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Old 12-03-2003, 01:32 AM   #1
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Default Insane Non-consentual Tickle Torture!

This true story is almost too outrageous to make up! I almost couldn't believe it when it was happening and still to this day I can't believe it! But I swear to God this really happened. It could never happen in this day and age because of sexual harrassment consiousness and people being a lot more uptight.

This happened about 20 yrs ago. I was a kid in summer camp (8 yrs old) and one of my older brothers was a counselor and the other older brother (middle child) was in the older kids group in the recreation program. Our best friend, Ritchie's father was a political figure in the community and was directly involved in the summer camp, so we got the inside scoop on a lot of things and my brother and his friend were popular with the female counselors and good friends with the male counselors. Most of the counselors male and female knew each other, either from school, sports or the neighborhood.

It was the last day of camp. Usually on the last day, all of the kids would gather together in the auditorium and the camp supervisor, Liz, would go over the closing details or whatever. This auditorium didn't have permanent seats. It had a stage and the seats were all fold up chairs. The stage had mats on it I think for summer gymnastics or something. The chairs are mostly taken out of the auditorium during camp. On this day, the male counselors wanted to end the summer with a bang so they they came up with a plan and when they executed it I couldn't believe my eyes, but was lucky to be able to participate.

"Hey, Mike", Bobby yelled- he was one of the counselors. "Let's get this thing going, ok?"

All the kids were gathered in the auditorium making the usual noise and the counselors were beginning to file in one at a time. there were about 100 kids in that auditorium waiting for the usual festivities to begin for the last day of camp.

All of a sudden I heard this chant arise from the 3 male counselors, my brother and his friend. "SQUEEZE!"... "SQUEEZE!"... "SQUEEZE!"...I will never forget that word!

In the middle of the chanting asked my brother "What the heck is going on?"

"Don't worry about it- you'll see!"


the kids in the auditorium (all standing) were a bit rowdy but didn't pick up on what was happening because the chanting only rose above their banter a slight bit.


Their first target was to be a female counselor named Stacy. Stacy was a REALLY CUTE brunette about 5'6", maybe 110lbs, 16 yrs old. She had brown eyes, long brown hair and she was wearing the usual camp counselor attire: A t-shirt with the word "STAFF" on the back, shorts and sneakers. 3 male counselors, my brother and his friend slowly approached Stacy, then a male counselor yelled


The 5 guys (no older than 16 yrs old) grabbed Stacy and carried her onto the stage like a football player who just scored the game winning touchdown with no time left on the clock!


"WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" she shrieked, with playful confusion.


The camp kids started looking up onto the stage. Then while the guys still had hold of her, Richie said

"Hey, Stacy! You ticklish?????"

"Oh my GOD!" she shrieked again

All 5 of them commenced to tickling the living daylights out of her! She collapsed onto the mat from being weakened by the tickling and trying to get away. That's when the male counselors held her down and assigned themselves a part of her body to tickle torture! One counselor held her arms above her head while another tickled her underarms mercilessly! Another guy tickled her ribs The other 2 counselors sat on her bare legs, took off her sneakers and socks and baraged her bare feet with tickling fingers! In between, I wedged my little body in there and tried to tickle whatever I could!!This took place right on center stage!!! The camp kids were in shock and things kind of quieted for a brief moment, but then started to get noisy again. Bear in mind, there was no sexual touching at all- just merciless tickle torture!

"AAHHHHAHA OH MY GOD- NO!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA AHHH HAHAHA....then silent laughter and violent thrashing! PLEEEAASE!!!" followed by more silent laughter.

"Tickle, Tickle, Stacy--ohh poor baby...man, she is soooo ticklish!!! Gootchie Gootchie!!

"Bobby- keep her leg... will you?"

"She's f'ing strong! get back over here!"

"KKKKKEEEEEE HEEEEHAHAHAA OH GOD...I'HAHAHAHAH Gonna kill you HEEEEHAHAHAHAA guys f**cking bastarHAHAHAHHAAAA COME OOON!!! I Can't take it!! STOOOHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!! (silent laughter, followed by a DEEEP INHALE) AHHHAHAHAAAAA!!! (silence, then Panting) STOAAAAAHAHA"

"She is really ticklish!!!"

"PLLLLLLAHAHAHAAAA..(silent laughter).....I can't take..I CAN'T TAKE......HAAAA (silent laughter). You guyaahhaahaa....come on!!! Come on, you gotta STOP, YOU GOTTA STOP...YOu can't keep...AAHHAHAHAHAAA. You can't...keep st..(silent laughter).

"Her ribs are the most.."

"KAAHAHAAAAAAAA...... that's it!! I'm AHAHA>..When I gehahhaaa When I get up I'm gonna KICAAAHAHAAHA...KKKKKKEEEHAAHAHEE.. STOPPPLEEEAAAAA!!!

"Darren, you keep letting her leg go, man!"

" I can't help it!"


They would completely drain her body from tickling her so mercilessly for about 10 minutes straight!

They let go.


Now the 4 remaining female counselors knew what that chant meant so they started to scatter. One of them though, Patricia, wasn't afraid and thought she could keep them off of her.Patricia was another cutie- 16yrs old (I think all of the counselors were 16 yrs old) light brown hair, brown eyes, TAN- really hot.


"Don't even f**king think about it. I'll kick your assAAAAA...!!

The group siezed her! At this point The kids in the auditorium were like the crowd at the Roman Colliseum when the gladiators were pitted against the lions!

"SQUEEZE!!....SQUEEEEZE!!....SQUEEEEZE!!..." Chanted the counselors

They got her right next to the stage so there was no place to carry her. The kids cheered the male counselors on!

They began ravaging her body with wiggling fingers. She dropped to the floor and they pounced like lions on gazells!


Patricia was kicking!..I mean she was kicking!!!! She got Richie in the shoulder

"AHHH Sh*t!"

The male counselors laughed

"HAHA, well you deserve it but you better watch out she's a wild one!"

"Get her sneakers off!"

"Hold that foot!"


They tickled Patricia the same as they did Stacey. But for about 5 minutes because Patricia caught them a few too many times. She bit and everything!!
Then they gave her a break and stopped.

"You guys!!! You are gonna get it, I swear!" she warned with breathless laughter"

By this time the other female counselors were GONE. There were none left in the auditorium, so the guys went out LOOKING FOR THEM!!!! I ran out after them. They checked the baseball field, the parking lot. Finally, Bobby spotted Collette hiding behind a bush. I had a HUGE crush on Collette. She was GORGEOUS! She had medium length curly light brown hair with blonde highlights. Light Green Eyes, also TAN and had nicely muscled legs and a thin athletic body.

"GUYS, I found one!" Bobby Exclaimed

Collette wasn't planning on going anywhere. Bobby was alone and Collete was strong! But Bobby was well built so I figured he could take her alone. Bobby tried to take her by the arm but pulled away. So he picked her up onto one shoulder but she thrashed and kicked so hard, she practically kicked his ass!!! LOL!!! Sadly she got away!!!

They stopped didn't look fot the other ones. Instead they went back toward the auditorium where Liz's (Supervisor) office was. The office was behind a door and at the end of a short hallway, so it was pretty secluded from the outside activities. Liz didn't know what was going on.

Richie went inside to the office

"LIZ" He called

"What's up?" She replied

"I have to show you something."

"What is it?"

"You have to come out into the auditorium. I don't know what the hell this is but you need to look at it".

"Ok, give me second."

The guys waited right outside of her office. Liz was about 17 or 18 yrs old. She was prety tall, about 5'8", thin with long dark brown hair,brown eyes. She was dressed in the STAFF T-shirt, shorts and FLIP FLOPS!

A couple of minutes later she emerged from her office. Ritchie immediately took the underside of her arm as if to help lead her.

"SQUEEZE!!....SQUEEEEZE!!....SQUEEEEZE!!..." Chanted the counselors

Liz had NO CLUE of what was going on. She didn't expect anthing so she walked with Ritchie cautiously with a big curious smile on her face.

"What are you up to this time, Ritchie?" She grinned


They pounced!

Liz went right down to the mat. She was being tickled but she was still confused as to what was going on so she didn't thrash and kick. It was wierdly funny. She just started asking questions while they began tickling her

"What the hell are you guys doing? HEEE HEEE!"

"Take off her flip flops!"


THIS TIME, YOURS TRULY GOT A FOOT FOR MYSELF!!!! I stripped off her flip flop and tickled her feet the best my little 8 yr old fingers knew how!!!

"KEEE HEEHEHEHEEEE...You guys are NUTS!! STOOOP!!! AAHHAHAHAAAA!!!...Ritchie--You are so screwed!!!! HEEE HAAHAHAA!!!"

"Get her knees" someone yelled


We tickled Liz for about 5 minutes and let her go.

The tickling boys were finished. After a bit, things quieted down. The kids were briefed and their parents came and picked them all up. We were hanging out on the stage and the guys were just sitting around talking. Then Stacy came over to us and said

"Ritchie, Liz wants to se you in her office. She's pretty pissed off."

"Oh, Sh*t Richie said. I knew it. I knew she'd get mad. I hope she didn't contact my father! I bet she did."

Ritchie followed stacy into LIZ's office. We followed behind but Stacy said

"She only wants to see Ritch."

The door opened, Ritchie walked in and out popped 5 female counselors and LIZ. The door slammed closed and locked and we heard Ritchie screaming at the top of his lungs and banging all over the office- the walls, the desk..everywhere!!!

A good 20 minutes went by and things got quiet. Out walks Ritchie, scratched up, red faced and bruised.

"Oh my God, my brother LAUGHED!!! what happened to you, man?"

Ritchie was still panting and stopped to catch his breath

" SH*T!!!! Those f**king girls are crazy!! They chased me all over the office until they cornered me and they tickled the f**king Sh*t out of me !!!! GOD!!! I mean they wouldn't STOP! I tried to get away, they would NOT let me. They scratched me and kept pushing me down. they kicked my ass! Thanks guys!! You guys f**king owe me one!!!!

The girls emerged from the office

'HA HA HA!!!!! Whatsamatta Richie?? Ohh poor baby, you ok???? HA HA!!

We all laughed and wrapped up the day with some banter and relaxing conversation. That was the most memorable day at camp ever!

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I wish I was there, that would have been fun
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Quote Quote: Originally Posted by tower98
I wish I was there, that would have been fun
It was surreal. When it happened I just went ith the flow. afterward I was telling myself "Do you realize what happened there?"
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Old 12-09-2003, 03:31 PM   #4
sole seeker
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Well it reads like it is true. I think this is the wildest adventure I've ever read. Excellent.

Kinky is with a feather - Perverted is with a chicken.
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Great Camp story.
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insane, nonconsentual, tickle, torture

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