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Default Tickled outside by strangers, MM/f, nylons

The wife and I tried something a little different recently. I told her that I was curious what her reaction would be with an unfamiliar person ticking her. Although I didn’t think she’d agree to my plan, she actually did.

She put on blue jeans, a white blouse and dressed her feet in tan nylons and baby doll-type shoes. I knew a walking trail with a parking area that ran next to a nearby river. It was a fairly wooded area and used often by hikers. My plan was to park near a bend in the trail close to the hiking path. I would stand outside the car with a picnic lunch on the hood so as not to look out-of-place and she would sit inside with her feet out the window. When a “candidate” came down the trail, I would tap on the window and she would dangle, and eventually lose a shoe in the hopes that we could bait someone to give her a quick tickle. It seemed like a good plan, but as time progressed, it started to look like it wasn’t going to work.

Several good candidates came down the trail and four or five times she dropped the shoe. Most of the hikers walked by as if we weren’t there and, although one of them actually came over and picked up the shoe, he ended up handing it back in the window to her. I was getting discouraged and ready to quit when two college-aged guys started toward the car. I thought we’d give it one more shot and if this didn’t work I’d pack it up and leave. I was about to be pleasantly surprised.

As the two approached, I tapped gently on the window. The heel of her shoe swung off and was dangling by her nylon-clad toes. I’m not sure how she even kept it on because nearly her entire foot was exposed. As they neared the car, she let the shoe drop completely off her foot. She told me in a loud voice that she had lost her shoe again and I told her that I wasn’t picking it up again. One of the guys came over and picked up the shoe. She thanked him out the window and straightened her tan stockinged foot out so he could place it back on. We had been there quite a while and I viewed this as our last chance so I helped the opportunity along a bit. As he drew closer to the car, I said to her, “It’s a good thing he doesn’t know how ticklish you are or you probably would get more than your shoe back.” I held my breath wondering what the reaction would be. He got to the window with the shoe in his hand said something that made me realize that this was the one.

“Are we a little ticklish on the feet?” he asked. She was turning bright red in the car. I knew then that she had no idea that this was going to work. If there was any doubt left it was quickly dispelled. The guy reached out and ran his thumb from her heel to the base of her toes. With this her whole foot twitched and she let out a quick yelp.

“Thanks for the shoe, you can go now.” She said in a sarcastic tone. I continued egging him on.

“Are you going to take that from her? You did her a favor and now she’s being a smartass.” I said to him. “If I were you, I wouldn’t take that.” What happened next surprised even me. He grabbed hold of the nylon-clad ankle with the missing shoe and really dug in. My wife fell back across the front seats and started screaming. I couldn’t tell if it was an act or if this caught her as off guard as it did me. With her free foot she started kicking which made me believe that this was the real deal. The guy looked up at his friend who was still several feet away. “Come here and get the other foot before she kicks my teeth out!” he yelled. His friend looked at me. I just shrugged my shoulders and chuckled. He rushed over and grabbed the flailing leg by the ankle. He trapped it under his arm and stripped the shoe off the stockinged foot and immediately began a tickle assault on that tan nylon sole. My wife was being held wishbone style by two different guys who were simultaneously tickling both of her hosed feet. I looked in the car and she was twisting all around and screaming. Although it only lasted about two minutes before I told them that she’d had enough, I’ve replayed it in my head over and over and each time, my brain makes it longer.

I thanked them for teaching her a lesson about politeness and attitude. They laughed and set back off on the trail. When I mentioned to my wife that we needed to do it again sometime with a camera, well, I won’t repeat what she said to that!
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Now there's a fantasy come true!

Kinky is with a feather - Perverted is with a chicken.
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mm/f, nylons, strangers, tickled

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