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Default Slave Looses His Virginity fff/m Explicit-Foot worship/tickling/sex

I wrote this for a friend earlier. This is fiction. There is sex and foot worshipping as well as tickling and bastinado. Adult ONLY!

"Im nervous!"

"WHHHYY" She whined, her concetration on the road. "It'll be fun. What did i promise you just like...TWO MINUTES AGO!?" Her patience was running thin and it was evident in her swirving on the road.

"Why can't you keep your eyes on the road! I hate her driving" He thought to himself. "I just-I've never done this before ok!" His voice rising at "Ok!". He must have felt if he emphasized his last word it would help emphasize the anxiety she was putting him through and not just from her driving.

BEEP! She laid on her horn "Fucking moron!" She yelled out her window. "I swear to god it must be people in Canada or something. Nobody here knows how to fucking drive! Green means go you idiot!" She screamed agian at the car in front of her.

"Jesus Em that's an old women! What if she hears you!?" He tried to sink deeper in his seat to hide from any witnesses.

"Then she will hear that she's..." She stuck her head out the window "A MORON!" BEEEEEEEEEEP.

When the car turned right and Emma drove on down the road His anxiety never left him. "This is it. This is how im going to prison. Someone's going to call the police because a beligerant women verbally assaulted an elderly women in a rash of road rage and what do they find when they pull her over? A half naked man in the passenger seat!" He sunk in deeper "You do this to me on purpose don't you!" His voice speedy and cracking "They will put me away for public nudity! Look at me! Cut me some slack!"

She glanced at him and laughed. She dressed him in a black speedo and nothing more. He wore his tennis shoes for when he would have to make a mad dash in wherever it was she was taking him. That was all. "I can't believe i let you talk me into this. I can't believe this omg!"

"Slave" she said. The game was on.

He sighed "Yes Mistress?"

"Hush up and crawl in the back seat and lie down." She said laughing.

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ***************************************

How had she talked him into it? He had been obediant to her for an entire week. On friday she let him dominate her for the weekend-he had been so good. It was a first he had ever had with being the dom in the relationship. It felt ackward and wonderful all at once. If he hadn't have loved her touch so much he might have got used to the idea of dominating her. Her body wiggling under him from the lightest of touches, her screams of agony and bliss from his abusive punishments, or her orgasmic delight when he relented in her denials all drove him mad that weekend. He loved controlling her. He loved that he was responsible for wether she felt pain or pleasure or both or non. Alas the slave inside him starved for attention. She kept him locked up from monday to sunday. He was out to eat, bathe, and stretch for an hour every twelve. She wanted his senses alive, anew, hungry, and starved. His orgasm were nill the entire week. Every breathe of wind caused his erection to stand up straight he was so wired and ready for sex.

"The hungry virgin." She cooed at him. "Much harder when your not allowed to touch yourself huh slave?" She spanked his feet that stuck out in the stocks. His hands tried to protect them but they too were locked in stocks just a few inches short of reach of his feet. He stayed in that hunched over position all week, locked in a cage with a set of hand and ankle stocks.

"MMM" She smiled and stood "You'll see, all this work will pay off at the end of the week. I have a big surprise for you my dear." She stroked his foot once. "OH GOD!" He screamed in his head. "If she touches me one more time i might explode right here". Of course she didn't-She never did. She would touch him once or twice the entire day every day that week-always leaving, turning off the lights and closing the door behind her.

"Get dressed in this" She said to him sunday evening. He had been out since the morning of-- and she threw him his black speedo. "Want me to do chores in these huh." he said grinning and winking at her. The games began when she first called him slave. That's when he knew the rules were in motion. But she had simply let him out and talked to him normally as any other loving couple, so he assumed it safe to relax and fall back.

"YAAA i want you to do chores in those and ruin them with filth...NO! DOIIIIEEE put them on already!" she said impatiently. He stripped and did so right in front of her. "Kinda tight...but wierd. I've never wore one"

"Let's go for a ride Slave." The game was on.

"A ride Mistress?" He gulped.. "Outside?"

She took a step towards him. Her sexy stilleto heels clicked on the tile closer and closer she came. "Are you questioning my authority?" She said tilting her head, her hands on her hips.

"No...Ma'm not at all...a ride..ok.''
************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** **************

"Your being rewarded today Slave" She finally spoke. She hadn't spoken to him at all since they left the house 20 minutes ago. They had been driving for what felt like forever. He especially enjoyed when their neighbors pointed and laughed as he had to haul a giant suitcase into the car for her. "Christ is there a body in this fucking thing?" He remembered thinking how heavy it was.


"Nobody else will touch you but me. If anyone else receives permission to touch you, you'll be happy to know it's a female."

"MISTRESS?!" He said shocked, anxiety building.

"You'll be the only male there. Remember the Mistresses from a month ago at poker night?"

He certianly did. His ass hurt for weeks, there wasn't a single girl who didnt pinch, prod, poke, or spank it. Him and five other females had to service the Mistresses while naked-serving them drinks, massaging their feet, worshipping their feet. One Slave in particular had to have her feet tied to the table right next to his Mistress so she could tickle them whenever she wanted. Every time Mistress would fold a hand or wait for cards to be dealt, she would be idly fanning the poor victims soles with a feather she had. The girl had passed out twice from the ordeal. She was being punished by a women who owned her named Claire. Claire he remembered kept pinching his ass with her chubby fingers. He didn't like this women. She was a snob and fat. Mistress felt for her slave. Claire had requested he rub her disgusting feet. When he looked sorrowfully at Emma for an escape she coughed and declared it time for Pina Coladas and snapped her fingers at Rob. It saved him from having to touch that vile women. But not from his punishment.
"You think i like being made a fool in front of my friend!" She would bark at him while spanking his feet with her "favorite" riding crop. "Do you know how stupid that made me look!" She yelled. He had to stay bed ridden for an entire day when she was done with him. She had served him breakfast in bed, catered to his every whim and desire. "Im sorry i hurt you so badly" She would coo in his ear. "It's ok mistress." he would reply. And it always was. Besides he had put her through the same before if not worse.
"SHE won't be there will she?" He asked nervously

"CLAIRE??" She laughed loudly.

"yaaaa she will be there, she's only watching today. Apparently Cindy (Claires slave) has been good. She's being rewarded."

"Wait..watching? what's going on? Emma i don't like this." He spoke out of line calling his Mistress by her name, breaking rules left and right.

She tensed when he said her name. Her knuckles turning white as she gripped the wheel. The car seemed to speed faster, the people in front seemed to not be going fast enough for her. BEEEEP she laid into the horn once.

"WHHHHY" She whined "It'll be fun!"

************************************************** ************************************************** ****************
They pulled up to a two story house. It was secluded enough he supposed. It was on a good number of acres of property. "Who'se place?" He asked looking through the window. "Charlie's but he isn't home. Anna is though." Anna and Charles both owned many female slaves on many properties. They were old money. Anna seemed too timid most of the time to be a Mistress. But her secret passion was gags. Any sound a Slave-male or female- it didn't matter, made Anna so wet she thought she would explode.

"WOW go charlie" He said. "You know he still hasn't picked up his tools yet. I still have those things." "Really?" she turned around facing him "That's so interesting...put this on." She tossed back a ball gag. "Oh w/e!" He said at her. "just thought i should let you know, you know in case Ann brings it up or something. I know where they are still thats all i didnt loose them. HE hasn't been the one to come ov..." "SLAVE!" she screamed. He popped it in and reached behind his head, fastening it in. "Fuck Rob seriously!" She unbuckled herself. "I mean christ...do you expect me to speak like this during our sessions? Would you like it if i just f.u.b.a.r the rules when YOUR the master?" She sighed and turned to face him agian. "Is it scary? Is that it? Are you worried or something?" He looked down and nodded. "Only females...i promise. When have i ever allowd a male to touch you except for that one time when one of the male slaves whiped your feet. Seriously. Hand to hand noone." She turned around agian. "Are you not ready? do you want me to drive back?" He mumbled franticly in the gag "MMMMPPHFFF MMMMM" She got out of the car and walked around to his side of the car.

He opened the door and stood up in front of her and held his arms out in front of him submissively.

She dipped her hand in her purse and pulled out her handcuffs and cuffed him. Turning away from him she opened her trunk. Two female slaves already coming out totally naked in the freezing snow to cater to her. "Miss. Your bags?" "Yes please." she said "just the one. Thank You." His eyes were fixed on their freezing pink nipples. Before he knew what was happening Emma was covering his eyes with a blindfold. "Nooo you don't. Walk ahead MR.!" She pushed him forward leading him to the house.

He could feel the temperature rise immediately entering the home. Laughter and chatting of mostly females could be heard everywhere. Many conversations at once, not stopping for their arrival. They were a fly on the wall as far as anyone was concerned. He kept walking wherever she led him. Turns every which way. Occasionally he would stop when a lady would approach Emma. He could hear the "HEY YOU MADE IT!"s and the "How was the drive"s and the occasional hugs could be heard being shared between his Vixon and a total faceless stranger. His sight was completely blocked out. He could smell the different foods that had been prepared. Whenever a male slave catering to the females would walk by with food trays, his senses would be filled with sweet aromas. Nobody touched him. Nobody approached him. Noone spoke to him. He was just another chair in the room, another piece of furniture.

"Table Miss?" An unrecognized Male voice asked. "No" She replied sweetly "She's anything but" He thought. "Where's the viewing room?" "OH" he said as if he had just been let in on a big secret. "Right this way" Before Rob knew it he was being pushed agian. Guided down a hall where the festivities drifted further and further. The air began to get colder and quieter. "Down." she said. He prepared for the stairs. She helped him down the stairs that seemed to go on and on. They clearly were in a basement of some sort. He could hear her heels click on the tile of the basement. "Table here" she said and guided his tied up hands to it. He felt around and found it and hopped on obediantely. She laid him down on the table and put his feet in the stocks. As she tied him down he recognized the spread eagle position and took it as the X frame laying flat on its axis. "We need to get one of these in our new house." she said while strapping him down.

There were stocks at each of the X frame. The ones for his hands significantely smaller then that of the ones for his ankles. Rabbit fur lined the stocks to protect his skin. It also made it harder to struggle. He could feel her at his feet securing them, strapping his calves down with the leather straps. An unfamiliar person grabbed his hands uncuffed them, pulling them far above his head and securing them in each stock at the upper frame. He realized the male was helping her secure him down. It made him blush in humiliation. The male was more rough with him and pulled his arms very far up. When he was down adjusting the stocks on the frame and securing him in it, he wrapped the leather strap at his chest and strapped him down with it. He heard the male walk away and up the stairs. She was still strapping him down there. By the time she was done, he was laying on the X frame, hands and feet in stocks both spread eagled, a strap for each calf held him down, a strap for each knee held him down, and a strap at his chest held him down. He felt very insecure, and exposed. She walked between his legs and teased his balls with her finger tips through the tiny frabric of the speedo.

"Exposed much?" she toyed at him. Unlacing his tennis shoes and proceeding to clean his feet for the show. After five minutes of foot pampering she began to rub edible lotion onto them. The smell of strawberries filled the air. He recognized this smell and grew excited with anticipation.

"Ladies. May i please have your attention." A faint voice from upstairs could be heard. Slowly the party quieted down and the voice was heard more clearly for it. The male slave that had tied Rob down earlier continued "If you would please take your drinks and meet up in the viewing room, the show will begin." "OH YAY" "This is going to be good" "Get me my drink slave. Let's go!" Women after women descended the stairs. Their heels clicking like a heard of chirping birds. Seats being shuffled and filled in front of him facing his feet. In the end 7 Mistresses and 5 Slaves all sat ten feet from Rob, his sexy feet facing them. Giggles could be heard and very faint whisperes. It took forever before Emma finally rested her hand on his knee for comfort and spoke. "Rob here is a virgin. Today we fix this."

MMMMM" He screamed in his gag. "Im not ready! This is too much!" His mind racing.

More giggles as her hand left his knee and ten seconds later THWAP! She struck his left foot with her crop. His screams quieted down immediately. He breathed heavily.

"I want all the Slaves who are being reward to please step up." Two girls stood up. The same two who helped them with their luggage earlier. Each girl walked up to the table.

"Girls have you pleased your Masters?" "Yes Mistress." Each girl said.

"They have" Each Mistress spoke. "Very good" said one "Extremely good" Said another.

"Does any of them have a foot fetish?" Emma asked facing the crowd.

"Mine does" Anna could be heard. "Shes the red head." The red head who had spoken to Emma when she came out to get her luggage blushed. "And you?" Emma said to the other one, she had short dark hair. "I don't mind them, but i don't like them." Emma took her hand and led her to the middle of the table. "Hop on" she said to her. The dark haird beauty did. Her tiny frame sat down on the table at his hips facing the crowd. She was on his left side and had no trouble staying on the remaining piece of the table that didnt have rob on it. She was a very tiny girl and yet surprisingly older then Emma.

"I want you to use these..." She handed her scissors "cut off his speedo..." He blushed everywhere "Suck his dick..." "Omg!" He thought.

"Yes Mistress."

"You my dear..." Emma said as she took the hand of the red head and guided him to robs right foot. "Have fun with these little piggies.... i'll take the left."

"Slave!" She said as she walked to his left foot and began to tie his toes with a thin strap of leather, tying them to little knobs on the stocks above his toes. "If you make a sound we will stop worshiping you and just tickle you, torture you, etc etc. She will stop sucking you when you make a sound. Understood girl!" "Yes ma'm" The girl said, discarding his speedo. The cold air chilling his balls and dick. "If you orgasm, slave, i'll put an enema in you and plug you up. You'll get NO RELIEF all night. I won't have to worry about a mess, since with the plug it'll be impossible to make one....it hurts, i'm told....UNDERSTAND!?" He nodded.

"You may be loosing your virginity, but your not cuming....Let's begin shall we."

All at once the Petite Girl began to kiss his shaft softly, planting small kisses up and down it. The attention slowly brought life to his penis. When she grabbed the base of his dick it hardened in her hands. Mistress began to kiss each toe from big toe to pinky. The Red Head wasted no time and engulfed his big toe in her mouth, sucking it, swirling her tongue around the tip of his toe.

He bit hard into his gag, his breathing through his nose quickening. Every few seconds he would struggle a bit in his bonds which was allowed. He would arch his back in response to the Petite Girl's kisses, begging for more contact. His right toes wiggled in delight to response of the tongue treatement they received from the Red Head. She was indeed hungry for feet. She loved them as much as Mistress did. Mistresse's kisses slowly began to allow more tongue action. Mistress took her time with his feet. Enjoyng the taste of the lotion and his skin. She suckeled his toe next to his big toe and licked up the length of it. He tried in vain to move his toes but couldnt because they were tied down to the stock itself. He concetrated on just wiggling his free right toes which the Red Head was lapping at like a kitten at milk.

"MHMMM" he moaned lost in the passion of it, all at once the Petite Girl and the Red Head stopped mouth teasing him. The Petite Girl sat and watched in delight as Mistress and the Red Head administered their manicured nails to the soles of his feet. Mistress sucked his big toe as she tickled him, making him loose his erotic focus, and driving him in a frenzy of light giggles. It tickled enough to make him laugh and loose his drive he begged in his gag for mercy. His breathing becoming difficult through the laughter that was being sufficated by the gag. He feared he wouldn't get enough air. After two minutes they stopped. The Petite Girl returned to kissing the head of his penis, The Red Head licked at his heel, Mistress swirled her tongue at the exposed ball of his foot. Agian the sensations of erotic pleasure swept over him, more intense then earlier.

He struggled, wiggled, arched his back, moaned at times, was tickled at others, loosing his drive, feeling unwelcomed delightful tickling and then returned to pleasurable dick teasing and foot worship.

The entire time the crowd watched in delight. At times a Mistress or two would pull her slave's feet on her lap and tickle them when Rob was tickled. Giggling would fill the room from many slaves. Other times a small hum of a wireless vibrator could be heard being turned on, a slaves whimpers and moans could be heard. All this fascinated Rob. He lost the anxiety feeling. Never did anyone talk. Never did anyone else get up, Never did anyone else touch him.

He moaned loudly for many seconds when the Petite Girl finally took his dick in her mouth and sucked. He was whiped for many minutes on his feet for it. When they returned to rewarding him, the girl immediately went back to sucking him hard, he never lasted more then a few seconds before he moaned. He couldn't help it. He had never felt this before. The sensation, the pressure was amazing. Whenever he was whipped or bastinado was administered, the next punishment was tickling. The sensations were kept new and different. He never could get used to them.

After two hours of orgasm denial, many foot baths and many applications of edible lotion, many minutes of tickling, many more of beatings. The Petite Girl got off the table and Mistress climbed on. The Petite Girl walked over to his abandoned foot and began to tickle his toes, while the Red Head-just finishing washing and applying more lotion-Licked his arch in small quick circles. Mistress sat on his hips-He no longer cared about hiding his moans. "MHMM" he moaned loudly into his gag. She leaned down close and nibbled his ear while rubbing his chest softly with her hands. Her breath tickled his ear, her nibbling felt delightful. she whispered "I'm going to fuck you." He groaned loudly. The Petite Girl wiggling her tiny finger nails on his arch, the Red Head stroking the length of his foot up and down slowly with her index nail. The tickling didn't tickle so much anymore, he was too turned on. It felt so erotic to have these women stroking his arches and the Red Head sucking his toes while they tickled him.

"I'm going to fuck you right here, right now. Do you want to be inside me Slave?" She cooed. He nodded and groaned louder. "God YES! FUCK ME!" He screamed in his head.

"Does Slave want his penis to go in my shaved, tight, cunt?" She whispered and licked his ear, his neck, licking her way down his chest, scooting herself lower on him. "YESSH" he managed through his gag. "PFEEEF YESH" He screamed.

She straddled his hips and lowered herself on his hard dick, he went in her fast and deep. Her cunt taking him in. Her vagina feeling tighter and tighter around him. She rocked agianst him, he rocked with her, agianst her. At the hieght of the rocking he bounced his hips up as far as he could, Going in her deeper. The Petite Girl kissed his toes and tickled his arch with her finger tips, The Red Head lapped at the ball of his foot. Each girl at his feet had their wireless vibrator turned on by their masters. The Red Head responded and began to touch herself with her left hand while her right cradled his foot and licked it hungrily. The Petite Girl sucked his toes in response and clenched the table moaning agianst his toe. The vibrations of her moans tickling and pleasured him.

all the while he fucked his Mistress for the first time. She rocked with him while leaning down and sucking his nipple and holding onto his hips. In the climax of his orgasm he arched his back, screaming in his gag. His hands clenched into tight balled up fists. The girls at his feet climaxing with him. The Petite Girl Bit his toe during her climax, he hardly noticed, the Red Head sucked his heel during hers. Mistress fucked him through his climax. He cummed deep in her, his dick twitching during and after the release. After what felt like forever, his head began to feel light and fuzzy. His dick went limp and she pulled herself off him. A Mistress from the crowd threw a blue silk robe around Emma's shoulders. Covering her up. "Slave!" This Mistress called out to her slave. "Take her for her bath!" "Yes ma'm a girl from the crowd stood up. The girls at his feet crawled to their Master's. Each women embracing her slave in their arms. "Good girl'' cooed one. "Round two later tonight for your reward." cooed another. Another female took off Rob's blind fold. The light blinding him.

A faint squeeking of wheels was heard and when his vision finally cleared he blinked confused. People were climbing the steps, laughing and chatting as they had before, continueing conversations they had during the party earlier. Totally ignoring Rob's pressence. The squeeking got louder and came up right at his left side. A whirr and a hum was heard and the X frame tilted, his upper body lowering, his feet rising. On his way down he barely caught a glimpse of the enema cart, wheeling it's way towards him, a random female slave smiling evily her left hand guiding the cart, a rather large butt plug in her other hand. "Gonna be a long night boy!" she whispered.
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Enjoyed the story...love the slave games

stories about gang tickling and foot related stuff :weird:

Stories about some hard core f-f domination through tickling and foot worship. Heavy bondage and control in these stories. If this does not sound like fun please don't come into this group.

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i loved this, ty!
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Ticklish OH Guy
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Great job, I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories
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explicitfoot, fff/m, looses, slave, virginity, worship/tickling/sex

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