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Old 06-04-2009, 09:49 PM   #1
Arson frost
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Default Ticklish Camping

Nikki was waiting on her porch for the girls to pick her up to go camping. she was really happy to get to hang out with her new friends since she had just turned 19 and her new friends where her age jessica was 18 ashley was 20 and jennifer was 19 . she saw the car stop in front of her house she ran up to and got in the car. hi nikki everyone said hi everybody she said are are you ready to have a good time ashley asked? oh yes nikki said. we have some fun games that we play when we go camping jessica said. what kind of games? nikki asked oh there a surprise jennifer said but i know your love them. they drive into the camping place in the woods and everyone got out and grabbed there camping stuff. they set up camp and made a fire. then everyone sat around the fire nikki took her sweat shirt off and her shoes and socks off and laid on a blanket by the fire. she pulled a bottle of coke out of her bag and took a drink. so when are we gonna play these fun games you where talking about? nikki asked well, ashley said lets play one right now it a little bondage game we like to play. how do you play it? nikki asked well since your our new friend we have to show you how to play it so you will be the one who is tied up. really? asked nikki then what she asked? well, thats the surprise. so are you ready? jennifer asked um ok nikki said ashley pulled out some rope and the girls all started to tie up nikki they tied her legs together and her hands. then ashley looked at nikki's feet ooh you have pretty feet. then she ran her index finger up nikki's bare sole her foot twitched umm hey that tickles nikki said jennifer started tickling nikki's belly in a spider like way. ashley began tickling nikki's feet and jennifer pulled out a feather and began tickling her arm pits one at a time. hehehehaaheeh hey you guys stop i'm very ticklish hahaheehe the girls all smiled jennifer drilled her finger into nikki's belly button ashley pulled out a feather and teased nikki's feet stroking her archs nikki was having trouble handling the tickling she had always been very ticklish now she felt like she was about to explode.jennifer continued stroking nikki's armpits while jessica was tickling her ribs coochie coochie coo come on nikki have fun. please hahaheheehe stop haahhheeehe this isn't fun heheehehahhaah ashley was tickling in between nikki's toes her toes where wiggling and scrunching up like to protect the rest of her feet. ashley then began licking in between nikki's toes jennifer was circling her index finger around nikki's belly nikki was sweating and she lost control of her bladder and wet herself she was getting so tired she could hardly laugh anymore. ashley licked nikki's soles as it tickled her as much as the feather. jessica was stroking both of nikki's armpits then the girls all stopped and untied nikki he was tired and out of breath so nikki how did you like our game? ashley asked it was awful nikki said well, next time you will get to be the tickler also as everyone of us gets to be the tickle victim. a smile spread across nikki's face thats sounds like fun she said as she would like to get revenge.

If you all liked this story i may make a sequel so if you would like me to make a sequel let me know

What Once Was
Det Som En Gang Var

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Old 06-06-2009, 01:37 AM   #2


the hollywood brother likes the story and can see lots of potential future stories with these characters
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Old 02-18-2010, 07:41 PM   #3
Arson frost
The Count
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Blog Entries: 18

I'm working on a sequel for this so if anyone wants me to post it up just let me know.

What Once Was
Det Som En Gang Var
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camping, ticklish

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