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Default Agent Walker tickle torture story (F/F)

This is my first story so I hope it is good. I really like the series "Chuck" so I thought it would be nice to write a story about the series. Hope you enjoy it!


Sarah was just leaving Chuck’s house after a nice dinner with the Bartowskis when suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and put a tissue with chloroform on her mouth and nose.
Sarah tried to struggle but she lost consciousness almost immediately because the chloroform was very strong.
When Sarah woke up, she first tried to move her hands and realized she can’t.
Then she tried to move her legs but found out that she can’t move them either.
Then it hit her, she was tied to an X frame that was laid on a table.
She examined her bondage, her feet were put in stocks and her toes were tied together and tied to the stocks themselves.
Three straps were securing her legs, one was around each of her ankles, one was around each knee and one around each hip, and all three of them were holding her legs tightly to the X frame.
Then she examined her arms, they were tied high above her head, leather cuffs were around each wrist binding her wrists to the end of the frame.
In addition a strap was tied around each of her elbows, tying her hands to the frame.
Suddenly Sarah realized that she was almost naked, her T-shirt, pants and bra were removed reviling her beautiful body and full round breasts.
The room that she was in was small and the walls were plain white, she could only spot one white door, the room had no windows.
While Sarah was still trying to figure out the situation she was in, she heard the door open and someone entered the room.
Sarah lifted her head to see the person and saw that it was a tall blond woman.
The woman was dressed only in bra and panties and was very beautiful.
She carried a suitcase which seemed small and light.
“Hello agent walker” the woman said.
“Where am I? What are you going to do to me?!” Sarah asked nervously.
“My name is Anna and I work for a special organization that wants something specific from you” Anna said.
“And what would that be?” asked Sarah already knowing the answer.
“All we want is the ID of the intersect” Anna said.
Just as Sarah suspected they were interested in the intersect which of course was Chuck.
“I don’t know what you are talking about” Sarah said knowing what the respond will be.
“OK, here’s the deal: you tell us who the intersect is and you will be free to go, you will not be harmed in anyway” Anna said.
“As I said before, I don’t know what you are talking about” Sarah responded knowing what the second part of the deal was.
“In this case agent walker, we will be forced to get this information out of you so tell me who the intersect is!” Anna demanded.
“Don’t you think that I was trained to withstand many forms of torture? And besides even if I would have this information I will never give it to you” Sarah explained.
“I’m sure you’re capable of resisting many forms of torture but surely not the one you’re about to receive”.
“And what kind of special torture would that be?” Asked Sarah.
“I’m simply going to tickle you”, when Sarah heard the word tickle she began to panic, all her body was extremely ticklish but she had one spot which was ten times worse than the other ones.
This spot was her armpits.
Sarah realized that if Anna would find that spot she would simply go insane.
Sarah knew that the rest of her body was very ticklish but she could still withstand being tickled there at least until someone will find her but she was afraid that if Anna would tickle her armpits she eventually give her the identity of the intersect.
Anna saw that Sarah was starting to panic and said “By the look on your face I understand that you are ticklish and it would be a lot of fun torturing you. I will give you five minutes to consider your action.” By that Anna left Sarah alone in the room.
Sarah understood that she had no choice, she had to be able to withstand the tickling without going insane or reviling Chuck’s identity.
As promised after exactly five minutes the door was opened and Anna entered the room.
“So, have you decided if you are going to tell me the ID of the intersect or not?” asked Anna.
“Just as I said before, I don’t know who the intersect is” said Sarah.
“Then we are going to have to do this the hard way.
Let’s see if you will change your mind after a half an hour of tickling. So, Sarah, are you going to tell me your most ticklish spot or I’ll have to find out that myself?” asked Anna.
“I’m not ticklish” said Sarah knowing that this statement will not make any change.
“We will know if this is true in a few moments” said Anna.
Anna opened her suitcase and Sarah could see that in the suitcase Anna had many tickling devices, she had many different feathers, some were furry and some were stiff, she had an electric toothbrush and even baby oil.
“So, which spot will I try first? Maybe your feet? Or maybe your belly? Or maybe your breasts are ticklish?” Anna was teasing Sarah.
“For now, I’m not going to use any of these devices” said Anna and closed her suitcase, Sarah was somehow relived but knew that her fingers won’t be less horrible.
Anna was approaching Sarah feet, “I’ll ask for the last time, who is the intersect?” asked Anna, “I don’t know what….” Sarah could not finish her sentence because Anna had already started tickling Sarah’s feet.
At first, Anna was tickling only one of Sarah’s feet using her index finger, she moved her finger up and down Sarah’s foot, from the base of her toes to the bottom of her hill.
Sarah was giggling like a little girl, she tried to move her feet around to avoid the horrible tickle but her bondage only allowed her to move her feet a few millimeters.
“Hehehehehe please hehehehe don’t tickleeeee hehehe”
Anna kept her index finger on Sarah foot and brought the index finger of her other hand to tickle the second foot.
Now, instead of tickling lazily like on the first foot, Anna tickled fast focusing on Sarah’s foot arches.
By this time Sarah had stopped giggling and was laughing.
“HAHAHAHAHA pleaseeeeeee”
“Is this too much for you?? Kotchie Kotchie Koo” Anna was teasing.
Anna kept this kind of tickle for few minutes and then stopped.
Sarah’s face was red and her blonde hair was spread on her face.
“So Sarah, am I going to stop now and let you go or we will continue?” Anna asked.
“I said I don’t know anything!” Sarah yelled but deep inside she knew that eventually she will break.
Anna needed no more encouragement, she immediately took all her ten fingers and tickled both Sarah’s feet.
Now, she was not tickling lazily at all, she was tickling fast and hard.
Sarah started to laugh hard and could not even create words any more.
After ten minutes of feet tickling Anna said “Well let’s give your feet a break, I want to explore the rest of your ticklish body” and stopped tickling Sarah’s feet.
Sarah was relived but after a second or two she felt Anna tickling her belly, she was using ten fingers and was tickling like a spider.
Sarah’s belly was less ticklish than her feet so this kind of tickling made Sarah laugh but not as hard as when ten fingers were tickling her feet.
Soon Anna grew tired of this spot because she didn’t get enough screams from Sarah.
Then Anna went to tickle Sarah’s ribs, she was poking all around her ribs making Sarah laugh pretty hard.
“HAHAHAHA Hehehehe” Sarah’s ribs were a bad spot for her but not as bad as then spot Anna was going next.
Anna started to tickle Sarah’s breasts.
She tickled under Sarah’s breasts which were the worst spot around her breasts.
By this point, Sarah was laughing so hard that she thought that she will go insane soon.
Anna kept tickling Sarah’s breasts for twenty minutes getting new streams of laugher from Sarah all the time.
“Hmm I see that this spot is very ticklish but I think that I can get more from you, can I? Hmm maybe I try these two beautiful armpits of yours” said Anna.
While Anna was speaking Sarah was trying to catch her breath but when she heard that her armpits, her worst spot, were next she started to beg.
“Please don’t tickle me there, tickle me anywhere but not there.” begged Sarah.
“So I guess that this is your most ticklish spot.
This is going to be fun!” said Anna completely ignoring Sarah’s begs.
Anna started by wiggling one finger just above Sarah’s left armpit.
This was enough to make Sarah laugh as hard as when ten fingers were tickling her feet.
Even Anna was amazed by Sarah’s response and realized that she found Sarah’s most ticklish spot.
“HAHAHAHHAHAHA stoppppppppp” Sarah was trying to run away from the tickling but the straps around her elbows made sure that she was going nowhere and that Anna had access to Sarah’s armpits.
Anna took her other hand and did the same with Sarah’s other armpit.
Sarah was laughing hysterically and Anna was afraid that Sarah would pass out just from this light tickling above her armpit yet Anna decided that she needed to tickle Sarah much harder in order to break her.
Anna started lowering her wiggling fingers slowly towards the center of Sarah’s armpits.
It seemed that every millimeter that Anna was moving towards Sarah’s armpits made Sarah laugh harder.
Eventually Anna’s wiggling fingers reached the center of Sarah’s armpit, Sarah was in state of silent laughter now, her mouth was wide open but no sound came from it.
Now Sarah was sure that if this torture will continue more she is definitely going to lose her sanity.
Anna kept tickling like that for five minutes and then she felt that Sarah’s armpits were a little wet with sweat.
A devilish idea came to Anna’s mind “Hmm Sarah, it seems that this tickling is making you sweat a bit, maybe I should clean your armpits”.
As Anna said that she stopped tickling Sarah and lowered her face slowly towards Sarah’s left armpit.
Sarah saw that and started to beg again “Please stop, I’m begging you”.
Just as before Anna completely ignored Sarah and when her lips made contact with Sarah’s armpit she took her tongue out of her mouth slowly.
When her tongue touched Sarah’s armpit she tasted the salty taste of Sarah’s sweat.
Sarah started to squirm and move because she knew what was next.
Anna started to move her tongue up and down exploring Sarah’s armpit.
Then she took her tongue out all the way and licked the entire left armpit of Sarah.
This made Sarah’s laugh hard because the rough surface of Anna’s tongue was unbearable on Sarah’s ultra-sensitive armpit.
Anna decided that it wasn’t enough and brought her right hand to Sarah’s right armpit and tickled with all her five fingers.
This made Sarah’s go super-sonic, her right armpit was tickled by five expert fingers and her left armpit was licked by her tormentor.
Sarah was beyond herself, for a second she was sure that she is going to pee on herself soon.
Anna was disappointed that her left hand had nothing to do so she tickled under Sarah’s left breast.
The only thing that Sarah could think about is the ten fingers and the tongue that were torturing her armpits and breast, she was in hell.
Anna tickled and licked Sarah’s armpits for ten minutes until Sarah passed out.
Anna brought smelling salts and woke up a Sarah.
When Sarah woke up she was sure that it was only a bad dream but was horrified to know that was still tied in the same room with the same cruel woman that will do anything to get the intersect ID from her.
“Now Sarah we are going to do something a little different, we are going to play a little game” said Anna.
“What do you mean?” asked Sarah.
“I’m going to set a timer for five minutes.
I am going to tickle your ribs and breast.
If you can withstand these five minutes without laughing I am going to ease up the torture.
But, if you fail and laugh during those five minutes I’m going to focus only on your armpits which of course are your most ticklish spot” explained Anna.
“I’m not going to play any of your stupid games” said Sarah a bit frightened.
“Of course if you refuse to play it will count as a loss” said Anna.
“I’m not going to play!” yelled Sarah.
“Fine, then we’ll continue with your armpits” said Anna and took the electric toothbrush out of her suitcase.
Just as she was lowering the brush toward Sarah’s right armpit said Sarah “OK, OK, I’ll play your game!”.
“Good “said Anna and set a timer next to her to five minutes.
Then she started the timer and approached Sarah’s ribs.
Anna immediately clawed her hands and started to tickle Sarah’s ribs.
Sarah was squirming as much as she could because the rib tickling was horrible.
The sensations were much stronger due to the fact that Sarah could not laugh.
After about thirty seconds Sarah could not hold it anymore and exploded with laugher.
“Oh too bad Sarah, you lost!” laughed Anna.
Sarah started to beg to Anna that she did her best and that Anna would not torture her armpit but Anna only laughed and took the electric toothbrush.
Anna noticed that when Sarah couldn’t laugh the tickling was much more powerful so she took a ball gag out of her suitcase.
Sarah forced her mouth to stay close so Anna could not insert the ball into her mouth.
Anna knew exactly how to open Sarah’s mouth.
Anna quickly tickled Sarah’s left armpit using two fingers.
A loud yelp forced Sarah to open her mouth.
Anna quickly inserted the ball to Sarah’s mouth before she managed to close it.
Sarah knew that the torture is going to be five times worse with the gag inside her mouth.
Anna turned on the brush and put it on Sarah’s left armpit.
Immediately Sarah started to trash and laugh hysterically but her gag didn’t allow her to laugh.
A muffled laugh was the only sound that was coming out of Sarah.
“Oh, I see that you like the toothbrush, don’t you?” teased Anna.
After twenty minutes of toothbrush tickling Sarah was flushed with sweat all over her body but Anna wasn’t planning on stopping.
Anna took another toothbrush out of her suitcase.
Then Anna took one toothbrush in each hand and put them an inch above Sarah’s armpits.
“These toothbrushes are going to stay for a long time in your armpits unless you tell me who the Intersect is” said Anna.
Sarah only nodded with her head signaling that she is not going to tell Anna anything.
This made Anna very angry so she went out of the room and brought six more toothbrushes.
Anna took duct tape out of her suitcase and duct taped two toothbrushes to each of Sarah’s armpits, one to the hollow of each armpit and one to the upper part of each armpit making sure Sarah’s most ticklish spot was receiving enough tickling.
Then Anna duct taped one tooth brush under each of Sarah’s breasts.
Then Anna duct taped one toothbrush to the toes on Sarah’s left foot and duct taped the last one to the heel of Sarah’s right foot.
Sarah felt the toothbrushes on her armpits, breasts and feet and knew that she is about to endure the most torturous feeling she ever felt.
Furthermore the gag in Sarah’s mouth made sure that no matter what, almost no sound could come out of hers mouth.
“Last chance Sarah!” said Anna.
Sarah did not react.
“OK, once I activate all of these brushes you will tell me anything I want know” said Anna.
Then Anna activated the two brushes on Sarah’s feet.
Immediately Sarah started to move her feet away from the brushes.
After about a minute Anna activated the two brushes one Sarah’s breasts and the four remaining toothbrushes on Sarah’s armpits.
Sarah simply wanted to die.
Eight toothbrushes were torturing her highly ticklish body.
Two were torturing her feet, two were torturing her breasts and four were torturing her vulnerable armpits.
“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” yelled Sarah through her gag.
Anna stood next to Sarah watching how poor Sarah was enduring the worst torture she ever received.
Sarah trashed as much as she could trying to escape from the eight brushes that were tickling her.
Even though tears were streaming from Sarah’s eyes Sarah tried to look at Anna, maybe making her understand the un-describable torture Anna was putting her through.
Anna did not have any mercy and was enjoying watching Sarah trying to fight the toothbrushes.
Anna was sure that if she will stop torturing Sarah, Sarah would tell her the identity of the intersect but decided to torture Sarah more, just to be sure.
After five minutes Anna got bored and left the room, leaving Sarah with eight toothbrushes tickling her body.
After about the longest ten minutes when Sarah was sure she is not going to get out of here alive the cuff holding her right wrist got loose.
The only thing Sarah wanted to do was to take those toothbrushes off of her but the cuff around her elbow didn’t allow her to reach the toothbrushes.
Sarah squirmed as hard as she could and finally after about two minutes managed to break the cuff around her elbow.
The first thing Sarah did was to get the toothbrushes off of her armpits and breasts.
Unfortunately for Sarah she still had two toothbrushes on her feet.
Sarah realized that it was super hard to get free from her bondage while her feet were tickled.
Even after Sarah freed her left hand she still couldn’t reach the toothbrushes on her feet.
Sarah tried to free her hips but it was impossible to concentrate on getting free while her sensitive feet were tickled.
After about five agonizing minutes she broke the bondage that held her legs and managed to take the toothbrushes off of her feet.
Sarah got out of the rest of the bondage and tried to get up from the table.
When Sarah got off the table she immediately fell to the floor, she couldn’t even stand on her feet after the torture she endured.
Sarah was searching the entire room for clothes or at least her bra but could find those.
Anna heard Sarah get off the table and was hurrying toward the room.
Sarah heard footsteps and managed to hide behind the door axis.
When Anna opened the door Sarah got out from behind the door and hit Anna on the back of her head making her pass out.
Sarah wanted to simply run away from there but looked at Anna and all she wanted was to get revenge.
Of course Sarah knew exactly what kind of torture she is going to use on Anna.
She dragged Anna and put her on the X frame that was on the table, striped her completely naked and tied her exactly as she was tied several minutes ago.
Anna was very ticklish, not as ticklish as Sarah but still very ticklish.
Sarah woke Anna up and immediately started to tickle her feet, belly, breasts and armpits, sending Anna to hours of the same tickle torture Sarah received from Anna.


Part 2 can be read here: http://www.tickletheater.com/showthread.php?p=592412

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That was amazing. Part 2, I hope
"oh god. Please. untie me. What are you doing? Dont take off my shoes and socks. What are you gonna do to my bare feet? No! No! hahaha! Stop! Im begging you. hahaha! Please! my bare feet are very ticklish! Dont! haha!"
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I guess I can do something with Carina and Sarah, I'm sure it would be very hot.
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agent, f/f, story, tickle, torture, walker

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