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Old 08-28-2005, 07:26 AM   #1
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Talking My sweet boyfriend night of tickle torture

Well earlier I posted how I was going to get my bf and had him all nice and tied up. He agreed to allow me to talk about his lovely experience. He was tied spread eagled to my bed. His feet were tied together at tied to the bed set and I tied his two big toes together also. He couldn't really wiggle at all. I made sure he was naked because I wanted as much of him to tickle. He thought it would be funny to taunt me about how I "don't know how to tickle and I am a weakling." stuff like that. So, I decided it would be best if he were also gagged too. After I had his wrists securely tied above his head and he was gagged, I put a blindfold on him. I told him how I would be back and that I was going to get my "tickle box" (it's our little box full of feathers, paintbrushes and all sorts of tickle tools) and finished with "don't go anywhere." I gave his foot a quick stroke and left and at that point I was getting my box and decided to leave my post that I did last night. All this took about five minutes. I came back in and there was my sweet loving boyfriend. I love him so much. We have been dating for almost 3 years. I couldn't ask for a better man. One thing I adore about him is he really takes good care of his body even his feet. His feet are probably the softest I have ever felt other then mine because mine are extremely soft and ticklish. Really, you tickle my feet for a couple of minutes I am reduced to tears and deep laughter, but i'm loving it. Anyways I know he heard me come in because his head turned to my direction so I quietly walked to the other side of the bed. Trying to make him uneasy. He tried to pull at his restraints and tried badly to speak. I opened up my box which made him turn his head to the left side that I was at. He must have felt the extra wieght on the bed because the moment I sat on the left side of the bed right near his underarm and ribcage, he started to struggle more. I had a really stiff quill in my hand but before I used it I started using my index finger and lazily dragged it from his hip bone to under his arm and back down all the while I told him how I was going to tickle him all night long. He tried real hard to not giggle into the gag, at first all I could make out through his muffled noises was protests. His handsome body jumped everytime I hit his six pack or under his arms. It wasn't untill I started wiggling all of my fingers on my right hand that he started to actually giggle into his gag. I wiggled my fingers really slowly up and down his side. I just kept going up and down up and down. When he felt the feather I held make contact with his right under arm he screamed into the gag and immediatly bursted into muffled laughter. He kept wiggling from side to side but he couldn't really move that much. Matter of fact, He wasn't able to move barely at all. I smiled so much. My cheeks hurt after a while because I realized I had been smiling so much. I love making my love laugh. I would enjoy his laughter more if it wasn't for the gag but he had to be punished for taunting me and the gag seemed like the perfect punishment. lol. I'm so evil. So I told him how unhappy I was that I couldn't hear his laughter as much as I wanted to all while I am tickling him still up and down with my hand and the feather on both sides. I said how I need to tickle him more for making it so I couldnt hear his laughter (even though I was the one who put the gag in see it's so fun to be as naughty as I am lol.) This made him scream really long and hard into the gag. I had been tickling him for ten minutes like this when this happened. I brought my hands down to his hips and started to squeeze them over and over and over and over agian. He started to buck like a mad man on the bed. His bonds didn't let him move as much as he wanted to, yet he was still bucking hard. I ask him while I tickled him like this is he wanted a break. He didn't make any noise other then muffled laughter through the gag. So I said "Well I can't hear if that was a yes or no, so I am taking it as a no." He fell limp right there and screamed with muffled laughter over and over. I continued to squeeze his hips for a few seconds more and then stopped. He was still laughing a little even though I wasn't touching him. I gently rubbed his sides that were tickled gently I rubbed them with the palms of my hands. He knows what I was doing. I will tickle my boyfriend untill I am satisfied and then stop and then rub his body that I have tickled to try to relax him. For him, it works. His breathing became more steady and calm but I kept rubbing his sides like that. I kept doing it for a long time because I wanted to catch him when he didn't expect it. At some points, I would raise my palms off of him a bit and this made my nails glide on his sides which made his body instantly jump up in reaction. But, I would stop and continue rubbing him. I did this for a couple more seconds and finally lifted my hands away from him and stayed in the silence. It wasn't until he felt my mouth on his hip bone that he started to struggle agian. I love giving him hickies on his sides because one: Noone can see them and two: it tickles him like mad! I gave both of his hip bones a hickie and continued to explore his sides and torso with my tongue and whenever he jumped and giggled through the gag I would stop and tease that spot a bit more with my tongue and then start to suck. He laughed and laughed into his gag. I had about ten hickies on his left side and went for his right side. I would return to his left side about 14 hickies to his right side later. Now that the hickies are there they tell me where all of his sensitive spots are so I can return to those spots and tickle them with my tongue agian. This assualt with my mouth lasted 20 minutes and I could see tears streaming down the his cheeks past the blindfold. I left the room and returned with a cold bowl of water and a wash cloth. I washed my sweet's body with it. He has such an extremely ticklish extremely hot body. He works out alot. But he isn't super nasty muscled like some wrestlers I see ...gag! After I was done washing him I immediatly started to tickle under his arms with my nails. As my nails danced and flickered as fast as I could make them I toldhim how his feet were next to be tickled. He Was screaming into the gag and I had decided I wanted to hear his sexy voice when I was going to tickle torture his soft feet. I took the gag out and immediatly he started to beg me to make love to him and leave his feet alone. I only smiled at him and continued to tickle his underarms. This sent him Falling back to the bed (he lifted his head up to beg) and scream out in hard laughter. I tickled his underarms forever. Some times I would dance all ten of my nails on one of his underarms and then to the other and back to the other. He shook his head alot trying to get past the sensations. He was so cute. I loved making him laugh and squirm. At some points I would blow a raspberry on his sides and tummy while I tickled his underarms and this created that silent laughter. I kept tickling him and tickling him taunting him while I did with the "tickle tickle tickle" chant. I kept this up for a very long time. According to the clock we have on the side of the bed I had been tickling his underarms for 30 minutes. At that point my fingers were beginning to get sore and I felt like some tea, so I sat up with my still giggling boyfriend and told him I would be right back. He screamed back through his hysterical laughter " Wait you can't leave me tied like this untie me!" I reminded him of his foot tickle torture to come and he silenced up real quick. I'll write about his foot tickle torture tomorrow or later on tonight, I just need to rest my fingers because they are a little sore from all that wiggling last night.
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I had left my very ticklish boyfriend in hysterics and sheer exhaustion when I told him his feet were next. I could hear after a few minutes him calling out to me, agian begging me to untie him and make love to him. I was making myself some iced tea (strawberry flavor yum!). I put some ice cubes in my iced tea and grabbed a second cup and filled it up with ice as well. I went back into our room with both cups in hand. He could hear the rattling of the ice cubes in my cup so this caused his head to turn in my direction and more pleas. I told him how much I loved him but he needed to stop pleading or else I would have to gag him agian. He obeyed to that threat. He doesn't like to be gagged, but hey, I hate being blindfolded he does it all the time I won't complain, he doesn't complaim much either. Anyways, I gave my sweet boyfriend a sip of tea and let him rest a bit more. I rubbed his tummy soothingly and every once in a while flickered my nails over his tummy and sides to give him a quick tickle. This would cause him to jump and giggle only a little, and quickly relax when I stopped and rubbed. I began to rub down his legs and slowly making my way down. He would smile and laugh a bit if I hit a ticklish area. He knew what I was doing, slowly making my way to his extremely soft and ticklish feet, so, this caused more begs. Agian I warned of the gag and he stopped begging but whined and whimpered playfully. When I reached his ankles I took my hands off. He became uneasy and shifted alot in his bonds. The silence cloaked my position and this also made him squirm and wiggle his toes in anticipation. I had in my hand the cup of ice still, I only was rubbing him with one hand. He didn't know about the second cup because he is still blindfolded. So the naturel response when his left arch felt the tip of the ice cube I brought out, was amazing. Immediatly he screamed out "That's cold!!! That's Cohohoolld!" and all was lost in his hysterical laughter. It's amazing how soft and ticklish his feet are. He tried to wiggle his feet away but couldn't. His two big toes being tied together made it to where he could barely wiggle his toes too. All he could do was laugh, gasp,beg,cry,scream, and simple feel the cold, tickling sensations. Feelings i'm full aware of. I moved the ice cube up and down his left foot. I would move the ice cube from his heel up to his toe, under it, teasing it, and slowly back down sliding down his ticklish arch and back to his heel, and repeating. When the ice cube reached the ball of his foot, I made little circles around it. This caused him to try to buck agian. His laughter was intense. Thank god we live on a ranch lol. We do it's so pretty and we have alot of dogs... anyways, loosing train of thought. I used this tickle tool on him until the ice cube melted away. An idea hit me. I leaned over and I started to nibble on his toes as I brought a second ice cube to his arch. He fell limp on the bed since the previous ice cube took about 4 minutes or so to melt. Now I was nibbling and tickling his cute soft toes with my tongue and teeth while he had an ice cube tickling his arch. Then I brought my tongue down to his arch and back up and applied the ice cube and repeated. His was limp with laughter, He didn't even try to move his foot away. His laughter was so sexy that I totally was lost in making him laugh. I just kept tickling his feet with the ice cubes and my mouth and at times just the ice cubes. I was so lost in the fixation of making him laugh that before I knew it my large cup of ice was empty and I had been tickling my sweet boyfriend for almost 40 minutes straight. normally he would have had a couple second break in between ten minutes or so. But no breaks. I felt so guilty until I saw the sweet smile he had on when he started to calm down. I tried to relax him a bit and rubbed his very cold feet. I asked how he was and he could only sigh in happiness and smile. I love him so much. After a while of rubbing I began to wiggle my fingers on his arches. Poor thing thought that I was done with him. I tickled his arches on both feet with my wiggling fingers for a bit. I made sure to count the minutes this time and not get lost. I gave him a break after five minutes due to his previous tickle torture on his feet. I kept this up for another hour. Five minutes of tickling and about a minute of resting. By the time I was done he was sweating and exhausted. I allowed him to rest some. He didn't pass out. What had happened was when I stopped tickling I asked agian if he was okay (chance to say safe word-taco) and he smiled and nodded yes and didn't say anything for a long time. I got up to take the blind fold off and just before I did he said he was very tired. I let him rest for an hour. By the time I woke him up with the feather tickles to his foot he was rested and ready for another hour. (told you ALL nighter!) The feather was dragged down his sole up and down and up and down. Then I would make circles around the balls of his feet and the heels. His laughter was music to my ears and the greatest fuel to my fire. I continued this feather attack for ten minutes and then dropped it and began to tickle him with a marker I had. It's pointy but soft not sharp or anything like some pens can be. I wrote ticklish all over his feet. And like a part in a tickle story I love, when the words ticklish were written about a billion times (exaggerating) I took another color and colored in the spaces that were left. This took almost an hour...I made it last forever. This is so because sometimes I would stop writting on the left foot and tickle his right with my nails. By the time I was done marking on both feet, He was sweating and complained his sides ached from laughing and he used the safe word. I love him so much and was so delighted to tickle him. I get to alot. But, he mostly gets me because even though I love tickling him I LOVE being tickled. He allowed me to write about his night and he is such a good sport. baby I love you!
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boyfriend, night, sweet, tickle, torture

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