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Old 02-16-2007, 12:31 AM   #1
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Default Tickling wife's friend's feet - true story

Background- my wife has a really hot friend I will call "Stacy". She reminds you of Jessica Simpson - no kidding. I don't know what happened to part 1 of my story- can't find it, but this is part 2 which involves the tickling of her feet.


Well Stacy came to visit us again last evening, and this time I did get a better shot at her feet. She came in and kicked off her sandals, immediately I checked her toes, this time painted a nice cranberry red!! The Frenchie that she had the last visit was long gone. After she left the room to go see the wife, I picked up a sandal and checked it out -- size 8, just as I thought.

As the evening and dinner wore on, I snuck glances at Stacy's smooth, perfect feet whenever I could. She was wearing some baggy jeans, so sometimes only her toes were visible, but this was fine by me.

Later, after dinner and many glasses of wine, I got my chance. We had retired to the family room to watch a tape of last week's "Survivor". Stacy was sitting on one end of the sofa with her perfect bare feet up on the coffee table. I absolutely could not keep my eyes off of them. I was at the other end of the sofa. My wife was in a chair off to the side. As if on cue, Stacy swung her feet off the coffee table and onto the couch between us, so that her soles were facing me. A minute or so later, my wife got up and said she was going to the bathroom. I had only a couple minutes, it was now or never. Here's what happened:

Me: Look at these red toes here (I started rubbing her toes), do you like to have your feet rubbed??
S: Yes. You gave me so much s*it last time about the frenchie I painted them.
Me: So how about this then? (I start tickling her arch lightly)
S: (Snickering) I'm not ticklish!! Well, only at certain times and certain places...
Me: (Now I am continuing to tickle up and down her foot, and on top of her toes) So where is your ticklish spot Stacy??
S: (Still snickering and giggling, but not really pulling her foot away). That spot right in the middle (of her arch).-- So of course I concentrate on that!!!
Me: You mean right HERE?? (I tickle her arch more)
S: Yes!! Now I am fighting it and trying to hold out on you!!! (snickering)
Me: I'll bet you can't (tickling more)
S: Keeps snickering, giggling, then swings her feet around back to the table again. A few seconds later my wife returns... by now I'm trying to hide my "obvious excitement"........!!!

Stacy wasn't quite as ticklish as I hoped, but I did get a pretty good reaction and I bet that with more time, or if I had her foot restrained somehow, she would have been more ticklish. She kept those beautiful feet up on the table the rest of the evening, flexing her foot and wiggling her toes. I'm not really sure if she is on to me or not, my suspicion is that she isn't, at least not yet.

Stacy spent the night in the guest room. This morning she got up and came out with some shorts on and barefoot, giving me a much better look at her lean legs and her entire foot. They are some of the best feet I've seen in a long while, and I've seen plenty!!! After she showered, she came back out barefoot with the jeans on again and got in the same position at the end of the sofa with her barefeet up on the coffee table again while she read the paper. My wife was upstairs getting ready to go shopping with her. I didn't make another move for her feet, in retrospect I should have given her arch a quick tickle again and said "where exactly was that spot again??". I guess I was too groggy from the night before.....I just pretended to read the paper while staring over or around it at those perfect feet.

Anyway, I'm hoping I'll get yet another shot at Stacy's feet again soon, although cold weather is coming and I'm afraid those perfect feet will be covered up for the season, but I am hoping for the best!!!
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the hollywood brother wants you to enjoy those legs and feet
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sole seeker
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Yeah, I'm with HB. Get them piggies! Try her with stockings on. That ought to do it!

Kinky is with a feather - Perverted is with a chicken.
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Old 02-28-2007, 09:40 AM   #4
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Hey extxfeet,
isn't it funny how us tickle-fanatics often come up with the same tricks like pretending to read a paper meanwhile staring at someone's feet! Geez, we're sick! But I love it, LOL!
My missus has this great-looking girlfriend with absolutely SCRUMPTUOUS feet and much to my excitement not too long ago my missus actually tickled her friend's foot right in front of me! I thought I was gonna faint! I had always wanted to know if this friend was ticklish and there I got a demonstration right before my eyes. We'll call this friend "Annie" and Annie shrieked and said to my wife "DON'T! I'll kick - I am just so ticklish on my feet"! My wife just laughed at her! Annie walks around barefoot our house etc. and she's got these toenails painted a deep red colour, ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh! Just typing this makes my mouth water. I've had the opportunity to study Annie's feet while pretending to read the paper but meanwhile staring at her feet and I tell you: on a perfection-scale from 1 to 10 Annie's feet are a 100! By the way, my missus feet are pretty high on that scale too but that's for another time! She lets me enjoy plenty of them and I'm not complaining! Anyway, just my contribution for the day!
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