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Default My life as a tickle slave F/F FFFF/F part 1

Ms. Kim was in her mid-30’s and was stunningly beautiful,-she was also a very smart and wealthy business woman in modern day South Korea. It was rumored that not all of her business dealings were legit, and she had made some powerful enemies.
My name is Lee, and I grew up very poor so when I was 17 I left my village and moved to Soul to find a better life; it has been difficult over the past few years, but I was lucky enough to be born very attractive and recently (I am 24 now) was able to land a job waiting tables in very high end restaurant in downtown Soul. The restaurant only hired pretty girls and the uniforms were one piece very short and sleeveless tight fitting satin rompers with thin straps to hold them up, with high gloss tan pantyhose and heels; they were very skimpy and sexy.

That’s where I first met Ms. Kim, she use to come in every day for lunch or dinner and if I was working she would always request me to wait on her table. One night she was sitting alone at her table drinking some wine and reading a book when she waved me over and asked me to sit down. It was very late and the restaurant was empty so I sat down and she began making small talk.
After a few minutes she asked me if I had a boyfriend, I told her no and wasn’t really sure if I wanted one right now. Then she asked me if I knew what a fetish was, being a 24 year old girl from a rural village I had never heard that word before, so I told her no. She explained it to me, and I understood what she was talking about. Then she leaned forward and whispered to me that she had a fetish for tickling. I was surprised that a woman like Ms. Kim was talking to me, a lowly waitress about this subject, but I must admit I was fascinated. Ms. Kim continued saying that ever since she had been a young girl she loved everything about tickling, she loved to read and write stories about tickling, look at pictures about tickling, and watch movies about tickling, but mostly she loved to tickle people, and even liked to be tickled herself. She said she really couldn’t explain it, but she knew she loved it more than anything else in the world. Then she leaned back picked up her glass of wine and took a sip, never taking her beautiful piercing eyes off me, and asked do you like tickling?
I thought about it for a moment and said, you know I don’t really know how I feel about it; I have never really been tickled seriously or tickled anyone seriously.
Ms. Kim looked at me with a sweet smile and said “Lee if you let me tickle you in that uniform tonight I will pay you $100.00 U.S. dollars”. I couldn’t believe what she said; this incredible beautiful and sexy woman just offered me a $100.00 U.S. dollars to let her tickle me for a few hours. It takes me almost a week of hard work to earn that kind of money; I could not pass that up; so I said,” sure sounds like fun, but I don’t know how ticklish I am”
Ms. Kim said “well, we will soon find out” and she handed me a business card with her address, and said, “as soon as you finish your shift come over to my place; it is just a block down the street.”
Ms. Kim left the restaurant at 10:45 and my shift was over at 11:00, so I walked down the block and was at her place at 11:10, the private elevator to the penthouse opened up right in her foyer; and Ms. Kim was standing there waiting for me dressed in a long silk silver robe. She smiled and helped me off with my coat and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I told her no and she guided me into the living room, her place was massive it had 5 bedrooms, and windows that went from the floor to the ceiling overlooking the city of Soul.
Ms. Kim led me to a padded table that was in the middle of her massive living room, and said “are you ready to get started”
I looked at the table and noticed it had leather cuffs attached to the corners and then looked at Ms. Kim and said, “I guess so”
I laid down on the padded table and Ms. Kim secured my wrists and ankles in the fur lined leather cuffs, and when she was done I was stretched out and secured; she stroked my hair and said, “If you need me to stop say the word - Orange- and I will stop and give you a break”
Ms. Kim looked at me for a minute and commented on how sexy my body was and how beautiful I looked in the skimpy satin uniform and high gloss pantyhose. Then she started to lightly glide her perfect manicured finger nails across the satin romper covering my belly. It took me by surprise, and my natural reflex was to pull on my restraints and squeal, which brought a huge smile from Ms. Kim. She continued to slowly move her fingernails all over the satin and I began to squirm and twist my body, the fingernails gliding over the satin intensified the tickling and I began to giggle and laugh. I noticed the huge smile of delight on Ms. Kim’s face as she worked her fingernails on my ribs and belly and saw my reaction to what she was doing to me. Then she started to move her fingers faster and faster and the tickling sensation shot through me like electricity; and involuntary screams of laughter poured out of me. She tickled me like that for a few minutes and I was just about to scream the word “orange” like she told me, but she stopped the tickling to give me a break before I had to.
It took me a few seconds to recover; and I said to Ms. Kim, “I guess I am ticklish”
She smiled and said “yes, it looks like you are, and you have such a delightful laugh” and then she held her wiggling fingernails about 5 inches above my belly with a huge smile on her face and began counting down from 5; (5,4,3,2,1,) and when she hit zero she began her tickle attack again, and I immediately lost it. Her fingernails gliding on that satin romper tickled my belly unbelievably, and when she moved her nails up over my ribs it brought me to a new level of tickle torture. She went back and forth from my belly, up to my ribs, and around my sides; her hands seemed to be everywhere at once (the satin was making it so much more intensive) and I found myself getting turned on by what she was doing to me. Then she moved her nails all over my tits and nipples, I felt my nipples harden right away, and I think Ms. Kim noticed it too because she grinned a wicked grin. Then she really turned up the torture, she kept one hand tickling my tits slowly moving her fingernails across the satin covering my rock hard nipples, and moving back and forth from one breast to the other, and at the same time used the other hand to glide her long fingernails into my totally exposed and stretched out armpits. I heard myself screaming with laughter, and I felt tears leaking from my eyes; it was torturous, but at the same time, I had never been touched like this before, and it was really making me horny.
It was not just the tickling that was making me horny, but what was really a turn on for me was watching Ms. Kim’s face light up with excitement and pleasure at tickle torturing my stretched out, bound, helpless body. Ms. Kim was really getting into it, and it made me feel sexy having this beautiful woman getting off on using my body for her pleasure.
Ms. Kim stopped after a few minutes to give me a break, and when she did, she said “I am really getting hot from this” and stepped back untied her robe and let it drop to the floor. She stood there smiling at me dressed In the most beautiful, or should I say, the sexiest matching; light purple satin with white lace trim, bra, panty, and guarder outfit I had ever seen; attached to the satin and lace guarder were high gloss and very shiny tan stocking. She looked amazing with her long black hair surrounding her friendly and beautiful face, and she had the sexiest body I had ever seen; her tits were perfect, her belly was tight, and her legs and ass were flawless.
She winked at me and said, “I think I’ll try your feet, and see if they are ticklish” and with that she walked down to the end of the table, softly dragging her fingernails down my body as she went. She stood between my secured feet and immediately started to tickle each one of my soles with her fingernails; racking them up and down the souls of my pantyhose feet. The tickling sensation immediately shot through me and I screamed and flexed every muscle I had trying desperately to escape her tickling fingers.
Ms. Kim laughed and said, “WOW- this is better than I could have ever hoped for.”
She continued tickling my feet for a while; sometimes concentrating on one sole at a time, using one hand to hold my toes back so I couldn’t flex my foot, and stretching the skin of the sole tight; then using the other hand to tickle the helpless pantyhose covered sole with her incredible tickling fingernails.
After a while Ms. Kim stopped to let me rest; and walked back up to my side.
She smiled at me and asked me “do you know why I always eat at the restaurant were you work?”
I said “no”
Ms. Kim said “the main reason is because of the skimpy uniforms and pantyhose the waitresses wear.”
And at that she started to lightly tickle the inside of my thighs; she looked at my thighs with great concentration on her face as she softly scarped her fingernails across the shiny tan pantyhose. She did it so lightly that it didn’t make me scream with laughter, but it was teasing the hell out of me, and I felt my self-getting very wet. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she was so fucking sexy, and all I could think of was I wanted her to use me in any way she wanted.
Then she started to apply more pressure and move her fingernails faster and faster, and I lost it again screaming with laughter and bucking and twisting my hips as much as I could (which wasn’t very much).
Ms. Kim smiled brightly at my reaction, and expertly tickled the inside my thighs from my knees to my crotch; she quickly wiggled her fingernails but slowly moved her hands up from my knees to my thighs , she did this over and over again; it was agonizing-but I loved it- As she was tickling me she was looking at my face and my reaction, smiling and taunting me saying the pantyhose really intensifies the tickling doesn’t it? I screamed through my laughter “YES”. I never knew my thighs were so sensitive to tickling and I also never knew how unbelievably horny it would make me.
I was pleading in my mind for her to tickle my pussy, and I was just about to scream for her to do it, when I felt her fingernails glide across the satin covering my private part; and a torturous moan of pleasure came up from the center of my body and out of my mouth.
Ms. Kim asked me “do you NOT want me to tickle you there; or do you WANT me to continue to tickle you there”
I screamed “YES- please tickle me there- PLEASE, PLEASE”.
It took about 30 seconds of her fingernails tickling and scratching the satin covering my pussy before it explode in a huge orgasm, and my body shook violently with spasms as the pent up tension was released, and screams of ecstasy came pouring out of me.
Ms. Kim didn’t stop her tickling of my pussy, she continued to tickle it with her one hand, and with the other hand she softly tickled the pantyhose of the upper most part of my thigh. My body had become so sensitive especially down there; and I was failing my head back and forth moaning and giggling as she continued to tickle me; I felt another orgasm building and then release. I lost count of them after the third one ripped through me; I just laid there and let Ms. Kim do what she wanted to do to me. Soon she standing beside me and had one hand tickling my crotch and one had tickling my breasts, I opened my eyes and I looked her over, from head to toe as she used her fingernails to tickle and force orgasm after orgasm out of me. She was so sexy dressed in her light purple satin panties, bra and guarder and I came again as I lustered her. After she was done with me she un-cuffed me and helped me into one of her spare bed rooms where she tucked me in for the night.
The next morning I opened my eyes and looked at the clock on the night table; it was 11:45am, I need to be at work at 9:00am, so I flew out of bed and rushed out of the bedroom, and down the hall when I saw Ms. Kim sipping a coffee in the living room. I ran into her and said “I am late for work, I hate to run, but I need to go, can I get paid”
Ms. Kim said, “Lee, I put your money in your jacket pocket”
I ran and grabbed my coat and was putting it on when Ms. Kim said, “Lee would you like to quit the waitressing job and work for me, I can guarantee I pay a lot better than a waitressing job does”
I stopped and looked at her and said, “are you kidding me?”
She said, “ absolutely not, I am very serious, and I would like you to start today.”
I walked over and sat down next to her and said, “what kind of job to you have for someone like me.”
Ms. Kim said, “Lee did you have fun last night?”
I looked at her for a moment, and then at the ground and said “I have never felt anything like last night before in my life”
Ms. Kim said, “Lee my job offer to you is – you can move in here with me, and I will pay you $500.00 dollars a week, I will buy you all new clothes to wear, and even take you on trips with me. Your end of the agreement; if we should come to one; is to dress how I tell you, be available to me 24 hours a day, and let me tickle you or you tickle me anytime I request.

I looked at Ms. Kim and immediately said, “You have a deal.” I might be a girl from a simple rural village, but my mother didn’t raise and idiot. Last night was the best night of my life, and this sexy beautiful lady is willing to let me live in her multi-million dollar condo and pay me 5x the amount of money I was busting my ass for, and all I have to do is let her tickle me into having orgasms. Hey count me in.
That day Ms. Kim took me shopping and spent a fortune on the most beautiful and sexy clothes made, she also bought over a thousand dollars’ worth of lingerie and pantyhose for me. One of her favorite shops was a costume shop where she picked out all types of cute costumes to wear. She told me that she loved to role play with certain of her friends.
All the shops were going to deliver the goods that Ms. Kim bought, so at the end of the day we went to get something to eat, and Ms. Kim said to me “Lee you have to remember you are one of my employees, so I must always demand respect from you. Do you understand?”
I looked at her and said “of course Ms. Kim.”
She smiled and said good, now in 6 days I am having 3 friends over for a little get together; it’s our monthly movie night with wine and cheese, and I want you to wear the new French maid custom I just bought.
I said sure, I think it is really cute, but Ms. Kim I must tell you; I can serve people very well, but I can’t cook, is that going to be a problem?
Ms. Kim laughed and said, “no Honey, I have a cook and she comes when I need her, and she also does the food shopping, and if you are wondering I also have a lady that comes in twice a week to clean, and take care of the laundry.
That night when we got home most of the clothes we bought were already there, and Ms. Kim was very excited to see me model certain pieces of the lingerie she bought for me.
I asked Ms. Kim if I could shower quickly, and she said of course, and while you are getting ready I will pick out the lingerie I want you to model. When I came out of the bath room I saw three out fits laid out on the bed, the first one was a white satin one piece teddy and lying beside it were a pair of shiny tan pantyhose and white pumps. I put the outfit on and looked in the mirror. It was cut high over the hips, and low over my breast, and it fit tight. As I looked at myself in the teddy I thought back to last night and how the satin uniform increased the tickling sensation, and thought to myself- holy shit this teddy is much lighter and fits even tighter; I wonder how this will feel under Ms. Kim’s tickling fingernails.
I walked into the living room and Ms. Kim was sitting on the couch dressed in a long black silk robe.
I stood in front of her and she asked me to turn very slowly so she could look at all of me. When my back was turned to her she told me to stop, so I stood still and then felt her fingernails gently caressing and gliding across the silk smooth satin that covered my ass. It gave me goose bumps when Ms. Kim touched me like this and I could already feel my juices starting to flow. After a few minutes she told me to turn around and face her, so I did, and, saw her smiling at me. Ms. Kim stood up and removed her robe to reveal a black satin teddy just like the one I was wearing. Then she laid down on the couch and stretched her arms way above her head, and said, “Lee I want you to tickle me for a while.”
I knelt down and gently glided my fingernails across the black satin covering her belly, and Ms. Kim started to squirm and giggle at once. She said through her giggles, “don’t stop until you hear me say- orange-“. So I tickled her all over her belly and ribs, and soon she was twisting and bucking trying to escape my fingers, but I wouldn’t let her escape, and I didn’t stop. She was really laughing now and her hands were moving down to fight off my hands so I grabbed them and tucked them under her ass. She said don’t stop- tickle me everywhere- tickle my thighs , my feet, my tits, tickle me everywhere PLEASE!!
I tickled her everywhere and she laughed and screamed and twisted and bucked her body, and through it all I never stop tickling her. It was such a rush to tickle the shit out of this sexy hot woman, I never thought I could get more turned on than I was last night, but I was wrong. Tickling Ms. Kim’s sexy body was an incredible turn on.
After about a half hour of me tickling her, she screamed orange, and when she recovered, she said “Lee, now it’s your turn to lay on the couch.
Ms. Kim tickled every inch of my body for a long time, and made me cum over and over again. She also made herself cum a couple of times while she tickled me with one hand, and used her other hand on herself.
Over the next few days I fell into a routine, when Ms. Kim would go to her office; I would go down to the gym, when I got home from the gym, Ms. Kim wanted me to read her tickle fantasy stories that she had written over the years, and watch her collection of tickle videos (she had hundreds, maybe thousands--Boy do I love my new life). Before Ms. Kim would come home she would call, and tell me to shower and make myself pretty, and also tell me what she wanted me to dress in.
On my 6th day there Ms. Kim told me before she left for work, that she would be brining 3 of her friends home tonight, and for me to be dressed in the French maid outfit with the black shiny stockings.
During the day the cook came and prepared the cheese platters and put a number of bottles of wine on the counter, along with some wine glasses and left.
Ms. Kim and her friends arrived around 6:00pm, and I met them when the elevator opened. Ms. Kim introduced me to her friends, who were all about her age, very attractive, and dressed in very expensive business suits, and each one carried what looked like a small overnight bag. After the introduction Ms. Kim said they would be in the living room and for me to them bring a bottle of wine and a platter of cheese crackers. I brought the wine first and poured them each a glass, and then brought them the one of the cheese platters. I was getting ready to leave the room so Ms. Kim could entertain her friends when she asked me to stay. She said her friends and she wanted to admire me in the cute French maid uniform for a while. The uniform was really cute, it fit me tight, it was very short, covering only about half of the white satin ruffled panties that came with it, and the top pushed my boobs together and forced them up. I stood in front of Ms. Kim, and slowly turned so she could get a good look, and then she told me to do the same for each of the other ladies in the room so I did. I was slowly turning for the first lady, and listening to all of them make small talk, when the lady ran her fingernails up my thigh, tickling me and making me jump, which brought some giggles and comments from the ladies in the room, the lady did this for about 2 minutes before Ms. Kim told me to move on to the next lady.
I was slowly turning around for that lady; when she asked me to bend forward a little to see more of the white satin ruffled panties, and when I did she tickled them with both hands, which made me jump again. The lady giggled and said how delightfully cute is this girl, Ms. Kim let her tickle me like that for about 2 minutes, before she told me to move on to the next lady. The next lady I stood in front of made stand straight in front of her and raise my arms up over my head and began to wiggle her finger nails across my belly and sides. I kept my feet in place but I twisted my body and a stream of giggles came out; again it lasted for about two minutes. I went to the last lady and stood in front of her, she asked me to lean forward so she could get a better view of my breasts. So I did and she lightly tickled them through the satin uniform, my nipples went rock hard at once and her tickling caused me to shake my upper body making my tits jiggle and sway. After about 2 minutes I went and stood next to Ms. Kim and she told me that they were going to watch a movie right now and for me to get changed into the white silk 2 piece slave costume that she had bought for me, and to put on a pair of shiny tan pantyhose as well. I said, “yes Ms. Kim” and left to get changed.
I was already really horney at the thought of these pretty and sexy ladies using my body for their pleasure, but I was also a little nervous, they all seemed to tickle really well, and last night with just Ms. Kim tickling me it was tough, but what the hell it sure beats waiting tables.
When I came back into the room wearing the slave costume (it was a 2 piece outfit made of silk and designed to look like tattered loin cloth- and of course I had on the shiny tan pantyhose with white heels- a must for Ms. Kim) Ms. Kim and her friends had changed into some awesome costumes, she told me they were dressed as- high society woman- of the ancient Roman Empire, and I was her slave.
They were all sitting next to each other on the long couch watching the movie which had just started, and Ms. Kim directed me to lay across them on the couch. So I did, my head was on Ms. Kim’s lap, and my body stretched out over her friends laps, with my feet resting on the last lady’s thighs. Ms. Kim had one end of a chain in her hands with the leather cuffs. She cuffed my wrists together and then stretched my arms above my head as far as she could, and when she could stretch me no more she clipped the cuffs to the chain that was secured to the floor. Her friend did the same with my ankles.
So now I found myself with my wrists and ankles cuffed and chained, and my almost naked body was stretched out across four women who were dressed in sexy Roman costumes watching a gang tickle torture video. I must admit I was nervous, but I was also very excited by how these women were looking at me.
The video showed a voluptuous women; probably the queen or something (who was dressed like Ms. Kim and her friends ) sitting on a chair and surrounded by a group of 5 other women dressed the same. They were in a sparse room, and a pretty blonde slave girl (who was dressed like me) was laying on a soft rug on the floor in front of her. The woman was holding one foot of the pretty blonde slave girl and tickling it. The slave girl screamed with laugher and the woman and her friends smiled at her reaction.
Ms. Kim started to tickle my arm pits and when the other ladies heard me scream, they took their eyes off the TV and looked at what Ms. Kim was doing to me. It must have been the signal, because right then they all started to tickle the part of my stretched out helpless body that was in front of them. I went ballistic having all these fingernails tickling me at once.
Ms. Kim tickled my armpits and tits, the lady next to her tickled my rib, belly and sides, the woman next to her tickle my hips and pantyhose thighs, and the woman at the end tickled my feet. They stopped after a few minutes to let me rest, and Ms. Kim said, to her friends, “isn’t she just awesome.” The one next to her said she sure is; and every one should have their own tickle slave.
Ms. Kim then reached for something beside the couch and brought out a red ball gag, and before she put it in my mouth she said don’t worry we will not tickle you for long stretches; so you don’t have to worry about saying –orange- to get a break, but with you screaming and laughing it makes it hard to hear the movie.
With the ball gag in; the ladies started there tickle attack, they tickled every inch of me, and I screamed into the gag.
Ms. Kim’s fingernails felt so good tickling my tits, and every once in a while she would take her eyes off the TV and look at me, she would have this big smile on her face and her eyes seemed to sparkle with life, and she would wink at me. I was so happy she was having fun.
The lady next to her really new how to tickle torture someone, and I could tell she really enjoyed it, my body was stretched out and my bare ribs, belly and sides were helpless to her expert tickling technic, and when she found a spot that made me react with a twist of my hips, or a buck of my body she concentrated on that spot.
The woman tickling my pantyhose covered thighs was the biggest tease; she concentrate her ten fingernails on my upper thighs gliding them all over the shiny pantyhose and always coming so close to my pussy but never touching it. The type of Pantyhose Ms. Kim buys must be made for the express purpose of increasing the tickling sensation.
The one at the end by my feet used the technic that Ms. Kim used; holding the toes of one foot back with one hand and using the free hand to rake her fingernails up and down my sole. One time instead of just racking her nails up and down my sole she spider tickled my arch, and when she saw the reaction that it caused; (I violently tried to kick my feet free and flex my sole; but my ankles were cuffed and chained, and she had a good grip on my foot she used that technic more and more.
After a few minutes of that extreme gang tickle torture they would stop, and then they would softly caress the part of my body in front of them.
Ms. Kim played with my breasts, and would sometimes pinch my nipples that were hard as rocks; and that would make me arch my back, the lady next to her would so lightly and gently caress my belly it was almost worse than the tickling. The lady at my thighs was doing the same light caresses; touching all around my pussy (just above it, and to either side, it felt amazing, but never directly touch it). The lady at my feet was actually messaging them and it tickled but felt good. I was so wet and horney at being the center of attention, and having the hands of these sexy women gently caressing my whole body.
The poor slave on the film was now chained spread eagle on the soft rug and was getting gang tickled and fondled by all six of the women; who looked like they were truly enjoying themselves as the slave girl pleaded for them to stop through her screams and howls of laughter. It was a hot video; one I hadn’t seen before, but was going to have to watch when I could focus on it.
After a few minutes of the soft teasing caress, they went back to an all-out tickle assault of my helpless body. It was as torturous as the first time, and I could tell they were all really horney by now, because they were looking at me as much as the video, and I could see lust in their eyes.
When they stopped to give me a rest Ms. Kim un clipped the chain on my wrist and the lady at my feet did the same. Ms. Kim told me to stand up, and then she stood up, and the two other ladies who were next to her slid down the couch, the one that was at my feet stayed where she was. Ms. Kim took my top off, and then went to the open spot on the couch and sat down, and told me this time to lay across them face down, so I did, and they stretched me out again and re clipped my cuffs to the chains. Ms. Kim was at my thighs and ass now, and my face was in the lap of one her friends.
I turned my head to see the movie, and watched as the slave girl was getting ravished now by 6 very horny women; they were tickling her and kissing her and fondling her, and she looked like she was really into it now.
They started to tickle me right away, I never knew my back was ticklish but it was. The woman by my head, tickled my upper back and then would glide her finger nails around my shoulders and up into my armpits, and then she would very slowly move her fingernails down my sides until she found the soft skin of my breasts that were pressed against her thighs and would tickle them for a while.
The lady next to her tickled all over my back and then would glide her wiggling fingernails over to the side of my ribs and tickle them, and then she would move them down to the sides of my belly, I twisted franticly but it was no use. She repeated this cycle over and over, and when she would pinch the soft skin of my sides it made me scream nooooooo! into the ball gag.
Ms. Kim was the worst this time; she loved my thighs and she loved these shiny smooth pantyhose. She started in the hollows behind my knees, and very slowly worked her way up my thighs making sure she hit every spot she could from the inside part of the thigh to the outside part, but the back of my thighs tickled the most; and she knew it, she concentrated heavily on them moving her fingernails quickly using the spider tickling technic. I could feel her fingernails rapidly tickling my thighs but I could also feel her slowly making her way up the back of my sensitive thighs to my ass. When her tickling fingers finally reached the top of my thighs and the bottom of my ass I knew it was going to be real tickle torture. My ass had always been sensitive and now it was covered by the soft silk of the costume and the pantyhose that intensified every scrape of her fingernails.
Ms. Kim being an expert tickler I knew I was doomed. Plus every other inch of my body was under the same kind of tickle assault, from expert ticklers. When Ms. Kim finally it made to my ass I flex my butt mussels and pull on the chains as hard as I could, and then screams of laughter came out muffled through the ball gag.
This session seemed to last a lot longer than the last two, and I think it was because the women were getting really horney from watching the move and tickling the shit out of me.
They un clipped the chains again, but no one moved, all they did is roll me over on my back, stretch me out again and re clip the cuffs to the chain.
They started to caress me softly again, and it was a need rest from the physical exhaustion from been gang tickle, but it was still torturous for me, I was already so wet and turned on; and on the verge of cuming it just added 10x to my frustration.
The girl at my head was doing things to my breasts that made my eyes roll back into my head, and then I felt Ms. Kim using 2 fingers to gently tickle the silk covering my soaking wet pussy. With the other 2 lady’s one caressing my belly and the other one playing with my feet; I exploded in less than 10 seconds; with screams and moans and my body twitching like crazy. It seemed to be never ending, and all the ladies kept on doing what they were doing do me and looked at me with extreme lust.
As I moaned into the ball gag I turned my head to the TV to see the voluptuous woman now naked on a large bed being tickle by three blonde slave girls with long feathers; as a beautiful young muscular male salve gave her oral sex.
Ms. Kim kept tickling my pussy, the lady at my head kept doing amazing things to my breasts ; the lady at my belly was so softly tickling it; that, that alone could have made me cum. The lady playing with my feet was now gently racking her nails across the tops of them; even the tops of my feet were ticklish in these pantyhose.
I came again about two minutes later and when I was done they started another full out tickle assault on my helpless very sensitive body.
To be continued.
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Very HOT !!! loved it ! ... cannot wait for it to be continued
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very nice!
A blog i like

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so nice! I loveit .cannot wait for it to be continued
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Magic bananas
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farelo--thanks for reading my story--and please excuse my ignorance, but what are magic bananas?
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f/f, ffff/f, life, part, slave, tickle

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