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Star Corrine's helpless belly

Corrine was on her way over to Mrs. Bennett's house to help her decorate for an upcoming social gathering. She went to her

house on her way home from school on a chilly day in February.

Mrs. Bennett preferred to be addressed as "Lucy" for informal occasions such as this, so Corrine just greeted her as Lucy

when she let her in. Lucy was a distinguished looking lady in her fifties. Lucy had been out all day herself and had turned

off the heat in the house, so it was pretty cold inside the house and would take a few hours to warm up.

All Corrine had to do today is tape some bows up on the beams in the kitchen area. She took off her coat and threw it on the

couch. She was wearing a white longsleeved button-down shirt and a pair of jeans. She forgot to wear her belt again, so she

was constantly pulling up her jeans when they sagged too low on her hips.

Some of the beams in the kitchen were low enough to reach with a stepstool, so Corrine grabbed a few bows and stretched up to

the beam to start taping. Her shirt starting pulling up out of her pants as she stretched. At the same time her pants were

sagging down lower. When her shirt pulled all the way out she felt the cold air on her belly. She quickly brought her hands

down and tucked in her shirt after pulling up her sagging pants.

She reached up with another bow and again she felt the cold air on her belly. She decided to give up on her pants and shirt

and just let her belly hang out as she did her work. As she reached up a little higher her shirt pulled completely out of her

pants and the waistband of her pants sagged down to her hip bones. Her exposed belly skin started to get goose bumps from the

cold air.

Lucy walked into the kitchen to see how Corrine was doing. Standing behind her, she sees that the bows look good on the beam

so she walks around her and sits down facing her at the kitchen table. Her coffee is steaming as she mixes in the cream and


Glancing over at Corrine she sees her fully stretched upwards. her pants are drooping down at her hips and her shirt tail is

floating up near her rib cage. In between she sees her pale belly and navel, exposed to the cold air. her belly is mostly

flat but she sees a slight roundness to it as the skin slopes from the navel area down to her pants. her large navel is

stretched into an oval shape. Below her navel is several inches of skin leading down to her pants. She can see a slight pink

band where her pants normally press into her skin when they are pulled up. She reaches across the table to get more cream so

that she can look inside her navel. The rim around her navel looks very smooth and inside her navel she can see three

wrinkles. Two of the wrinkles meet in the middle and the third is a little lower. She can clearly see the goosebumps on her


Corrine glances down from her work and sees Lucy looking right at her bare belly. She starts to feel a little nervous the

situation she is in. Corrine never really felt comfortable about her stomach area and tried not to let it show very much. her

belly was pale and never really flat enough when she relaxed it. her navel was large, round and deep. The other problem was

that she was very ticklish. her belly and navel were too sensitive and ticklish to let other people, especially her older

cousins and babysitter, see it. Now here she is standing in Lucy's kitchen with her vulnerable belly and navel exposed.

All in quiet in the kitchen for the next few minutes as Corrine continues to tape up the bows. She occasionally glances down

to see Lucy sipping her coffee as she gazed at her belly. Finally Lucy speaks.

"Corrine, isn't your stomach getting cold? I can see goosebumps on your belly skin" said Lucy. "It's a little cold on my

stomach but otherwise I'm warm. Whenever I reach up to tape the bows my shirt keeps pulling out of my pants" answered


"Oh, I see" said Lucy. "I have to admit that I almost cannot resist tickling you when I see your cute belly exposed like

that" Corrine froze for a moment thinking about how to react. Clearly Lucy was interested in tickling her!. She thought back

to when her sitter used to tickle her. Whenever her hands wormed their way under her shirt to get her belly, she collapsed

into giggles. When she tickled her navel she used her nails to glide in a circle around the rim before she probed inside. She

could never take that! her belly was way too sensitive to take nails directly on the skin. But at the same time she had

enjoyed the tickling feeling. "I am really ticklish!" admitted Corrine, "and especially on my stomach". "Really?" asked Lucy.

See if you can take it if I tickle you". Corrine glanced down at Lucy who was now smiling at her. She noticed that her hands

were soft looking and her nails were long with clear nail polish. She struggled with her answer but finally decided she could

not pass up the chance to feel the tickling again. "OK, she said. I'll try not to move away, no matter how much it tickles".

Corrine picked up a few more bows and starting taping them to the beam. Lucy put on her glasses and positioned her chair

right next to her. She rested the four fingers of her right hand on her belly down near her pants. Corrine gasped and sucked

in her belly. She paused until she relaxed her belly again. "Your belly is soft but I can already feel the goosebumps" she


She then lightly swept her nails across her lower belly from side to side. "Aaaaah!" Corrine blurted out. She twisted to the

side and starting laughing. Lucy paused. Then Corrine regained her composure and stood straight again. Lucy again swept her

nails along her belly, going slowly and lightly and slightly fluttering her nails. Corrine twisted around slightly and

struggled to breathe. Her nails sent ticklish sensations right through her sensitive belly and she could no longer

concentrate on anything other than the tickling. Lucy playfully teased her skin with her nails, going back and forth and back

and forth. "HaHaHa!" Corrine laughed as she finally bent over to escape her nails. "Ha, that was fun!" laughed Lucy. "But you

couldn't take it!!"

"No, wait, I can take it!" she said. "Try again". Lucy stood up, went behind her and placed her hands on her sides. "Yikes!"

Corrine yelped. Her cold hands her resting right on her bare skin!. Lucy laughed and rubbed her hands up and down her sides

until they were warm. She then repeated her tickling technique on her sides, this time moving her nails in small circles

while also moving up and down. "Aaaaaahhhh" Corrine said as she bent her back away from her nails. "Oh nooo, ahahahahaha!!!!"

her mouth was open while her eyes squeezed shut, trying to block out the tickling sensations. Lucy patiently teased her sides

while leaning forward to watch her expression. Corrine bent forward a bit and shifted her weight around when Lucy change to a

slight pinching form of tickling. She pinched and teased her sides, going up as high as her shirt tail and as low as her

pants. Corrine collapsed and fell to the floor, giggling. "Oh that tickled so bad!" she exclaimed. She covered up her stomach

with her hands.

Now I'm not done tickling you! Lucy said. I still have a few more places I want to tickle!. Corrine finally caught her breath

again and agreed to let her get her again. "I want to tickle your bellybutton" said Lucy. "Oh no, please not that" begged

Corrine. "Oooh, yes" said Lucy. She sat down on the floor next to where Corrine was lying and used her socks to tie her hands

to the legs of a sofa. She scooted a heavy chair over to her and tied up her legs to it. Then she sat next to her again and

unbuttoned her shirt. her pale belly and ribs were now fully exposed. her navel was once again round and her soft tummy was

moving up and down as she breathed.

"See if you can take this" she challenged as she pur her nails on her belly right over her navel and started tracing circles

around it. Corrine made a gurgling sound and lost her breath as her belly muscles spasmed. Lucy saw this and was fascinated.

"Nice belly action there" she teased her. She slowed down and found that magic spot again. When she traced her nails over it

her belly flinched again. The muscle spasm moved her navel to the side as a ripple moved through her belly. "Ahahahah, No!!,

I can't take it on my belly" Corrine confessed.

"Now relax your belly so I can watch it move again" Lucy told her. She tickled around her whole belly area until she found

the magic spots that made her flinch. Some of the twitches were small ripples under her nails while some of them rippled

through her whole belly. She then playfully stimulated those spots to make her belly dance.

Corrine was watching a clock as the seconds slowly ticked by. Lucy had complete control of her vulnerable belly and all she

could do was endure the tickling. her breathing was chopping and frequently was stopped when her belly flinched. She

alternated between laughing and begging for relief.

Lucy started digging down into Corrine's soft belly skin with her nails, just hard enough to get to the muscles below.

Corrine arched up her back, not knowing what else to do. Lucy stuck a pillow under her back in the blink of an eye. "Oh, no"

she said as she realized what she had just done.

Lucy sat cross-legged on the floor and starting the navel tickling. She used her light technique on the rim of her navel,

teasing the smooth skin there. Corrine sucked in her belly as much as she could, trying to escape. "Noo, not in my

bellybutton" she pleaded "Why not, I like your bellybutton and I want to tell your fortune using the wrinkles at the bottom"

Lucy insisted that she relax her belly so she could tickle her bellybutton better. "No!" Corrine howled.
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Love the start of the story! Really want to read what happens next, all the exquisite details. :
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Old 02-23-2010, 07:19 PM   #3
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Part two please!!!!
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That was an awesome story. I cannot wait to read what is coming up next. Thanks for the share!!
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May be interesting.

However...what's with the double spacing?
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belly, corrine, helpless

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