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Old 01-11-2006, 09:32 PM   #1
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Default My Wife's First Time (true)

There are so many true stories being told that I thought I'd share some. This one is about the first time my wife was put in bondage. It was not supposed to be a tickle story, but sometimes things just happen... The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

It was twenty years ago, but I remember it like it happened yesterday. Denise and I weren’t married yet, although we had been engaged for a few months. We were both twenty at the time. We made the drive from school to Denise’s sister Terry’s house in the mountains in just under two hours. Terry and her husband Jack lived on an eleven acre property, and they had invited us to spend the weekend so that we could attend their Halloween party.
As we pulled into the driveway late that afternoon I saw Jack waiting to greet us. We all went inside where Terry had dinner ready. As we sat down to eat Terry informed us excitedly that the Halloween party was a ‘rope party’. I had never heard the term before, but Jack and Terry began to explain that once in a while their friends would throw parties where bondage games were played. We were told that we would not have to participate if we didn’t want to, but that the parties were always a blast.
Terry and Jack went to change into their costumes and Denise and I brought in our bags and changed into our costumes. As we were dressing Denise asked me if I would mind if she didn’t participate. She said that she was a little afraid, and didn’t think she would like being tied up. She also told me that I was free to do what I wanted and that she wouldn’t be mad if I played along. Denise had never been tied up before although I had approached the subject with her a few times. I simply asked her to have an open mind about it, and see what actually went on. I said that I wouldn’t be upset in the least if she didn’t want to try it, but I couldn’t lie, the thought of Denise in bondage got me very excited.
Denise was dressed as an Indian girl. She had on a short, tan, suede dress that hung on one shoulder. A leather belt wrapped around her waist and she was wearing a pair of brown suede moccasins on her feet. She looked very sexy and I told her so. I was dressed as an Indian chief complete with headdress and painted face.
Terry came out of her bedroom wearing a devil costume that barely covered her body. It was all red silk and she was a sight. Terry was seven years older than Denise, but didn’t look it at all. Jack was dressed as a gangster down to the spats. We only waited about 15 minutes before the other guests began to arrive. The first were Jack and Terry’s best friends Bob and Linda. Bob was dressed in leather from head to toe, and Linda was dressed as a playboy bunny, and could have passed for one too. Soon there were three more couples there. Denise and I were the only unmarried couple at the party and the youngest.
Denise and I spent the next couple of hours watching as each of the women including Terry were tied up in varying positions, one of them was even suspended from the joists in the basement. It was some time later, everyone that been tied up was now free, we were all talking and having a drink when Jack’s friend Bob came over to Denise and I.
“So, do you think after seeing what it’s all about you may want to try a little bondage?” He asked Denise. I nearly fainted when Denise blushed and said that she would like to try it.
“No time like the present. We’ll try a simple hogtie,” Bob said winking and asking me to give him a hand.
He told everyone what was going on and led Denise and I into the living room where he had her lay on the floor. He then took a length of rope and tied her wrists behind her back explaining every twist and knot to me as he did. Bob grabbed Denise’s elbows and gently put them together until they touched.
“You’re a flexible one,” he said.
“She’s on the gymnastics team at school,” Terry said.
Bob took another rope and tied Denise’s elbows together asking her if it was too tight. When Denise said that it felt fine he took another rope and tied it around her waist and up through her crotch and cinched her hands down to it. He then crossed her ankles and tied them in a way that made it impossible for her to close her legs. Bob then tied her ankles to the rope holding her elbows together. He pulled that particular rope so tight that Denise was forced to arch her back severely. He asked if she was still comfortable and Denise said that she was fine, but that she couldn’t believe how tight the ropes were.
“Alright Denise,” Bob said standing. “Try to get out of that now.”
Denise began to struggle a little, and then Bob said that if she couldn’t get out we were going to leave her tied up for the rest of the night. Everyone laughed and her struggling got a bit more serious at that point. She even rolled over on her side which caused one of her moccasins to come off. She tried to roll back onto her stomach, but she couldn’t do it the way she was arched and with her legs spread.
“AAAGHH! I’m stuck!” She laughed in frustration.
Terry stepped toward her and helped her roll back over. She then flicked off Denise’s other shoe. “How are you doing Sis?” She asked. “You lost your shoes sweety.” Terry gave Denise’s tiny feet a quick tickle, and Denise let out a war whoop.
“My sister’s feet are VERY ticklish,” she said like the little devil she was dressed as. “Aren’t they Denise?” She began scratching Denise’s soles with just the tips of her index fingers. “Kitchy Kitchy Koo.”
“CUT IT OUT TERRY!” Denise screamed. “HAHAHAHAAHAAAHAHHAAHHA! PLEASE! THIS ISN’T FAIR! DON’T TICKLE MY FEET! AAAAAHHHHH HAHAHAHHAHAAHA!” Denise was in hysterics, but Terry kept tickling her. There was nothing Denise could do about it either. She was completely defenseless and being tickled silly by her sister.
“Isn’t she cute!” Terry teased again. “Tickle, tickle, tickle.” Denise was beet red and screaming in laughter.
“OH GOD! STOP TERRY! HAHAHAHAHA! I’M TOO TICKLISH! I CAN’T TAKE THIS! HEHEHEHEHE! HELP BILLY!” She rocked and thrashed about as best she could, but Terry grabbed her ankle, and Denise couldn’t get away from her sister’s grasp.
Funny thing about tickling, when someone is being tickled, no matter how much they’re screaming and trying to get away, everyone wants to tickle them. I couldn’t help myself. I joined Terry taking a foot of my own and began tickling it with a feather from my headdress. Boy did Denise scream… and thrash… and curse, but mostly she laughed. She couldn’t help but laugh. Her sister and her fiancé were each holding one of her ankles and dancing fingers, and feathers on her soles. Her costume had ridden all the way up to her belly revealing her white satin panties. She cried out. She screamed. She begged me to stop and help her. But she never asked to be let out of her bondage. Everyone was enjoying her plight.
After a few minutes though someone, it may have been Jack, called for a timeout
“I have an idea,” Jack said. “Let’s tie Terry up beside Denise. She’s being awfully mean.”
Before Terry could protest she was in a tight hogtie beside her sister, and then Bob decided they should tie up Linda next to the two of them. Soon all of the women were tied into hogties side by side by side by side…
I went over to Terry. “I’ll get her back for you Denise,” I said kneeling behind Terry’s legs.
“DON’T YOU DARE TICKLE ME BILLY!” Terry cried out. But the other men began egging me on, especially Jack, so I removed Terry’s red pumps and began to tickle her feet furiously. Terry was every bit as ticklish as Denise.
Denise was cheering me on, but all she managed to do was to draw attention to herself, and soon Jack stepped over and began tickling her feet.
“You like seeing your sister getting tortured?” he said teasingly. “Here have some of your own medicine.”
Jack attacked Denise and soon she too was screaming again. The next thing I knew everyone of the women were being tickled. It was like a free for all. All of the men were just jumping from one woman to another teasing and tickling them. I felt kind of funny tickling these women that I didn’t know, but their husbands kept telling me to do it. And they were all torturously ticklish.
Each one had her ‘spot’ where she was most ticklish except Terry and Denise. The two of them were extremely ticklish everywhere. At one point poor Denise had the four other men tickling her at once while I was busy tickling their wives by myself. Two of the men were holding an ankle each and tickling her feet while Jack and Bob attacked her sides. Denise went ballistic. I never heard her curse so much in all of the time that I had known her. She tried to wriggle away from them, but poor Denise was barely 5’0” tall and weighed 100 pounds soaking wet. There was no way she could escape their grasp.
“GET THE #@$% OFF OF ME!” she screamed out through her forced laughter. “STOP YOU @%#HOLES! PLEASE! OH #@$%! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I CAN”T #@$%ING TAKE THIS!” She threw her head back and let out a blood curdling scream, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!”
After that we untied the girls. It was getting late and everyone was beat. The women especially were exhausted. Everyone said goodbye and Terry, Jack, Denise and I went to bed. Denise attacked me that night. She said she had never been so horny in her life. Before I finally fell asleep Denise told me that she had let out that last scream because the rope between her legs had given her an orgasm.
Denise woke me around nine the next morning. It was a Friday and Jack and Terry both had to work. They were gone by the time I got up. I took a hot shower and when I returned to the bedroom to get dressed Denise was waiting for me. There was a pile of rope on the bed.
“I thought you might like to practice what you learned last night,” Denise said with a twinkle in her eye. Denise spent that entire day tied in various positions all over her sister’s house. And that is how my wife of nineteen years became my bondage lover. After all this time her laughter is still the best aphrodisiac that I know of.
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omg that was great! i wanna party with you bro!
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Old 01-12-2006, 07:17 PM   #3
sole seeker
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Now that was intense! I greatly enjoyed this story. Wish I'd been invited.

Rope-party? First time I've heard that term. Do you and the wife still attend rope-parties?

Kinky is with a feather - Perverted is with a chicken.

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Old 01-12-2006, 10:08 PM   #4
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that was a great story! you are one lucky man.
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Old 01-13-2006, 03:35 PM   #5
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F*cking great story man, but i don`t know if i could see my gf beeing tickled by other men....
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Old 01-13-2006, 06:39 PM   #6
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The parties still go on, but Denise's sister lives a pretty good distance from us now so we can only attend them once in a while. There have been many times though that either I or Jack, or both of us have had both sisters tied up at the same time. I will be sharing more of those stories.
You can run... but you can't hide!
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Great story. i look forward to more..Thanks
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time, true, wife

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