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Default Mother's Day Feet (m/f, mf/f)

I've never seen this story posted here before and think it's worth submitting.The author is annonymous.


My kids are pretty well mannered, but when my neighbor's kids come over, they all get out of hand. I can hardly control them. Luckily my wife is better with kids and has more patience than I do.

Last week was one of those days when the kids were out of control. We were all swimming in the pool when things started to get out of hand. Our neighbors were over at our place and soon enough, the kids started getting really rowdy. I decided that I had enough and made an excuse to get out of the house to get some beer. So to the store I went.

When I returned home a half hour later, I didn't hear any splashing out back at the pool, but I did hear a lot of uncontrolled laughter. I walked in through the side of the house from the garage, put the beer on the counter, and walked into our master bedroom. Instead of going out to the pool, I wanted to first see what was going on before taking my chances out at the pool.

What I saw made my cock rock hard. I could hardly believe it. I should have immediately stopped what was going on, but I was so turned on by what was happening to both my wife and our neighbor, that I stood entranced and watched. My kids and our neighbor's kids had both women tied down on two of the pool's lounge chairs. The kids had their mothers face-down on the lounge chairs, wrists tied above them, and their ankles tied below. My neighbor's husband was nowhere to be found.

Instead of stepping out of the shadows of our bedroom, I remained quiet and out of sight as I watched these four boys tickle the soles of their mother's feet. My wife's feet are very tickish. I knew that my neighbor's feet were just as ticklish, so to see both women thrashing about on the lounge chairs as their kids tickled their feet turned me on more than I can describe.

The way I figured it, as long as nothing sexual was going on, the tickling fun was innocent enough and I let it continue. My boys tickled the sexy soles of our neighbor as her boys tickled the soles of my wife's ticklish feet. Both women begged for their kids to stop. The tickling was so intense that both women were thrashing about so much, I was afraid they'd fall off of those lounge chairs. But the lounge chairs were weighted down by the women on them as well as one boy on each of the back of their legs as the other boys knelt down to help do the tickling of their friend's mothers.

When it appeared that the boys would be giving no mercy, and each woman was so exasperated that she could hardly speak out any more, I decided to intervene and stop the tickling even though I was loving every minute of it. My cock was rock hard, so I pulled it up inside of my pants underneath my pants and belt to hide the hardness, and stepped out of the bedroom into the pool area.

Upon seeing me, the boys suddenly stopped and left. They ran out of there on their bikes as if they were in a race, laughing all the way. It was evident that they had tied up their mothers so well that they could not get free without my help from me. I was going to untie them when my wife squeaked out an angry, "Where the hell were you?"

OK, grant it, she had a right to be pissed, especially with me standing there in the shadows just watching. But she hadn't known that. Her anger gave me the courage to try something I never thought I'd do. Knowing how ticklish my wife is, I never did more than tickle her feet lightly during our love-making. She liked that, but did not like being tickled too hard. So instead of untying her, I said, "Hey, you forgot to say please." I then sat on the back of her legs and started tickling the soles of her feet.

Our neighbor started laughing and said to my wife, "Serves you right. You never should have helpled them tie me up!"

Through her laughter, my wife shouted back, "What? Honey, don't believe her. She's the one who helpled them tie me up! Untie me. Please! If you do, I'll let you shrimp her feet!"

I didn't want to miss a great opportunity. As I untied my wife, our neighbor protested and said, "Hey wait a minute. I'm not lying! And what's shrimping anyway?"

As I sat on the back of my neighbor's legs, and untied her ankles so that I could lift my neighbor's sweet feet to my mouth, my wife said to me, "Show her, honey. Show her what shrimping is." Then turning to our neighbor, she said to her, "Trust me. You will love it!"

For those of you who don't know, shrimping is the art of sucking toes and that's exactly what I started doing to my neighbor's perfectly shaped feet. My wife seemed to enjoy what I was doing to our neighbor. She was even getting turned on by it. My wife started playing with my cock and lightly tickled the sole of our neighbor's other foot.

Our neighbor enjoyed every single minute of the shrimping I gave her toes. I even gently chewed her heels and licked up along her soft, wrinkly soles. My wife continued to play with my cock. Suddenly she disappeared and quickly came back with a favorite vibrator of hers. She motioned for me to use it on our neighbor while she watched.

Our neighbor didn't say a word. She just closed her eyes as I gently spread her legs apart. Her wrists were still tied above her head. As I gently inserted our vibrating dildo into her already very wet pussy, she tensed up, pulled at her wrists restraints and moaned. To my surprise, she came right then and there. I guess all that tickling had made her pretty wet and she just needed a little stimulation upon her clit to climax.

As I do with my wife after she's climaxed, I was about to stop with our neighbor, but my wife grabbed my arm and motioned for me to continue. I knew what she meant when she whispered into our neighbor's ear for her to turn over. With her wrists still tied together above her, we gently helpled her to turn over onto her back.

With our neighbor now on her back, my wife motioned for me to straddle her and use the vibrating dildo on our neighbor just as I often did with my wife. As I straddled our neighbor's upper thighs, my wife straddled her lower legs so that my wife and I were sitting on top of our neighbor to hold her down as we were back to back.

With me facing our neighbor's wet pussy, and my wife facing her feet, I began stimulating our neighbor's pubic bones with the vibrator as my wife began tickling the soles of her feet. Then I gently parted our neighbor's pussy lips, gently inserted part way the vibrator, and pressed its vibrating warmth against her clit. It didn't take long at all for our neighbor's body to tense up and begin shuddering with an intense orgasm. The climax was so powerful that our neighbor began having a series of female ejaculations. Her cum began squirting up again the vibrator and down along her legs.

She could hardly believe it. Neither could I. I didn't know many women who could have such orgasms. My wife had them and I thought that was great. But to know that our neighbor could have them, too, was even better, especially since we could be a part of it. both my wife and I glanced over each other's shoulders to exchange happy smiles.

Our neighbor began crying a bit and exclaiming that she had never had such a powerful series of climaxes in all of her life. She thanked us profusely and wanted to know how we had done it. Apparently she and my wife had discussed my wife's female ejaculations as she said to our neighbor, "See. I told you that you could have them. Isn't it amazing?"

Our neighbor could hardly believe or understand female ejaculations. neither my wife nor I could tell her how we did it, either. Not really. We simply told her that the combination of being tied down, having your feet tickled, and having the vibrating dildo pressed against your clit in such a way, somehow causes female ejaculation to occur.

We admitted that we never tried this out on anyone else before. She had been the first. Personally, I hope she won't be the last, but I'll have to leave that up to my wife. And to think that this whole thing had gotten started with some innocent enough foot tickling of young boys tickling the feet of their neighbor's mothers.
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