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Old 07-18-2010, 01:28 AM   #1
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Default F/M nails on feet, brutal!


I haven't wrote for a long time, I have a family now and I don't have the time. But I got some time now...


James was staying in Switzerland for a month playing hockey. He was billeted by people in the town. He was billeted with a single woman named Melanie.

She picked him up from the airport.

"Hi, you must be James. I'm Melanie. Nice to meet you." She was 41 years old. He was only 23. She was 5 ft 7, shoulder length blonde hair, thin, and single.

The moment James saw her he knew he had lucked out. She was pretty to say the least. She had a red dress, tan stockings, and long fingernails. They exchanged some information on the drive back to her house. She lived alone, and he had his own room.

Once they arrived, Melanie kicked off her heels revealing long, slender feet in tan stockings. It went well with her red dress.

"Okay, a few rules to living here. Number 1, always remove your shoes." And she pointed at his flip flops.
"Okay," and he kicked them off.
"Second, somtimes I need things done, for example if you could plug in that air conditioner." James looked up and there was a socket about a foot over his head, and an air conditioner mounted into the wall. He walked over graciously and reached up to plug it in. Just as he did Melanie grabbed at his ribs with her left hand, causing him to shoot his hand down and look at her smiling and surprised.
"And third, I absolutely LOVE to tickle." She looked at him with her cold, light blue eyes and gave him an evil grin.
Now James was very very ticklish all over, but he LOVED being tickled. He had never been REALLY tickled, like where he couldn't move, but he did enjoy it.
"Well I'm a very ticklish person. So we should get along just fine." James said with an innocent smile.
"Good, plug in the air conditioner and I'll get dinner together for us." And she left the room....

Throughout the next month, Melanie took almost every oppurtunity to tickle the boy whenever she could. She LOVED to tickle. Especially younger men who were too ticklish for her long french manicured nails. He would be watching the news with his feet up on the couch, and she'd let him have it until he moved. Or she would find him sitting in a chair, or doing push-ups and she'd tickle his ribs and underarms for a few minutes. Her favorite time was waking James up in the morning on a day he could sleep in...

James was already awake, but he could here her come up the stairs. He knew she was coming into his room. All of a sudden, he felt hot all over and a wave of apprehension encased him. He was also exited because he knew what she was coming in to do to him. He kicked the covers so that his feet were sticking out at the end of the bed, and he covered his head. She stood at the foot of the bed...
"James...oh James..." and she started slowly putting her nails on the bottoms of his feet. He scrunched them up and squirmed them side to side for a second.
"James I need you to pick up something for me at the store..." Again she touched his soles with her nails, only this time she scratched them up, just once, he kicked away and laughed under the covers.

She crawled onto the bed and tickled his sides and ribs for a few seconds. There was a reaction, but not nearly like there was on the feet.

"I have an idea..." She left the room and he heard her come back in. He could feel her first crossing his ankles, then wrapping the blanket around them, they were still exposed however to the air...and her ticklish fingernails.

But then she did something she hadn't done before, she used an elastic rope with hooks on either end, which one would use for tying down something on a truck, she wrapped it around his ankles over the blanket two, or maybe even three times, he wwasn't sure, and she secured it. He was truly stuck, and his ankles were crossed with his soles exposed. He had a moment of panic and tried bucking for a second, but she quickly sat on his calves. His feet were now secured, and hanging over the bed by a little.

She started tickling him mercilessly on the bottoms of his bare feet. She never took her eyes off of them, and she was grinning and biting her bottom lip evilly the whole time. Her nails glided all over the tops and smooth bottoms like butter. He had nice big ticklish feet, and she was going to exploit them now that they were trapped! Every now and then she would stop, but only to say; "Oh, should I tickle these ticklish feet with my nails? Maybe I should. You're a ticklish boy, so I'll just tickle your feet then!" And things like that.

He was laughing harder then he ever had, and she loved it! First the heels, then some quick scribbles in the arch, then hold the toes back with her thumb and forefinger and scratch the balls, then the arch like this, then the tops and around the ankles, and so on, and so on, and so on. She was merciless, and she was loving it.

She let him up after about an hour of it or so. His feet had become a little less sensitive by the end.
"And just think, you've only got ten more days with me to put up with my tickling urges!" She said and untied him.

He was panting and smiling, it would not be the last time...that much was certain.


p.s: Tell me what you think...! Peace!
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Old 07-23-2010, 09:09 PM   #2
TTC|Junior Member


I like it!

It's a shame you don't have more time to write nowadays because your stories (though not very long) are some of my favorites, especially when written in 1st person.

This is yet another good one.
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Old 07-25-2010, 01:05 AM   #3
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Love it. You've always been my favorite writer. Please do more.
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brutal, f/m, feet, nails

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