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Old 10-08-2002, 06:57 PM   #1
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Default A New Project - Tickling Interactive Fiction Game

“A New Project” – Tickling Interactive Fiction Game

The future is inevitably what we let it become. Welcome to a world ruled by OmniCorp, the gargantuan corporate entity which maintains complete political and economic control over two-thirds of the known world. The Corporation makes and enforces the laws, and only those who conform to the corporate ideal are tolerated. For those who resist, there are the rehabilitation facilities: feared edifices into which criminals are taken and subjected to merciless tickle torture in every form.

You are Dr. Richter, researcher at OmniCorp Rehabilitation Facility Twenty-Two Alpha. You stand on the eve of a great scientific triumph, a new breakthrough in the field of corrective tickle torture. But a letter from a colleague reveals that there may be sinister doings afoot, and everything you have worked for may be in danger! Your quest for the truth will take you throughout the facility, into the dark underbelly of the Corporation, where prisoners’ lives are ruled by ticklish terror! Pass through interrogations, correctional sessions, and unbridled sadism in every shape and form. Use your wits to inflict all manner of ticklish torture on inmates and fellow employees alike. Travel through areas where all manner of diabolical bondage devices leave unbearably ticklish girls trapped and helpless. The choices are yours to make, and the farthest reaches of the facility wait to be explored.

A New Project is a text-based interactive fiction game, plunging you into this role to experience events firsthand. Solve puzzles and travel through a fully implemented world. Interact with people who will help you in your journey (voluntarily or not). Best of all, tickling is everywhere, and both upper and lower body fans will be delighted!

Price: $19.95

Release Date: 10/09/02


- Open-ended gameplay allows for complete freedom and exploration.
- Over 170 rooms to explore!
- Dozens of ticklish victims!
- Includes six illustrations capturing scenes from the game!


- Win9X/NT
- WinFrotz {Included with the Game}

Please Note: WinFrotz allows you to play text adventures like "A New Project." It is a Win32 (Win95/NT) native application and it is FREE and will be included with the game.
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Old 10-12-2002, 05:14 PM   #2
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isnt there already something like this for free out there?
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Old 10-12-2002, 05:38 PM   #3
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Yes and it was created by the same author and about 1/10 the size of this.

A note from the author:

I thought I should mention that the other game you refer to was also programmed by me, albeit quite a while ago. It was simply intended as a bagatelle, by no means meant to be judged by serious IF standards.

"A New Project", on the other hand, I feel holds up extremely well to interactive fiction standards, with the emphasis on interactive. Of course, it does have to break a few cardinal IF rules. For instance, not every room has a purpose: sometimes tickling is there simply for its own sake! But if you're a serious IF player, I encourage you to give "A New Project" a try and judge for yourself.

Please visit us at DeviantArt and Facebook
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fiction, game, interactive, project, tickling

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