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Old 04-15-2010, 01:09 AM   #1
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Default Emma tortures James feet (erotic) f/m

James' Tickle fetish

(A young man's story of how only having his feet tickled makes him truly....happy)

This was a night James, a young budding musician, would never forget.
Imagine a dream come true. a sexual fantasy lived out and experienced for real, nothing else cam compare to it, except James had a little secret he had never shared before with anyone!

A seemingly normal guy. steady job. loving girlfriend, nice house and a good bunch of mates that stood by him through the good times and the bad. But James had a dark side. Most men from the age of 14 have a porno mag or two stashed under his bed, a favourite website they viewed to watch ugly dirty women with big tits get fucked rotten!

Not James.
His computer hard drive was full to the brim of video clips.........of women having their bare feet tickled. What the fuck? What kind of pervert gets off on watching women getting tickled on their feet? Well, James does i'll tell you that for nothing!
Oh boy does he look forwad to loging on to youtube and typing into the search bar: "foot tickling". Man, that is his porn. I probably should explain that he does have a pretty serious foot fetish generally, but tickling them is the main interest. But he is desperate to find out what its like to be on the recieving end!
he dreams night after night, after night that he could have his feet tickled and be able to watch them and touch himself at the same time but was WAY too embarrased to tell ANYONE. Until one night!

It was a Saturday. Drinking time! Many beers, spirits and cocktails were consumed at the local night club, James and a load of his old school mates were having a whale of a time, dancing, more drinking....Partay!!!
His girlfriend was out somewhere all night and he was so horny from the booze.

Only 12 midnight, the front door burst open as he came staggering in. His girlfriend was away and her sister Emma was round, she looked up as he went straight over to her to sit down. "Memma" he said, "i need to tell you something". "What", she replied. "I know i'm drunk but Its been killing me and making me miserable for a long......... LONG time that I haven't told you this". Looking a bit scared Emma said "okay Jamsie, your scaring me, what have you done?"
"No no, I haven't done anything", James protested, "its just something i've never told you about me that I want you to know". Her eyes looked into his, confused and concerned, "what Jamsie-Bear?".
"I have a secret fetish I never told you about"
"I know about your little foot fetish and I’ve told you cant have my feet! Well, maybe a massage or somethin". James went red, "thank you Memma, but thats not it".
"Oh, then uh.... what do you mean?", she now looked just confused. he drew a deep breath and managed to say "you know how I like… feet, and, well, generally I love.... BEING tickled???"
"Well, I kind of think i like being tickled more than I first thought, in fact, I cant stop thinking about this..... this.... fantasy", he swalled, getting more embarrased.
"What do you mean, whats your fantasy"? she replied curiously.
"Oh god.... ok, here goes... My... ULTIMATE fantasy, would be too uh... well. I would be sitting on the sofa with my legs outstretched on the coffee table. You would, uh... tie my feet together at the ankles and remove my socks to reveal my bare feet. you would then get uh…. Thinner ties, like laces or something”, she started to smile…
"ok, you would use them to tie my big toes together, so my feet are now completely helpless". James got redder as he said each word.
"he he", giggled Emma, "So you want me to tickle your feet?"
James blushed, he looked ill, "oh god yes, I need to have my feet tickled. I want you to put the mirror against the fireplace so I can watch what you're gonna do to my bare soles and I want you to start teasing me with a little feather maybe".
"sounds well kinky" she said to him.
"oh shit, I.... I, I need you to tease me verbally, say stuff like, 'whats the matter jamsie?? are your feet all ticklish' and like ask me if I want them tickled and stuff.... Oh god I'm so sorry, I'm so embarrassed about this, i'll go to bed", he stood up to leave, she grabbed him.
"go and get anything you need Jamsie, i'll tickle your feet", she said lovingly.

James smiled a relived and partly wicked smile as he dashed upstairs to gather some things. He came back down to find the coffee table clear and the mirror where he'd asked. He froze for a little sec. "oi! sit down..... tickle slave" Emma whispered seductively.

He sat on the sofa and put his feet up on the coffee table, he'd been walking so they were tender and soft as she did what he'd asked and tied them tightly together at the ankles, stripping them bare! James' cock unbeknown to her, already hard. She prceeded to tie his big toes together as to completely immobilize his now naked feet. James could not stop staring at his own bare, trapped feet, even able to see his soles in that mirror, he stared with eager anticipation of what he was in for.
"Oh Jamsie-Bear.... look at your feet, they're all tied up...and.... NAKED" said Emma in her most sexy tone yet.
"Oh god", whimpered James.
"I wonder what would happen if i took this little pink feather and just started, oh I dont know, maybe.... running it up and down your bare soles..... tickling!", with that, she stared to do just so and looked as James just stared in disbelief!
"Oh shit, yes", he barely whispered.
"Hmmm" her voice got even sexier, "i'll just stroke this little feather up and down your trapped soles and there's nothing my Jamsie bear can do about it.... tickly tickly" she started moving the feather quite fast now, james' hand had already started undoing his belt and top button.
"Oh yeah, you like that Jamsie, dont you? you like like having your feet all tied up and tickled?" she teased.
"Oh God Em, i need it so bad", he said now holding his cock in his hand.
"uh uh uh, I want you to say it" she said commandingly, stopping the feather stroking.
"Oh god, yes I love having my feet tied up and tickled, please tickle me"! he begged, "Dont stop".
"He he, there’s a good little Jamsie-Bear" the feather was put down and the sole teasing began again but this time, with her long, sharp, tickly fingernails. starting to dance up and down his soles, slowly for a sec and then really fast as if she was trying to make it tickle.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck", moaned James, staring and starting to giggle. "yes, I need to be tortured, oh god tickle torture me, Emma your hands are so fucking lush…your fingernails tickle like fuck, they’re gorgeous".
And with that he stared at his soles in the mirror, wiggling his toes around and scrunching up his soles occasionally as Emma frantically started tickling him, actually trying to torture his feet
"Oh yeah? You like my pretty little hands do you? Wiggle wiggle wiggle…He he, squirm for me Jamsie, I'm gonna torture you! I'm gonna mercilessly tickle torture your bare feet until I drive you crazy! Cootchie cootchie coo", she teased as her fingertips danced all over his soles and toes.
He was actually grabbing at his cock now his eyes still fixed on the torturous tickling of his own bare soles in the mirror. "Oh yes, thats amazing, say more stuff like that, tease me, I want to be tickle tortured to an orgasm".
"Oh god yeah, I love tickling your feet so much, I wanna make you cum! Tell me you love it, beg me"
"Torture me torture me torture me", James yelled out, "Nothing else will make me cum as hard, punish my trapped feet with the hairbrush, it tickles sooo much, ha ha ha, I need to be tickled all the time. TICKLE TORTURE MY FEET!".

“The hairbrush eh? Oh yeah… I bet that will be pure agonizing torture, or should I say…bliss”….
With that, Emma reached for the hairbrush that James had already brought down teasing, "oh yeah Jamsie-Bear, i'm gonna torture you, I'm gonna rake this tickly hairbrush accross your soles until you cum hard, do you understand?"
"God yes, I do, oh please god tickle the shit out of my bare feet"
"tickle tickle tickle, oh yeah, oh Jamsie, wiggle those toes for me they cant go anywhere", and with that Emma started stroking James' utterly helpless feet with the mother of all things he longed to be tickled with... the torturous bristles of the hairbrush. James was masturbating furiously at this point, begging "Oh god Emma I love you for this, tickle torture my feet with the hairbrush oh yeah, tickle me tickle me tickle me".
"oh fuck yeah Jamsie, wank harder, I wanna see you cum for me. tickle tickle tickle..... he he, what if I attack the balls of your feet" she taunted as the hairbrush moved from his arch, to raking across the balls of his feet left to right, torturing the base of his tied toes. "Cootchie cootchie coo, I think you love having your feet tortured?!"
"OH fuck yes I love it" he pleaded. "Oh Em, ahhhh, ha ha ha , he he he tickle me... tickle me oh shit. I need to be tickled so much..... yes yes yes".
Emma's tickling was getting so frantic now, she could tell that James was on the verge of orgasm... he was clenching, rubbing his cock so hard, his eyes absolutely fixed on what she was doing, like he needed to see it.
"I'm gonna make you cum", she said demandingly. "I know you love this, Brush brush brush”, she teased brushing his soles and toes all over. “Brushy brush brush brush, tickle tickle… wank that cock off for me, I'm not gonna stop tickling your feet until you cum for me."
"Oh GOD, i'm soo close" James moaned ebarrased. "Torture me with the hairbrush, torture my helpless feet, oh shit yes, i love having my feet tickled sooooo much, oh yes, foot tickling". His words were now a blur of oh gods and tickle my feet and foot tickling.
He was masturbating so hard, but almost too embarassed to cum.
"Your feet are gonna get it so good" Emma teased now even brushing the tips of James' toes. "I fucking love this, I could tickle you forever... ticklee ticklee ticklleee.... wicki wicki wooo.... aww, whats the matter Jamsie-Bear, are your feet all ticklish?? he he, oh yeah do you have a little tickly fetish? A tickling fetish?? Do you like me brushing your helpless feet?".
"MMMMM yeah, oh god, yes, tickle me, oh, foot tickling.... ahhh, foot tickling fetish, oh fetish yes" james stammered.
"oh yeah”, Emma teased
“Foot tickling, foot tickle fetish, oh i'm gonna tickle your toes, in between each one... tickly toes tickly toes... I now you love it. brush brush brush... brush your soles", Emma said in the sexiest manner yet.

The tickle talk and teasing was far to much for James.
"Oh god, i think i'm gonna cum! oh yes, tickle torture my feet"! he beggged
She started brushing his soles faster now, it looked ticklish just to watch what she was doing. "TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE" Emma yelled, "CUM FOR ME JAMSIE!! i'm gonna keep mercilessly torturing your soles until you cum. Come on baby, tell me you love it"
"Tell me what you love"
"Having my FEET TICKLED"
"Beg me to MAKE you cum, Beg"
"Oh god, Emma, torture my soles, tickle me I wanna cum, Tickle my feet, tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle, I love tickling, Faster oh yeah".
Emma tortured those bound feet with that hairbrush, tickling faster and faster until James lost control.

"Oh God, SHIT SHIT, AHHHH TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE, TICKLE ME TICKLE ME, FOOT TICKLING I'M GONNA CUM, TORTURE ME EM.... OH EMMA OH MEMMA OHHHHHHHHHH". James' cock errupted with a huge squirt of hot cum and he went mental, wanking from all the tickling his bare feet was enduring from Emma.
"Oh yeah baby, there you go, Cum, cum hard, watch me tickling your feet, shoot that ticklish load, you like that, there you go" Emma said calmly, still continuing her frantic tickling of James feet. "Cum for me Jamsie, tickle tickle, oh yeah"
"mmmmmmmm" James moaned as he came hard, covering himself (and spilling a few drops onto the sofa), Emma's raking of his tender, tortured soles started to slow until all that remained was the gentle stroking of his feet with her fingernails again. "he he, I love tickling your feet Jamesie. COOTCHIE COOTCHIE COO" one last frantic burst of ticklish attack of his soles with her long tickly nails sent James over the edge and he almost passed out. So she stroked his soles softly for a minute, staring lovingly into his eyes. "I'll tickle you whenever you need Jamsie-Bear". She whispered.

James lay covered in spunk watching her still stroking his bare feet.
"I love foot tickling"
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Old 07-29-2010, 02:02 AM   #2
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i love foot tickling lol
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Old 07-30-2010, 03:37 PM   #3
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Holy shit. How did I ever miss this masterpiece? EXCELLENT story. Its like you read my mind. I like that there's more dialogue than prose, making it sound more genuine. The teasing is great- I can feel James being torn between humiliation and arousal as Emma takes complete advantage of his helpless feet while goading him on. I hope you write more like this...great job!
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Old 08-31-2013, 01:05 AM   #4
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bump this

I love this story
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Old 10-05-2013, 08:14 PM   #5
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I am interested in your comments on this story

Anyone want to turn this into a reality???
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Old 12-23-2013, 01:54 PM   #6
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Default Nice One

Good Story, although i'm more of armpit tickling :P. But keep it going, if you introduce armpit tickling better lol.
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Old 09-09-2016, 08:02 PM   #7
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How did I ever miss this one? GREAT!
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emma, erotic, f/m, feet, james, tortures

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