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Default The Tickling of Alisha fffff-f

The Tickling of Alisha

Written by Tower98

Written for a friend

For a picture of the Army girls stop in at my stories group and follow the link in the story

Alisha was sitting at the coffee shop on the corner of her street enjoying a nice cup of coffee as she relaxed after her day at work. The twenty two year old had her normal smile as she people watched out the window. Taking a deep breath followed by a long sigh Alisha watched the children playing in the park. Alisha was an easy going girl who enjoyed life, always looking for the positive things in life.

Across the street hidden between some bushes Jennifer was watching Alisha through the lenses of her high powered binoculars. With her sweaty palms she was struggling to hold the binoculars up to her eyes. Intently watching her mark Jennifer was working her self up as she was totally pumped up for this. Waiting and watching Alisha for the past two weeks Jennifer felt like she new Alisha better then she new her four friends.

Jennifer and her friends were graduating soon and they were going to be heading for boot camp. It seemed like her friends and her were always heading for a career in the army. They loved the outdoors and the rough life of a soldier. Thinking back to the day they planned this weekend she still felt the excitement and curiosity inside of her waiting to leap out and do it for real.

It took a lot of investigating and follow up to find someone as ticklish as Alisha. Watching the pretty Asian girl the five Army girls new they were going to really be able to test their theory. They found a tough, strong minded girl who was so ticklish she cringed at the sight of someone getting tickled. Would they be able to tickle her willpower away?

The five feet six, hundred thirty nine pound Jennifer was ready for tonight. Wearing her bandana with her brown hair covering her ears and her black paint just below her eyes to make her feel and look like a warrior she was getting impatient. Sitting back she gave that soft bright smile that made people smile back, but the smile seemed to make her camouflage look seem silly.

Done with her coffee Alisha looked down at her skater shoes and pondered the walk home. With nothing planned for the weekend Alisha thought about stopping to rent a movie. Standing up and stretching Alisha moaned as her muscles came to life. Looking around the coffee shop Alisha took a slow walk for the door. Laughing when she noticed the height bar at the entrance she could not resist. Standing with her face touching the bar she placed her finger at the top of her head. Standing back she smiled when she saw her finger resting at the 5’6 mark. When she noticed a couple watching her she told them she always checked her height as a kid and she wanted to see if she has grown any in the last few years.

Jennifer jumped to her feet and talked excitedly into the hand held radio. “Target coming out”!

Brooke felt a rush come over her as she waited for Alisha to head her way. The only girl in her click not wearing any type of head gear she liked to stick out from the crowd. At 5’8 she had a slight height advantage over Alisha. Although she was only a few pounds heavier at 122lbs she was confident she could do the job.

Just like her friends she was always smiling and having fun. Wearing her face paint she looked like a big kid out on Halloween. For the first time in her life Brooke was scared. What if she failed? What would her friends think of her? Could she really tickle torture a poor ticklish girl beyond her limits…of course she could.

Alisha was walking slowly down the street as she made her way home. Feeling the hair on the back of her neck stand up she picked up the pace. When she noticed a dark figure lurking behind a tree Alisha felt her heart start pounding. Shaking her head she scolded her self for acting like a kid and started walking normally again.

Brooke was cursing as she watched Alisha looking in her direction. With her hands made in tight fists she was ready to pounce on the clueless Alisha. The poor girl has no idea what she is in for.

“Come on damit…come to momma” Brooke whispered.

Jennifer crossed the street and began following Alisha. The pounding of her combat boots bouncing of the walls as she made her way towards the target.

Hailey was making her way down the other side of the street just in case Alisha crossed the street. Keeping her eyes glued to the target she could not help thinking about digging her fingers into the soft looking armpits. The thoughts of watching Alisha kick and scream as she tickled her ticklish pits was fogging her brain.

Hailey wore a jungle hat and army top which matched her pants. It was fun for her to be actually doing a mission with her friends. They thought it would be a cool idea to test their abilities together before going into the Army.

The 5’7 110 lb Hailey was a bundle of energy. Always looking for something new she was happy to test someone’s endurance level. A tall skinny frame hides her strength that she developed over the years from her weight lifting. The bright blond hair and giggly personality hide her talent as one of the top gamers in her class. This girl could beat any game ever made.

Alisha heard the sound of someone walking faster behind her. Thinking she would look scared if she looked behind her she decided to just walk a little faster. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of Hailey across the street. Turning her head she was freighted with the military look. When Alisha’s eyes locked with Hailey’s she came to a complete stop.

Hailey froze as she starred at Alisha. The two girls not sure what to make of the other as they stood their starring at each other. Hailey was afraid to rush Alisha in fear that she would run into the yards. Looking to Alisha’s left and right she was waiting for her friends to get her.

Alisha was alarmed with the quick glances to the front and back of her so she also looked. Seeing Brooke and Jennifer walking at a brisk pace towards her she new she was in trouble.

Janet was sitting in the driver’s seat of the van watching everything unfold. Thinking the girls were not moving fast enough she screamed…”GO>>>GO>>>GO>>>”

Janet was the tough one of the bunch. Looking warm and friendly was all an act for her. Once you were on her bad side she would pounce on you and would keep you pinned down for ever. At 5’8 and 140lbs she could do just that. With a toned body she gave the look of a fighter. Sitting behind the wheel she felt unable to help and was desperate to get out of the van and grab Alisha herself.

Tara the soft spoken shy girl was waiting in the back of the van to open the sliding door. At 5’5 and 115lbs she could hold her own but preferred to be the girl behind the scenes. Having fun being part of this game she loved the feeling of fitting in with her friends. She could care less about what they were doing as long as they were all together.

Alisha bolted in the only direction she could. Dropping her purse she darted into the yard and was running through the back yards of the houses trying to find safety.

Brooke and Hailey gave chase with Jennifer falling behind. Cursing as they watched Alisha run away they sprinted determined to get her. The heavy combat boots were slowing the girls down some but they managed to catch up to Alisha.

Brooke was right behind the frightened Alisha and was reaching out and just missing. Alisha screamed every time she felt a hand brush against her. Brooke finally had enough and dove at Alisha’s skinny legs. With her hand slapping at Alisha’s feet she managed to bring Alisha to the ground. Alisha landed in a thud which dazed her.

Looking up Alisha was still as she watched Hailey, Brooke, and now Jennifer all bending over with their hands on their knees starring at her. Looking from girl to girl she wondered why these cute girls were chasing after her.

“What…WHY WERE YOU CHASING ME?” Alisha demanded.

The three army girls were still panting as they stood straight and continued to watch their prey. Hailey new she was suppose to keep silent but she felt so cocky she had to say something.

“Alisha…we are going to tickle the shit out of you for making us run!”

Alisha was stunned and in disbelieve at what she just heard.

“Excuse me! Tickle me? What? Who are you?”

Jennifer pulled out the rubber hand cuffs and moved behind Alisha. Brooke bent over and grabbed Alisha’s legs. The army girls admired Alisha for running but they figured now that she was caught that were going to have an easy time.

What they did not count on was Alisha’s will to fight. Alisha was horrified at the thought of getting tickled. No way in hell was she going to let that happen. Knowing she could not stand getting tickled she reached up and grabbed the rubber cuffs and pulled on them sending Jennifer tripping over her and running into Hailey who was holding her legs.

Alisha rolled away from the girls. Brooke lunged at Alisha and managed to wrap her hands around her.

“Oh no you don’t” Brooke shouted.

“Let me go!” Alisha screamed.

“Get her Brooke” her friends yelled as they rubbed their heads.

Brooke and Alisha rolled a few times as Alisha panicked. Alisha was using her hands to push Brooke away but it was not working.

“Please…let me go!” Alisha said through her heavy breathing.

“Afraid not…you need to be tickled” Brooke said with a laugh.

Just as Brooke laughed Alisha shoved as hard as she could and that knocked Brooke off of her.

Crawling away from Brooke she was about to get up and run when Jennifer dove and grabbed her right foot. Hailey tripped as she was about to dive onto Alisha’s back leaving Jennifer as the only one to keep Alisha from running.

“Don’t move! Jennifer said in a very demanding tone.

Jennifer had both feet wrapped up and was waiting for her friends to help her. Brooke and Hailey were on their feet and were walking towards Alisha pointing at her as if they were scolding her.

Brooke placed her boot on Alisha’s back and pushed her to the ground. Hailey sat on Alisha’s back and was catching her breath. Brooke sat facing Hailey and said…

“You know…maybe we should tickle her a little now to zap some of her energy?

“NO…Let me go…stop it…” Alisha said.

Jennifer was using all of her energy holding onto the kicking legs of Alisha. “Just tie her up for god’s sake!”

Brooke and Hailey were smiling at each other before they placed their hands on each side of Alisha. Both girls had a hand on both Alisha’s left and right side as they once again smiled evilly at one another.

“Ready for some tickling?” They asked.

Alisha began screaming and kicking as she felt ten tickling fingers on each side. With fists pounding into the ground Alisha quickly began kicking and trying to turn to get away. With thoughts of tickle torture Alisha tried with all of her might to get free. Brooke and Hailey used their weight to keep Alisha pinned down and they were surprised that they were really enjoying feeling her struggle and they loved the sounds that she made.

“This is going to be so much fun” Brooke said in a matter of fact voice.

“Guy’s…She’s kicking me…just tie her up and let’s get to the van!” Jennifer pleaded as she held onto Alisha’s kicking legs.

“Just a little longer” Brooke said laughing at Jennifer as she watched her body bouncing around as she held onto Alisha’s legs.

It was already too much for Alisha. Feeling the fingers wiggling into her ticklish sides was sending her into ticklish convulsions. Unable to move the girls all Alisha could do was keep screaming between laughs.

“Heehaaheeehaaheehaaa…HEEE…HEEHAAHEEHHAHAHAHAHHAHH AHAAH…HELP…HEEHEEHEHEHEHEEHEEHAAHHEHAAHEHHZHHAHAAA AAHAHAHAHA…HELP…HHEEHEEheheheheehhehehehehhehee….h elp…heeeheeeee…”Her screams for help falling off as she laughed her self into a weak mind set.

Brooke and Hailey read each others mind as they both began digging deeper with their fingers. Alisha’s body sprang back into all out laughter as her body wiggled and kicked trying to desperately get free.

“All night long Alisha! This is all you have to look foreword to my new ticklish friend. Laughter is so good for you my friend.” Hailey said with a smirk.

Suddenly a light bulb on someone’s porch turned on and a voice yelled out…”What’s going on out their?”

Alisha felt the girls loosen their grip. Brooke and Hailey knelled up to see if that person could see them. With surprising strength Alisha jumped from the ground sending her tormentors falling off of her.

“SHIT” Jennifer snarled.

Alisha was off and running with the army brats in close pursuit. The sounds of her pursuers were loud and she new they were right behind her. Their boots were pounding the earth and their short breathes were all Alisha could hear. Grunts and demands to stop were coming from the army girls.

“Stop and we will take it easy on you!” Jennifer yelled as she had to slow her pace.

“Screw that! Brooke yelled back.

“Don’t piss me off” Hailey yelled angrily.

Alisha new she was only a block away from Main Street, a crowded street would save her. Back on a side street Alisha headed for the lights of the town square. Alisha was getting tired but she new she had to keep going. Out of no where a blue van came to a stop in the middle of the street. Alisha was going to just run past it but the van pulled sideways. About to get back to the sidewalk Alisha came to a stop when the Van hit the gas and was up on the grass.

Alisha slumped over to take a quick breath when the door opened. Tara jumped from the door towards Alisha and just then Brooke and Hailey tackled Alisha. Quickly this time Brooke grabbed Alisha’s hands and held them behind her back. Tara used her own set of cuffs to restrain Alisha’s hands behind her back.

Tara ran back into the van and came out with some ropes for Alisha’s legs. When Jennifer appeared Alisha was totally immobile and was catching her breath. The girls all bent over and picked Alisha up. As they carried her into the van she pleaded…

“NO…Please…don’t tickle me…please no!!! I am so ticklish…please…”

The girls placed Alisha on the floor and sat on her as they sped off. Loud cheers and slaps on the back were given as they told the story to each other. They were so proud that they chased poor Alisha down. After ten minutes of the loud excited talk they turned to silence as they made their way out of town.

“Where are you taking me?

Why me?

What are you going to do to me?

“Well…we are going to use you as an experiment. We want to see if we can break you down with some good old fashioned tickle torture. We chose you because…well, you know why miss ticklish thing. Don’t worry where were going, worry about how long you will be there!” Jennifer said as her friends all cheered.

When the van came to a stop Alisha tensed up. Jennifer and Brooke placed a carry board kind of like a life guard stretcher under Alisha. They used duct tape to tie her to the board. The only spot open was from the upper thigh to her rib cage. The rest of her body was on the stretcher. With a heave hoe Jennifer, Brooke, Hailey, And Janet lifted the stretcher up and over their shoulders before settling it on their shoulders.

The girls started the walk towards the distant cabin. Tara was walking in the middle, between Jennifer and Brooke who were carrying the left side of the stretcher. Giggling as she reached under the stretcher she touched Alisha’s stomach and began tickling her.

“Look at her feet trying to run” Brooke said.

“What’s a matter Alisha…trying to run away from us girls? Well run Alisha, run…where are you going silly…?” Brooke teased.

Alisha was laughing in quick bursts as she felt the tickling fingers on her stomach. With her body taped down she could not escape the fingers. Wiggling as she laughed she was totally helpless to stop it.

“Were going to drop her if you don’t stop tickling her” warned Janet.

“I’ll risk it” Tara said softly.

Tara’s index finger flipped over Alisha’s navel and the loud squeal spooked the birds in the trees. Alisha was trying to raise herself up to break free from the tape but as Tara circled her navel her body lost the ability to fight willingly. All she could do was feel her body trembling as she laughed uncontrollably.

The walk continued with the navel tickling which left Alisha laughing as they went. Tara was passing the time tickling Alisha as the rest of the girls listened to the laughter pouring from Alisha. As the tickling continued Alisha felt her energy along with her fight leave her body. As has always been the case once she has been tickled on her stomach or her other hyper ticklish spots her body turns to jelly.

The door was opened and the girls carried Alisha into a cabin. Alarmed that she was surrounded by five girls she prayed they would not really tickle her as hard as they have told her. Alisha was set down in the middle of the room and watched as they all stood around her looking down at her.

“Should we strip her?” asked Janet as she licked her lips.

Alisha could not think as her body recovered. Still feeling her navel itching from the tickling she was still twitching and giggling. There was some noise as the army girls moved some tables and turned on the lights in the small cabin in the middle of no where.

The army girls picked up the home made stretcher and set it down on two large tables that were pushed together. Flipping the stretcher over so Alisha’s stomach was facing upward they set her down. The confused and scared Alisha was watching her army girl captors starring down at her as if wondering what to do with her.

“NOO…Let me go!” Alley shouted as she watched the girls stretching their arms and pulling back on their fingers as they got ready to tickle.

“So…you are one ticklish girl? Well, we shall see Alisha…we shall see!” Said Jennifer as she looked down at the soft ticklish stomach in front of her.

Jennifer and Brooke were standing across from each other ready to tickle Alisha’s stomach. Bending over they used both hands, ten tickling fingers to lightly pinch and poke Alisha’s sides. The laughter was instant. Both girls looked at each other and laughed as Alisha tried to raise her self up and break free from her tickling nightmare.

Jennifer and Brooke had big grins on their faces as they watched Alisha laugh and scream from their tickling touch. Looking down at the soft heaving stomach Jennifer just had to tickle that sexy tummy. With her hands working Alisha’s side Jennifer bent down and began blowing raspberries around Alisha’s navel.


“That’s so cute…calling for help are you Alisha? So….who is coming to help you sweetie? Hmmm? I can’t understand you with you laughing so hard dear.” Brooke asked in that mocking Beverly Hills type of way.

Jennifer was enjoying blowing raspberries and was even more inspired as she heard the laughter coming from Alisha. The sounds of the stretcher vibrating from Alisha’s wiggling could be heard between laughing spells. Alisha looked into Hailey’s eye’s who was standing over her head. Hailey looked back with her cold eyes and felt goose bumps as she felt Alisha’s helplessness.

Brooke saw the reactions from the raspberries and had to get in on it. With her fingers still tickling Alisha’s side she also began blowing raspberries on Alisha’s stomach.

Feeling the assault on her sides and stomach Alisha closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide as the laughter poured from her. With a heaving chest and wiggling body Alisha tried to figure out why she was being tickle tortured.

Feeling fingers exploring both armpits Alisha opened her eyes wide to find Hailey smiling at her as her fingers picked up their tickling speed. Arching her back up as she tried to push the ticklishness from her Alisha quickly dropped her back so it sagged below the table as Jennifer and Brooke tickled her harder as well.

Screams mixed with laughter filled the cabin and surrounding woods as the Army girls tickled Alisha. With her head swinging from side to side Alisha had no where to run and no where to hide.

Janet moved in behind Jennifer and pulled on Alisha’s shorts so she could tickle her waist line. The Army girls all looked at each other when Janet started running her fingers along Alisha’s smooth waist because the reaction from Alisha was so dramatic. Trying her best to shake free from the tickling fingers Alisha was twitching and shaking as her scream pierced the girl’s ears.



Alisha’s laughter went silent for a brief second before returning to her high pitched laughter…


“She is ticklish for sure” said Brooke as she shook her head up and down.

Jennifer held up her hands as she screamed “STOP IT!!! STOP IT.!”

Confused the girls all froze in place and looked at Jennifer with a scared look like they did something wrong.

“I think she is to ticklish for this…Alisha, can you take it? Do you want us to stop?”

Alisha was still laughing hard as she cried out…”YEESSSS!”

Jennifer laughed and the other Army girls also slapped a knee as they started laughing.

“TICKLE HER!” Jennifer screamed!

Tara was watching her friends tickling the sweet and innocent girl who seemed like she was ready to jump out of her skin. Reaching out with her fingers she brushed them against Alisha’s hips. Pulling her hand back quickly when Alisha shook and screamed she just watched Alisha laughing before trying again.

This time Tara used all ten fingers to draw little circles on Alisha’s hips as she closed her eyes and listened to the desperate laughter coming from their ticklish bound girl. Tara felt the smooth skin twitching under her fingers but new she had to keep tickling. The laughter was getting more intense as the five Army girls tickled at the same time.

Alisha was sweating now as she tried to endure the tickling. Tears were flowing with no sign of stopping as she got the work out of her life. The Army girls were really tickling her good and they were not letting up. Alisha was getting upset as she tried to get them to stop but they ignored her.

“Come on Alisha! Keep fighting girl! Don’t make it so easy on us. If you don’t fight back we will tickle you all day and all night and never stop. You hear me Alisha…never stop tickling your ticklish body.”

Alisha thought they were crazy. How was she going to fight back?

“Mad minute girls” Hailey shouted to be heard over the laughter.

The girls all tickled hard and fast to really let Alisha have it for a full minute. With her hips, waist, sides, stomach, and armpits all getting tickled Alisha froze as her body tried to figure out what to do. That quickly changed as her body reacted to the tickle torture by freaking out. Trembling and screaming Alisha became very weak. The laughter turned silent as the Army girls shouted out…”30 seconds”.

With a wide open mouth Alisha looked again into Hailey’s cold eyes.

“You can do it Alley…hold in there kid. I know you can do it…don’t be such a wimp!”

Sucking in air Alisha felt her body getting very weak and her sight was getting very dark. Trying to plead with the Army girls Alisha moved her lips but nothing came out.

The Army girls all were standing up as Alisha’s body went limp. Shaking their heads in mock disgust they all stretched as they congratulated one another.

Removing Alisha’s clothes they were careful not to wake her just yet. Leaving only her skater sneakers and short ankle socks on they moved her over to the window. Just under the window were two holes that they placed Alisha’s feet through. On the outside Tara locked the stocks so Alisha would not be able to pull her feet back into the cabin. Alisha was face down on a table and her hands were tied together. Janet pulled on Alisha’s arms so she was pulled tight and the securely tied Alisha wrists to the post at the end of the table.

Alisha slowly moaned as she came awake. Trying to get up she realized her body was pulled tight at both her wrists and feet leaving her stretched out. There was really nothing she could do.

“Welcome back sleepy. You really let us down you know. Let’s see how well you can handle us tickling your naked body now…okay? Brooke asked.

“NO…Wait…WHY? What are you doing? Alisha fired.

Jennifer and Brooke kneeled on the floor so they could begin tickling Alisha’s sides again. Sitting on the table using Alisha’s ass as a chair was Hailey who flicked her fingers along Alisha’s ticklish waist. Janet jumped right in on Alisha’s hips as Tars played with her armpits.

Alisha had no time to brace herself and was laughing loudly once again. Trying to pull her arms free was futile but Alisha kept trying. Once Alisha felt the fifty tickling fingers working on her ticklish spots the fight left and all she could do was try to take it.

Long nails were slowly tracing her waists and hips sending shock waves down her spin. On both sides was the relentless tickling and Tara was wiggling her fingers in the middle of her pits which left Alisha in deep gut wrenching laughter.

Unable to move away or talk her way out of the tickling Alisha was in real ticklish trouble. Alisha was just happy that her feet were protected in her sneakers out of the way.

The tickling was proving unbearable and was much too intense for poor Alisha. Finding herself tickled into silent laughter once again she struggled to catch her breath. The tickling continued to pick up as the Army girls tested Alisha’s limits. They were all tickling as good as they could. The laughing and smiling looks on the Army girls were replaced with a pleased and casual look. They were enjoying the show in a silent way possibly trying to savor the experience.

The girls stopped their tickling assault just as Alisha began to fade away. Tara spoke softly to Alisha…

“If you ask us to stop tickling your pits, waist, and sides we will. I promise you we will.”


“Okay…we are going to honor your request. Now, if you need us we will be on the porch tickling your feet.” Tara said as her friends broke out laughing.


“Why not? Are your feet really that ticklish? Jennifer asked.

“Yeees.. No…wait...” Alisha said as she figured out they wanted to torture her.

“No…my feet are not ticklish at all. Go right ahead…”

As the Army girls all stood and walked toward the door Alisha panicked.


Alisha heard the door slam shut and was crying out loud...”PLESAE…MY FEET!”

As Alisha was begging for her feet to be spared the tickling Army girls sat on the porch and eyed the sneakers of Alisha. They let Alisha scream and plead for a few minutes as they laughed at her desperate pleading.

Jennifer and Brooke were sitting in front of a foot with Hailey and Tara between them. Janet was behind them waiting for the fun to start.

Alisha felt her sneakers being pulled off slowly. Feeling her sneakers hanging from her feet Alisha screamed louder…

“PLEASE NOT MY FEET…my FEET…oh my god not my…FEEETTT!!!”

The very short white ankle socks were all that saved her bare feet now. Jennifer ran a finger down her right socked foot and was delighted to see her foot jerk away. Brooke did the same to the other foot teasing Alisha. Both girls took turns running their finger down her foot and then waited to give Alisha a sense that she was safe before the other would tickle her foot.

Alisha felt her right foot gets tickled briefly. Then her left foot was tickled quickly. Back and forth one foot was tickled at a time. Concentrating Alisha was trying to figure out what was going on and when her feet were going to really get it.

Done teasing Hailey and Tara pulled on the top of the socks leaving Alisha’s heel exposed. Using their fingers they scratched at the top of her heels. Alisha laughed as her heels were tickled. Wiggling her feet she felt safe with her soles in her socks but yet was laughing as her exposed heels were tickled.

The socks were pulled down half way leaving the girls stunned to find such pretty feet. Jennifer was running her fingers along the exposed top of the sole and was delighted to find it to be so soft and smooth. Janet managed to grab the toes of Alisha’s feet and pulled the socks off and then held her tiny little toes to keep her feet still.

The girls attacked Alisha’s pretty feet. Jennifer and Brooke were running their fingers up and down Alisha’s soles as Tara and Hailey tickled along the sides of Alisha’s feet. Janet was using her hands to hold the wiggling toes still but managed to use her pinky fingers to tickle between Alisha’s toes.

Alisha was howling with laughter as the foot tickling took off. There was no one for Alisha to ask for help as she was being tickle tortured. When she felt her big toes get tied together she felt helpless as she could no longer try to use one foot to help the other. All over her feet she felt tickling fingers draining her body of both energy and oxygen.

Jennifer used her fingernails to run across the soft soles knowing she was driving Alisha insane. Janet was in her glory tickling between each toe. Separating the toes with her fingers she smiled as she felt the soft toes wiggling as she tickled them.

The laughter could be heard out on the porch as they relentlessly tickled those adorable feet. Alisha was melting away in her laughter wondering if anyone would stop the torture.

The tickling Army girls were trading places as they all wanted to tickle every inch of those ticklish delicious feet. Seconds of fun turned into minutes and then hours drifted past as they worked on every inch of those feet. Alisha was taken through deep laughter and then silent laughter but she managed to hang in there.

The underside of Alisha’s toes proved to be true tickle torture for her. Janet was holding onto one toe at a time and tickling under each toe as Alisha tried to wiggle her toe free. The soft delicate toes were turning Janet on as she handled them.

Hailey went inside to see if Alisha was still with them. Walking into the cabin she found Alisha laughing and sweating as she cursed between laughter. Moving onto the table Hailey began tracing her fingers along Alisha’s waist line. This brought Alisha back into screaming laughter.

Tara followed Hailey in and straddled Alisha’s back so she could tickle her sides. Now Alisha was getting desperate for a break. Feeling her toes and feet getting tickled and now her waist and sides was too much. With her body weak and her laughter silent and in bad need for some air Alisha shook and shake pulling on her restraints before falling into a deep sleep.

All of the girls got some much needed rest. With the early mourning sun upon them the Army girls got ready for more fun. Moving the sleeping Alisha to the middle of the cabin once again they got her cleaned up. Tying her spread eagle on the table Alisha was bound tight to the table.

“Wake up sleepy…time to play” Brooke sang into Alisha’s ear.

Standing on her left was Jennifer and on her right side was Brooke. Both girls were holding stiff feathers and were looking at her breasts. At her feet were Janet and Tara massaging her feet. Hailey was sitting between her legs with a feather and was eyeing the prize between Alisha’s legs.

In a shaky voice Alisha asked…

“What now?”

Jennifer and Brooke began lightly dusting Alisha’s nipples with their feathers. Flicking their wrists back and forth the feathers were making contact with Alisha’s nipples. It was not really that ticklish for Alisha but was drawing some soft giggles.

The foot massage was relaxing her and giving her a false sense of security. For a minute Alisha almost thought she was dreaming. A quick flip of the feather across her clit sent Alisha bucking skyward. Her body was awake with pleasure at the moment.

Soft girlish laughter came from Alisha as she felt her toes in the warm mouths of the girls. The soft sucking on her toes was sending Goosebumps up and down her body. Light delicate touches on her feet along with the feathers tickling her nipples were enough to get her on the road towards orgasm.

Janet was licking the cute toes and was using her fingers to stroke her soles. As she sucked on the little toes she heard the moaning escape Alisha and she was determined to help give her a mind blowing orgasm.

Hailey began slowly dangling her feather so it brushed against Alisha’s clit. The well timed strokes sent Alisha reaching for the sky. Waiting for Alisha to settle back down Hailey would then give a few quick tickles on Alisha’s clit.

Jennifer noticed how erect Alisha’s nipples were and began moving her feather faster. With every brush of the feathers Alisha came closer to the edge. Then Jennifer and Brooke reached out with their free hands to tickle along Alisha’s sides. Alisha was bucking as she laughed and moaned at the same time. Hailey continued to tease Alisha’s clit but used her free hand to tickle along Alisha’s waist line. Confused Alisha laughed but was also becoming close to climax.

Sweating and panting Alisha wanted Hailey to move that damn feather faster but was to busy laughing. This time instead of being in agony over the tickling Alisha was feeling her sexual energy building quickly. With her nipples and clit getting teased and her feet getting fondled Alisha still felt the tickling touch but it was not as maddening as before.


Alisha was laughing and moaning and very confused as she felt her body getting turned on as she was tickled. With a loud scream she gave into the feeling and her body erupted wildly.

Not waiting or letting Alisha enjoy it the Army brats went into a full scale ticklish assault. Both feet had ten fingers running up and down and her waistline was getting ravaged. After her big orgasm Alisha was thrown into tickle hell. Every inch of her body felt hyper ticklish as the girls tickled her. With wild ticklish screams Alisha thought she was going to lose her mind.

Amazingly Alisha continued to get turned on as she was getting tickled. Of course with Jennifer holding both feathers and tickling both of Alisha’s nipples and Hailey using her feather to keep Alisha’s clit happy that helped a lot.

Alisha’s feet were tingling and she was crying now as she was sent through an even bigger orgasm. With her body already trembling Alisha was screaming incoherent words as she was tickled through a powerful orgasm.

“Ride that feeling Alisha!”

“Go with it”

The girls screamed as they watched Alisha’s glowing face contort and her body jerks about as they tickled her into and through several orgasms. Gibberish flowed from Alisha’s mouth as the Army girls worked their fingers expertly on Alisha’s ticklish flesh.

Alisha’s eyes were rolled back as her body continued to spasm after the waves of pleasure was shot through her body. The girls all watched silently as Alisha recovered from her ordeal. They finally untied the sleeping moaning Alisha and went to the porch for a drink and some fresh air.

After an hour Alisha came back and was surprised she was not tied up. Looking at the wide open window in the back of the house Alisha got up and made her way to the window. Crawling out of the window she fell to the grass. Slowly she stood up and cursed when she realized she was still naked. Looking back inside she looked for her clothes.

When she spotted Brooke looking at her through the porch window she took off. Running as fast as she could she soon had no energy left. Looking over her shoulder she saw the five girls chasing her. They were moving so fast she new they were going to catch her.

Tripping she fell to the ground and caught her breath.

“Stay right there or we will tickle you…” the girls were screaming.

Already tired Alisha new she had to get away. Making her way to her feet Alisha stumbled and then was caught. Brooke landed on top of Alisha’s back and took her arms and held them over her head.

Jennifer and Hailey took a leg and wrapped their legs around hers. Janet sat on Brook’s ass so her hands could tickle Alisha’s sides. Tara sat next to Alisha where she also could help tickle her sides.

Alisha had four of the girls on her and could not budge them. Trying to get free she used up the last on her energy.

“That’s it, calm yourself and get ready to be tickled” Brooke said.

Both feet were getting tickled again as Alisha gave in. Unable to move a leg all she could do was let her self be tickled. On her sides she felt the squeezing and she fell back into deep laughter. Brooke could use one hand to hold the tired Alisha’s arms above her head so she used her free hand to tickle her armpits.

In the middle of the woods on a grass field Alisha was once again being tickled into massive bouts of laughter. Realizing no one was going to help her she gave into the girl’s.

“PLEASE…heehaaheehaaheehaaheehaaheehaa…STOP!!...he ehaaheehaaheehaahehehahahehhehehahaha…pleae…

“That a girl” Brooke replied.

“We will never stop, not after you ran away!”

Jennifer ran her fingers over Alisha’s soles drawing wave after wave of laughter from her. With her body pinning Alisha’s leg down she easily used both hands to tickle that foot.

Hailey was tickling Alisha’s toes and was laughing as she watched her foot try to move away. Hailey allowed Alisha to move her foot an inch before moving her foot back. Holding her toes down Hailey would pry them up and hold them their easily as Alisha weakly attempted to push her toes back down to try and save them.

The girls tickled Alisha so long and hard that once they rolled off of her she could not stand up. They carried her back into the cabin and left her on the floor before going back to the porch to relax. Peeping in on Alisha every now and then the girls were confident that they had broken Alisha down. They wanted to see how long it would take to break someone and now they new.

After a few hours the girls went in and Alisha looked at them. The Army girls let Alisha get dressed and then they told Alisha to come with them. Walking to the Van Alisha was not sure what to think. Once in the van Jennifer told Alisha to take off her sneakers and socks and place her feet into the small set of stocks set up in the back.

Alisha did not want to get tickled again but she new what would happen if she refused. Doing as she was told she then had Jennifer place her hands behind her back and tie them up. Sitting in the back of the van Alisha had her feet in the stocks and had Jennifer and Brooke sitting at her feet. Janet was behind her with her legs around Alisha. Tara sat on Alisha’s side.

Once Hailey started the van the tickling began. Brooke and Jennifer tickling Alisha’s ticklish feet and Tara tickling the right side of Alisha. Sitting behind her Janet went to work on her waist. The laughter filled the van as they drove off.

Alisha was struggling as she was tickled once again. Closing her eyes tight she felt the tickling over coming her once again. Janet pulled on Alisha leaving them on their backs. Tara was tickling on both sides leaving Alisha gasping. Janet kept one arm around Alisha and the other one was tickling that spot on her waist that forced her to buck.

Brooke and Jennifer were racking their fingers down Alisha’s feet driving out even more laughter. Wiggling their fingers between Alisha’s toes the girls were sending Alisha deep into tickle torment. The screaming laughter was replaced with nonstop laughter. After an hour of driving the laughter turned silent. The all out tickling left Alisha on the verge of passing out. Still there was no let down in the tickling. The Army girls were tickling every ticklish spot they could find.

Suddenly the van screeched to a stop. Alisha was released from her bondage and had her sneakers placed on her feet. The side door flew open and Alisha was shoved out the door. Then the van took off leaving Alisha in front of her house.

Looking down the street Alisha was alarmed when the van stopped. When she noticed the van was backing up Alisha ran into her house. The van stopped in front of the house and Brooke ran to the door. Alisha was frozen in fear and watched through her peep hole as Brooke left a letter on the ground.

When the girls left Alisha opened the letter. It informed her that from this point on every year they would be back to tickle her. It also thanked her for being so ticklish and for being such a good sport.

stories about gang tickling and foot related stuff :weird:

Stories about some hard core f-f domination through tickling and foot worship. Heavy bondage and control in these stories. If this does not sound like fun please don't come into this group.

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great story, put i can't get to the pic since you have your group as being private and you must approve my membership, my application name is chronoss8. please approve me.

"For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know."
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Well, you don't have to join the group....I just go to his website (the last link in his post), and do a search for this story...anyhow, here it is: http://www.1-2-free-forums.com/mf/tower98-about158.html

ONe more thing, pretty nice story, I wish I can see a pic of Alisha (if she exist)
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That was a great story; thanks for posting it!
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Thanks...glad you enjoyed it

Hlundertaker thanks for posting the link, that is the easiest way to see the picture. I wrote the story for Alisha...She does not want anyone to see her picture though. It's to bad to because she is very pretty.

Thanks again Hlundertaker,MistressValerie, Bignorm868...

stories about gang tickling and foot related stuff :weird:

Stories about some hard core f-f domination through tickling and foot worship. Heavy bondage and control in these stories. If this does not sound like fun please don't come into this group.

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Quote Quote: Originally Posted by tower98
Thanks...glad you enjoyed it

Hlundertaker thanks for posting the link, that is the easiest way to see the picture. I wrote the story for Alisha...She does not want anyone to see her picture though. It's to bad to because she is very pretty.

Thanks again Hlundertaker,MistressValerie, Bignorm868...
No problem ...oh and yeah that is sad (Alisha won't let people see her)
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Ticklish Susie
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Awesome story, I had multiple orgasms, the truly were merciless.
I loved it.

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alisha, exit, ffffff, pussy, tickling

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