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Old 10-15-2003, 01:31 AM   #1
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Default wedding tickle/true nylon feet

I was at the wedding of a friend when my friend Jimmy arrived with his wife Janna. Janna was about five foot five with blond hair and a great body. She always portrayed the unapproachable bitch type with a snooty attitude. She was great to look at though. Janna arrived at the reception hall wearing a black pants suit with a matching black jacket and black patent leather flats. The pants had wide bottoms and fell almost completely over her shoes. When she walked, though, I was able to catch a glimpse of the top of her foot and I saw that she was wearing off-black nylons.

I mingled around talking to some friends that I hadn't seen in some time. As I walked around the hall looking for a reason to leave as I was getting bored quickly, I heard the sounds of protest coming from a corner table. I looked over toward the voice and saw that Jimmy was seated next to Janna and he had her feet in his lap. He was saying something to her that had her looking very nervous. There were other people sitting them listening and laughing as well. As I drew closer, Jimmy pulled Janna's shoes off her feet exposing her soles in the off-black nylon to my direct view. I couldn't believe this was happening as I've always had a foot tickling "thing". Sure enough before the shoes hit the floor Jimmy was attacking Janna's nylon covered soles. She was screaming in protest and begging for help from anyone at the table. I wanted so badly to assist Jimmy in his endeavor but was simply mesmorized by the sight. Jimmy had placed his forearm over Janna's ankles and was attacking both feet at the same time. Janna was throwing her head back and squealing with laughter. Another man that had been sitting nearby bent over and started tickling one foot allowing Jimmy to concentrate on the other. I think if Jimmy hadn't been holding her legs down at the ankles, Janna would have kicked them both in the face. The two continued to tickle Janna's feet for about ten or fifteen minutes. I couldn't believe how long it lasted and I actually started to feel sorry for Janna as her face was now bright red and her hair that she spent so much time on was a mess.

After a long tickling session, Jimmy finally let go. Janna gathered her shoes, put them back on her feet and left the hall. I figured Jimmy was probably sleeping on the couch for a while after that and it may not have been worth it to him, but it would certainly have been worth it to me. That's a memory that has been vivid in my mind for over fifteen years.
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Old 10-15-2003, 03:00 AM   #2
sole seeker
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Excellent post!

Wow, I wish I was Jimmy, or even better - the guy that helped him (he probably got laid that night). Heck, I'd even liked to have been in your position, Snap. Then I'd have at least gotten an eye-full!

Thanks for sharing this memory!

Kinky is with a feather - Perverted is with a chicken.
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feet, nylon, tickle/true, wedding

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