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Default I tickled the Real Estate Agent

I have a true story about a real estate sales woman whose foot I tickled while she was showing a house of a friend of mine....

It was a very breif but fun tickle.

About 10 years ago a friend of mine was trying to sell his house. One weekend he decided to have an open house with his real estate agent who he forwarned me was a good looking very good looking woman. In fact he told me to stop by during the open house to meet this beauty. It was on a Saturday and because of a bunch of other obligations I wasn't able to get out to the house until the late afternoon, I was afraid I was going to miss my opportunity. Fortunately for me, my timing couldn't have been more perfect...
It was about three o'clock when I pulled up to the house. It looked like your typical open house, ballons on the real estate sign, ballons on the door. There was even a little table set up in the foyer with flyers about the house and some brouchures from the real estate company. It was actually a pretty nice day for an open house, but the house was empty when I arrived, empty execpt for Melissa the agent who greeted me at the door....and this woman was...WOW! I mean drop dead gourgous!(sp?) She was about 5'6" with long straight brown hair that came down to her shoulders. She had a shapley body, with curves in all the right places. Her face was simply angelic. Her teeth were white and perfect, and her smiling face, which she showed me as she stuck her hand out to introduce herself, was radiant. I would have bought anything from her. It was one of those moments when she says "hello" and I said "uh, duh, who me?"
She wore a smart navy blue business button top, with a white blouse underneath and a matching blue skirt A thin gold necklace dangled down around her neck. She was wearing see through sheer stockings on her legs and...no shoes!!! What the heck!
We stood there for a couple of seconds exchanging pleasantires. She started in by telling me all of the features of the house, when I stopped her and explained that I'm over here almost ever weekend, and if she would like to take a break, I could show the house around to the customers walking in the door. She laughed at my suggestion and said thanks! Thats when things got interesting...
After joking around for awhile, (I was doing my best flirting) Melissa really showed herself to be very outgoing and had a great sense of humor and started crackig jokes with me once she realized that she didn't have to be so professional. She had a very relaxed attitude about everything. In my mind things were going pretty well. After a while Melissa asked me it I had a problem if she said down.
"No problem. I won't tell a soul." Melissa took a seat on the couch across from the TV in the living room and said
"blaaa, what a day. Do you know I have been standing at that door for four hours now and not a person has walked through that door?"
When she first sat down she said flat footed on the floor, with her back completely upright, then right as she said "Blaa what a day" she fell back into the couch and kicked her right foot over her knee.
I tend to get tounge tied when I see beautiful women...my tounge falls completely out of my head when I see beautiful women with naked nylon clad foot sitting inches away from me. Fortunately for me, Melissa was the chatty type and didn't give me many openings to say anything stupid. Now interestingly enough she never made mention of the fact that she wasn't wearing any shoes. In fact I didn't even see any shoes laying around. I wanted to ask her about her shoes, but do it in such a way that I could tease her about it and maybe tickle her.
Finally an opportunity presented itself. I don't really recall all of the details of the conversation at this point, but she mentioned something about another agent not being professional, to which I responded..."Well, I can see that you know all about that." She thought about this for a minute and said "huh?" I pointed at her feet, took a few steps closer, bent over just slightly and gave her sole a quick four finger tickle. Melissa gave a very gentle laugh and said "Oh that! My feet are killing me! I hope you don't mind I had to take my shoes off. My stupid agency says I have to be formal on every one of these events. I kicked my heels over in the corner." She pointed behind the entertainment center. "Most people that walk in just see themselves around and spend all of two seconds talking to me. Isn't that funny how people never notice stuff?"
I noticed two things in this exchange, one, when I tickled her foot she didn't react negatively, and two, she didn't move her foot (I guess that I should also say that I was very excited). When Melissa mentioned that her feet where "killing" her my mind went into action. Now I knew the odds of me directly asking her for a foot massage and her lettting me giver her one where probably not good. So I decided to go for it and let the chips fall where they may. I sat on the couch next to Melissa (on the side where her foot was still facing me) and reached out with my right hand and gently grab her foot and started rubbing it saying "well we can't let a hard working woman like you suffer now can we?" She laughed at this and said "No we can't!" and for a brief moment I thought I was going to be in ectasy, but then she turned to me and said "That's very sweet of you but I can't let you massage my feet here, I could get in VERY big trouble...THAT would be unprofessional!" Now I was going to at least get a tickle in I decided. So very impromptue of me I said...(don't laugh I know this is lame):
"Well, if I can't massage your sore feet then you know what they say..." leting my words hang in the air for a few seconds. "Laughter is the best medicine..."and with that I scribbled my fingers all over her sole. She opened her mouth wide and laughed and said "ahhhhh no! stop that! I'm ticklish there!"
Now I wish I could say I tickled her a long time, but almost immeditately she pulled her foot away and put it flat on the floor and gave me a playfull slap on arm.
"I'm going to tell your friend about you and tell him that his listings are going to cost much more for now on." She joked.
My heart was pounding at a thousand miles an hour. I could feel that my face was flush from the experience, but I really hoped she didn't notice.
"Alright, it's been fun but I need to pack up and get the hell out of here." She said.
"Well," I responded, "You did such a PROFESSIONAL job, you should be really proud of yourself!" I said sarcastically
"Right. Shoes on next time, so I won't get tickle attacked again."
"Oh, but wasn't that fun?"
"No comment. Alright babe, I'm out of here."
We talked for a few more seconds, and inevitably I ask if she would like to go out sometime(maybe) and we said our good byes. (She later said no to the date).
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That was amusing, these true life tales make much better themes than those made up stories. There is like something you always find in them. Well, back to what I was saying, this is good. It reminds me of when I wanted to ask a girl out on a date. Also, she denied me.
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I know of a lady real estate agent I would love to tickle the feet of and she's always barefoot in her sandals.
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Adam Tickles
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Default x

Great story my friend... true stories are much more entertaining than made up ones. Luckily for you the 'chips' fell just right :P and unlucky u didnt get the date but u had the balls to try it, good man !
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love feet
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Very hot!
A blog i like

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agent, estate, real, tickled

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