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English Teacher Yoda's

Default Soletk by request Practickly a War

Hey, if you are a minor go read something else. If you are offended by erotic
tickling and bondage - read no further. If you are a lover of refined
literature or even proper english expression - try a different story. Its
still not for minors!

A story of vengeful tickling which escalates and escalates.

Practickly a War - by Soletk

I couldn't believe how gullible I'd been that Saturday morning. It seemed such
an innocent request that I readily agreed to help Mary practise her bandaging
skills for her nursing training.

She had me lay on the couch and quickly bandaged my forearms together as if I
was praying. Then she bandaged my legs together from the ankles to the hips
with my ankles resting on the armrest of the couch.

I joked that I was completely helpless like this and she said,"I should leave
you like this for the whole weekend to punish you for flirting with my
boyfriend! But I can't think of anyway to punish you. I'm too squeamish to
hurt you, and toruring you with Barry Manilow recordings would be too cruel.
Oh, well I guess I might as well finish of the bandaging exercise, since I can't
think of anything darstardly to do to you. I have to remove your shoes and
socks to make sure your toes aren't turning blue from the bandages being too

I felt the laces come undone and saw the shoes pulled from my feet. I watched
her as she peeled away the sock from my left foot. She began to stare at my
soft bare foot while she absent mindedly began to pull the sock from my other

Unfortunatley she wasn't really watching her clumsy attempts to remove my
remaining sock with her left hand. While she was talking about how the toes of
my left foot didn't seem to have gone blue, her fingertips grazed the ticklish
heel of my right foot as she tried to gather the edge of the sock to remove it.

I had to stifle a snigger as I felexed my foot!

She was loudly proclaiming the exercise a success because of the fact that my
toes were a such lovely shade of pink. So far she was unaware that I was
doing everything in my power not to erupt into a fit of giggles as her little finger
gently trailed up the arch of my horribly ticklish foot as she slowly peeled
off the other sock. I squeezed my eyes shut and choked back my laughter!! I knew I
couldn't let her know my poor feet were terribly ticklish or she might tickle-
torture me as I lay there helpless. It would be a perfect revenge for my
flirting with her lover!!! But as the sock was slowly dragged from my foot she
accidentily grazed her fingertip across the ticklish balls of my foot causing
my toes to wriggle as the sock pulled free and I giggled aloud!
She stopped too look at me as she said, "What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing!" I hastily replied. Thinking quickly I said, "I just think this is
silly watching you admiring my feet! Will you set me free now?" As I twisted
on the couch to try to sit upright and place my feet safely on the floor, she
reached over to easily force me back in position. I was too helpless wrapped
up like a mummy in these bandages!!!!

I felt her grab my ankles and firmly hold my bound feet in her lap at the end
of the couch. She smiled wickedly saying, "Well I don't think that's what you
were laughing at, was it??!! Anyway you wouldn't normally be surprised at anybody
admiring your feet, what with you being a foot model for advertisng and all.
Actually your feet are quite lovely. So long and with such high curved wrinkly
arches. The balls of your feet are such smooth elliptical mounds and you have
such long slender straight toes. In fact your perfect, slender, long toes are
such a lovely shade of pink. Your toe-nails are long and beautifully
manicured, and such a lovely varnish! And the skin of your soles looks so pink and silky,
so soft, so delicate and tender. In fact your helpless soles look really,
very, very, very tender to me."

I was starting to get a very bad feeling about the way she was looking at my
soft soles. She smiled wickedly and tauntingly whispered, "I reckon you
giggled because I accidentily tickled your sweet sole! I bet you're worried I might
find out you're very ticklish and that I might try to tickle your poor helpless
soles all weekend!"

I gasped, dreading the possibility that she might actually tickle my poor
ticklish feet!!! And there was nobody to rescue me out here in the country
side where we lived!!! My worst nightmare was being tickled on my poor ticklish
soles, but I quickly lied, "Don't be silly? I wasn't even ticklish as a little
girl! It would be a waste of time to even try to tickle me now I'm an adult."

I was sure she'd notice my soles and toes quivering uncontrollably at the
thought of being tickle-tortured!

She told me that it was no good trying to bluff as she already guessed my
secret weakness. When I denied it once more she simply ended all debate by softly
tickling my arches with the fingertips of her free hand. I screamed with mad
insane laughter as she gently tickle-tortured by arches. I didn't even have
time to beg as I squealed with laughter and gasped for breath. She forced
peals of laughter from me in response to each skillfull slow stroke of her nimble
tickling fingertips.

Suddenly she stopped and I immediatley began to beg for mercy and all the while
each foot pathetically took turns trying to protect the other by covering one
sole with the other. This was an involuntary act where my feet attempted to
reduce the amount of tickling that would be inflicted on each sole at any one
time. My toes quivered pathetically at anticipation of the dreadful tickling
my poor feet might have to endure!!!

She used some more bandage to secure my ankles to the armrest of the couch so
that my feet hung vulnerably over the end of the couch just near her favourite

I begged her, " This is too cruel! Don't tickle me while I'm helpless like
this??? Oh God Mary, I'm so sorry I flirted with your damn boyfriend. God,
I'm really sorry!!! Can't we just find some other way to punish me??? You've no
idea how terribly ticklish the soles of my feet are. If you tickle my feet
like this I'll just go insane!!! Cindy and Julie use to tie and tickle torture me
that way night after night in our room at boarding school. They used to tie me
up and cruelly tickle torture the soles of my feet at boarding school after
lights out!!! You'll drive me crazy!!! Can't you spank me instead? What if I
give you money?? I'll do anything, Mary, but don't tickle my poor feet!!!"

She laughed cruelly and reached for another small piece of bandage and began
tying my big toes together so that I could not cover one sole with the other
and so that I wouldn't be able to wriggle my feet away from her tickling.

"There that should make them even more helpless!" she said, "Well, I do
sympathise, dear Sandra. I agree it will be horrible torture for you. And yes
I know how horrible it is going to be for you to be tickled on your ticklish
soles are because those bimbos, Cindy and Julie, used to tickle torture my feet
when I shared a house with them in my first year of nursing school. I wondered
why they were so amazed when I moved in with you! I wonder if your feet are as
hopelessly ticklish as mine are? And I wonder where you are really really,
really, really ticklish???!!! Its a big coincidence isn't it?" she chuckled
and said, "Cindy and Julie keep threatening to tickle torture me to death one day.
But I'd never again let anyone trick me into being so vulnerable like I've just
tricked you!! Hey!! I've got a great idea. I'll be back soon." She said as
she left the room. I heard her using the telephone. Her voice was too muffled
in the other room for me to make out what she was saying.

I gulped but I couldn't bring myself to talk, as she whispered maliciously,
"I've just been on the phone to Cindy and Julie! I just had to ask them if
they knew if you were ticklish and were the absolute worst ticklish spots were on
your poor soles!!!! Sandra, dear, you should see your eyes popping out of your
head?! Yes I already know where to tickle your poor feet to drive you
absolutely insane with laughter. For example if I just reach over and tickle
that deepest part of the curve of the arches of your feet you probably won't
even be able to stop laughing long enough to even beg!!! Too stunned to even
deny it?? Or what about if I softly slowly stroke the soft skin of the balls of
your feet??? They're even more ticklish aren't they, Sandy?!! What about if I
do the worst thing, Sandra, and tickle you under your toes????"

"Oh God this is a nightmare!!" I cried, "Please don't do this to me Mary, I'll
do anything you want but don't tickle my poor feet!!!" She ignored me and
reached inside her handbag and with a chilling smile pulled out a wicked
looking feather. As it slowly began to approach my soft arches I begged, "Oh God no,
not with a feather!!! They must have told you about feathers!! They must have
used them on you!!!? Feathers aren't fair!!!! Feathers start off only just
tickling a bit, but very soon they make my feet more and more sensitive until
I'm so ticklish I'd rather die!! Not my poor feet??? They are already extra
sensitive from being so hot and sweaty in my shoes!!!! Don't do this Mary?
Don't do this Mary?!! Pleeeeease don't tickle... (gasp)
hahahahahahahahahaaa!!! (chuckle, giggle!!!) oh God it tickles!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!
(Gasp) Not my feet!!! (chuckle, giggle!!!) Not there??!! Hahahahaha, MERCY!!!! GASP!!
Hahahahahahahahahahaaa!!! Stop!!! Hahahahahaaa!!!"

She watched me with cruel delight as I giggled helplessly at the feather
tingling its way on one long slow tickling stroke up my left arch. As she
tickled my arch I could feel my toes helplessly wriggling and my soles
quivering. I squealed with giggling laughter as I could feel each grazing
little brush of the tip of the plume on my poor arch while she tickled me by
stroking in the deepest, most ticklish part of my arch. Then, thankfully she
withdrew the feather.

I was so grateful she'd stopped rather than tickle me in that deep part of my
arch that I sighed in relief. But I saw her snigger and fiendishly send it
slowly back towards the other arch! I begged hopelessly, "Oh Mary not again?
Pleeeeease Mary I'm too ticklish on my feet!!! At least just use your fingers,
the feather makes it worse each time!!! Oh no, not my feet??? FORGIVE
MEEEE!?? Please stop, (giggle, gulp!) Hahahahahahahahahahaaa!!! PLEASE, please stop?
Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee!!!!
Hahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!" I was helplessly laughing as she duplicated the
tickling stroke on my right arch. She had a smile of fiendish delight at my
plight as she savoured my response to her maddening tickling.

Once more she finished her tickling by tormenting the deepest, most ticklish
part of my arch. She withdrew the feather just as I was about to go crazy at
the tickliness of the feather at that sensitive spot.

I started to gasp for mercy only to suddenly be made to squeal with mad
laughter as she began to tickle-torture my soles more earnestly. She made the feather
lightly tickle the deepest, most ticklish part of my arches!!!!!!!!! There
was no respite from the feather's torment as she dragged the feather over the
helplessly joined soles to each special ticklish spot. Back and forth she
tickled my arches while I could hardly gasp for air while being made to squeal
in forced shrill peals of laughter. She smiled at my eyes wide with horror and
forced mirth. She was so delighted with the tears trickling from the corners
of my eyes that she began to send the feather to caress mercilessly across the
more ticklish balls of my feet!!! This made my desperate screaming laughter
increase in volume, pathos and tone as my feet quivered and flinched.

Not satisfied with this response she soon sent the dreaded feather to deftly
stroke under my extremely sensitive toes! I shrieked with shrill laughter at
each excruciating tickling pass of the tip of the feather's bristly plume!
Tears trickled down my face only to be flung off as I shook in crazed

I lost track of time as she mercilessly tickled my toes.

I was so pleased when she stopped I actually sobbed with relief. I begged her
to stop and let me go as I cried like a baby! She said that my soles were
tinged red from the tickling of the feather and speculated about how sensitive
they must now be. Suddenly she, smiled at me maliciously and reached over and
gently squeazed the big toe of my left foot between her thumb and forefinger
and said, "This little piggy went to market?"

"Ohhhhh god no!!! You can't be serious????" I cried. My toes quivered, and my
arches wrinkled in fear of the tickling touch.

"This little piggy stayed home?" she said gently squeazing the next toe.

Please don't tickle my feet anymore, Mary, I'll never never ever flirt with
your lover again???" I begged. I stuggled to free myself as she reached for the
next toe.

"This little piggy had roast beef?" She said as her eyes locked on mine! " And
this little piggy had none?"

"Please? No?" I whispered fearfully as tears frickled down my face. My eyes
searched hers for ahy sign of mercy but all I could see was delight at the
thought og tickling my soles until I laughed and laughed and laughed!!!

"And this little piggy went weeee, weee, weeeee all the way home!" heard her
say over the sound of my strained laughter! Just one single fingertip
skillfully stroked my arches and the balls of my feet in log slow strokes which
tickled so desperately that I squealed with laughter. Then she made me shreik
with laughter as she probed and grazed her fingertip under my poor poor toes of
each helpless foot. It seemed to go on for ages!!!

When she finally stopped I slumped with relief and gasped for air. When I'd
finally recovered enough to look around I noticed that she had found a box of
trivial pursuit cards. She told me that she'd ask me questions and if I got
any wrong she would continuously tickle my feet with her lips and tongue for five
minutes for each incorrect answer!!!! She also told me that if I refused to
answer she'd tickle my soles with her mouth and her fingertips until I was
begging to answer some questions and play the game.

She read me the questions with her mouth poised just inches from my poor
ticklish trembling soles. My soles squirmed to feel her warm breath wafting
over my arches as she questioned me. I could see her eyes peering maliciously
at me from over my toes or from the side of my feet while she waited for an
answer. I got a few questions right, but as I realised she was trying to pick
categories I knew very little about my soles quivered fearfully and I tearfully
begged for mercy between questions.

Well the first question I got wrong had me screaming with hysterical laughter
before I even had a chance to beg for mercy. I could feel her hot tongue and
her lips as they nibbled my poor soles in a tickling torture which I could not
bear!!! Each long lick, or hot flicker of her tongue made me scream in
hysterics as my poor soles writhed and squirmed. Her nibbling of my toes and
licking in between had me shrieking with mad laughter. While subjecting my
soles to this insistent tickling abuse with her warm mouth, I would see her
eyes peering gleefully at my tearful face from over my toes or from the side of my
feet to watch me I laughed in mad abandon.

After a while she drew her face away from my soles so that each time I got a
question wrong I'd beg for mercy only to see her licking her lips in
anticipation of the tickling she was about to inflict. My poor soles were
thoroughly victimised as she exploited each sensitivity to the tickling of her
hot mouth and nibbling licking.

Hours might have passed when she finally stopped. I was too dazed even to beg
anymore. She unfastened my ankles from the armchair and carried me still bound
into the toilet, setting things up so that I could relieve myself in private
without having to untie my hands annd feet.

Next she took me to the bathroom, tied me to a chair and secured my ankles to
the edge of the bath so that my feet dangled over the warm water filling the
bath. When she got soap and a soft scrubbing brush I started to beg insanely,
and grovel for forgiveness for my flirting ways. I can't describe how much the
soapy water, fingers, and a scrubbing brush can tickle except that I laughed so
much at each tingling touch that I thought I'd bring the roof down. She played
with my soles and toes by rubbing the soap into a slippery froth on my soles
with her fingertips.

When she rinsed my soles off and let out the water I was so relieved, until she
began to tickle my now hypersensetive soles as she dried them with a towel.
Then she made warm soup for us both and she spoon fed me. All the while I
tried to apologise and grovel for mercy.

Next she carried me begging all the while to her bedroom. She told me she
needed to sleep and that we could continue playing tickling games tomorrow.
She tied me to her bed with my feet at the head of the bed. Then she reached over
and began to tickle my soles and toes with her tongue and her fingertips as she
fell asleep. I actually laughed myself to sleep I was so tired. All night I
had nightmares about being tickled on my poor soles by villains and tickle-
monsters. The most vivid dream was about Cindy and Julie and Mary all cruelly
tickling my feet with feathers. I knew I was dreaming but I couldn't wake
myself up!!!! It was so real I screeched with laughter and begged them not to
tickle me anymore. I promised to do anything if they'd stop. Suddenly when
they were all tickling my feet so cruelly I could only cry and shriek in great
sobbing laughter, I awoke to see Mary tickling my soles with a feather
duster!!!! It was morning already!!!

I realised I must have talked in my sleep while she tickled me. She kept
asking if I thought it would be so terrible if Cindy and Julie joined in as she
tickled my soles with the fluffy feather duster all morning.

She left me to rest for a while. Later she freed me from the bed, and as she
carried me, still bound at the ankles and arms, out into the lounge room as I
suddenly began to scream for mercy!!! I could see those bimbos, Cindy and
Julie, waiting for me in the lounge room each brandishing a feather and smiling

Cindy and Julie were statuesque but very dumb blondes.

They all ignored my begging, "You can't be serious??? You aren't all going to
tickle me are you?? Oh God Noooooooo!!!! Please I'll do anything??!!" As I
tearfully begged and struggled I could see they meant to victimise my ticklish
soles dreadfully.

"Oh isn't this gnarly!! Sandra does look so heinously helpless and vulnerable!

Her feet are, like, still so georgeous, too! And I do I love the sound of her
laugh. So shrill. So desperate!!" said Cindy while Mary repositioned me on
the couch tying my ankles so my feet hung over the edge of the armrest of the
couch. My soles were raised and helpless!!!

"Cool!! A whole weekend to tickle torment her beautiful slender feet!!! And
as you say, Mary, she has to be thoroughly punished, so we'll have to devise
interesting heinous ways to tickle her soft pink soles!" cried Julie.

"We're gonna drive her absolutely crazy aren't we?!!!" agreed Mary, as they all
approached my trembling raised soles.

At first they all took turns tickling my hypersensitive feet with the feathers,
their fingertips, and their warm nibbling licking mouths without giving me a
beak. This continuous tickling had my soles squirming, and me shrieking in
laughter while they discussed the effects of each tickling technique as it was
inflicted on my soles. It was like being in a tutorial on the expertise of
tickle-torturing. After a while they would make suggestions to assist each new
tickler in her diabolical tickling.

Mary suggested, "Yes Cindy, lick under Sandra's toes in long lavish strokes, I
find she hates that." Cindy did so to increase my hysterical laughter. Then
Julie exclaimed, "Hey check it out man, that works well! Look at her face!!
She's so totally horrified and bodaciously delighted that it must really really
tickle!!! Hey Cindy why don't you gently run your fingertips slowly up and
down her arches and those sweet balls of her feet while you continue to lick her
toes??? That's the way!!! Yes that's it! Listen to her laugh now?! God
she's so wickedly ticklish. I almost pity her, except that I love to tickle so
much!! She's so ticklish she might even be half as ticklish as you Cindy!"

Cindy stopped tickling me to angrily reply, "Shut up, Julie you never let
tickling victims know how truly ticklish you are!!!! You don't want to give
them any ideas. How would you like it if I told them how incredibly ticklish
your feet were? You'd have to have the most ticklish feet in the universe if
you ask me, and we know how I know you are more ticklish than I am!!!" The
implied threat hung in the air. Julie obviously not wanting to risk a tickling
meekly apologised.

As I got my breath back the room had gone silent. Julie and Cindy had just
disclosed some serious weaknesses to two people they'd tickle tortured ritually
for years. Mary and I looked at each other stunned to realise that we'd been
so duped! We couldn't believe we'd let these two girls who were more ticklish
than us, but who were really very very dumb, torment us for such a long time.

Still Julie and Cindy quickly apologised to each other and began to scheme with
Mary how to tickle me in more diabolical ways. Soon all I could think of was
trying to beg sincerely enough to stop them tickling my poor feet.

They ignored my pleas and teamed up to tickle-torture my soles dreadfully.
They had me laughing dementedly as they slowly, softly victimised my soles and toes
with all their fingertips at the same time. Julie's talented fingertips
tickled underneath my poor slender toes. Cindy and Mary each tormented one sole with
their slowdancing fingertips. I howled with laughter! Thirty tickling
fingertips were each tickling and searching for the writhing response of my
poor soles and toes! I couldn't believe that my mind could register each single
tickling touch as I felt each fingertip tickle madly. Each separate tickling
touch added to the others to produce a whole tickling sensation which was
unbelievable! Each tickler seemed to be competing for that spoecial reaction
of mad laughter from victimisation of a particular ticklish place. They did this
to me for hours!

When they stopped, I weakly begged for forgiveness. Mary wanted to let me out
but the others said they'd only just begun.

They next began to lick and nibble my feet as I howled in forced delighted
laughter. I couldn't beleive the sensations of three mouths exploring my poor
soles! The nibbling, sucking, licking, slurping tickling of my poor soles had
me crying with sad demented laughter.

As if this wasn't bad enough they then all used feathers to continuously tickle
my soles and toes to my ever increasing hysterical laughter and tears of
despair. As it became unbearable, they would often diabolically concentrate on
each especially ticklish spot to my screams of laughter. Three feathers made
my soles so hyper-sensitive that I thought I'd die laughing.

In my hyperticklish state they then tickle-tortured my soles further by
dragging their fingernails ever so lightly over my soles and under my poor toes while I
screeched with cackling laugher for ages and ages!

Finally they let me go free. Apparently they'd tickled me for hours and hours
and were beginning to feel sorry for me. When I was unbound I numbly went to
bed and slept and slept.

I could see I would not be able to trick Mary into a similar ticklish situation
until I cleverly convinced her that I realised I deserved the torment she'd
inflicted. Finally she began to relax her guard. As it turned out, Mary was
comparatively easy to manoeuvre so that her feet would be at my mercy. On
Friday night, she fell asleep on the rug in the lounge room after I drugged her
coffee. Now, I have a serious phobia of flying and it is always worse at
takeoff and landings. The drug is prescribed to help me to sleep only for a few
minutes during the periods of take off and landings. The drug I had given her
had come from a sympathetic doctor and would only work for five minutes.

I quickly tied her wrists and ankles up with nylon stockings and placed her on
the couch so that her feet hung secured over the edge of the armrest of the
couch. I placed her on her back and propped her head up with pillows so she
could see her feet hanging so helplessly over the edge of the armrest.

She awoke confused after I tied her to the couch. She immediately realised
her predicament when I began to undo the laces of her nursing shoes. I listened to
her horrified begging as I removed her shoes and socks to see her georgeous
unblemished creamy soles and long toes. Her toe nails were long and painted a
rich red which gleamed as her toes quivered. Her feet were longer than mine
and her arches were really deep and very wrinkly. Her feet looked so soft and
sensitive that I could believe she was as ticklish as I.

I could hear her, " What's going on!!! What happened? Let me out!! Oh no!
You aren't gonna tickle my feet??!! You just leave my shoes on my feet
Sandra!!! No! Please, please, please don't tickle my feet, Sandra?? God I'm
begging you don't do this to my feet?? Not the feet??? No, don't take off my
socks??? Please Sandra I can't stand it on my bare feet??!! Don't look at my
feet like that? No don't tie my big toes together with that ribbon!!! God I'm
so helpless!!! You won't tickle my feet will you??? Look I know you are angry
at my (...gulp!) tickling you all last weekend but I just can't stand it and
I'll do anything if you'll just, (... Gasp!!!) No Sandra, not my toes!!? Not
with a feather??? Oh god not two feathers???!!! Not each foot at the same
time??? (Giggle!!!!) Not my toes!!! You know feathers make it tickle more
and more??? (giggle,snigger) Hahahahahaha!! Please it's (...Gasp!! Giggle,
giggle!!!) getting worse and worse!!! (Gasp!) Stop! Please!!!

I used the feathers to tickle her toes and all the sensitive places of her
soles until she could only squeal with laughter. Her eyes were alight with forced
mirth and ticklish despair!!! Then I began to tickle her with a single feather
while I reached for my new mobile telephone with my free hand. I dialled
Julie's and Cindy's flat, and over the incredible sound of Mary's mad laughter,

I invited them over to help me tickle her for the weekend. They each took
turns listening to her laughter over the phone. They listened to me tormenting her
ticklish soles and toes while I did a running commentary on what tickling
techniques I was doing to produce such mad laughter from poor Mary. From their
suggestions I learn't where Mary's superticklish spots were, much to mary's
forced delight!

After I hung up I stopped to listen to Mary beg me not to let them in. She
told me that she knew they'd show no mercy and that she couldn't stand being tickled
by one person let alone three.

I couldn't wait for them to arrive so I began to systematically lick her soles
from her heels up to her arches, over the mounds of the balls her feet and
under and around her toes. She shrieked with uncontrollable laughter!!! I
paused and she began to speak, "No Sandra please don't tickle my feet
anymore!!!? I can't stand this!!! No Please?? Not my feet, not my feet????
Not your tongue??!! (gasp) Haaaaahhahaha!! Hhahahahahahahahahah!!!! (gulp!)
Heeheeheeheehee!! Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!!!"

She was still laughing madly to my nibbling touch as the others arrived. They
must have driven at high speed to get to the house so soon after the phone

Mary begged me not to let them in as I went to open the door. As I opened the
door, I told her, " Oh no, I want you to feel the worst parts of exactly what
you did to me!" The other two giggled and said that sounded like fun.

We ignored Mary's mad begging, and immediately teamed up to drive Mary wild
with laughter as we tickled her feet with all our fingertips at the same time. My
fingertips tickled underneath her sweet long toes. Cindy and Mary each
tormented her curved arches and the balls of her feet. She screamed and
screeched with shrill laughter! This time thirty tickling fingertips were each
tickling and searching for a writhing response from her poor soles and toes!
Her soles and toes seemed to squirm at each tickling touch. We did this to her
for hours!

When we stopped, Mary giggled for a long time after the tickling had stopped.
Soon she began to beg, " Oh God Sandra, stop this??? Don't tickle me anymore???
Don't let the others touch my poor feet!!! Oh no!!! Not with your mouths???
Not all of you at once???!!! Nooooo!!! Heeheeheehhahahahahahah!!!""

She screamed in mad laughter as we began to lick and nibble her feet as had
been done to me. Also, just as with my tickle-torture, I had the tickle team use
feathers to continuously tickle Mary's soles and toes to ever increasing
hysterical laughter and tears of despair. As it became unbearable, we
diabolically concentrate on each especially ticklish spot to Mary's screams of
laughter. Three feathers made Mary's soles so hyper-sensitive that I thought
she'd die laughing.

Naturally we took advantage of her hyperticklish state to tickle tortured her
feet further by slowly and softly dragging our fingernails lightly over Mary's
soles and under her poor toes.

Next we dragged over a coffee table below her trapped feet. We got a bucket
of warm water, soap and a soft scrubbing brush as Mary started to grovel and beg.

The soapy water, 30 fingers, and the scrubbing brush were used so diabolically
by Julie, Cindy and I until Mary laughed so much I felt sorry for her.

While Julie and Cindy rinsed Mary's soles off she grovelled for mercy. Then
she shrieked with cacophonous laughter as they tickled her now hyperticklish soles
as they dried them with a towel while I went to make coffee for Julie and
Cindy. Yes, I made special coffee for them too.

When the coffee was prepared they each took turns alternating between tickling
Mary's toes with a feather, and drinking their coffee. She was laughing so
hard that she couldn't warn them that the coffee might be drugged.

She tried to warn them though, "Hahahahahahahahahahah!!!! (Gasp! Giggle!) Stop
tickling so I can tell you.... Heeeeeheehee!!! Hahahahahah!!
Heeheehhahahahahahah!!!! Not the toes!!!! Hahahahahhaha!!!??? The
coff...(Shreik!!!) HAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Gasp!) Stop?!! Don't dri...(CHUCKLE) Not
between my toes!!!! Hahahahahahahah...!!!"

When they finished the coffee I watched them each tickle Mary's poor soles with

feathers, until they each suddenly slumped to the floor asleep. I had just
long enough to tie up Julie's and Cindy's wrists and ankles with old stockings and
secure them into their bondage for a fabulously intense tickling ordeal.

I quickly repositioned Mary, who was still begging for release, so that she sat
on the lounge with her ankles tied to the middle of the coffee table. I then
carried Julie and Cindy to the couch and secured their ankles to the coffee
table. Mary was positioned between Julie and Cindy. This meant that Mary's
feet hung over the edge of the coffee table between Julie's and Cindy's feet.
Next I slipped off Julie's and Cindy's trendy walking boots and peeled of their
cotton socks so that I could tie their big toes together. Seeing Mary's little
toe and Julie's adjacent little toe resting together, and noticing Mary's and
Cindy's little toes side by side, I got a cool idea. Pulling all their feet
closer together, I tied Mary's and Julie's adjacent little toes together, and I
tied Mary's and Cindy's adjacent little toes together so that I had one
continuous line of six ticklish helpless soles.

When Julie and Cindy awoke they soon realised my intentions. Their begging was
incredibly intense but I commanded them to stop as I sat on the floor and
suggestively wriggled my fingertips near their soles. They immediately stopped
talking and only whimpered and moaned while their soles flinched and quivered.

I told Mary to relax for a little while as I intended to explore Julie's and
Cindy's feet to see who was more ticklish and where their special ticklish
spots were.

First I studied Julie's and Cindy's feet. Julie's feet were tanned on top but
creamy underneath. Her arches and soles were very deeply curvaceous, wrinkly
and very tender looking. On each sole she had a deep ticklish-looking crease
which ran from the centre of her curved arches up between the elliptical balls
of her feet to end just underneath her toes. Her toes were very long and her
toe nails were unpainted but prettily manicured. Cindy's soles were pink like
mine, with wrinkly arches, but the rest of her soles were smooth. The balls of
her feet were very high mounds which seemed delicate and potentially very
ticklish. Her toes were also very long and slender. In fact each woman had
toes as long as a small child's fingers. I looked forward to tickling these
soles before me.

All three women had watched my assessment of Julie's and Cindy's soles, but
when Cindy realised that I was about to begin by tickling her arches with a feather
she began to shriek for mercy, "Oh no not my feet!!! Not there???! I'm
incredibly ticklish on the arches of my feet???!!! God Sandra don't do
this??!! I'm too ticklish???? Look, Julie is more bitchin' ticklish than anybody I
know?? Tickle her instead, especially on her ticklish toes and those
incredibly ticklish balls of her feet!!!"

Julie interrupted, " Oh yeah, well your arches and those creases which run up
the centre of each foot of yours are most heinously ticklish!!! I think Sandra
should tickle your bodacious soles!! You are more ticklish than me!!!"

Suddenly they were both laughing crazily as I explored both pairs of their
soles with a feather in each hand. Cindy's feet were ticklish on her deeply
curvaceous, wrinkly and very tender arches and up her tender soles. She was
found to be most ticklish on each deep crease running the lenth of her foot as
I tickled the tip of the feather from the centre of her curved arches, up between
the elliptical balls of her feet, to end tickling just underneath her toes.
Her toes were very found to be very ticklish too, as the feather played along
underneath each long toe. Cindy's soles were found to be most ticklish when
the feather flickered over the balls of her feet, around and around each high
eliptical mound. Her toes were also found to be very ticklish as the feather's
tip tickled under each long and slender toe.

Overall Cindy was the most ticklish, but Cindy and Julie were way more ticklish
than Mary or I. It was sheer tickle-torture for them!!! Cindy's laugh was a
full screaming high pitched cacophonywhile Julie Shrieked in a relentless peal
of raucous pittiful mad laughter. They laughed insanely, madly, crazily, and I
was pleased that I had two tickling victims who were vastly more ticklish than
anybody I'd ever seen.

I stopped to study my victims. As they got their breath back I told them what
I had in store for them. They listened wide eyed at first and then sniffed and
sobbed as they realised the tickling would continue all weekend. I said ,
"Your feet are all sooooo ticklish, I'm going to enjoy this weekend to bits. This is
going to be a very ticklish situation for you all, I promise! And
unfortunately for you this just makes me hot so I'm not going to want to stop for anything!!!

And let's face it you have not shown me any mercy when it comes to tickling my
poor feet!!!"

They all begged for release and tried to beg me to accept their apologies while
I tauntingly showed them a feather duster with a very long brush made of many
viscious pointy-looking plumes. The brush was long and broad enough to
continually and simultaneously tickle all the soles and toes before me on every
inch of their ticklish flesh. I got myself a drink, put on headphones, and
switched on a FM radio station. I could no longer hear their pitiful begging.

I sat before their soles with my back to a lounge chair and picked up a book.
I opened the book at the beginning, and resting the book against my raised knees,
I checked that I could turn the pages or sip my drink with one hand while using
the brand new duster on their soles with my other hand.

Then, settling in for a long read, I leant my arm against the coffee table and
sent the feather duster towards their helpless feet. I could see their begging
intensified until, eyes bulging with mad delight, they had to scream with
laughter as all of the skin of their soles and under their toes was viscously
tickled simultaneously and continuously. At first I watched as tears streamed
down their faces while they laughed in demented delight from the ever
increasing ticklishness of each stroking plume of the feather duster. No single part of
their ticklish soles or toes was spared victimisation as each zone of the foot
whether especially ticklish or just ordinarily ticklish was tickle tortured and
made more and more terribly ticklish. Cindy and Julie seemed to be suuffering
way more intensely than Mary, although it was obviously hell for her too!

Soon I ignored their plight as I concentrated on reading my book, while the
duster exacted my tickling vengeance. And this was only the beginning. This
was only to make them more receptive for the diabolical tickling to come!

As I read I continuously tickled their feet for about an hour to be sure they
were really hyperticklish. Occaisionally I would look up to observe them going
berserk in hysterical laughter to each flicker of the brush of the feather-
duster. Their soles and toes could only quiver and tremble at the tickling
torment of the plumes.

Then I stopped to watch them slump with relief. I took off the headphones, and
replaced the book. Each girl giggled madly, with soles and toes quivering and
trembling for about ten seconds after the torment had stopped and struggled for
deep breaths. As they lay gasping I noticed each pair of slender soles and all
of those lovely toes blushing brightly as if they'd been tickled pink. They
looked so sensitive, so ticklish!

They all tried to beg but they only made a hullabaloo trying to talk at the
same time. They got more desperate as I began to indiscriminantly tickle their
soles with my fingertips and my lips and tongue. After a while I began to
focus on each victim's special weaknesses to tickling-torture such as Cindy's salty
creases which wrinkled from her arches up to under her toes, or the soft smooth
balls of Julie's feet and Mary's long slender succulent toes.

Actually I found that all of them had tremendously ticklish toes so I began to
slowly lick and nibble along the whole line of long luscious toes atop the
three pairs of helpless trapped soles. As I went I found Cindy was superticklish
under her big toes as she screamed with insane laughter. I discovered that
Julie was intensely ticklish under the three toes between the big and little
toes as she shrieked in mad laughter. But Mary was ticklish everywhere
underneath her poor toes and she squealled with crazy laughter.

During their next break I told them I'd tickle torture them next by asking them
riddles with tickling penalties for incorrect answers. I fetched a child's
joke book and turned to the riddle section. I told them that I'd ask one person a
question, but if any mistakes were made then they'd all be tickled for "a
while" with the dreaded long feather duster!!!! Naturally they genuinely tried to
answer the riddles correctly, and cursed one another for any incorrect answers,
just before the fluffy approach of the tickling duster forced them to scream
with laughter and mirth.

I next made them lay face down, placing their bodies in a triangle so that they
could place their faces on a pair of still tingling feet before them. They
were told to tickle the soles before them with their mouths, lips and tongues. They
were warned that the first one to give up and beg ,or to just laugh helplessly,
would be positioned so that her soles could be tickle-kissed by the other two
girls at the same time!!! They were also told that this process would be
repeated in successive rounds so that the winners could build up a respectable
period of relief from the torment if they were continually strong.

Naturally the first round of tickle-kissing was the most intensely fought.
Each girl found to their mirthful horror that their particular ticklish spots were
immediately nibbled and licked. It was difficult for each girl to concentrate
on tickling the soles before her as she was expertly made to laugh madly by the
one who lavishly tickle-kissed her soles. Not surprisingly Cindy who had the
most ticklish soles gave up first and just laughed incredibly as her arches and
the centre creases of her soles were devotedly tickle-kissed by the giggling
Mary. Julie who felt immediate relief as Cindy stopped; stopped tickling
Mary's soles to allow Mary all her breath to finish off Cindy's feet with stunning
display of intuitive foot tickling. Julie even cheered Mary on!

A couple of seconds later Cindy was wildly begging for mercy as I positioned
her on the coffee table so that her soles could be tickle-kissed by the other girls
at the same time!!! Each bent to nibble and lick her arches and the centre
creases of her soles as she was forced to laugh crazily. From that moment the
pattern in the tickling battle had been set and poor Cindy lost every time.
She was just so much more ticklish than the others.

Cindy and Julie were beside themselves later as I told them during a break that
I was going to release Mary 'cause she'd been tormented by them for years, and
that we intended to continue to tickle them all of the holiday weekend. Mary,
after giving her soles a vigorous scratch to ease their tingling itchiness,
quickly declared a truce with me and joined with me to tickle torture the
remaining victims. We tickle-tortured them with feathers, dusters, new sable
paintbrushes, soap and scrubbing brushes, fingertips, fur, licking tongues and
nibbling mouths, and through nylon stockings (which drove them crazy!).

When we untied them they vowed vengence. Except for Mary who still said she
wanted a truce and declared that she'd enjoyed tickling that pair of bimbos. I
just wondered if I could trust her. I had an idea to build trust between Mary
and I. I suggested that we get even with Julie and Cindy for all the previous,
tickling they did to us when we'd had turns at living with them. She agreed
and we layed our plans.

Actually it was very easy to trick them. They weren't very smart. We invited
them over to dinner to "make up" and be friends again. Nervous, they made even
us swop food and drinks, though they were soon unconcious again.

Each soon had their wrists tied behind their backs and sat side by side. Next
we quickly removed their shoes and socks, placed them so their legs were
crossed, spread apart, with ankles tied. This meant that Julie's and Cindy's
left feet were tied together at one end of the coffee table, and their right
feet were tied together at the other end. Each freshly naked pair of feet,
with one sweaty soft sole offered from each girl, was secured so that they hung over
the coffee table about half a metre apart. Mary and I sat at one pair of soles
relishing the thought that we would have one of each girl's ticklish feet to
play with.

The best part was that not only had they had the knock out drops, but they'd
been slipped something else too. Mary had got hold of a herbal remedy for
arthritus which, along with allowing greater circulation, greatly increased the
sensitivity of the human nervous system. It was becomming popular as an
aphrodisiac, but we hoped that it would make them so sensitive that they'd
become mega-ticklish. It was known to work fast and last for a week so that as
soon as they awoke we'd be able to test its effectiveness.

They awoke and before they could even begin to beg I ordered them silent or
else I'd tickle their quivering soles. I lied and told them that Mary and I had
discovered the "mystical secrets of tickling", and if they thought they'd been
ever tickled before they were in for a big surprise. They were told that this
was a lesson, and that they'd better drop all thoughts of vengence.

To underline my point I opened my mouth, took a deep breath and vigorously blew
a lung full of air over the pair of soles before me. Mary smiled to see Julie
and Cindy begin to giggle in extreme horror as I blew air all over each of
their soles and between their toes. Even as they laughed Mary and I could see the
shocked in their eyes at their sudden understanding of how horrific it would be
to be tickled by anything more substantial than my breath.

When I stopped, their soles and toes were wriggling and trembling in terrible
aticipation as Julie cried, "Oh God no!! How did you do that? How can we be
this ticklish!!!???? I've never felt so ticklish before and you only blew on
our feet!!!!! Cindy its true!!! They must have discovered some dreadful
mystical secret to tickling!!! Oh God don't tickle us, we promise to give up
any idea of tickling you two, don't we Cindy??!!!"

"Oh yes!!!"she cried, "God don't tickle us while we are like this??? You must
have made us into the most ticklish people in the world!!!!! We'll be good!
Don't tickle us!!!! Please!!!!"

Suddenly they each began to cry and shout as they saw Mary and I smile and take
stiff turkey feathers in each hand and direct them towards each foot.

"Oh no??? Feathers'll make it even worse?? You don't understand, I won't be
able to take this? Please, Stop!!!" cried Julie her eyes wide with horror.

"Not my feet!! Pleeeeeease don't tickle my feet like this???? Just put down
the feather and I'll do anything????!!! I have lots of money!!! I'll give
you money!" Grovelled Cindy eyes welling with tears at the helplessness she felt.

"Hahahahahahah!!!! Stop!!! Oh god, Mary not the toes, please (gasp)
hahahahahaha!!!! No! SANDRA, not the balls of my feet (Shriek!)

"Aaahhhhhhhh! Haaaaah hahahahahahahahah! Mary not on the arches????
Hahahahahahahah!!! Anywhere but there???? OH NO NOT YOU TOO SANDRA?!!! NOT MY

ARCHES????? (Shreik!!!!!) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAH!!!!????!!!"

So it went. We found that we could combine to tickle each girl separately and
to tickle them together in diversely diabolical ways. Every dirty trick used
to tickle us was used on them in their mega ticklish state. They suffered, and
suffered, as they laughed and laughed and begged and grovelled.

Later when they were weak from all the tickle torturing we separated them and
tied their ankles and big toes together, side by side. Then we had them lay on
the floor with their feet helpless on our laps as Mary and I sat in comfort on
the couch. I had Cindy's more ticklish sensual feet in my lap and Mary had
Julies pretty delicate soles helpless in her lap.

For a while I lost track of what Julie was saying to stop Mary's tickling
fingers, lips, feathers, and nibbling. Julie's begging and laughter was
peripheral to my attention to poor Cindy's plight. We had a very private
session which started when she saw me lick my lips and bend towards her soles.

She Squealed for mercy only to have to laugh like a banshee as I licked her
fabulous arches and thoses deep creases which ran up the centre of her soles.

On and on it went.
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