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Default The Deal (f/m true story, short and sweet!!!)

A true short story of a brother and sister who make a little bet on a video game. Charlie is 2 years older than his sister Marcy, and they get along good.
...and here's what happen!!!

Charlie and Marcy are just hanging out at home alone watching some tv in the living room. They then got bored and wanted to do something, and they decided to play some video games. They play a fighting game. Marcy is a girly girl but still loves to play video games. They decided to make things more fun and make a bet on who wins the game. Marcy asks her brother "if you win what do you want?" He thinks for a minute and says "uhm if I win you have to give me a foot massage". Marcy say "eewww,.. but ok deal" Marcy than says, "if I win you have to buy me mcdonalds" Charlie agrees to the deal and they begin their game. Charlie wins, and he says "come on little sis, start rubbing". Marcy says "eewww that is so nasty, but I guess a deal is a deal". Charlie sits back on the couch and Marcy sits on the floor by his feet and begins the massage. She first removes his socks and starts to rub. After a few seconds Marcy says, "dang you need to put some lotion on your feet bro". Charlie says, "well go get some of your lotion for me then". Marcy agrees and goes and grabs some of her girly smelling lotion. She then begins to rub her brothers feet with the lotion and says "aww u got cute feet for a guy bro". After she rubs the lotion on his feet she begins to massage them again. Then after a few minutes of massaging she scratches her nails under the soles of Charlie's feet. He kicks his feet back and says "stop that tickles" she giggles and begins rubbing again, literally seconds after, she quickly scratches more and Charlie kicks back again and Marcy starts to laugh, and Charlie giggles and says "stop". Marcy says "ok, ok I'll stop" she continues to massage his feet and just starts to play with his feet. Shes wiggling his toes and playing this little piggy and having fun and playing with his feet. She asks "bro can i please paint your nails?, please!!!" Charlie says, "hell no", and Marcy says, "you suck". She then quickly wraps his ankles in her arms and attacks his feet with her long nails. Charlie bursts out in laughter and trying to pull his feet away, but his little sister has a strong grip that he can't do that. Marcy is just laughing historically while she dances her fingers on his soles. She says, "wow I didn't know you were this ticklish big bro" and starts to laugh. after a few minutes of tickling he finally gets his feet away, and Marcy says, "you should've let me win big bro, hahaha, your fault".

Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think. Be on the look out for more of my true stories. I have a lot of true events that I will love to share with all of you!!

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deal, f/m, short, story, sweet, true

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