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Default The Hospital

hi everyone, here's a story i found ages ago on the net.it's a foot tickling story and i think it's brilliant as it's made me imagine what it's like to have your feet tickled as i've never been lucky enough for that to happen.
hope you enjoy it just as much as i did

The Hospital - Part One

by: TheTickler

The story you are about to read is true, I have changed the names
and all the facts. Enjoy!

My Grandmother was in the hospital for a broken hip. I went in to
visit her and I noticed her roommate; an attractive woman in her
mid to late thirties. She was laying in bed with her beautiful right
foot uncovered and propped up on a pillow. Mary was her name. She'd
had some sort of mild stroke. I'm no medical person so I can't give
any explanation better than that. Mary had lost the ability to move
her right arm and right leg, but still had feeling there. Well my
grandmother would talk as long as there was some one to talk to,so
after sitting there for what seemed like forever, a nurse came in
and drew the curtain between the beds started talking. I was
sitting at the end of my grandmother's bed, and could still see the
nurse. My grandmother just kept talking, at this point I had no idea
what she was saying. The nurse asked Mary if she could move her right
leg Mary said she could not.The nurse then asked Mary if she had any
feeling in her foot. Mary said yes she thought so. The nurse said,
"Are you ticklish"?

Mary giggled and said, "Very".

At this point they had my full attention. The nurse took her pen out
of her pocket and stroked the bottom of Mary's foot, Mary gave out a
yelp; but Mary did not move her leg or foot. The nurse said that's
very good. She wrote something down on a clipboard and then with her
right hand reached down and touched Mary's heel Mary laughed out
loud while the nurse was asking if she could feel her touch. The
nurse did it again, touching the base of Mary's toes and asking if
she could feel it. Mary was still laughing and trying to breathe. As
the nurse continued, I noticed that she was not just touching Mary's
foot but lightly stroking wherever she touched. I could tell that
the nurse was enjoying tickle torturing this poor woman. Actually I
enjoyed it too. Now Mary is begging her to stop. The nurse stopped
and said, "If you want to walk with this leg we have to stimulate
the nerves." The nurse noticed me looking and just smiled. I smiled
back, and nodded approvingly. The nurse left saying to Mary that she
would be in after lunch tomorrow. I wonder now if that was for my

The next day I made sure to come in to see my Grandmother right
before lunch so I could talk to her a little with out being
distracted, and to make sure I was there when the nurse arrived.
When I arrived Grandmother was asleep. So I sat by the bed. Mary was
reading she looked up and said"hello" I asked if she would not mind
me waiting here she said no and we talked for a little while. After
going through the formalities and why she was in the hospital, I
said, "I could not help but overhear you laughing last night".
apologized for the noise I said it was nothing to worry about. Then
Mary said "That damn nurse she drives me crazy". Mary told me that
this nurse was tickling her foot and there's nothing she can do.She
complained to a doctor who as Mary said didn't want to be bothered
by something so stupid. The doctor said that she is just trying to
stimulate the nerves and for Mary to cooperate with the nurses.
Mary told me that the others nurses massage and rub her foot. That's
when I knew that this nurse just loved tickling Mary's foot and I
really enjoyed the tickling she gave Mary.

So I thought it would be fun (at least for me), to try to prolong
the tickling. I said to Mary,"You sure do laugh when she tickles
you" .

Mary said, "I am very ticklish on my feet in fact if I go bare foot
at the beach the sand tickles as I walk. Sometimes I don't mind it
if it's just a little".

I said to Mary, "Maybe if you did not react to her tickling, don't
laugh she won't do it as long".

Mary agreed but said, "I'm not sure I can do that".

I told her to bite her lip or anything that would distract her from
laughing Mary agreed and thanked me. Now I knew that this nurse
loved tickling Mary's foot and loved watching poor helpless Mary
laugh hysterically. I also knew that after tickling Mary's foot and
having seen Mary laughing helplessly, the nurse would try even
harder to make Mary laugh. I have to say that Mary was doomed for
failure with the bad advise I gave her and with a determined tickle
torturing nurse, Mary had no where to turn; she just didn't know it

My Grandmother woke up and we talked for a while, then lunch was
served.I was getting impatient waiting for the nurse. After the
lunch tray was taken away by an orderly, the nurse arrived. She
closed the door behind her, walked ove,r and pulled the curtain as
she did before, only this time I sat further away from end of
Grandmother's bed so I could still see Mary's face and the nurse.
The nurse looked over at me and smiled I think she knew I would be
here. I smiled back and nodded. I looked at Mary and she had a grim
and determined look on her face. I think she was biting the inside
of her cheek. The nurse asked if Mary could move her leg. Mary said
no. Then it started, the nurse stroked the outside edge of the
bottom of Mary's foot and asked, "Do you feel this". Mary just laid
there stone faced and said "Yes". The nurse was obviously surprised.
She looked down at me, while I was pretending to be involved with my
Grandmother. Then the nurse went back to work on Mary's foot. She
stroked the arch from the middle of the foot to the bottom of the
ball of her foot, and said with a slight grin, "Do you feel this".
Mary took a deep breath and with a stone face said, "Yes". I think
that Mary was trying to hold her breath to keep from laughing. Then
Mary took another deep breath and the nurse lightly stroked along
the top of the ball of her foot back and forth at the base of Mary's
toes and said, "Do you feel this". Mary let out another deep breath
and said,"Yes", still stone faced. Although I could see Mary's eyes
were getting watery. This went on for a little with the nurse
stroking a spot on Mary's foot and asking if she could feel it and
Mary breathing deep and saying yes. The nurse was getting frustrated
and she tried tickle her but Mary was doing a very good job of
holding in her laughter. So, not wanting the nurse to give up, I
made sure that she saw me giving Mary a thumbs up signal as if Mary
had beaten the nurse at her own game. Well this seemed to inspire
the nurse to keep trying. I had hoped it would. I could tell Mary
was upset that the nurse saw me give the thumbs up to her, but her
problems were just starting.

The nurse looked at me and smiled and then took all four fingers on
her right hand and just rested the fingertips at the bottom of her
heel then slowly she lightly dragged all four fingers up the bottom
of Mary's foot while wiggling all four fingers. I watched Mary as
she took two deep breaths and bit her lip. When the nurse got to the beginning of the archof her foot
Mary started laughing. The nurse continued up Mary's foot, poor Mary
was just laughing and begging her to stop. The nurse got to the top
of Mary's foot and with a smile said, "Do you feel this." Mary,
laughing and crying said, "Yes". The nurse then said, "Did you hold
back on me"? Mary just looked down, the nurse said "How can I tell
if you're improving when you try to hold back, now we'll have to
start all over". This was better than I could have hoped for. Then
the nurse repeated the whole routine that she had done the night
before and Mary knew better than to hold back from laughing. I just
sat and watched as this nurse tickled Mary almost non-stop for the
next three or four minutes. Poor Mary would glance over at me and
the nurse would tickle her even more. Not even stopping while asking
if she felt it. When the nurse was finished poor Mary was exhausted.
The nurse said, "I'll see you tomorrow at the same time". I wasn't
sure if she was talking to Mary or me, then she just smiled at me
and again I smiled back.

A few moments later I looked at Mary; she looked worn-out. I said,
"You almost got away with it, it was a good try", being careful not
to show my enjoyment of her predicament. Then I asked with my most
innocent look, "What happened you did so well in the beginning".

Mary said, "Yeah I was doing OK until she hit that one darn spot".

When she said that I wanted to explode. I was getting up and
starting to leave. I had said good-bye to my Grandmother. I sat back
down quickly and asked again very innocently, "What do you mean",
and Mary started to tell me how she was able to stand the tickling
of her foot by biting her check and holding her breath until the
nurse got to that spot. I had to know what part of her foot she was
talking about without appearing too obvious. Again I said, "What do
you mean". Mary began to tell me that she was most ticklish at the
top of her heel at the beginning of the arch of her foot. In trying
to get as much information as I could I pretended to sympathize with
her. I said,"I don't think I could have held back from laughing if
someone was touching the base of my toes; that's unbearable."

Mary replied, "If she would have done it one second longer I would
have started crying; that was almost worse than the arch of my foot".

I said, "I don't know about you but I'm sure that she does it just
to make you laugh". Mary agreed. As I got up I said goodnight, I had
to walk past Mary's bed I said, "Here hope this feels better", and
put the palm of my right hand into the arch of her foot and rubbed
while flexing her toes with my left hand.

Mary started to protest then gave a quiet moan. I then rubbed Mary's foot and said, "I'm just
kidding, hope you're not mad" while rubbing her foot.

Mary said, "That feels so good you can rub my foot anytime".

Needless to say there was no way in hell that I was not going to be
there tomorrow at the same time. Again I arrived before lunch. When
I walked into the room Mary's foot was propped up on a pillow as
before. On the serving table at the end of Mary's bed was a leafy
green plant. Mary was sound asleep. My grandmother was glad to see
me again. She even said that the woman next to her laughs a lot.
I looked at the serving table and it's on wheels and the plant is
the right height for the leaves to hit Mary's foot. So with my foot
I push the table so the plant leaves just touch Mary's foot. Out of
the corner of my eye I see Mary's eyes open with a startled look;
she sees the plant. I continue to talk to Grandmother pretending not
to notice Mary, and she closes her eyes, I slowly move the table
with my foot. I again see Mary eyes open wide. Then she tries to
slide up in bed to pull her foot from the leaves of the plant.
She slides just a little if at all,and closes her eyes. I move the
table again. This time Mary gave a giggle,and said, "I'm sorry to
bother you; could you move this plant to the window".

Well now that Mary was awake I asked, "What are you going to do when the nurse
she comes in"?

Mary said "I don't know what do you think"?

I said, "If it were me I would not laugh just to spite her, I would
have to show her that I still had control".

Well obviously I was just trying to bait Mary into a repeat of
yesterday. Mary bit hook line and sinker. She said, "I think I do
need to show her I'm in control". Of course I agreed.

The Hospital - Part Two
by: The Tickler

By the time the nurse came into the room I had Mary so pumped up she
was ready to fight. The nurse came in and, as before, she drew the
curtain. I sat in the same spot and could see everything. The nurse
smiled at me, and I smiled back. She then asked Mary, "How are you

Mary, looking ready to kill, said, "Fine".

The nurse then took her index finger and ran it down the outside
edge of the bottom of her foot, while asking, "Do you feel this"?

Without flinching, deep breathing, or cheek biting, Mary just said,

The nurse was very surprised, and wrote something down on her clip-
board. She then took her index and middle fingers and started
tickling just under the ball of her foot. I noticed Mary's
expression change and her eyes widen for a split second then back to
being expressionless.

The nurse asked, "Did you feel that"?

Mary, as plainly as could be, said, "Yes I do".

I think the nurse also noticed Mary's brief change of expression,
because she did the same thing again, tickling the bottom of the
ball of her foot with her two fingers.

Mary started to clench the sheet with her left hand and was looking
a little more tense. The nurse smiled just for a second and said,
"Do you feel this", as she's tickling.

Mary, starting to show some tension in her face, says, "Yes".

The nurse could tell that she was getting to Mary and just continued
She took her index finger and went to the base of her toes, running
her finger back and forth across the top of the ball of her foot,
only this time she kept doing it back and forth .Then without
stopping she asked, "Mary do you feel this?"

Mary struggles with a deep breath and manages to get the word yes
out. The nurse stops and makes a note on her clip board. When the
nurse stops to write, Mary lets out a deep breath and I see how
tired Mary is. I was sure Mary would not last much longer. The nurse
went back to the base of her toes with her index finger and went
back and forth. Mary was determined, she managed not to laugh.
Without stopping or asking if she could feel this, the nurse started
tracing lines with her index finger on the bottoms of Mary's toes.
Again, Mary's expression changed - her eyes widened and she opened
her mouth, but she did not say anything. It took Mary a second to
recompose herself. She closed her mouth biting her lips and her face
was really showing the strain. The nurse again asked, "Do you feel
this ?"

Mary replied "yes" and let out a deep breath.

The nurse stroked the middle of the arch of Mary's foot going down
along the instep. The nurse just missed hitting the spot that Mary
had spoke of. I was sure Mary was going to burst. She gasped a deep
breath, her eyes wide and teary. She was biting her lip and
clenching the sheet. I could clearly see the strain on Mary's face.
I could not believe that she was putting herself through this.
However I was loving it and so was the nurse; she could not hold
back smiling as she asked, "Do you feel this?" The nurse, I'm sure
noticed that she was getting to Mary by stroking down along her in-
step. So she did again, this time starting at the side of Mary's big
toe. I could see Mary perk up until the nurse ran her index finger
down the side Mary's big toe and down the side of her instep, high
on the side of her foot on the outside edge of the arch. Then
leaving her hand there and just moving her index finger back and
forth quickly in a flicking motion. Mary gave out a whimper. She
began biting her lip and breathing heavily out her nose. While
flicking her index finger the nurse said, "Do you feel this", and
smiled. For a second Mary didn't say anything; she was still biting
her lip. Then Mary let a deep breath and said a high pitched"Yes".

The nurse stopped for a second and made some notes. I could see Mary
was sweating bullets She was breathing heavily, but was holding up.
So I thought it was time to turn up the heat. The nurse started to
run her index finger up and down the outside edge of Mary's foot.
Mary, still biting her lip and clenching the sheet was able to
handle this pretty well and again I gave her the thumbs-up and
nodded my head to Mary. I would have loved to have been able to tell
the nurse about the spot on Mary's foot. Again, the nurse saw me
give the thumbs-up sign to Mary.

The smile left the nurse'sface. She stopped and made some notes. The
nurse started to massage Mary's foot. I could see Mary start to
relax. Mary even moaned. Mary was dropping her guard. Then just like
yesterday, she took all four fingers of her right and put them on
the bottom of Mary's foot, only this time she puts her palm at
Mary's toes and let all four fingers relax and are touching Mary's
foot at about the middle of the arch. Then the nurse starts to draw
all four fingers up and down, as she does this she looks at me and
smiles. Mary is holding on, her head is rocking and she gives a kind
ofstrained groan. The nurse still has not hit the spot. Her fingers
are going from the middle of the arch and the sides of her foot to
the top. Mary is going nuts!! Finally the nurse gets called away by
a doctor. The nurse leans over to Mary and says, "I'll return later
to finish." Mary is so relieved. I watched her just go limp as the
nurse was leaving. Before the nurse got out the door I said, "Mary
you sure showed her that you were in control". I could tell the
nurse heard me. She stopped at the door and was looking at her clip-
board. So while she was listening in I said "It's a good thing she
didn't get that spot like yesterday. You'd have gone wild." With
that the nurse looked up from her clipboard, smiled, and walked out.

About a half hour later the nurse came back. The nurse asked if she
could speak with me. We stepped out into the hall the nurse said,
"I could not help but overhear you mention something about a spot on
Mary's foot. "Is there a problem that she didn't tell us about?"

I knew this lady was fishing for information and she already got all
I was going to give her. I was glad to know she had overheard me.
I said, "No Mary was talking about a spot on her foot where she is
unbearably ticklish."

The nurse very coyly said, "Oh where is that"?

I said, "I'm not sure; you'd have to ask Mary." Now I knew she would
not ask Mary. I also knew that the nurse was going to find the spot
if it killed her, or maybe killed Mary.

The nurse came back in and said to Mary, "I'll see you tomorrow at

So the next day I showed up at about three fifteen and talked with
my grandmother and Mary. I congratulated her on her victory
yesterday. Mary seemed very pleased with herself. At this point it
was a battle of wills between the women and I got to watch.

The nurse came in as usual, this time she was carrying a small bag,
she drew the curtain. I was sitting in the same spot. The nurse
asked Mary how she was feeling. "Fine" was Mary'sreply. Mary was
ready to do battle. I think the nurse realized this too.She just
started to massage Mary's foot The nurse would ask Mary if this
felt good. At first Mary didn't answer, then the nurse would do
something else. I could see the tension leave Mary's face. The nurse
would rub her arch with her thumbs then rub her whole foot with the
palm of her hand. Mary let out a small moan. The nurse said, "Does
this feel good?"

Mary answered, "Yes, very good".

The nurse took out a warm compress and rubbed Mary's foot. Mary was
in heaven. She moaned. While the nurse did this she told Mary how
important it was for her to work with her. Mary agreed and moaned.
Then the nurse rubbed some warm lotion all over Mary's foot. Mary
was so relaxed. The whole time the nurse is saying that she has a
job to do and Mary needs to work with her. Mary agreed and looked
like she was going to sleep. The nurse than picked up her clipboard,
and said, "Now Mary will you work with me?"

Mary looked up and said, "Sure".

I saw what was on the clipboard. It was a drawing of a right foot.
The nurse then took her index finger and ran it up and down the out-
side edge of her foot. Mary let out a laugh, then composed herself.
The nurse than did it again and got no reaction from Mary. She asked,
"Mary did you feel that?"

Mary said plainly, "Yes".

The nurse made some notes on her clipboard. Then the nurse took her
index finger and again and ran it across the ball of her foot at the
base of her toes going back and forth. Mary started laughing. The
nurse kept doing it and Mary kept laughing. The nurse looked at me
and smiled. Mary just wasn't ready to handle this after the massage.
The nurse stopped and I saw her write something down and she circled
that area of the foot on her clipboard. Then I knew that she was
looking for the most ticklish spot on Mary's foot She worked on the
top half of Mary's foot first. She traced around the ball of Mary's
foot. At first Mary did well, only laughing a little and then
stopping herself. I was encouraging her non-verbally. The nurse
would stop and make notes, giving Mary time to regroup. The nurse,
with her one index finger, was going over every inch of Mary's foot
a section at a time and Mary could not hold back any more. She was
laughing almost non-stop. She got each toe, all over the top of the
arch and sides of her foot. Making notes and putting stars on a
certain spot of her drawing. The nurse was ready to go to work on
the bottom half of Mary's foot.

Before she started, she showed the drawing of the foot on her clip-
board to Mary. Then the nurse said to Mary, "Now I can look at this
chart and tell that you are not as sensitive here" and she touches
the center of the ball of Mary's foot, "as you are here", and draws
a line with her index finger; tracing the bottom of the ball of her
foot. Mary laughs and asks the nurse to stop. The nurse said that
she would and stopped. Then the nurse looked at Mary and said,
"I'll bet there is one spot on your foot that you just can't stand
to be touched".

Mary, trying to lie, said, "No you're wrong it's all the same".

The nurse said, "I don't think so" and continued.

Mary started to get her guard up again. The nurse started at her
heel and went out to each side. Mary gave no response. Then Mary felt
the nurse's finger start at her heel and slowly go up at an angle
toward the side of her foot. Mary was now biting her lip and
clenching the sheets. Again Mary feels a finger start at the bottom
of her heel and go up this time at less of an angle, almost hitting
the spot. Mary gives a little shudder and whimpers. The nurse makes
a note. Again Mary feels a finger at the bottom of her heel and she
knows she is really going to be tortured. Mary tries to gather all
of her strength and stares at the nurse. Mary feels the finger going
straight upfor the spot she starts to shake. The finger is getting
closer. Mary is shaking. The nurse watches as she moves her finger
up. Mary is ready to scream.The nurse is looking back at Mary and
smiling. Mary feels the finger hit the spot and she starts to laugh.
She tries to scream but can't catch her breath from the tickling .
The nurse said, "My, look how sensitive you are here", and just
lightly tickled the spot. Mary could not stop laughing. Mary was
completely out of control. The nurse, laughing as she lightly
stroked the spot, said, "Is this the spot" and stopped long enough
for Mary to answer. Mary just pleaded and begged the nurse to stop.
The nurse tickled the spot again while asking, "Is this the spot"?
Mary was trying to get the word yes out, but was unable to stop

The nurse stopped tickling and Mary said "Yes that's it please stop".

The nurse said, "There now, see how much we learned today?". Then
she picked up her things and left, saying she would be back after
lunch tomorrow.

Poor Mary was crying. She said she felt very disappointed in herself.
I said, "You probably would have been OK if she did not massage your
foot first. Mary said she loved that part. I said good-bye and as I
walked past Mary's foot I reached down and rubbed it with my left
hand. Mary said, "Oh that does feel good." I then left for the day.

The next day I got there early to get a front row seat. I was loving
every minute of this and I was not about to miss any of it. I asked
Mary if she thought she would be able to handle the nurse today.
Mary said "I don't want to think about it".

I wanted to bait Mary into another battle of wills with the nurse
like the previous days so I said, "Yeah besides there's nothing you
can do about it at this point, that nurse has got your number".

Mary did not say anything,but I could clearly see Mary's face start
to tense up. So I asked Mary if she could move her leg. She said no
and with her left hand rubbed her leg.I still was wanting to bait
Mary into a battle said, "Did you notice the nurse laughing while
she was tickling you?"

Mary said nothing, her face getting just a tad red. I could tell
Mary was starting to bite. So then I said "I can't believe that
nurse is that mean what do you think?"

Mary said, "That nurse is a bitch".

Then I said, "You know if you could keep from laughing it would ruin
her day."

Then Mary said "I wish to hell I could, I would love nothing more
than to ruin her day"!

Then I said "I could see the nurse getting frustrated when she could
not make you laugh".

Mary said, "Good, I'd like to do more than frustrate her!"

Well now it looks like Mary was ready to do battle again, and yes I
had a front row seat!!

When the nurse came in Mary was visibly angry. The nurse walked over
to her bed carrying a bag. She drew the curtain as before, and I
was sitting waiting for the show. I gave Mary a reassuring nod that
the nurse did not see. Mary was ready for battle. She was pissed.
The nurse asked Mary how she felt. Mary glared at the nurse and said,
"Just great", in a rather nasty tone.

The nurse asked if Mary could move her leg, and Mary said, "No".

The nurse smiled and started to rub Mary's foot. It had no effect.
Mary just angrily stared at the nurse. The nurse kept rubbing her
foot and Mary just stared. The nurse asked a couple of times how it
felt and Mary would not answer. This went on for several minutes,
the nurse rubbing and Mary just staring. Then the nurse took out a
cold compress and rubbed it on Mary's foot. Mary took a deep gasp
and shivered. I could see Mary was uncomfortable, but she kept
staring. The nurse kept rubbing the cold compress on her foot. Mary
sneezed once. The nurse did this for afew minutes over all of Mary's
foot. Then smiling, asked, "Is this too cold for you? I'll stop if
it is."

Mary said, "Yes it is a little cold".

The nurse put the cold compress away and you could see some tension
leave Mary's face. Then the nurse took out a warm compress and
started rubbing it on Mary's foot. As cold as Mary's foot must have
been, that warm compress must have felt great. Mary has lost all the
tension in her face, has leaned back, and is letting out light moans.

The nurse says, "How does that feel?"

Mary, not even bringing her head forward, moans, "Wonderful"

The nurse just keeps rubbing and Mary occasionally moans. Then the
nurse rubs warm lotion all over Mary's foot. At one point Mary gave
a small giggle while the nurse did this. I thought Mary won't last
long like this. The nurse was called to the door by another nurse I
think. I took the opportunity to lean over to Mary and say, "Get
ready, you know what's next".

Mary's face got very tense. The nurse returned and smiling at Mary,
she started running her finger across the top of Mary's foot and
asked, "Can you feel this?". Mary just stared at the nurse.

The nurse gave an odd look. I'm sure she thought she had Mary right
where she wanted her. Mary just stared. The nurse then started going
back and forth with her index finger at the base of Mary's toes.
Mary just stared. The nurse said, "Do you feel this?"

Mary, in a nasty tonem saidm "Yes".

The nurse then took her index and middle fingers of her right hand
and started tickling Mary at the top of the arch of her foot. Mary
seemed to withstand this very well.She looked angry and I believe
she was biting the inside of her cheek, but holding up very well.
This went on for a few minutes. The nurse never stopped smiling, and
Mary just kept staring. Mary looked unbeatable. Then the nurse said,
"Oh, I almost forgot I have your chart right here."

The nurse reached into her bag and pulled out the drawing of a foot
with the notes made on it from yesterday. Mary broke her stare; she
knew there was no hope of getting through this without laughing
uncontrollably. The nurse pretended to carefully study the notes and
said, ""ets give this a try".

The nurse took her index finger and started making little strokes
at the top center of the arch. Mary tried to keep a straight face.
The nurse, smiling and humming to herself, slowly starts moving her
finger straight down her foot while making little strokes. Mary knew
that the nurse was heading for the spot; she was in agony. The nurse
loved every minute; she stopped at just above the spot. Mary is
gasping, quivering, shaking her head. The nurse continued to lightly
scratch just above the spot, still smiling and humming. Then Mary
could feel the finger start to move down and it hit the spot. Mary
squealed and laughed and had a fit. The nurse said, "Can you feel
this?" Mary could not speak.

Then the nurse stopped and Mary, still trying to catch her breath,
said, "Yes". Then I could not believe what happened next.

This nurse was out to get Mary. The nurse reached into her bag and
pulled out some small square metal object. She strapped it to the
back of her right hand. It was a vibrating massager. She plugged it
in. Mary was enjoying her rest when she heard a buzzing sound. The
nurse took four fingers of her buzzing right hand and rested the
vibrating fingertips at the base of Mary's toes. It must have been
unbearable. Mary was gasping, spitting, and laughing; shaking her
head,clenching the sheet with her left hand. The nurse, smiling,
dragged all four fingertips down Mary's foot. Mary was out of her
mind; she couldn't speak and she was struggling to breathe. The
nurse hit the spot on Mary's foot. Mary gasped, jerked her upper
body, twisting and trying to get away. Mary was stuck there. The
nurse stopped. I think she was afraid of Mary passing out. A doctor
stopped in to check on Mary. While Mary was catching her breath, the
nurse said, I'm having difficulty with this patient."

Mary was just about to say something when the nurse wrapped both
hands around the top of Mary's foot and started bending her foot
back andforth while letting her vibrating little finger of her right
hand go back and forth on the spot at the bottom of the arch. Mary
went nuts all over again.

The doctor looked at the nurse, appearing just to be flexing Mary's
foot. The nurse stopped and Mary tried to compose herself. The
doctor said to Mary very sternly, "You need to calm down and relax.
If you keep this up, I'll have to give you a sedative."

Mary just looked down. When the doctor left the room the nurse
started tickling Mary's foot all over. Mary could not stand the
vibrating fingers anywhere on her foot. Mary, not wanting to a get a
needle, took her own pillow and covered her face.That was a license
to kill for the nurse. The nurse loved to hear Mary scream into her
pillow. The nurse would tickle her on her most ticklish spot just to
hear Mary whimper through her pillow. Then, moving to another spot
on Mary's foot. The nurse never stopped to ask if she could feel it.
She just tickle tortured Mary nonstop, pausing every so often just
longe nough for Mary to catch her breath, then going right back to
tickling. I watched as Mary, lying on the bed helpless with a pillow
over her face her body quivering, shaking, grunting out muffled
noises. The nurse was laughing out loud at Mary while stroking the
bottom of Mary's foot. This went on for a long time. The nurse,
knowing she had her chance, was not going to quit.

Once the nurse stopped and waited after a few seconds Mary caught
her breath, and pulled the pillow from her face. The nurse looked at
Mary and took her index and middle finger and started lightly
scratching her most ticklish spot. The vibrating fingers caught Mary
by surprise; she gasped and laughed. The nurse said, "Remember what
the doctor said."

Mary grabbedthe pillow and buried her face in it, making noises and
her upper body bucking. Then Mary kicked her leg; the nurse stopped.
Mary kept her face in the pillow. The nurse started again and Mary
kicked her leg again. This time Mary realized that she moved her leg
and looked up from the pillow. The nurse touched Mary's foot and
Mary kicked her leg again. Mary was thrilled; she could move her leg
about eight inches off the bed.
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F.L. Atlanta
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cool story Helen.
"Prehaps that is a conversation for another time. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Count Vladislaus Dracula. Born 1422, Murdered 1462." - Count Dracula (Van Helsing)

I'm a good dragon!
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Old 05-24-2007, 05:08 PM   #3
doctor tickle
Doctor Tickle


I think that's a great story! I couldn't help noticing that you wrote down that you have never been tickled your self, and that's a real shame! Being tickled is a lot of fun, it doesn't need to be like toture at all. If you don't mid me asking, how come you've never been tickled? doctor tickle
I am looking for some female ticklee's that enjoy having there bare feet tickled! I'm a freindly and gentle tickler who loves to tickle, tickle, tickle!
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Darth Vegeta
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(saves it) i quickread it but will decently read it soon.
It looks REALLY Promising miss.
Darth Vegeta, the Darkest Knight...

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socks? yes please


talk about physical therapy
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Dark Slayer
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Well since I am a semi real gentleman I must ask this. How is your grandmother now? What about Mary?
As for the nurse we ought to take lessons from her... she is so cruel, but she had her reasons besides what we might think
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sole seeker
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This is one of my favorite fiction stories of all time. I've never been able to locate the author.

Kinky is with a feather - Perverted is with a chicken.
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Playful Screwball
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¬_¬ K - well, for those who have read up to this point, here is the ending of the story (taken from the TMF post):

The nurse, quickly taking credit said, "See we can get you started
with a walker tomorrow". Mary was so happy she thanked the nurse.
The nurse said, "If you would not have tried to fight laughing in
the beginning I would not have tried so hard to make you laugh; but
you challenged me".

Mary glared at me. I just shrugged my shoulders. They moved Mary to
another room. I didn't get to see any more.

The End
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TTC|Regular Member


Admittedly, this is my first read of this stort and I'm quite impressed. It's interesting to see a story resurrected from two years ago, only to sustain. Great story, had me from the beginning. Got me in the end. Thanks for sharing it.
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love feet
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very good work!
A blog i like

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