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Preying on the ticklish

Talking Stuck #1: Hole in the Wall M/f [BRAND NEW!]

G'day lads and ladies!

This is the first of a new series I'm kicking off called "Stuck".

I've always been a big fan of situtations where beautiful women get accidently caught, trapped, bound, held...stuck and then (naturally) tickled ruthlessly. This new series is set to revolve around this singular theme. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I'm pretty proud to finally be getting it started.

I hope you enjoy the first story in the Stuck series!

Stuck #1: Hole in the Wall


Lilly had always been curious about the hole. With that small exception the high rise apartment building where she and her roommate, Kelly, stayed was very well kept. But right there behind the waist-high book shelf on the left as you walked in the door of the young women's 14th story apartment was the mysterious hole. Lily knew it had been there since the day her and Kelly moved in, and they'd never bothered to move the book shelf since. But Lily, the short voluptuous olive skinned twenty year old she was, couldn't help but wonder.

Came the day Lilly found out. Common sense told the green eyed girl it was simply a gaping wound in the wall that lead to the neighboring apartment, but common sense never lead anyone to adventure. Had the big breasted amateur detective known what such adventures would entail, Lilly would have tossed her curiosity sailing out the window. Of course she wasn't really a detective of any sort, she worked in a coffee shop thus her experience with adventure proved somewhat limited. None the less, today was her day off so she could be a detective.

The hole itself began at the carpet and wasn't very high at all. It looked like a small cave, or a giant cartoon mouse house door. The edges were slightly jagged where whatever, or whoever it was, had once smashed through. Dragging the book case in short sharp tugs across the floor Lilly took a moment to gather herself, titled forward and with a raised eyebrow peered through. Straight through to the neighboring apartment.

"Huh." Lily sighed to herself somewhat disappointed at the uneventful discovery while she stood in her tight denim blue jeans, thin white cotton socks and casual yellow t-shirt.

Crouching down to her knees Lilly placed her hands on the floor and performed a half push up. Bringing her head close to the soft thick carpet Lilly turned her head and squinted comically while she observed the utterly mundane view through the once intriguing hole. The bottom half of a couch, a book case, some kitchen cabinets at the far back. And empty.

It was certainly a tight squeeze as the sultry young woman squirmed on her well toned tummy through the hole. When it came to her firm plum like butt Lilly found herself having to claw and pull at the carpet only to pop out suddenly startling the young home invader. Climbing to her feet Lilly examined the apartment, it was much the same layout as her own, the carpet was identical.

There were some movie posters, a rather extensive DVD collection on a rack against the wall she'd just wiggled through and the book shelf appeared to be stocked mostly by graphic novels. It was well kept, the kitchen was tidy. There were some magazines and two T.V remotes on a small table next to the couch. The bedroom had more movie posters and a technical book Lilly didn't bother investigating sitting on the bedside table.

After nearly an hour Lilly had her fill of snooping around and crouched back toward the carpet as she mentally planned the rest of her day. Scooting along her stomach once again Lilly reached her arms through the secret hole and pulled herself forward, the small of her back stroking the wall a moment before the young trespasser's shapely behind struggled to squeeze pass.

"Unh!" Lilly gritted her teeth and tried jolting herself through to no avail.

Laughing to herself Lilly pushed at the wall and scrapped at the carpet while the thought she could have simply used the door popped into her mind. It had been no easy task jamming herself through the first time, what had changed Lilly couldn't possibly fathom but the silly girl was now well and truly trapped.

A half hour or more passed before Lilly succumbed to the fact she wasn't going anywhere under her own strength. Kelly would get a shock upon arriving home, and it would be hours. Sighing with a sense of irony and good natured humor Lilly folded her arms on the floor and rested her head. A moment later the dark haired girl's eyes opened widely when the distinct click of her neighbor's door could be heard from behind.

Dennis closed the door behind him, turned with laptop under one arm and keys swinging in the other and saw a pair of denim blue jeans and white cotton socks sticking out from his wall. Raising his dark eye brows over the rim of his expensive glasses Dennis took a step closer and examined what was quite clearly a young woman's lower half. The wall appeared to cut off about half way along her apparently very well toned butt.

Looking around his apartment curiously Dennis wandered to the kitchen bench where he slowly placed the laptop and keys. Scratching the top of his head, the handsome thirty two year old ruffled his sensible hair cut slightly and blinked with a sense of disbelief. Removing his navy blue over shirt Dennis lay that next to the laptop and stood in his khaki pants, white t-shirt and business shoes.

It took a moment of starring at the squirming legs sticking out of his wall before surprise slowly began to give way to amusement. Opening the fridge Dennis removed a cold can of beer and with a crack and a hiss opened the cool beverage. Smiling at the young intruder's predicament he took a sip and leaned against the bench top casually while trying to decide what one does in such a unique situation.

On the other side of the wall Lilly had been struggling in a fruitless attempt to free herself. If only she could pull herself through whoever was behind her would never see her face and she could deny all knowledge of the incident. Alas, it was not to be and the highly embarrassed girl soon decided it was time to ask for help, hoping whoever owned the apartment she'd snooped around in wasn't already calling the police.

"H-hellooo? Is someone there?" Lilly turned as best she could and called toward the blank wall. "Listen I…I'm really sorry about this…I swear I didn't take anything, I was just interested and I know it was stupid…I'm really trapped here!"

She let a moment pass for response but nothing came. In fact Lilly hadn't heard a thing since the click of the door, perhaps her imagination was getting the better of her. Maybe the door didn't click, it could have been something else, although what was a mystery. Propping herself up on one arm Lilly reached behind her with the other and tried banging on the wall but this too elicited no result.

"Seriously is someone there? Hello? I'm really sorry!" Lilly called again to the faceless wall that kept her in position, her calls seeming to fall only be heard by herself until she felt movement atop her calve muscles. "Hey! Hey who's there?! What are you doing?!"

With his back facing the wall Dennis put his knees either side of the confused girl's lower legs and straddled them comfortably. Placing his beer on the carpet next to him the smiling hunk sat down pinning the two squirming legs underneath. From between his own legs poked two cute little wiggling cotton socked feet. A sudden frantic banging on the wall didn't phase Dennis as he laughed to himself and shook his head at the hilarity of this poor girl's situation.

"Hey! Help me out!" Lilly called as she felt the weight on her lower legs before suddenly feeling someone's finger lightly stroking her sock covered left sole. "Eee-ahh! Hey! Eeeeiii! Don't! Stop that!"

Wiggling his five fingers on the trapped sole Dennis could hear the slightly muffled squeals coming from behind. The girl's right foot began trying to defend it's friend but the kneeling man made short work of that by employing his other hand to dance it's fingers all over it. With increasing speed ten fingers scribbled around the frantically squirming sock covered soles and caused a hail of girlish giggles to project from the wall.

Beating at the wall soon proved to require too much coordination and Lilly began beating and clawing at the carpet before her. Unfortunately for the pleading young woman she just so happened to be incredibly ticklish, worse still she couldn't stand the thought, let alone the actual act. Being unable to even have a chance at escape was a virtual nightmare, suddenly made all too real.

"Eeeeiiihh! Nono! Heehee stop stop!" Lilly begged as she felt the ten fingers spidering carelessly about the thin cotton covering her delicate soles. "Oh pleaseheeheese! Stopiiiiit! Eeeheee! Stop tickling mehahaha!"

Raking four fingers on each foot from the balls of the helpless feet to the white cotton heels produced new deeper laughter. Dennis turned his head and looked back to see the girl's knees and thighs bouncing on the carpet, the lower half of her trapped butt tensing randomly as he admired the peachy denim cheeks. With a half grin the handsome dark haired man turned his attention to his captive's heels and began drawing small speedy circles with the tips of his index fingers.

"Listen to mehee! Stop! Please! Aha!" Lilly pleaded as she managed to regain some measure of sanity as the heel tickling forced sporadic giggles while she tried to reason with her mystery tickler. "Can yahano! Can you hear me!? Haha! Stop tickling me! Oh no! Please DON'T!"

Pinching the middle of the right thin cotton sock Dennis ceased the tickling and began to slowly slide it from the begging young woman's foot. The muffled pleas from the faceless girl began in panicked earnest and once again loud banging drummed from the other side. Purposely taking his time the intensely amused man watched as a soft wrinkly sole was revealed, high arches and well defined delicate balls that once the sock was finally gone flowed flawlessly down onto five cute nervous looking toes.

"Nono please! I'm sorry! Okay please don't do this!" Screaming at the wall Lilly could scarcely believe her situation as in her heart of hearts she knew what was about to happen. "Don't! No! StopstopstAAAAEEEE!"

Clenching her eyes shut Lilly slammed the carpet with the bottoms of her fists when five cruel fingers suddenly skated around her silky smooth bare foot. Spreading her cute toes Lilly's still sock covered left foot now tried in vain to protect it's bare friend only to be viciously pounced upon by the other five fingers. The two sensations were driving the poor girl into hysterics as the cotton sock forced girlish squealing and playful giggles while the bare foot assault drowned out everything else producing loud belly laughter and screams for mercy.

In Lilly's wild state of mind she had no manor of time keeping but it was nearly two whole minutes before tears of laughter and dread began streaming down her quickly reddening cheeks. Tears weren't the only thing flowing freely as helpless laughter burst from between the poor girl's full red lips. Although pointless she continued to beat and flail her arms atop the carpet while rolling side to side squishing her large fleshy boobs against the carpet producing beautiful cleavage.

Dennis had never done anything quite like this before, although he was quickly getting the hang of it. Releasing the socked left foot the fast learner took the vulnerable toes of the bare right and pulled them back, forcing the bare sole to stretch taut and holding it firmly immobile. To a chorus of heavy breathing and screaming protest Dennis took his free hand and slowly raked his nails down the bare sole causing a howl of tickled terror.

"Aaaahahaha! Noohohooo!" Lilly screeched trying to bury her face in the carpet and dig her fingers into the soft floor as the maddening digits danced around her totally trapped and extremely sensitive toes. "Plehahaha! Naahah! Nomoreehahaaaaaa!"

Not content with simply showing the cheeky intruder whose boss Dennis was developing quite a taste for the horrified muffled shrieks that his fingers created with such ease. Sending all ten fingers on a lightning fast attack to the bare foot caused wordless strained cries of laughter to bellow from behind. Without warning Dennis soon deployed all ten fingers to the socked sole causing wild giggles and throat wrenching prayers for a cease fire. Back and forth went the ten wicked fingers, dancing over every inch of the bare right sole and it's wiggling toes then to the twisting socked foot that longed to be left alone.

The conflicting sensations of socked foot and bare were splitting Lilly's increasingly fragile psyche. Thinking straight was no longer an option, a thousand broken thoughts stampeded through the screaming olive skinned girl's mind all of which were reaching toward the same conclusion, more than anything she wanted this to stop. Unfortunately as Lilly grit her teeth and stressed to block out the overwhelming sensations constantly stroking her feet she once again felt the ghastly shock of her left cotton sock being quickly pulled away.

Both anxious feet now naked before him Dennis took a moment to admire the smoothness of his tickle toy's soles. Those five cute little toes, the high arches, the creamy balls, soft sides and flawless heels. He'd never had any particular fondness for a woman's feet before but as the handsome attacker pondered the extraordinary effects his lightest touch could cause a new thankfulness dawned on him.

Raising his hands high above him Dennis began wiggling his fingers and slowly descending them towards the helpless panicked bare soles. Each foot was frantically trying to cover it's partner as if they could see what was coming, awaiting the inevitable onslaught with stomach sinking dread. Grinning boisterously Dennis watched as the defenseless soles sensed the warmth of his hands less than half an inch away when the adorable toes spread wide.

"Anything but that! PLEASE!" Lilly gasped for much needed breath and weakly battered the wall with what strength she could muster as she felt the coming assault. "AHA! Noho! NOHO! NOOHOOOO!"

Recognizable words were swiftly swallowed up by uncontrollable laughter as ten fingers ran rampant over every fully exposed inch of bare upturned feet. Tears of tickled terror freely streamed down Lilly's reddened stretched cheeks. Thrashing, pulling, pushing, nothing worked and it drove her completely mad. The dark haired girl's feet were totally trapped and being merciless tickled, it was all encompassing full blown torture.

In his new found intoxication Dennis had lost track of time almost as much as the girl on the other side of the wall. Unwilling to pry his gaze from the quivering feet beneath him the glasses sporting gentleman had no intention of slowing down. Dennis' fingers stroked, poked and evilly caressed the young woman's soles, digging under her unguarded toes. It was quite some time before his conscious mind registered the rock hard erection straining the zipper of his khakis.

Laying her palms flat on the thick carpet Lilly rested her head face down and sobbed in deep desperate breaths. The weight had finally lifted from her now limp jelly like legs. Lilly didn't know, and didn't want to know, how long whoever-it-was had been entertaining themselves with her luckless bare soles. However long it had been it was far longer than the exhausted girl would ever imagined she could have survived under such ticklish circumstances.

Gaining what little composure she could muster Lilly proped herself up with her elbows and wiped the tears from her blurred vision. Still breathing heavily another hopeless tug at the hole proved nothing as she once again collapsed lying flat on the floor. Once her mind had gathered enough sense to reform real thoughts the idea of calling for help soon occurred, shortly followed by the incredibly disappointing fact that if help were coming it would have arrived by now.

"…HEY! Oh my God!" Lilly turned as her eyes shot wide open when a distinct pinching of her lower butt was felt. "Let go! Stop!"

Kicking her legs and bashing at the wall with what limited maneuverability she had Lilly was dismayed to feel room temperature air brushing the back of her right thigh. Someone was holding, and somehow opening, her jeans just below Lilly's well held butt. No amount of bashing or kicking seemed to deter her would be stripper eventually had exposed the entire back of the panicked girl's left thigh.

Gripping the bottom of the left pants leg Dennis used one smooth motion to whisk the carefully cut piece of material away. Discarding the useless piece of denim behind him the proud scissor wielding man lustfully starred at the long smooth leg he had uncovered. Wasting no time imaging what was under the other trouser leg Dennis pinched the material just below his prisoner's butt and began cutting.

Barely able to comprehend her ever worsening situation Lilly felt her second pant leg disappear. With both legs now bare it seemed she lay only in a pair of very short shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush. Squirming her long tanned legs as best she could Lilly froze a moment before pursing her lips and stifling a most involuntary giggle when a single finger stroked the back of her fully exposed thigh. Closing her eyes tight the sensitive young woman clenched her fists and strained to block out more light stroking.

"Mmfff!" Lilly muffled herself as more fingers joined the slow dancing just below her peach like cheeks, chipping away with painful ease at her wall of protest. "Mmmno…nnnn….eenonnehee! Heeheeno!"

Knowing she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer Dennis skipped the gradual deconstruction of his victim's shield and rapidly spidered all ten fingers over the soft backs of her thighs. His reward was instant as a hail of pleading squeals came through the wall. The eager tickler had never imagined anyone could be so ticklish in that spot, but evidently it was more than enough to turn this young woman into a silly school girl.

Her legs were no longer held in place but Lilly still had no escape from the menacing fingers. The begging girl could kick and dance as much as her limited freedom would allow but five fingers stubbornly followed the exposed flesh in every direction. Poking under her cheeks, raking down her thighs and skating carelessly behind her knees. On several occasions Lilly even tried bringing her feet up for protection, only to receive a quick warning tickle on her soles to hastily scare them away.

Keeping with his theme of cruel variety Dennis gripped the very top of the bare legs where they met the shapely butt and squeezed viciously. Roaring laughter sounded in response as he squeezed all the way down until reaching her knees. Digging his fingers in behind her knees caused the girl to kick up and down wildly, the blue eyed man ever aware of his ravenous lust that grew with every touch and scream.

"Aheeheeno! No! Stahap!" Fighting giggles that playfully turned her expression from serious terror to playful idiot Lilly felt that terrible weight descend upon her legs again, although this time higher, just above her knees. "What are you ahaha! going to stopstop! Please nahahahee!"

Once again kneeling either side of her legs Dennis straddled the young woman's thighs. Free to kick up and back to the carpet from the knees down the smooth helpless feet did just that. Even faster did they kick after the smiling tormentor took a refreshing sip of beer and then proceeded to pour the rest of his can all over the bare soles.

The fizzy liquid caused a sudden tingling and a burst of high pitch giggles and sporadic spreading of toes ensued. Ignoring the results of the intentional spill, and the now damp carpet beneath the distracted girl's feet, Dennis took an ankle in each hand and pulled them toward him. Pressing the heels to his strong chest the wickedly leering man wrapped his arms tight around the panicked woman's shins and with a tilt of his head now had the sweet beer soaked soles only a half inch from his face.

Lilly didn't even laugh at first. The fingers were one thing, truly shocking and horrible but a sensation she had felt before. Of course, having fingers dance about her bare feet had never been dished out in such large quantities but it wasn't an unimaginable feeling, as terrible as it was. This however, was something new entirely and it took more than a couple of seconds to even fathom what was going on. Someone, as much as the wincing young woman didn't want to admit even to herself, was licking her tingling bare soles.

She tensed and frowned, and then her mouth opened a little, the corners of her lips dropping like a sad clown. Lilly's body didn't know how to react for the briefest of moments. Such a thought, such a concept, the frozen young woman had no idea what was happening. A broken gasp wavered in through her trembling lips, and then the laughter came, but not in volume. Silent, tormented laughter that squeezed tears from Lilly's eyes.

Nothing came from the wall but Dennis knew after a brief moment that he was certainly getting a reaction. Savoring every sweet drop as his long tongue slid it's tender point along the bare wrinkly arches the ravenous gent could feel the tension in his captive's legs. Every muscle was tensing and her feet were wriggling in a fruitless attempt for escape. Those ten cute little toes were spreading and making tight desperate little curls.

Lilly had gone berserk, her long dark hair an utter mess, her face drenched in sweat and tears. Every time she felt that cruel tongue cruise over the balls of her feet and inbetween her toes it would cause a brand new fright and squeal, every single time. The poor girl's mind was now utterly unhinged, all she could do was react to what could only be defined as pure unbridled tickle torture. It was beyond any playful tickle she'd experienced as a child, beyond even the cruelest of tickles dispensed by ex boyfriends or older cousins. If Lilly's mind hadn't of been so broken she'd have soon realized whoever was doing this to her was obviously enjoying it a great deal.

It took longer than expected to clean all the beer from the silently suffering girl's vulnerable soles, not that having lapped it all up was any reason to stop. With an ever increasing hunger in his eyes Dennis took the big toe of the girl's right foot and it's two neighbors into his mouth and swirled his tongue around as if they were the most delicious candy. Naturally the left foot pressed against his cheek trying helplessly to assist it's friend but by that point whoever this girl was had grown so weak the protest was barely even a blip on his radar.

A long strained breath rushed into Lilly's lungs when finally she collapsed to the carpet and felt her feet do the same. The weight from her legs lifted and with a loud sob the olive skinned girl lay thoroughly shattered. As it was the young damsel's awful ordeal wasn't over and perhaps worse still was the fact Lilly was unsurprised. Feeling the pinching of her butt once again she knew the intent of her cruel neighbor and would have figured it out sooner had she not been totally insane with ticklish sensations. Of course, just because she'd figured out what they were doing didn't mean she wanted it to happen.

"N-NOOO!" Lilly wrenched her throat and weakly patted the wall with the bottom of her loosely clenched fist as she felt the tug of the scissors slicing just above the very bottom of her sexy butt. "Please NOHO! Don't do this!"

Cutting across the top was easy enough but the bottom half would have to be torn. Tossing the scissors behind him Dennis clutched a side each of the half sliced short shorts and pulled slowly. With a satisfying shrrrrip the lustful chap easily removed the small strip of denim over the bare legs sticking out from his wall and revealed a pair of thin cotton panties. He took a moment to admire the shapely woman's butt pressed down by the top of the hole until his attention was interrupted by the portion of material between her legs that sat closest to the carpet.

Taking a step back Dennis scratched the back of his head as he wasn't quite sure what to make of it. None the less, there it was, plain as day. Right there between her thighs, on that sweet pink cotton covering this intruder's womanhood was a soaking wet patch. He considered the possibilities, it could be sweat, she may have wet herself. She was certainly sweating, but not enough for such obvious soak through. Opposingly if the young ticklish girl had indeed wet herself they'd be far more of it. No, this was what it was, as undeniable as Dennis' near aching boner, the tickling turned her on.

A minute passed by, Lilly couldn't see the clock in her kitchen. It had to have been at least a minute, maybe more, her ability to guess time was slowly returning. Hope, that dangerous little light in the back of her mind, began to shine. The mystery neighbor, more than likely a man the young woman had decided, had seemingly disappeared. Lilly knew he could be right there, only an inch away, even less. In her hyper alert state she could have felt the warmth of his breath, but there was nothing. Maybe at last he'd set her free, or maybe he was on the phone inviting his buddies around. Various scenarios battled one another, Lilly's imagination unwilling to suggest anything but the worst possibilities.

"Ahha!" A big goofy smile grew on Lilly's face before quickly transforming into a look of cheerless mirth when an abrupt invasion of light brushing was felt right between her thighs. "Naha! HeeeEeeeiiiiee!"

Dennis flicked the bright yellow feather duster rapidly around her thighs. Holding the white plastic handle the hunk of a man barely had to move his arm as a flick of the wrist was more than enough to produce a storm of girlish giggling. The long bare legs bought themselves together but couldn't help trying to escape the feather touch and parted, only to leave the beautiful center piece exposed once again. Kneeling on next squirming legs Dennis put his ear to the wall and managed a slightly better reception from his muffled wall reception.

"Hahaaaii! Ohgod! Naha!" Although somewhat of a relief from the lung straining belly laughter it was little comfort that this new sensation forced a torrent of unwanted squealing and still managed to send Lilly to the moon with ticklish terror. "Eee! Stopstop! Hahano!"

As the wet patch between her legs grew noticeably darker Dennis wondered if the silly girl was even aware of her own perverted excitement. It wasn't beyond reason, the feather duster wielding fellow mused as he brushed it behind her knees and darted it back between the hysterical girl's thighs, that with all her attention squarely focused on the near relentless tickling she hadn't even registered the randy yearning of her womanhood. Dennis then recalled something about looking at the mouths of gift horses and sped up the feather duster assault.

Unlike his randy tickle toy, Dennis was more than aware of his own enlarging lust. Something would have to be done, and soon, tossing the feather duster aside the hunk of a man was equally as careless with his stylish glasses which were thrown without a second a thought across the room. Hurriedly untucking his shirt Dennis messed his hair even more as he swooped it over his head and discarded it, revealing a smooth well toned chest. Now only in khaki trousers and socks he began to feel a slight relief from the sexual tension with the new found freedom. Picking up the scissors once again it was clear he wanted the bottom half of this young woman to feel the same.

"Ahahee aha…heehee…" Unable to quite shake the giggles Lilly lay shuddering like a lunatic as she could still feel the hundreds of feathery tips dancing atop her thin panties. "hahaohnoho….ohno what now? Please…no more…"

Pressing a knee between her thighs Dennis eased the weakly struggling girl's legs apart and kneeled comfortably between them. Using his own frame to keep the long bare legs from meeting he granted himself full access to the soaking panties which he wasted no time in hooking his index finger under. A loud disgruntled gasp muffled through the wall as the shirtless hunk stretched the thin material away from the delicate skin and easily opened the wet cotton with his scissors.

Feeling the bottom half of her panties cut away from her Lilly screamed before pursing her lips with sudden surprise and humiliation. Feeling the room temperature air caress against the bottom of her smooth shaven mound, and the fact it was spine tinglingly cold by comparison, told the young woman of her lustful problem. Taking a moment to bury her initial panic Lilly sunk deeper into the sea of disbelief that this unbearable experience was turning her on. Figuring she'd argue the facts with herself later panic quickly set back in as the last of the thin material disappeared from half way down her plum like cheeks. From her lower butt cheeks on down, Lilly was totally nude.

"Oh! Ahaha! AhaNO! NOHO! Not there! NOT THEAHOO!" Digging her nails into the carpet Lilly pressed her forehead to the floor and fought between giggles and the rush of warm pleasure, neither of which she wanted and both of which competed for attention as five fingers skated recklessly over what soaking wet mound they could reach. "PLEAAH! NAooOOO! AHR! AhahaEEE!"

Lilly had never been tickled there before, even with the limited access it sent her through the roof with a mix of involuntary reactions. This was too much, something would have to give and unfortunately the emotionally exploding girl knew exactly what it would be. Worse still she knew whoever was tormenting her on the other side knew as well. There was no stopping it, just as there had been no stopping any of what had come before. The feathers, the tongue, the fingers, the endless unmerciful fingers which tickled and tickled and just wouldn’t stop tickling.

He could sense it coming, the muscles of his helpless victim tensing and throbbing. Dennis thought about stopping here, but it would have made no difference, it was inevitable now. The gates were opening and the moans were beginning to significantly drown out the girlish squealing, there was no stopping it. With his free hand he unbuckled his belt and then took one of her lovely butt cheeks in hand, with a cruel tickling squeeze. Speeding up the five fingers down there Dennis grinned eagerly and felt every muscle around him grow instantly taut.

She would have torn her shirt and bra clean off if her mind would have been able to perform such a complicated mechanical procedure. Alas her mind instead was flipped over repeatedly as a bombardment of white hot ecstasy ravaged Lilly's delicate love muscles. An inhuman howl of pure animalistic bliss poured from between her O shaped lips as the orgasmic juice poured just as freely down below. Her eyes nearly popping from their sockets Lilly's brain spun and disintegrated when the tickling didn't stop and a second cataclysmic orgasm burned through her soul.

Taking his fingers away Dennis stood shakily and let his khaki's drop around his ankles. Standing only in his straining white briefs he let out a sigh of proud accomplishment as he lustfully watched the naked girl's bottom half shudder through it's fourth or fifth pulse pounding rush of pleasure. Scratching the back of his head Dennis pondered the fact he had still yet to receive any similar primal pay off. Stepping out from between his captives thighs the near nude hunk leaned down and firmly clasped each of her slender ankles in his hands.

"OooOOOohhoo…gahoo…zzz….wazzut?...wha?" Lilly lay with her arms splayed and reddened cheeks resting on the thick carpet while her cracked and crumbled mind attempted to recover from the eruption of unstoppable bliss that had raked across her body when suddenly she felt the grip around her ankles and began weakly clutching the carpet as she was easily pulled back through the hole. "…n-no…noo! No! NO! NOOOOO!"

Kelly brushed her shoulder length chocolate hair behind her ear as she closed the apartment door behind her. Wandering casually down the hall she slung her hand bag off her shoulder and tossed it onto the couch. Examining the book shelf the beautiful brunette removed a recipe book. Glancing down Kelly quickly thought how messy the carpet looked. Lilly must have finally decided to investigate that peculiar hole. Unlike everything else of hers, Kelly thought, at least Lilly put the book shelf back where it belonged.


Any and all comments are most appreciated!

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Hey Mantis,

Since no one else will step up and say so, let me just say that I enjoyed your story, and am looking forward to subsequent "Stuck" adventures!
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What he said!
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I loved it - thanks.

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I won't say I hated the story, because I didn't,
but whether you mean to imply it or not, the ending looks pretty obvious for what happens to that poor girl. I just mean, that your story started off cute and playfull then it turned into a case of sexual assault, and the ending implies something even worse. And honestly, the male character in this story is rather creepy. After all, he has no idea how old this girl is. For all he knows, she could have been sixteen or seventeen, in which that case, he wouldn't just be charged with sexual assault or rape (I feel your ending implies this), he'd also be a pedofile. I simply say this, not because I mean to bash you or your story, but because there are alot of sick people like that in the world, and as unfortunate as it is, they're on this forum too.
Once again, I mean no disrespect toward you or your work, all I want to do is make it obvious of what kind of consequences would come from this type of scenario, which could actually happen in real life.
Cutting through the bullshit to bring you the truth, whether you like it or not.
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When's then next chapter coming out?

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the first hal of the story was great then it got a little to much for me i love the playful torture thats a weird combo of words playful torure haha
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Good story but the ending was uncalled for. Rape is never acceptable.
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After some careful thought to your story I can say honestly say I was both intrigued and repulsed by the ending. The way you ended it, leaves much to the imagination, which I like I must admit...it leaves the readers wondering what actually happened to the woman. After all, even though it was suggested what did happen, one can still not be too sure. The other thing I liked about your story was the hidden moral I would call it. (correct me if I'm wrong) But reading between the lines, I would venture a guess to say the moral is, "Curiosity killed the cat." One should always be careful and think before acting on the impulse to invade, after all as your story "suggests", one never knows who you're going to meet.
Well written I would say, very descript to the point of being overly cruel. But trust me that's a compliment to your writing. If you can cause images like you did, then in my opinion you're quite the writer. I look forward to reading your next work to see where it will lead.
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Very good story, i look forward to your next one!
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