to tickle your knees Emily. How could I resist!! Besides....I just want to hear that sexy little laugh again.....is that such a bad thing? Hmmm? Here I come......somebody has verrrrrry ticklish knees!!”

“NO!!! Not my knees!! You can’t!!!”

“Oh but I can Emily and I am!! Are you ready?”

And as his hands already rested on her thighs, it was a simple matter of his thumb and forefinger beginning to ever so gently and lightly wiggle back and forth, just above her knees on each leg.....

She couldn’t fight and from the first touch, the horribly over sensitised girl began to giggle gently, pleading in a soft, submissive little voice as she looked into his eyes with the cutest face he’d ever seen....

“Please...hehehehe......don’t......dohohohohon’t hehehehehehehe.....”

“MMMmmmmm I’m sorry Emily......but I’m afraid I just don’t believe you’ve learned your lesson....”

He leaned over her now, making sure she couldn’t wiggle free: “......And besides.....I’m not even holding your hands down now, so you can stop me at any time right?” He teased her horribly now.....”But I’m guessing somebody is such a helpless ticklish girl, that she won’t be able to......Hmmm?!”

And the wiggling increased; his thumb and forefinger lightly pinching and squeezing her sensitive, ticklish knees over and over, reducing her to silent laughter. Poor Emily couldn’t sit up.....couldn’t grab his hands to stop him....all she could do was laugh.....and laugh........

Her struggling had ceased long before and the adorable girl lay, barely pinned, almost touching freedom and yet completely unable to escape his gentle, tickly, teasing touch which rendered her absolutely helpless, lost in hysterical laughter........

*and then*

She lay gasping; the sensation of the tickles still teasing all over, still delighting her, despite the fact he’d stopped moments ago. She twitched and giggled, unable to stop tiny bursts of fresh laughter escaping as she hugged herself and sighed, letting the sensations drain away, smiling the most delicious of smiles he’d ever seen.....

Climbing off her, he noted with pleasure that this time, she didn’t make to run...didn’t try to escape.....he pondered what he already knew.....She was enjoying herself just as much as he was!

Grinning, he leant down to whisper in her ear, his head level with her shoulder now:

“Do you know who I prepared that box for Emily? Hmmm?

She looked at him with her bright blue eyes and then looked down, shaking her head, lost in shyness suddenly as her giggles finally subsided.....The cutest blush colouring her cheeks now....

“It was for you my cute little tickle slave! I’ve wanted to tickle you like this for so long now!”

She looked down, submissively but a small smile played across her lips and for some reason...she couldn’t figure out why...she suddenly felt....special somehow.....

He leaned in further, his lips brushing her ears now as he spoke, making her coooo and shiver....

“I think it’s time to try some of these toys out....don’t you Emily??”

And without missing a beat, she nodded gently. The little smile never leaving her face; that delight in knowing she was going to be tied and tickled leading her to follow him as he took her by the hand, over to his bed and, after straightening the duvet, began to tie the Shibari ropes to each of the corners, fastening them quickly and skilfully as she sat coyly on the side watching his every move, fascinated; the excitement almost overpowering her as she realised it was all for her!

Tugging at the bonds he checked to see if they held securely and, happy with his work, he turned to examine Emily now, looking her up and down from her head to her toes and watched as she wiggled her feet, tugged her t-shirt down to cover her bare little tummy.....and grinning, stuck out her tongue again....willing him on....knowing it wouldn’t take much!

Wanting nothing more than to be at his mercy now. Wanting those bondage ropes to wind elegantly around her wrists and ankles......wanting to be gently and mercilessly dominated by his knowing, wandering fingers, again and again.......

He smiled as she slowly climbed onto the soft mattress and lay down on her back. She was teasing him now, inviting him with her eyes. She wiggled her toes sexily in his direction; giggled as she playfully began to wind one of the ropes around her wrist. He felt his pulse quicken as he approached her; excitement overwhelming him at the thought of having her tied....helpless.....he could see in her eyes that she felt the same.

Then, to his amazement, she slowly reached down and grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt with her slender fingers. Teasing him outrageously now, she slowly and seductively rolled her t-shirt up over her head and flung it across the room towards him.....

His jaw dropped as he watched her shimmy sexily out of her knickers, dangling them teasingly on the end of her toes before kicking them playfully across the room.

He was breathless now....stood gaping at her....at her beauty....how soft she was....how much he couldn’t resist........and before he could respond, she playfully stuck her tongue out before teasing him right back......

“What was that you promised about tickling ‘EVERY INCH’ hmmm?”

And she winked at him as she watched him slowly coming to his senses; watched him slowly approach the bed........then squealed with laughter as she found herself playfully pinned to the soft mattress......

4 ropes tied at 4 corners...... And waiting for her!

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Lil Miss Smartarse
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that's a fantastic story. Really enjoyed it. Got all the elements of a tickling scenario that i love, especially when she was tickled as she clung onto the door frame- the idea of being tickled to be persuaded to let go yet that was only the start of the tickling. And of course the teasing was brilliant.
Great work
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Playful teaser!


Thanks Tickle_Fan Glad you enjoyed reading it! I just let my mind wander a little hehe
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TTC|Junior Member
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What a fun story! Thanks!
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Old 11-13-2011, 02:09 PM   #5
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Hats off to you sir! One of the best tickle fics I have read in a while.
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Playful teaser!


You're welcome Anonnew. Glad you liked it
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Playful teaser!


Thanks tennyo! That's very kind of you.
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The Bug
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That was adorable
Someone should stab you in the eye with a really hot french fry! Foamy the squirrel
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Playful teaser!


Many thanks ticklebug101 Glad you liked it.
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Default Great Story

I really enjoyed this, fantastic work, this is exactly the kind of scenario id love to share with a partner, its very fun and lovable, i think many people can look at this fetish and be disturbed by it sometimes, but i think any woman could relate to having this experience with a lover and enjoying it, its very pure natured, great descriptive work, definitly one of my favourites!
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emily, m/f

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