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Default Night of the Living Dead Ticklers part 2

Ok guys here is part 2 in my little series.

Night of the Living Dead Ticklers 2

It had been a few weeks since the run in with the tickle zombies. "Doctor Jane please report to the morgue, Doctor Jane please report to the morge!" A voice rag out over the intercom. "Now what?" sighed the doctor as she arived at the morgue. "Doctor Jane this body just came in from the labs I think you should have a look at it." said a fellow doctor as he left. "Looks like another all nighter" said Dr. Jane. There was no one else around so the doctor decided to take off her coat. "Let's see what we have here.." said the doctor as she took a look at Erin's body. For a moment the doctor thought she saw Erin move. "Hm its late, I must be seeing things." she said as she bent over too look at Erin's legs. "Interesting," said Dr. Jane, "It appears that someone bit her.." Dr. Jane was too busy stuidying Erin's leg to noticed that she had opened her eyes. Suddenly Erin sat up. The doctor turrned around in horror and was about to scream. As quick as a flash Erin grabbed the doctor and strapped her down to the table. "What the..." Jane exclaimed as Erin jumped on the table and sat on her waist. Erin then grinned and lifted up the doctors shirt. "Wha- Wha.. What are you going to do to me?" Jane said nervously. Erin just smiled and raised her shirt up even more. Erin's grin became even wider as she wiggled her fingers in mid air. "No you wouldn't.." screamed Jane. Erin nodded her head and started to dig into Janes bare ribs and sides. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Jane howled with laughter. Erin hten kept tickling faster untill Jane passed out. Then Erin got up, bit Jane's ankle, and left.

(A few years later)

Lacy and Katie became good friends over the years and moved to a big city. They had even been eachothers brides maids at eachothers weddings. Lacy had two daughters, Sam and Alice . Katie only had one daughter, Kim. The kids were all teens now with beutiful mothers. Little did they know that the night of the tickle zombies would rear its ugly head once again. A new family had moved to the city and was acting very wierd. They were only seen at night and they almost never talked to anyone. Also strange noises like laughing could be heard comming from thier house. One night after the three teens had come back from a movie they told thier parents about something wierd that had happened. "Mom there was this cute looking boy at the movies today," Sam started to explain, "So we went up to talk to him but when we did he just turned around, grinned, and started to tickle me. Isn't that wierd?" Lacy was worried but dismissed it as coincadence. She made it a rule that the kids werent allowed to go to any big partys without her permission. Then one night as Lacy lay in bed she heard Sam and Kim laughing outside. As she looked out the door she saw Sam and kim on the ground laughing while three boys were tickling them sensless. "Hey you guys stop it right now!" Lacy yelled. One of the boys stopped and turned around. To Lacy's horror, he started to walk towards her with a big grin on his face. "Oh my gosh!" Lacy gasped as the boy got closer and started to make tickle motions with his hands. "Katie!" Lacy yelled, but it was too late.

Lacy turned to run but the zombie tripped her and grabbed her leg. Lacy tried desperatly to get away. As she went to kick the boy, he doged out of the way and pulled of her slippers. "NOO!" Lacy thought as she knew what was about to happen next. "Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!" she giggled as the zombie tickled her bare foot. BANG! The zombie dropped dead. "Just like old times huh?" Katie said with a smile. "Come on girls run!" yelled Katie, and they all ran. While they were heading to the police station they saw ther nextdoor neighbor's daughter stuck in a tree upsidedown. "Mom look its Bex!" shouted Kim. "Hey Bex, what are you doing up there!" shouted Alice. "Well I was going for a night swim with one of my friends when these two wierdo guys came and grabbed my friend. So I screamed climbed this tree and got my legs caught." Bex explained. "What are you wearing!" shouted Lacy for she awlready knew what the answer would be. "A bikini! I didnt have time to change." said Bex. "Mom look!" shouted Sam. Four zombies had started to climb the tree. "Hey what are they..." this was all Bex managed to get out before bursting into a fit of laughter.

"Hey they're.. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! ti- ti- hahaha! they're tickling me! Hahahahahahhehehahahahahhahahahhehehehehe!" Bex screamed as the Zombies tickled her feet. Then another zombie came up with a branch of leaves and tickled Bex's midsection with it. "NOOOO!" Bex screamed as her laughter grew steadily louder. "Mom we got to help her!" said Sam. "Ok you girls wait here and i'll try and help." Lacy said. She hadent gotten half way when all of a sudden a figure dove at Lacy and knocked her down. "Hi sis remember me!" Lacy's eyes grew wide with fright. "Oh my gosh its Erin." gasped Katie. "Your alive!" yelled Lacy, who was glad to see her sister. "Well kinda." said Erin with a evil smile. "You mean... that your a... a..." stammered Lacy. Erin just smiled and began to slowly raise Lacy's shirt up to her neck, exposing Lacy's still magnificant figure. "Now you will pay for laetting that zombie tickle my feet!" said Erin as she pulled out a chicken feather out of her pocket and smiled. "Your'e not going to tickle my feet with that are you?" asked Lacy in a small voice. "Nope, I am going after the best spot of all!" exclaimed Erin as she lowered the feather. "NO! noth there please, anywhere but there!" begged Lacy but Erin just smiled and nodded her head.

"NAhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !" screamed Lacy as the feather was twirlled around in her navel. "Pleheheheheheheese stop ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" begged Lacy through her laughing. "You know sis," said Erin as she continued to spin the feather, "While I was away I sought out the demon who started this all and I asked for specail abilities." said Erin as she lightly traced circles around Lacy's navel. "I can not only tickle better then any of these half wit dummies, but I can also make any part of your body as ticklish as I want." said Erin. "There's only one thing." said Erin as she let Lacy catch her beath. "Whats that?" stammered Lacy, still recovering from the intense tickling she had just recieved. Erin chuckled, "Well in order to keep these "Gifts" I need to bring the demon back a ticklr slave in whome he can tourture for eternity." said Erin. "Your'e not.. gonna take me? Are you?" asked Lacy nervously. Erin laughed, "Of course not silly, you see I also learned that each generation is more ticklish then the first soooo.." paused Erin, " I'll take one of your daughters." said Erin with an evil grin on her face. Now which one to choose?" Erin contemplated. She then snapped her fingers and eight zombies appeared by Sam and Alice. "Hold it right there!" yelled Katie as she pointed the gun at Erin's head. "Um Katie my dear you might wanna put the gun down." suggested Erin. "Why's that?" asked Katie. Suddenly a zombie walked up behind Katie and started to viciously tickle her ribs. "I tried to war you." sang Erin as Katie screamed and dropped the gun. "You know what maybe I'll just take all three girls.." said Erin thinking aloud. And with that she snapped her fingers and Sam, Alice, and Kim were taken away by the zombies. "Oh and guys you might wanna turn around, bye bye!" san Erin asnd she too ran.

"Noooo!" yelled Lacy and Katie, as all four girls dissapeared. Right as she was about to start chasing them a band of zombies came. "We have to save the kids!" yelled Lacy. She picked up the gun and shot the zombie that was tickling Katie. But no more then two seconds later four zombies took its place. As Lacy and Katie went to run, the zombies dove and knocked them down. In a flash the girl's shoes were off and the zombies bagan to tickle thier feet. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the girls laughed. BANG! BANG! It was Lacy's husband who served in the military. "You girl ok?" he asked as he helped them up. "We're fine but they got the girls" explianed Katie. "Quick we need to get to the base to get help." orderd Lacy's husband. Suddenly another band of zombies came. "Quick you girls take my truck, go to the base and wait for me there. I'll hot wire that motercycle over there and lead them away from you." he said. "Be careful!" Lacy called after her husband as he ran off. "Aren't I always?" he said with a grin. "Now hurry up and go!" LAcy and Katie quickly got into the car and drove off.


Sam, Alice, and Kim were terrified as the zombies carried them away. "Hey," whispered Alice, "I think we can out run them, just run when I say so." The other girls looked at eachother and nodded. "Ready, set, go!" yelled Alice and all three girls ran off. Alice and Kim didn't get four feet when the zombies got them. As quick as a flash the zombies stripped the girls of thier shoes. "Hahahahahahehehehahahahehahahahahahahahaha!" the laughed as every inch of thier feet was tickled. Sam ran off and hid behind a giant tree and watched as her sister and friend were tickled. "Well, well, what do we have here?" Sam whipped around and saw Erin standing behind her. "Looks like we'll have to teach you a lesson little missy" said Erin. Then she grabbed Sam and tied her to a branch on the tree. Erin then walked over to the side and whispered something into a knot in the tree. "What do you want?" stammered Sam as Erin walked back around. "Well we are going to see the demon who started this all." said Erin. "But first I think you should be taught a lesson about running away." Erin then snapped her fingers and the branch that Sam was tied to raised up. Then A root came out of the ground ant wrapped its self around Sam's legs and pulled down. This streched Sam's body out and caused her shirt to rise up a litle and expose a small sliver of her stomach. Erin smiled and snapped again and two branches came down and lifted Sam's shirt up exposing her beautiful body. "My what a cute little body you have here." sain Erin in amazement. "What are you going to do?" asked Sam nervoulsy. "Well I think you know the answer to that awlready." said Erin as she began to smile. "Please don't." Sam began to plead. "Don't what?" asked Erin with a big smile. "Tickle me" said Sam. Not more then two seconds later Sam realized what she had said. "No wait i didn't mean...." Sam began to say. But it was too late. Erin began to flutter her fingers inside of Sam's hollow pits. Sam screwed her face up in determination not to laugh. Oh so thats how its gonna be?" said Erin. "Well then lets see if this will help!" Erin snapped and two branches came down and started to tickle Sam right above where Erin's hands were.

Sam burst in to laughter. "Naaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!" she laughed,"Hahahaheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh ehehehe, make it, make it stop pleeeeeeeeeese!" screamed Sam as Erin began to tickle harder and faster. And as Erin tickled harder and faster so did the branches. "Ok i'll stop." said Erin, giving Sam a chance to breathe. "Now how about your ribs? Are they ticklish too?" asked Erin as she cracked her knuckles. "Oh please no! You, you , can't, thats the most ticklish place on my body. I beg you just let me go!" Sam began to sob. "oh don't cry honey, lets put a smile on that face" and with that Erin dig into Sam's ribs causing her to explode in a giant fit of laughter. Etin squeezed viciously at the bare skin of the howling girl's soft tanned rib cage. The harder Sam laughed the harder Erin tickled and the harder Erin tickled the louder and more intense Sam's laughter became After a few minutes Erin told the zombies to tie up the others and take them to the demon while she looked for the others.

Back at the city, as Katie and Lacy were driving they noticed that the city was full of people running scared for thier lives. "This brings back bad memories" said Katie. When Katie and Lacy arrived at the base it seemed that no one was around so they went around to investigate. They slowly walked in and started to look around. "I wonder where everyone is?" asked Lacy. Suddenly Mike, Lacy's husband, burst through the door. "Theye're killin us out there" Mike said. "The zombies just bite poeple" Laxy and Katie both looked at eachother in fear, soon they would be overrun with zombies. "Well, helooo!" sang Erin as she came out of the shadows. "So you got married huh sis?" she asked Lacy. "Get away from here you stupid zombie!"yelled Lacy. Erin's mood went from happy to extramley angry. "You think you can tell ME what to do? Lets see how you like it when I turn the one you love into one of us!" Erin dived at Mike who stepped to the side and pinned Erin down on her stomach. "Is this the one who took our kids?" Mike asked. LAcy nodded. "Anything you want to do with her?" he asked the girls as he winked at them. Lacy and Katie both bsgan to smile. "Sure" they said.

Mike tied up Erin's hands and took her to an examinig room. He then strapped her down with her arms out to the side. "Here is how things are gonna work," he said. "Lacy and Katie are gonna ask you some simple questions. Now you can either tell them what they want to know or they can make you tell them." Erin laughed an evil laugh. "Ahh but you see if they kill me then they'll never find out where your kids are." Erin said triumphetly. "Mike smiled, "I'll go watch the front door you guys have fun now!" he said and waled out. "Please nothing you can do can make me talk." roared Erin. Lacy smiled and laughed. "Oh i can think of one thing. She then walked over to the table and grabbed a knife. "So what if you cut my arms off" said Erin. "I'll just find some new ones." LAcy smiled and walked over to Erin. "Oh I'm not gonna cut you up." said Lacy as she sliced down Erin's shirt. "Wait what are you doing!" yelled Erin as Katie removed her shirt. "You haven't aged a day have you lil sis" said Lacy as she looked down at Erin's young looking body. "Oh I have waited for this for a while1" said Katie as they gathered around Erin's body. "Wait you cant do what I think your gonna do! I'm the tickler here!" screamed Erin in rage. "Not at the moment in time" the girls said with a big grin.

"NOOOO!" Erin screamed as the girls started to lightly tickle her around the waist. "Hahahahahahahehehehehehahahahahahahahahahahahaha! " laughed Erin as Lacy and Katie ran thier finger all over her sides. "Now you are gonna tell us where you took our daughters" said the grils. "Ne, Ne, NEVER! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe !" screamed Erin as she witherd and twisted. "Ok then its time to get serious." Lacy said. Katie took a seat right above Erin's head and Lacy sat on Erin's waist. "We'll ask you one more time Erin, where are our daughters!" demanded Lacy. "You'll have to do alot more then a little side tickling to get anything outta me!" Erin said viciously. "Have it your way!" the girls said. Then Katie dug deep into Erin's ribs and tickled with all her might while Lacy tickled Erin's navel with one hand and her wist with the other. "Ok, ok!" yelled Erin, "I'll tell you, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha, hahahahahahehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe heheh! They're, they're in the old abandoned wearhouse hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thats where he hides, hahahahahahahaheheheheheheheheheheheheheh! Now please stop! Hahahahahahaha" the girls stopped and went to run for the door. Out of nowhere Mike staggered in, "Oh god they bit me!" The girls looked in horror. "How long?" asked Katie. "Two hours" Mike replied. "Go now before its too late!" he said. Lacy's eyes filled with tears as they said goodbye.

The next thing they knew Sam, Alice, and Kim found themselves in a old building, where the zombies had stopped to take a break. "This is all my fault guys, I know it." said Sam. Alice looked at Sam, "How is all this your fault?" Alice asked. "Hey maybe we can try and escape again, I mean I don't see Erin anywhere. You guys wanna give it a try?" she asked. The girls thought about it and finally decided to go for it. They would run down the stairs and dive out the nearest window. The girls waited untill no one was watching then made a mad dash for the steps. Sam and Kim made it out the door but Alice wasn't able to shut the door. Some zombies had grabbed her by the ankles and were dragging her back. Alice tried to get away but a zombie had come up and tickled her under the arms. Alice let out a yelp and was drug back inside. Sam and Kim quickly ran to the nearest hloe in the wall and watched as the zombies tied Alice on her stomach to a table. They were given orders from Erin before that if anyone tried to escape they were to tourture them slowly. The zombies tied Alice down and pulled up her shirt. "Help! Someone they are going to tickle me!" One zombie went to the front of the table and pulled on Alice's arms, making sure she was streched out. OUt of the shadows stepped Dr. Jane. Jane walked over to the side of the table and lighlty ran one finger from Alice's wrist down to her waist. "Hehehe!" Alice giggled. "Oh I'm sorry did that tickle?" asked Jane playfully. She then did the same to the other side, running her finger down Alice's arm, and into her underarm in which she gave a quick flick of the finger. Jane's finger continued down passing over each rib and down her sides. "Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!" Alice giggled. "Now where should I tickle you next?" Jane thought aloud. "How about your sides?" Jane said as she lightly scratched Alice's sides. "Hehehehe, b.. b.." Alice stuttered, "B.. BITCH!" she yelld as ahe burst into a fit of giggles. "Now you've done it , little missy." said Jane. Then Jane dug into Alice's sides and furiously tickled them. "Oh no, HA, HA, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahehehehehehehehehehe hehe! Please stop i'm sorry, i'm sorry! Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah!" Alice whipped back and forth trying to escape the tickling fingers of Jane but to no avail. Jane then signled one of the zombies to take off Alice's shoes and socks. One of the zombies stepped forward, put Alice's feet between his legs and strted to tickle them with a feather. "No, not my feeeeeeheeeeet! Alice screamed as the zombie tickled her feet and as Jane moved her attack to Alice's ribs. Alice burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Sam and Kim had moved to the roof and watched as Alice was tickled out of her mind. Suddenly the roof gave way and the girls fell. Both luckly and unluckly for them thier feet got caught in some rope which stopped them a few feet off the ground. "Well hello, hello, hello ladies!" Came a dark and sinister voice.

"Lets stop at the mall for supplies." Katie said as she looked over at Lacy. "Whats the matter babe?" she asked. "I don't know how much longer I can keep this up, I mean first my parents, then my sister, then my kids, and now my husband. I can't hold on for much longer Katie." Lacy sobbed as they pulled into the malls parking lot. As the girls walked in the door thier hearts almost stopped. The whole mall was filled with zombies. The girls turned around to try and get out but the doors were locked. Oh, shit" they both thought together. Then as suddenly as all the other times, the zombied pounced. They raised the girls shirt up and over their heads. The zombies squeezed viciously at the bare skin of the howling girl's soft tanned rib cage. The rib tickling seemed to stay on the bone a lot, but it was the soft spots inbetween that were where the girls were most sensative. "NAAAAhahaha! NONO! AHhhhaaa!" the girls cried out in laughter as thier ribs were mercelessly tickled. " "No! No PLEASE! AAAHahahah! Naaahah! HAHAHA! EEEE! NOT AHAHAH!" The girls laughed. Then the zombies held Katie down while they tickled Lacy. " YEEAAHA HAAA EEK NOOO IT TICKLES SOOO MUCH!" Lacy cried as the zombies used feathers on her upperbody. "EEEKKK YAAANOOO YAYAYA HAHAHAHAH GEDDOFFFFF HAA HAA AARGHH HHAHAHA" Lacy secramed and thrashed but couldn't get away. Then the zombies resumed tickling Katie. They began to attack her with a series of upperbody tickles going for the ribs, sides and underarms. "YAA HAA NNOOOOOO NOOO HAAA IT TICKLES HAA HEE HAA HHAA HEE HEE HAA" she cried out as the zombies tickled her. Both girls then felt thier soes being taken off. "Noooo not my feeeeeeeeeeeeeet HA HA HA HA OH MY GOD NOOO STOP IT HA HAAHAHAHA HEE HEE HEE HE HAHHAHAHAA YAAH AHAHAA OH NOOOOO" Katie screamed as her feet were raked from top to bottom.

Lacy's full body was being tickled now. "Eeehee hee noooooo not there yaa hahaahahaaa" giggled Lacy as her underarms were tickled. "NOOO HOOOOOO HHAAA HHAAA NOOO STOP EEEET HEEH HAHAH "WAAAHAHAHAHAHEEHEEHEEYAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAA!" now every part of Lacy's body was exposed and tickled to no end. "NOOOOOHAAHAHAHHMUAHAHAHHAHH EEEEHEE! HAHA!" the girls screamed and laughed and giggled untill they thought they were going to die. BOOM!!!! The doors flew off thier hinges. "Heeeeerrrrreees MIKEY!!!" Mike yelled as he took out his pistol and started shooting the zombies. Lacy and Katie quickly got up. "But how?" Lacy stammered. "One of the surviving officers gave me a serum, but I have no idea where he got it from, now come on lets go!" Mike explained as he tossed his pistol aside and pulled out a shotgun. "Keep them busy for a few seconds!" he yelled. Out of nowhere Mike came driving up in a giant hummer. He gunned it and headed straight for the door. Then he jumped out, rolled, got back up and through a grenade into the trunk of the hummer as it barrled into the mall. "Get down!' he yelled as the hummer exploded and blocked the exit.

(back @ wherehouse)

"Who, who are you?" asked Kim. As the dark gigure stepped into the light. He looked almost like the Egyptian god anubis, exept he had a loong ponytail and he was dressed in a blue ternch with long black pants. "They call me Yellow eyes" the stranger said. "I am the demon who created what you see around you." he said in a demonic tone. "Now lets go to somewhere more private." he said, and with a snap of his fingers they were in a giant black space with green fog everywhere. "Welcome to my home." Yello eyes said with a bow. "Now do you all know why you are here?" he asked. The girls all shool thier heads no. "Well then let me explain," he said conjuring up a stool. "You three now have the honor of being my personal tickle slaves for eternity. Now doesn't that sound fun?" he asked with a big smile. "Now lets begin wiiith... you." he pointed to Kim. He snapped his fingers and clouds of smoke appeared and lifted them off the ground by thier wrists so they just hung there. Yelloe eyes snapped again and six pairs of floating gloved hands appeared. "Are you ready my dear?" he asked Kim who started to shake violently. " Please…don't tickle meeeeeee…PLEASE…hehhhheeheehehehehehehhehhehhehehh ehehhehhehe" begged Kim as the gloved hands darted up Kim's shirt and started to tickle her underarms. Does that tickle bad Kim?" Yellow eyes asked with a grin of satisfaction. "Stttoopppppp…heheheheheheheeee…please…heehhah ahha aaaa…" Kim laughed. "Answer the question Kim, does it tickle?" he asked more sternly. "Yyeeeesss…hhehehehehehheheee" Kim answered in a fit of giggles. "HHEEEEELLLPPPPPPPP!" she cried out but no one came.

Yellow eyes snapped his fingers again and the gloves moved from tickling her underarms to wickedly tickling her stomach and sides. "HHEHEHHEHEEEEHAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA" Kim laughed and screamed as the gloved ahnds flew up and down her sides. The hands would tickle one spot together and then quickly tickle Kim all over. Yellow eyes was laughing as the hands did thier work. Kim's howling laughter was filled with frantic pleas for mercy, but mercy was not granted. "AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! NOHOHOHOHO MOHOHOHOHORE! AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!" Kim laughed again as she felt the tingling sensations move to her ribs. pleeeeeeeeease... ohohohohoho gohohohohohosh... make it stohohohohohohop.... aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!" the girl laughed helplessly as the fingers moved up and down her sensative sides. Yellow eyes snapped and the hands came out from under her shirt. "I alway say that embarassing someone is just as good as tickling them." he said as he removed her shirt completly. "Ready for some foot tickling Kim?" the demon asked with a big smile. Why are you doing this to me?" Kim asked. "If yo umake it through today maybe i'll tell you but for right now," He snapped and the hands went to work on Kim's feet. -"Plehehehehehehehease... nohohohohohot my feehehehehehehet... ohohohohohohoho nohohohohohoho aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! -"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! NO MY TOES!! OH, GOD! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! PLEASE MAKE IT STOOOOOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHP!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Kim's lauhgter was lovely and a little high-pitched. She looked as a little child being helpessly tickled, twisting and struggling in her bondage, trying to find a way of escape that situation. "Ok you jave had your fun, now for you Alice."

"OH MY GOD…PLEASE…NO!" Alice said with a look of fear in her eye. "I didn't wanted to be cruel, but you leave me no choice." said Yellw eyes. Mmmmmmmmmahaaahahahahahahaha ooooooooohohoho nohohohohoho.... AAAAaahahahahaha!!! Dohohohohohon't dohohoho thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Nooooohohohohohohoo! HAHAHAHAHA!" Alice screamed as the hands began to glide very slowly her finger on to her naked bellybuton. She could feel the giggles coming out, as realized, Alice's stomach begun to tremble. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... NOHOHOHOHOHOHO.... DOHOHOHON'T... DOHOHOHO... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAT... PLEHEHEHEHEASE... AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!" The laughter begun to flow out of Alice's mouth. She had a beautifull femenine laughter that sounded no histeric, but very sexy. Her giggles increased as the gloved hands tickled her all over her sensative belly. -"OHOHOHOO FOR GOD SAKE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! DOHOHOHOHONT TICKLE MY BEHEHEHEHEHELLY!!" Her giggles increased as the hands now moved to her belly, up to her ribs. AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NOOOOOOOOOHOHOHOOHOOOOHHOHOHO!!! DOHOHON'T TICKLE MY RIBS, AAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Alice laughed as hard as she could and there was nothing she could do about it. "Oops, I'm sorry. Does that tickle? Tickle tickle tickle.." teased Yellow eyes as the magical hands moved up and down Alice's super ticklish ribs. "Hahahahahahaha!!! Oh nohohohohohohohohooo!!! Aaaaaaaahahahahahahahahhaha!!!" Alice screamed as five more hands appeared and started to tickle her ribs and sides. "Are your feet as ticklish as the rest of your body?" asked Yellow eyes as six hands started to tickle her feet viguroulsy. "HOHOHOOHOHO MY GOHOHOHOHOSH... NOHOHOHOHOT THERE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! PLEHEHEASE PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!! DOHOHOHOHOHOHON'T TICKLE MY FEET AAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Alice was overcome woth tickling feelings on her feet. With one final snap ten pairs of hands appeared and tickled Alice all over her body. "AAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! NOOOOOOOOOHOHOHOOHOOOOHHOHOHO! OOOOOOOHOHOHOHO NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!! AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OK, YOU WIN! PLEASE! STOHOHOHOHOHP AAAAAHAHAHAHHA!!!!" Alice screamed and bucked and laughed in hestyria. "Now for the third and final ticklee, Sam!" grinned Yellow eyes.

"How you ticklish are you?" asked the demon. Sam started to shake. "Me? T-t-ticklish? Well, no. I'm not ticklish. Not at all" Sam became very nervous when Yellow eyes asked for her ticklishness. "You know, like the most teen girls are deliciously ticklish on almost every inch of their desirable bodies, and I don't think your an exception." said Yellow eyes with a frown, "Fine, then you wouldn't mind if try to discover it myself." he said. "But I'm telling you the truth... I'm not ticklish" insisted Sam. The tickle demon became very annoyed at the girls answers. "Fine, if you insist on lying me, what can I do? Let's see where shall I begin... your armpits look really sensitive." Soon the captive felt the gloves race up her shirt and tickle her veery slowly on her armpits. Stephani couldn't help it. "aahahahahahaha fine, I'm tickihihishhahha please stop nowhehehehehe." Sam tried but could not hold back her ticklish laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA PLEASE STOPHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS TORTURE FOR ME AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF HOW TICKLISH I AM HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!" The gloves grew faster and harder and so did Sam's laughter. Yellow eyes snapped his fingers a third time, "OOOHOHOHOHO GOOHOHDAHAHAHAHA! WHAHAHAHAHY ARE.. YOU ... DOING THIS HAHAHAHAHA!! OH... oh... thank you... please... let me go... oh no, don't touch my ribs!! aahahahahahaha nooooohhohohoh, no my ribs ahahahahahaha!!! noooooooo!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sam howled with laughter as the hands started to play Sam's ribs like a piano. The hands raced under her shirt tickling up and down her body. "AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!! NOHOHOHOHOHOH MOHOHREAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! AAAAAAAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!" Yellow eyes then strolled over to Sam's body. "Hey, what are you doing?!" The girl demanded. "Now you dont expect me to let my hand monions have all the fun?" Yellow eyes said as he cracked his fingers. He saw that because Sam was streched out her shirt rose up and revealed part of her waist. The demon abandoned his post and attacked Sam's delicate hipbones. "HAHAHA, PLEASEHAHA HAVE MERCYHEHE! STOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHP AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHA! DOHOHOHN'T TIHIHIHICKLE MY TUMMYH, NOHOHOHOH MOHOHOHORE PLEASEHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! IT TIHIHCKLES REAHAHAHALLY BAHAHAHAD HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Sam threw her head back and laughed and opened her lungs wide as she could; her cheeks went crimson, and the tears poured from her eyes and felt on the floor as she felt the most ticklish spot on her body being nibbled, sqeezed, and tickled mercylessly. Yellow eyes then stopped.

"That's right, relax. I don't think you mind if I tickle your feet then." he smiled in almost an evil way and removed her slippers. "Noo!!! Not my feet, please y beg you!!! Have mercy, I'll go insane!!" While Sam begged for her sanity, Yellow eyes licked his lips delighted as he saw Sam's beautiful feetsies wiggle in despair. "Come on, I guess you like like it allredy, don't you?" the dog like demon begun to tease her sole very sensually with the tips of his claws. "No, I hate it... ahahahahahahahaha... oh, please leave me feheheheheht aloneahahaha!! aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhahahahha!! Cut if ohohohohohohohoff!! Mercyhehehehhahahahahahahaha! I'll do what ever you wahahahahahahant!" Sam begged and tried to bargan her way out of more tickling. "Mmmmmmm..." thought Yellow eyes, "That's very temptating. But I just want you to laugh, my ticklish girl. Kootchie kootchie koo!" Yellow eyes was stroking very softly the girl's arches, and then he moved his tickly claws to the top of her feet, just to see her toes spreading and clenching to escape form the ticklish touches. The young girl twisted and moved following to the electrical feellings on the white and pale soles. Very slowly the canine demon dragged his nails from the heels to the base of the toes of both feet. He couldn't be more satisfied with the laughter that poured out of the mouth of his captive. It was so pure, so delicious, that it only made him want to taste that irresistible body. "AHAHAHAHAHA!! NOHOHOHOHOHOHMOHOHOHOHOHOHREAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ! AAAAAAAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!" Sam screamed. "Mmmmmm... those piggies looks so yummi... I think I'll eat them right now."
-"NOOOOOOOOHOHOHHOHHOH DOHOHOHOHON'T!" While the teenager was trying to finish her sentence, Yellow eyes started to kiss the top oh the girl's toes. They smelled great, like roses. Beside they were in a perfect pedicurated state. He wanted more, so he started to rub the tip of his tongue on the base of Sam's totsies. They had an irresistible taste, that begged for being probed. So now, Yello eyes opened his mouth and sucked sensually the short chubby toes of the girl. "Mmmmmm... ahahahahahahahaha... mmmmahahahaha... that doesn't tickle thahahahat bahahahahahahahad... mmmmm...." Sam said in a attempt to end her tourture. "Really? Oh, I'm terribly sorry then." Then the demon stroked again the arches of the girl with his nails as he snapped his fingers. All of the hands suddenly jumped to life and tickled Sam all over her sensative body. Her shirt was abuzz with tickling hands. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IT TIHIHCKLES REAHAHAHALLY BAHAHAHAHAD NOOHOHW AHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HEHEHEHEHELP MHEHEHEHE!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! OHOHOHO MY GOHOHOHOHD AHAHAHAHA!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! STOHOHOHOHOHP TICKLING MEHEHEHEHEHAHAHA! QUIT IT! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ANYWHERE BUT THERE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO MY RIBS HAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I WAHAHAHANT TO GOHOHO HOHOHOHOHOME AHAHAHA!" Sam laughed as EVERY inch of her body was tickled without mercy. "ok I think we have had fun for the moment." Yellow eyes snapped for a final time and the hands dissapeared. "I think I'll go see ow things are doing out there." He said and left the three tickle slaves to wait for his return.

"Oh thank goodness you came!" said Lacy as she gave Mike a big hug. The three then went off to look for thier daughters. As they got into the car Mike asked Lacy to tell him exactly what happened when she was little. Lacy told Mike every little detail of what happened that teribble night they were tourtued. "I knew you had beeb there but I had no idea how bad you guys had it." Mike said. "Well its time to go demon hunting" Mike said as they drove off to check the whearhouses.

(End for now)

Ok toughts? opinions?
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Amazing, i love ur stories!
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That was super! I didn't expect to see a demon! You are something else!
If you have feet, let me tickle them, please?

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