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Default A True Nylon Tickling Story.

In order to hide the true identity of the girl, she shall go by codename "Amy". This story is true, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Amy. It was a couple of years ago since these "series" of events happened. Amy was a brunette, fair build, with the most unbelievably ticklish body I had ever seen in my life. But tickling didn't seem to bother though, as she would often give me chances to tickle her. Oh, and did I grab all of those chances! Perhaps she was aware of my tickle and nylon fetish. Who knows.

We both were in the same classes in High School. We rode the same bus together. We were great friends, but we were never "friends with benefits". And all of my experiences happened when she first asked me to rub her nylon feet.
I clearly remember that day. We sat down in a corner of the library where we couldn't be seen; we were studying for something that I can't recall. She was wearing the school uniform and, under her capri pants, she wore tan pantyhose. Well, obviously, someone had to take care of the job. So I started rubbing her feet, since we were such good friends, and she looked really pleased. Her feet felt really soft and, without missing a beat, I slowly ran my index finger on her right arch. She giggled and gave me an approving look, and I kept doing that, alternating between rubbing and tickling her feet. We went on with that for 15 minutes before the bell rang, and we failed the test because we were too busy, if you know what I mean.

But enough with that story. Let's move on.

Amy also used to seat behind me in the bus, and it was a particularly cold day. She was wearing a sweater, jeans and All-stars. And under those All-stars, nylon ankle-socks. It was raining, and all of the people around us were asleep. I was listening to music, when Amy started to lightly kick my arm with her right foot. She then whispered in my ear to tickle her feet. I was immediately turned on, as most of us would have been, and I gladly started teasing her. With my right arm, I restrained her movement; with my left hand, I started to slowly spider my fingers across her sole, and steadily increased the speed of the tickling. Every now and then, she'd giggle or let out a muffled laugh. The tickling went on for 30 minutes when she finally called out and decided I had tickled her enough for that day.

The sad thing is, I never saw her again. We moved into separate colleges, and I lost my contact with her. I just realized too that, maybe she was into tickling. (;
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