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Preying on the ticklish

Talking Tina: Tina's Anatomy. M/f FF/f [NEW!]

I don't know why I never seem to post Tina stories over here. Most bizzare. ...Dah well, here's the latest.

Any and all comments are appreciated.


Tina: Tina's Anatomy.

M/f FF/f

Greg held the door frame hard and used it with his speed to pivot quickly out of the bedroom. Into the hall the young man sped and focused squarely on his prey. Tina was frantically racing for the stairs, the beautiful blonde eighteen year old had to escape. Slightly older, slightly taller, slightly stronger and a great deal faster Greg kicked into high gear and pursued the giggling big breasted girl down through the carpeted second story of Tina's house. Spinning onto the stair case Tina grabbed the hand rail and saw her friend's short mousy blonde hair and lean 5'10 frame gaining on her fast. She had to escape.

Only living a few houses down their quiet suburban street Tina and Greg had been friends for as long as either of them could remember. For as long as the two of them had been friends Greg had taken full advantage of his ditsy pal's greatest weakness, Tina was intensely ticklish. As it stood Tina got tickled on almost a daily basis by friends, family and almost anyone else who discovered her incredible sensitivity. The main problem for Tina, and the greatest advantage for anyone tickling her, was that she fell to pieces when the giggles began, fighting back was barley an option as she became so weak and uncoordinated.

Purely friends Greg still couldn't help but deny his 5'8 long legged friend was drop dead gorgeous. Always smiling, often forcibly so, Tina had a kind almost cliché blonde girl nature. Ditsy was often the word of choice but that often made her playful and caused people to make situations where they could tickle her silly with relative ease. Even then, chasing her down the stairs, Greg couldn't help but notice Tina's long blonde hair bouncing in time with her large melon sized boobs encased only by a small short sleeved pink t-shirt. Even better was the white short shorts and better still was the bare feet, Greg had already taken the socks which was what caused the giggling girl to evacuate her room in the first place.

"You can run-" Greg said enthusiastically as he leapt over the final four steps and watched Tina nervously run past the front door under the archway toward the living room. "-but you can't hide!"

"Noho!" Tina grinned playfully, a little light tickling never bothered her but she knew what Greg had in mind when he'd peeled the socks from her. "Leave me alone!"

"I'm ganna get you T..." Greg said as Tina darted around the back of a recliner and used it to put a barrier between herself and her would be tickler. "...I'm ganna tickle your feet!"

"Eeee!" Tina let out a girlish squeal as Greg threw himself onto the chair and reached over the back just in time to gain an accidental grip on the back of her short shorts. "Woaah!"

Falling forward Tina was slightly peeled out of her shorts which sent the back of them sliding down below her butt cheeks. Greg was not surprised to see a slim pink thong encasing the young blonde's peachy butt cheeks. Tina landed on all fours and even with her shorts sitting low enough to reveal her underwear she had made escape her main priority and began to quickly crawl. The problem with crawling, as Tina was seconds away from discovering, is that it leaves your feet trailing last. Greg, seeing those flawless creamy and hyper sensitive up turned soles before him, clambered awkwardly over the recliner nearly tipping it backward. Landing hard on the carpet the young man crawled to the point of gallop before pouncing successfully onto his target near the arch way the two had just sped through.

"Gotcha!" Greg said with pride and excitement as he pulled an ankle in each hand, swiftly taking Tina's long smooth legs out from underneath her and pivoting a leg over with a twist he was straddling the backs of the blonde girl's legs within seconds.

"Oof!" Tina crashed to the thickly carpeted floor when her legs suddenly disappeared from beneath her and before she could turn to deliver any slaps or other form of physical resistance Greg was already running fingers all over her delicate soles. "EEEiiieee! NAHAHA! Grheeheeg! WAAAHAHA!"

It never ceased to amaze Greg how such a small act could cause such an extreme reaction. To look at Tina's feet though, it was clear they were something special. Flawless in every aspect of the word, cute little toes lead with a sharp curve onto the subtle balls which glided effortlessly into her silky smooth wrinkly arches running parallel with a soft tender instep and then finishing with a sensitive, slightly pink heel. Both cute little bare feet wriggled helplessly under Greg's wriggling fingers which all sent Tina into utter hysterics.

Rolling, bucking and tossing her long blonde hair as she shook her head did little good for Tina. Banging her fists and clawing desperately at the carpet proved just as ineffective but once her feet had been touched any thought of escape tactics, or any thought at all, was tickled from her mind. Unfortunately those that knew Tina well, like Greg, knew that her feet were her most sensitive of all areas. Being as horridly ticklish as she was it often seemed to Tina that it was just plain cruel for her to have a most ticklish spot, it was a fact that being tickled pretty much anywhere was agony, her feet were pure hell.

"...You want to play the game?" Greg asked ceasing his attack and referring to a private game he'd invented long ago where Tina would have to compliment him without repeating the same descriptive word twice or without pausing too long, the penalty being a thorough tickling. "You DO want to play the game..."

"Ahuh...ahuh...no...no I don't...Greg..." Tina said trying to regain her breath, being tickled was terrible but adding teasing games that insured she would always be the loser made the torment even worse.

"Ready? One...two...on three..." Greg said poising his fingers a couple of inches from Tina's soles and ignoring the sudden tugging he felt on the back of his t-shirt, Tina had twisted herself around and was desperately trying to pull him away. "...Three! Go!"

"Greg-Greg is the greatest guy in the world...he is so nice and charming..." Tina began with a quick succession of compliments following the rules of Greg's game as she continued to tug at his shirt in attempt at freedom. "....he always smells good and he's so smart...um...um..."

"Tinaaaa...?" Greg said with a tone of impending doom and inched his hands a little closer, slowly beginning to wiggle his fingers with joyful anticipation.

"And!...And Greg is amazing and cool and...and helpful...please Greg I can't think of anymore!" Tina broke, the game would have been hard enough without the added pressure of an inevitable tickling attack. "Don't tickle me! Oh pleeeaaasee don't tickle me!"

"Tut...what a disappointment." Greg mocked as he lowered his hand swiftly and dug all ten fingers in underneath the blonde cute little toes.

"Nohaaa! AHAHAHAAA!" The big breasted blonde released her friend's t-shirt and rolled back onto the carpet in a fit of full blown belly laughter.

The hysterical blonde's toes curled tightly around the tips of Greg's fingers but it did little good. Under the toes, why did he have to go under the toes? Tears began to well up in Tina's eyes as she beat the floor with her fists. Mercilessly Greg stayed in position, he kept eight fingers squirming devilishly into the backs of the blonde's tiny toes while using his thumbs to lightly scritch at the delicate balls of her feet. He was so systematic, no change in technique and it was driving the poor girl absolutely insane, most ticklers were clumsy and would pause or switch tactics with utterly random thought but Greg knew he'd found a sweet spot and took full advantage.

Her cheeks had soon grown red and small tickled tears were sliding down the roseyness past Tina's full lips. The young blonde's mouth was wide with helpless laughter as she grew weaker and weaker with every passing moment. Calling for help would do no good, even if Tina could have formed full words, her family were all out being a Saturday. Truth was even they were home help was probably the last thing they'd do, join in was far more likely. Fortunately Chrissa, Tina's older sister and worst of the lot no longer lived with them but her parents almost seem to tickle the young blonde more as if to make up for her elder siblings absence.

"Want more?" Greg asked rhetorically knowing full well what the answer would be and only really stopping to rest his hands more than show mercy.

"Nahuh....no...hhh...ahuh...noho..." Tina wriggled her feet now at last free of ticklish touch and wiped tears from her eyes as she gasped for much needed air. "pl...ahuh...please please no more..."

"All I'm hearing is 'please Greg, tickle me more!'" Greg teased as he flexed his fingers in preparation for a secondary assault.

"No...no please- I have to go, I have that thing..." Tina said tugging once again on Greg's shirt although this time with considerably less strength.

"Thing? Oh T please, pull the other one." Greg said turning his head and looking at his pleading friend.

"Yes! My appointment...the doctors, the check up-you know...please..." Tina said as she tried to piece her mind back together from it's tickle confused state.

"You have a doctors appointment? What for?" Greg said standing up and turning to face Tina, well aware that this could be just a ruse for a calculated escape. "You don't look sick..."

"I'm not sick." Tina smiled with relief as she pulled her shorts back up and rolled upright into a sitting position. "It's for that camp counsellors job in the summer...everyone has to get checked out by the doctor and cleared before taking the job."

"Ahh" Greg remembered Tina telling him about the counsellor job briefly, some weeks ago. "What time is the appointment?"

"Two in the afternoon I think..." Tina said grabbing Greg's hand as when he offered it out to help her up.

"Well it's nearly half one now..." Greg said helping his busty blonde friend to a full stand. "...you'll want to get moving."

Leaving Greg to lock up her house Tina jumped in her tiny hatch back and made pace to Doctor Weider's. Doctor Weider wasn't Tina's usual physician but the people running the camp had specified the young blonde go there. Tina didn't mind, she made friends with pretty much everyone and had been looking forward to the counsellor job since she'd read the brochure. Her and a group of other people around the same age would spend eight weeks working with kids and doing all sorts of fun activates, new friendships were practically guaranteed.

Making her way into the one story white building Tina brushed past a large potted fern and took a seat in the waiting room. The nurse behind the desk was a pretty brunette with straight shoulder length hair, dark chocolate eyes and an olive skin tan, she couldn't have been a day over twenty five. The eighteen year old blonde waited several minutes until the door just down the hall opened and a large middle aged woman waddled from within the doctor's office. Followed by the large woman, who fumbled in her purse to pay the bill, was Doctor Allison Weider, a strikingly beautiful woman in her early forties.

With a full lipped smile and shining white teeth Doctor Weider placed a clip board on the reception desk and turned to face Tina. In her cliché white coat with pocketed blue pens and short, sensible blonde hair the good doctor was the definition of professionalism. A friendly wave to her over weight patient left Tina alone in the waiting room with the young nurse and instantly likeable doctor. The nurse took the clip board from the desk and replaced the papers with new ones, handing it back Doctor Weider who then proceeded to give Tina a welcoming smile.

"Ms. Taris?" Doctor Weider asked in a pleasant tone with raised eye brows as she tapped one of her many long well manicured nails against the clip board. "I'm Doctor Weider, please...come this way."

"You don't seem very busy." Tina said with a smile as Doctor Weider closed the door behind the young blonde as she entered the examination room.

"Well we're just getting into summer I suppose..." the good doctor replied as she placed the clip board next to her computer on the large oak wood desk. "...you should see us in the middle of winter, rushed off our feet."

The room was no bigger than Tina's own bedroom. Creamy neutral walls and soft dark blue carpet, the furniture was just that of every other doctor's office with the thin white single pillow bed against the back wall, a scales for weight measurement and inoffensive paintings with things like snowy mountains painted on. There were three chairs all up, two next to the large desk for patients and one with wheels and a swivel function for the doctor. Perhaps Doctor Weider's only piece of real personal touch was the large oak desk, it was dark and looked like it weighed a ton. A top the desk in the very centre against the wall sat a slim expensive black computer and several papers that looked important. The now familiar clip board sat next to the blood pressure tester and a pot of pens sat half empty near the edge.

"I bet...so what are you testing for today?" Tina asked as she walked toward to the patients chairs and placed her small pink purse down in the centre of one. "...Jenny from the camp management didn't really explain too much..."

"That's okay...how about you sit up on the bed there?" Doctor Weider instructed just before the young blonde could sit down in the free chair. "...basically it's all just to check your fit...breathing, blood pressure, muscle tone, that sort of thing."

"Oh okay." Tina said with a smile as she lifted herself onto the bed side, the mattress was thin and her long smooth legs dangled her feet an inch or so from the floor.

"If you'll just take your shoes off and lay back down..." The well mannered physician said before sliding her coat off and placing it over the back of her chair revealing a sensible white blouse tucked neatly into expensive black trousers. "..we'll just test your muscle tone first."

Lying back down onto the bed Tina dangled her cute white cotton socked feet off the end and placed her head onto the thin pillow. Placing a delicate well trained hand under the young girl's wrist Doctor Weider ever so casually signalled Tina to raise her arms upward and she did so, not wanting to get in the way. With her arms up over her head Tina forcibly contained a snicker of sensitivity when Allison Weider raised the eighteen year old's thin pink t-shirt up to the point just below her rib cage. Watching nervously and trying to act as any other patient would Tina locked her nervous gaze onto the doctor's hands as they softly pressed onto the creamy skin of her well toned tummy. With more than a little effort Tina gritted her teeth as Allison squeezed gently at her abdomen and the busty blonde was forced to suppress her impending giggles.

"Meeheehee!" Tina let loose a quick burst of girlish squealing when her kidneys were pressed before immediately shutting her mouth in an attempt to pretend nothing happened.

"Are you alright?" Allison asked removing her hands and looking toward Tina's embarrassed face with curiosity.

"I'm okay...sorry." Tina said regaining her composure as best she could.

"It's fine" Allison smiled and pressed her hands back onto her patient's obviously very sensitive tummy. "I'll try and be more careful."

"Eeehee hahaa!" Tina squealed when the tender area just below her ribs was poked and she whipped her arms down, grabbing the surprised older woman by the wrists.

"...You're a little ticklish aren't you?" Doctor Weider asked with a smile and a raised eye brow as she looked at her hands in the panicked grip of her young patient.

"Heh...sorry." Tina laughed with embarrassment and released her doctor's hands. "I'll try to think of something else."

"That's okay...your muscle tone there seems fine." Allison replied and walked casually toward her desk. "Why don't you leave your t-shirt on the bed and we'll test your sensitivity."

"I'm can tell you I'm really sensitive." Tina said referring to her hyper ticklishness as she sat up on the side of the bed.

"Oh I can see that, but we have to do an official test for the camp forms." Allison said factually as she opened a desk drawer and removed a fluffy white q-tip from within. "You just stand up, raise your arms high in the air and I promise the test will only take a moment."

Not wanting to loose her counsellor position and eight weeks of fun due to a silly technicality Tina slipped out of her short sleeved top and revealed a thin white bra which clearly struggled to contain her large milky white breasts. Standing from the bed Tina faced Allison and raised her arms high in the air which showed off her silky smooth underarms. Bringing the q-tip forward Tina opened her full lips to show gritted teeth as she grinned nervously. It seemed to take forever, the small cotton nub inching ever closer to the young girl's sensitive hollows. Tina figured if it had been Greg or her sister in Allison's position they would move slowly on purpose.

"Eeeheehee!" Tina squealed when the tip finally pressed into the middle of her underarm causing her to quickly bring her arms racing downward.

"...I'm really going to need you to try and keep those arms up." Allison said pleasantly as she guided the blushing young woman's arm back into the air. "That's it, nice and high...just bare with me, it won't be long."

Pursing her lips and keeping her arms held high Tina braced herself for the secondary touch of the tip. It's little cotton frays stroked the delicate skin first and the scantly clad teenager clenched her eyes shut tight. Adding a little pressure and stroking downward caused Tina's face to contort in an image of pure suffering, she was straining with every ounce of will power to not burst into full blown laughter. Poor Tina's cheeks grew redder with every passing second and soon a tear began to form in the duct of her tightly shut eye.

"Waahahah! Stopstopstop!" Tina leapt backward and threw her arms down.

"It's really quite important we test this..." Allison said walking toward the door. "There are a lot of nerves in your underarm so it's the best place...it's either that or your feet."

"Oh-oh god, I'm so sorry." Tina said as she wiped away her tear and watched the friendly doctor poke her head out the door. "I'm just so ticklish..."

"Tabby? Could you come in here a moment..." Allison said before opening the door wider and turning back toward Tina. "It's perfectly alright, we just need a little assistance...how about you lay back down on the bed there?"

"What can I do?" Said the young nurse, Tabby, who had been behind the reception desk earlier.

"Tabby this is Tina..." Allison said and allowed a moment for the two young women to exchange pleasant smiles. "...I've been trying to perform a sensitivity test but we can't quite seem to get through the whole thing."

"A bit ticklish are we?" Tabby said closing the door behind her giving a tone of sympathy. "That's okay, I have the same problem...three older brothers, I can't stand it either."

Lying back down with her head on the pillow Tina nervously stretched her arms high above her head and reminded herself of all the fun she'd have at camp. Tabby knew her role and firmly pressed the bra clad blonde's elbows down to the head edge of the bed, holding Tina's arms in place and stretching her sensitive silky underarms rather taut. With the same q-tip in hand Allison stood at the side of the bed and held it in her hand like a wand.

"Ready?" Allison asked as she began moving the q-tip achingly closer.

"Teep...teehee...oh...heehee! Aheehee! Wahaha!" Tina kicked her legs and shook as the cotton point slid in circles around her helpless hollow.

"You weren't kidding." Tabby remarked with surprise and felt a little silly for comparing her own ticklishness to Tina's who was obviously far more sensitive.

"Hhahaha staahaap! Stahaaaap!" Tina shook her head and pleaded for the test to cease but knew they couldn't if she wanted to pass, they were doing it for her own good. "Pleaheeheese! Ahahahaaa!"

"One moment..." Allison said at last letting relief take hold of her shirtless patient when she stopped and walked toward her desk.

"Hhh...thank you...thank you...." Tina said red faced and panting glad to have it over with. "I'm-ahuh- I'm glad that's over."

"...didn't doctor Weider mention?" Tabby said still pressing Tina's arms down and leaning forward to look the young blonde in the eyes. "This is a two part test."

"Wh-what?" Tina said as Allison came back in to view brandishing a q-tip in each hand. "Oh no! No please don't!"

"Sorry dear it must have slipped my mind." Allison apologised as she raised the two cotton ended tools and began to bring them toward the taut ticklish surface of Tina's silky underarms. "We have to do both sides or else it's not conclusive."

"Oh-oh make it quick! make it quick, please!" Tina begged helplessly not wanting to disrupt this horrible but very important process. "Eeeiieeheee! NAhahaaha!"

Bucking up and down on the thin mattress Tina tugged desperately to bring her arms down but it was no use. Kicking the sheets hard with her socked feet the young blonde's struggling was proving quite the challenge for nurse Tabby. Amongst her tickle shattered mind Tina regretted not asking exactly how long part two of the test was, for all she knew it could go on and on until they had enough data, whenever that might be. The q-tips were doing circles and poking in the centre, another circle and a slow drawn out stroke from top to bottom. Occasionally both tips would be doing different actions which drove the poor girl really crazy, but it was all part of the test.

"Won't be much longer honey." Tabby reassured her pinned patient causing Tina's focus to land squarely toward the nurse when Allison finally stopped.

"Hhh...ahuh...wait..." Tina said bringing her head forward and seeing that Allison had lost the q-tips as was now coming toward her exposed underarms with ten long wiggling nails. "WAIT! No don't! PLEASE! PleEEEEEIIIIEEE!"

Arching her back hard Tina screamed with ticklish agony when five slender fingers began dancing under her arms. Giggling and light laughter was out the window, Tina couldn't even finish half a word let alone a sentence. Had the howling big breasted teen known that full on brutal tickling was part of the test she could have gone and visited her sister instead. Was this worth the job? Was this even part of the test? Helpless the blonde could only cackle wildly as she kicked and thrashed but with her mind utterly confused and her arms pinned high above her shaking head it was impossible to escape.

"Quite the giggly we thing isn't she?" Allison said as she slid a hand underneath Tina and expertly unsnapped the teen's strained bra.

"She sure is" Replied Tabby who watched her mature blonde boss discard the stripped bra and let loose two melons of large creamy flesh. "probably the most ticklish little girl I've ever seen."

"N-No dohoDON'T! DAHAHAHA!" Tina screamed with barley a seconds rest as Allison spider tickled her long nails along the side swells of the howling teen's bulging boobs.

Jiggling like a bowl of jello Tina's breasts were receiving quite a large, and quite an unwanted amount of attention. Unfortunately for the vulnerable blonde the light touching in such a precious area began to cause a rush of intense arousal. As it was this often happened to Tina when tickled, as much as she hated it the poor girl couldn't help but become incredibly turned on. On two occasions in the past the helpless teen had even been to tickled to a full blown orgasm, once on her eighteenth birthday and multiple times one Saturday when a family friend, Henry Wells, took it upon himself to torture Tina's bare sensitive feet.

"Well, well" Allison said stopping and admiring the gasping girl's stiffened nipples by circling them with her index fingers. "Look Tabby...our patient is exhibiting symptoms of arousal!"

"My goodness." Tabby replied looking down at the giggling blonde beneath her. "She's really enjoying this."

"Nño...heehee...pleeheeheese...I haeeiie hate it!" Tina giggled from the delicate attention being paid to her rock hard nipples, confused and embarrassed that her own half naked body was betraying her so badly.

"Oh don't be silly!" Allison said pinching Tina's nipples in between her thumb and index fingers giving them a little twirl back and forth. "I did seven years medical school young lady, look at you, giggling and showing signs of arousal no less...you love being tickled!"

"Hahah noho! Noplease! I caha-cahan't take it!" Tina managed to force out half words with all her might before Allison suddenly began lobster clawing the poor girl's protruding rib cage. "NOAHAHA! PLEEIIIEEEHEESE HAHAHAAA!"

It had become a lot easier for nurse Tabby to keep the young big breasted patients arms down. Tina was still trying desperately to fight back with all she had, unfortunately the more she was tickled the less fight she had. Even more bad news was that the same rule applying to Tina's energy also applied to her train of thought. The ditsy young woman was never the brightest to begin with and when the tickling began, and mercilessly continued, her mind became shattered and lost to the terrible tickling. As tears began to well up in the trapped teen's bright blue eyes she could no longer wonder what kind of crazy test this was, she could no longer even form a coherent sentence.

"Nurse, I think I'm going to need your assistance with this procedure." Allison said without a hint of relent as she focused her rapid squeezing down toward Tina's sensitive sides.

"Hahaaahaaplehaa! NahnahnOOHOOO!" Tina hadn't heard Allison asking for 'assistance' but she knew all about it when the pretty young nurse Tabby released her spaghetti strength arms and dug ferociously into the wildly ticklish girl's underarms. "WAHAHA! NAHAAA PLEEIIIIIEE!"

Fighting back was pointless, the topless girl had been weakened and was now so uncoordinated any hope of an escape plan was impossible. Even with her arms free, poor Tina could only bat weakly at the four expert hands running up her heaving tummy, in between each flexible rib, over her wobbling breasts and into her smooth silky hollows. Forty fingers coming from every direction with pokes, rakes, jabs, dancing, pinching, all designed to drive the hysterical girl mad with laughter. Rolling from side to side Tina would even try in her panic to roll from the doctor's thin bed but a well placed tickle would always send the half naked girl rolling back toward the wall.

"A little help over here doctor?" Tabby said over the top of their patients wailing laughter as she reached over Tina's shaking head and flying blonde hair to firmly squeeze the top of the teen's soft rib cage.

"Certainly Tabby..." Allison said following suit and planting her fingers in-between Tina's ribs before joining in on the cruel squeezing motions.

"AAIIEEEHEEHEE! WAAHAH!" As tears streamed down her reddened cheeks Tina was in pure agony with the two wicked women both launching a full on tickle attack in the same sensitive location.

Held in place by the torturous tickling Tina's body served only to betray her father as her pretty pink panties began to grow moist with unwanted pleasure. With Tabby's thumbs pulsing excitedly into the bubbly sides of the young blonde's milky white boobs this only increased the arousal. Everything else, her strength, her mind, it was all breaking down except the tortured teens arousal which was sky rocketing. Perhaps the only other thing rapidly increasing was the shade of pink now toning Tina's rib cage as it was relentlessly squeezed and poked.

"Laughter really IS the best medicine!" Tabby said continuing her ribtastic attack.

"Never a truer word spoken." Allison replied almost with a frightening calm at what should have been perceived an outrages situation by the two medical professionals.

Even if the cackling young woman could have formed a straight thought, even if she had been at the very height of clarity, the ditsy girl could never have figured out what these two crazed ticklers were up to. By the time a person of Tina's intelligence figured out this was no medical test she had been tickled so much it didn't matter. With twenty fingers exploring her bare torso it took just a few long excruciating minutes to turn the poor teen into a gibbering mess.

"Ha...n-no...heehee…pl-pl…" Tina squirmed weakly atop the thin white sheet when Tabby and Allison finally ceased, her entire rib cage a bright shade of pink. "no more…eeno more…"

"Nurse Tabby" Allison began in a calm professional tone as she turned away from the teary eyed blonde who continued to let out left over giggles. "Please prep our patient for the next procedure."

"Certainly doctor." The young dark haired nurse replied as she slid her hands softly around Tina's shoulders.

"N-n-what…what are you doing?" Tina asked between breaths as Tabby firmly gripped the giggly blonde's shoulders and began to turn her over.

"Don't struggle Tina..." Tabby said pleasantly, her chocolate brown eyes giving off a friendly look that opposed her increasingly sadistic actions. "…or I'll put my finger in your belly button…"

Not wanting to receive a belly button attack and too air brained and tickle-addled to fully comprehend the nurse's next actions Tina reluctantly complied. With a confused sob and the nurse's aid the half naked blonde turned to lay face down, her large milky breasts ballooning out either side of her voluptuous torso. With a few small moans of resistance Tina weakly tugged her arms as Tabby took each wrist and lifted them to the head of the small bed.

"Don't worry Tina." Doctor Allison said in a well practiced tone of reassurance while she stood with her back turned while paying attention to something on her desk. "This test will be much easier than the first one."

"I-I d-don't think I can take any more tests!" Tina said trying to tug her arms down a little more desperately now as she realised Tabby was holding them firmly above the pillow. "Why…why do you have to hold my arms…?"

"We don't want you squirming about and ruining the test dear." Allison said as she turned back toward teary eyed Tina with a stethoscope now hanging loosely draped over her well endowed chest. "If you did that we'd have to start all over again."

With a wide eyed response Tina didn't want to have to repeat any of what she'd been through so far and quickly buried her face into the pillow. Clenching her eyes shut tight the nervous blonde could feel every vulnerable inch of her bare back was on high alert. The anticipation of whatever it was Doctor Weider was about to do was terrifying. Gripping the head of the mattress hard Tina tensed up every muscle in her sweet Barbie like body and tried to pull her arms away from Tabby's grip as for the second time that day someone was removing her small white short shorts.

"Mmm Hmm!" Tina moaned an inaudible protest into the depths of the pillow as she felt the elastic strap slide carefully over her well toned cheeks which lay bare save for the thin strip of pink panty material running down between them.

"Try and remain still Tina." Dr. Allison said calmly to the whining teen who's short shorts now sat wrapped loosely around her knees.

"Ahh! GaaAAH!" Tina arced her head up from the pillow when Allison pressed the ice cold round plate of the stethoscope onto the shocked blonde's left butt cheek.

"Sounds healthy." Allison said with more than a hint of black humour as she padded the freezing stethoscope systematically around the young girl's butt causing her to squeal with surprise every time.

"Stahee! Stop! It's freeheeziiing! Eee!" Tina squealed between half formed please for mercy as the professionalism of Dr. Allison and her nurse Tabby became increasingly questionable.

"This is the best place to check your heart rate…" Allison said while pressing dangerously close to the panty protected centre of the bouncing girl's near bare butt. "…a little known fact."

Tina didn't know much, if anything, about practicing medicine and she was certainly naïve enough to trust the good doctor. In the brief moments between each new frozen press of the stethoscope the half naked blonde couldn't help but wonder if there were perhaps more patient friendly ways of performing these tests. Not that Tina's body wasn't enjoying the shockingly cold sensations landing on her butt, while the eighteen year olds mind reeled with agony the front of her pretty pink panties told quite a different story. While her mouth bit the pillow and squeaked and squealed her other lips were being soaked by arousal in liquid form.

"Hhh…hhh…no…no more tests…" Tina went limp and gasped for air, the effort of bucking up and down with each icy touch having proved an intense work out when Allison finally walked back toward her desk. "I…hh hh…I can't…can't take any more!"

"Oh come now, you're doing so well…" Dr. Weider said as she unhooked the stethoscope from around her slender neck and placed it on the large wooden desk. "…besides we're pretty much done."

"Oh…oh thank goodness." Tina sighed with relief confident in the fact she surely must have passed and began to tug her arms away from nurse Tabby.

"Uh-uh…we're pretty much done." The young brunette nurse said sweetly looking Tina right in her bright blue eyes as she held the topless teen's wrists firmly against the bed head. "Not totally done."

"…please…please just, can you try and not tickle me anymore?" Tina kept her baby blues locked right into the chocolate brown eyes of nurse Tabby with a genuine pleading look.

"It's just a simple reflex test and then a very simple reaction to time ratio exam." Allison explained walking to the foot of the bed. "Nothing to get excited about."

"Please…I-I don't…I'm not, I don't know why I do that." Tina said assuming Allison was referring to the young girls arousal as she strained her neck around to try and see what Dr. Allison was doing as the older woman appeared to be climbing onto the bed. "…wh-what are you doing?"

"I told you, a simple reflex test." Allison replied in her most pleasant tone as she kneeled over the back of Tina's bare calves straddling the confused teen's lower legs with her back toward Tina and Tabby.

"…no!" Tina screamed and tried hard to turn her head before looking at Tabby wide eyed when the panicking blonde felt Allison slide her left shoe clean off. "Don't do that! I can tell you! My reflexes work fine!"

"I'm afraid that's not how it works." Tabby said in the same calm tone as Dr. Allison had used while Tina's other shoe found it's way to the floor.

"Please! Dr. Weider don't! Let me go!" Tina tugged her arms and tried to kick her legs, the fruitless escape attempt causing her large milky breasts to squish back and forth against the bed sheet. "Don't tickle me! Please just don't tickle me anymore!"

"I'll do my best." Allison replied while pinching the end of either sock between her skilled fingers. "I'll run the test, if you suffer side effects I'm afraid that’s just bad luck but nothing serious."

"Please please please!" Tina shut her eyes tight as the room temperature air brushed across her bare soles and she practically heard her thin cotton socks hit the floor. "Hhh hhh hhh!"

Breathing quickly Tina buried her face in the pillow and gritted her teeth with dreadful anticipation. For what seemed an eternity all the poor girl could focus on was her super sensitive bare feet dangling just off the edge. Flashing images of mere minutes ago when Allison's well manicured nails had been running over Tina's ribs and tummy. She tried to block the though but Tina couldn't help do the math of multiplying how much those nails had tickled and how on her soles, on her toes, they would drive her completely insane.

"Do you feel that?" Allison asked as if doing a perfectly standard procedure when she dragged a long index finger achingly slow from the ball of Tina's left sole, across the wrinkly arch and ending on the soft smooth heel.

"mmmMMMMEE YES! YEEES!" Tina shot her head up and turned to her neck's limit trying to inform the good doctor as quickly as possible. "I felt it! I felt it a lot! Please don't do that again!"

"Sorry Tina, we have to do both feet." Tabby said as if giving out mundane instructions.

"NoAAEEHEE!" Tina wailed when Allison dragged her long nail even slower down the trapped girl's right foot than she had the left. "Stop it! Aeee! Stoooaaap!"

"Very good…hold still." Allison said watching the teen's cute toes wiggle nervously below her. "You're doing so well."

"No more! Please don't…make her stop!" Tina looked at nurse Tabby pleadingly once again who simply returned the same eerily professional gaze both her and the doctor kept up so well. "NononAAA! HAaahahaha! EEENO!"

With no warning Tina felt the sudden and excruciatingly ticklish spider tickles run rampant over her bare soles. Dr. Allison was using all ten of her polished nails to scritch lightly over the balls, arches, insteps, heels and even beneath the poor blonde's toes. Trying to cover one vulnerable foot with other was pointless, making little fists from her toes just as fruitless. There was no escape with her arms and legs pinned, the arousal in her panties began to pump with increasing frequency as her virgin mound throbbed. Opposingly Tina's bright blue eyes were drenched with tickled tears, her long blonde hair flying everywhere as she shook her head with horrified squealing.

Doctor Allison was relentless as the cute wrinkly soles turned pink right before her eyes. Straight faced one would never have thought to look at her that the good doctor had a screaming teenager beneath her, the demeanour of perfect beside manner expressed perfectly on the older woman's slender face. Nurse Tabby had the exact same expression of placid professionalism all of which stood in stark contrast to Tina's own wildly contorting facial features. Wide open mouth letting loud belly laughter and high pitch girlish squeals, bright tear filled eyes that clenched tight shut and sprang open with random jolts of shock and the ever reddening cheeks which were getting increasingly soaked by sweat and tears.

"So, so well." Allison repeated completely unheard by the blonde patient who howled with tormented agony when the cruel doctor bent Tina's left foot toes back and spider tickled the teen's taught stretched sole.

In a cute but ultimately feeble attempt Tina's right foot tried it's best to assist its trapped partner. Every time the right would pluck up the courage the foot would move atop the trapped left's sole only to be briefly tickled itself and frightened away. Of course, the helpless cackling eighteen year old couldn't help but try as the five long nails dancing over her stretched sole was agonizing. Bad enough Doctor Allison had to scrape up her arch and under the heel but the time spent poking around beneath those tiny bound toes was pure torture.

"HAAEEhaa…eee! Haha…nohoo!" Tina giggled hoarsely when the doctor finally ceased, it was impossible in such a state to tell how much time had passed but it was enough that nurse Tabby had to let go of the teen's wrists and stretch her arms. "hoho…naha…heehee…"

"Such a good girl." Allison said still straddling the back of the young blonde's calves as she watched the pink soled feet wiggle in time to the fleeting giggles and heavy breathing coming from behind her.

"Only one more test to go." Tabby said rubbing her biceps which had clearly strained to hold the wildly ticklish girl in place for so long. "You'll like this one a lot better than the others."

Oblivious to whatever the two practitioners were saying Tina recoiled her arms and brushed her hair from the sweat on her brow. Panting for much needed air the young blonde felt incredibly vulnerable, like every nerve ending was standing to attention and preparing for an attack. Evidently this was due to her extremely high state of arousal. The last time Tina had been tickled so rigorously on her feet by a non-family member she had exploded with multiple orgasms and she was sure a couple more strokes now would easily push her over the edge.

"This is the reaction to time ratio test we discussed earlier." Allison said while climbing down from the bed and leaving the near nude girl to writhe and squirm among her sweaty state of exhaustiveness and threatening lust.

"Hhh…hhg…g-ghhh" Tina didn't or just couldn't speak as she sat up and dangled her long smooth legs off the edge of the bed, her tummy and large breasts gleaming with a coat of sweat, her pink nipples stiff as pencils and the entire section of thin material covering her virgin womanhood soaking wet with liquid lust, not to mention the large damp patch on the sheet.

"Hold still now." Tabby said walking around to face Tina and before the bare breasted blonde could gather her thoughts the pretty nurse had pinched either side of her panties. "This is a full physical, you understand?"

"…wha?" Tina looked up confused and still not quite all there in the head as the brutal foot tickling had jumbled whatever partially organized thought process she had previously.

Pulling down firmly Tabby tipped the young patient backwards just enough to slide the Barbie pink underwear down onto Tina's firm thighs. With the teen dazed it was easy then for the dark haired nurse to slip the panties down and toss them aside leaving Tina quite nude atop the bed. The sudden realisation she was naked caused some puzzle pieces to fall into place and the big breasted blonde looked down to see her moist shaven womanhood practically fit to burst with honey bliss.

"Best if you climb down from there." Tabby said holding Tina's arm and guiding the completely naked girl onto her feet.

"What…what are you going to do?" Tina asked standing shakily with nurse Tabby still holding her right arm in a caring yet firm manner.

"Have you seen one of these before?" Allison asked holding up a standard blood pressure tester with it's folded black wrap around bag and thin black hose with the round rubber squeeze on the other end. "We use this to test your blood pressure."

"W-wait…" Tina stammered as she could feel her womanhood throbbing fit to release at any moment when Allison and Tabby manoeuvred behind her, taking Tina's arms with them.

Trying hard to see behind her the young nude blonde couldn't turn around. In her weakened state it was enough effort just to stand upright but with the two women pressing her forearms together behind her it was virtually impossible. Hearing the rip of Velcro Tina's stomach sank when she felt the nylon bag being tightly wrapped around her arms, the Velcro then being hooked back together. Worse still was the small flow of lust creaming down between her thighs, the nervous girl knew she was near but couldn't do a thing to stop it.

"Now don't worry." Allison said walking back around the front with the small squeeze pump in hand. "This won't hurt at all."

"Wait…can-can you please just tell me what you're going to do?" Tina said trying to loosen her arms from the nylon cuff which bound them behind her as Allison began to pump the squeezer and rapidly decrease any chance of escape.

"It's just a simple procedure, now if you'll sit down here…" Tabby led the confused yet still sadly trusting girl to the soft leathery executive style doctor's chair all the while Allison followed continuing to pump up the increasingly firm pressure around Tina's arms.

"But…but…" Tina stalled, she really didn't want to have to go into any great detail about what her body was doing nor did she want to be tickled any farther.

"It's the last test Tina. It'll be fine." Allison said in a less reassuring tone than before or at the very least a less trust worthy one as she stopped pumping and helped nurse Tabby ease Tina's bare peach like butt into the soft chair.

"Please…please promise it won't tickle! All the other tests have tickled so much!" Tina pleaded with her arms firmly between her back and black leather chair, the girl's naivety causing Tabby and Allison to exchange an unnoticed side ways look.

"Oh Tina." Allison said placing her left hand on the nude blondes right thigh while Tabby did the same in perfect timing to the other leg. "I can promise…"

Tina shuddered and squirmed as Tabby and Allison slid their hands toward her knees and lowered themselves as they walked. The feeling of their hands wrapping around her ankles as they kneeled either side of feet causing Tina's mound to quiver. Sudden heaving breathing kicked in as each woman took a foot lovingly into their hands, their backs to the poor blonde she lost side of her own bare feet and had no idea what the doctor and nurse were about to do to her.

"…it will tickle a lot." Allison said huskily before wrapping her lips softly around all five of Tina's cute little toes.

Arching her back to near inhuman limits Tina screamed when Tabby followed suit and the two women squirmed their long wet tongues in between her super sensitive toes. Crashing back down to the soft cushion Tina's long blonde hair was wild as she looked on wide eyed at the backs of the two women who held her kicking legs so tight. The screeching teen's large milky breasts jiggled and bounced as she rolled side to side between the expensive wooden arms of the chair.

Her nipples hard as rocks Tina felt the inevitable building at the pace of a stampede. Tabby dragged her teeth over the balls of the pink trapped sole while Doctor Allison flickered her tongue speedily between the heel and arch. Ravenously the two previously professional health practitioners kissed, bit, sucked and licked the two ticklish feet completely destroying any pieces of thought Tina had managed to reassemble.

With the young blonde's mind unwillingly handed over the reigns of control to the tickled sexed up body the leather cushion was now drenched in warm love juice. Suddenly the cackling ceased and only small squeaky giggles could be heard, a hoarse moaning began and Tina writhed in ticklish agony. Allison and Tabby weren't slowing down one bit and with their warm sensuous mouths hungrily devouring ever inch of her bare feet it was mere moments before those hoarse moans turned to loud strained howls of complete and utter pleasure.

Two, three, four mound throbbing orgasms thrashed the young girl who's soaking liquid burst like a torrent through her thighs, over the leather and spilled like a bucket onto the carpet below. The screaming blonde's womanhood wasn't the only thing throbbing as her diamond pointed nipples pulsed with every rush of lustful honey. Her mind utterly gone and reverted to a totally primal state Tina couldn't have fathomed under normal thought processes just how ticklish her feet had become as each new body quaking orgasm caused her to become mind blowingly more sensitive.

Erupting her way though numbers six and seven, although Tina had long since stopped counting, number eight simply caused a rush of goose pimples over her entire sweating cum soaked body. Finally having satisfied their cravings Allison and Tabby lightly kissed the gasping girl's toes as she slumped forward in the chair. Her feet alive with tingling and her body nude and hyper sensitive the exhausted naked eighteen year old titled her head back and with eyes closed elapsed into a near comatose state of exhaustion.

When Tina eventually recomposed herself and came to from the orgasm induced nap it was a groggy and slow awakening. Blinking her bright blue eyes Tina felt warm, very warm. Their was a light tingling around the tops of her bare milky white breasts as thousands of tiny foamy white bubbles popped. Taking in her surroundings she was sitting in warm water, a soapy white sea of bubbles hiding her nude body. Looking around Tina realised she'd clearly been carried to another room although was still within the clinic as both Tabby and Allison sat waiting for their patient to recover.

"Oh lovely you're awake." Allison said as she stood up and picked up a fluffy yellow oval from the table next to her. "Just in time for your sponge bath."


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Bravo, bravo! *claps hands wildly*
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Quite a delicious story! I love how professional Allison and Tabby were through the whole story, while Tina was going insane. Tina seems like the world’s most perfect lee, too silly and oblivious to get what a ticklish situation she’s gotten into and way to out of it to avoid complying with every little request. If she actually enjoyed tickling, she would be perfect. As she is, she’s wonderful for a rich, tickling story! Excellent job!
I find my pleasure in your joy, your joy in your laughter, your laughter in my tickling. Therefore, it is my pleasure to tickle you tonight.
Mirth the Goblin

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Absolutely Wonderful!
The build up, the tickling, the orgasm(s) at the end, this is officially in the top 3 stories I've read on here! Way to go

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This was a fantastic story. I loved the upper body tickling. Thanks for the share.
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Really great story, I loved it!
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Awesome story.
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anatomy, ff/f, m/f, tina

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