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I love being tickled!

Default Ropejock.com

Do any of you have any of the old ropejock.com stories saved? The site shut down a while ago and its contents are now apparently irretrievable.

Gogleisio yw fy hoedl!
Dydy mastyrbiad ddim mor gyffrous heb gogleisio!
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Here is the link:
(If one doesn't work, try the next one.)

The Internet Wayback Machine has archived all kinds of websites. Although alot of the pictures might not work anymore, the stories still do!

Jack's Rack was something that I used to go to before TickleTheater.

I posted this like here like every six months, but I get few replies.
Someone should post pictures!
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Damn, that's just what I was gonna suggest. O well, you got your answer anyway; that's the important thing here.
"Every rule has an exception - except this one..."

All your laugh are belong to me
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I love being tickled!


FANTASTIC!! Thanks so much!
Gogleisio yw fy hoedl!
Dydy mastyrbiad ddim mor gyffrous heb gogleisio!
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you can also get there by going to.....

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Default F/m on RopeJock

This one had been on the Ropejock Message Board.


“Mmmmm, check it out, Fulvia,” Leticia said as she eyed him bending over to pick up the bracelet she’d dropped.
Leticia smiled, “the possibilities are endless!”
The women laughed and Jeff looked up in embarrassment and puzzlement. “Here’s your bracelet.”
“Thank you, stud,” Fulvia smiled at him with gleaming pearly white teeth and dark and sparkling eyes. “My, my you are quite a specimen.”
Jeff tossed his blonde hair back and started to stumble away from Fulvia on his dock-sider clad feet. He clumisly smiled and said, “well, I gotta get going, and get my packages home...OUCH! What the fuck?” He grabbed at his left buttock and turned to see Leticia standing there with a hypodermic needle. “What - what...?”
Then he fell to the ground.
“Quickly, sister!”
The two voluptuous women loaded him into the back of their van and sped out of the shopping center parking lot. His grocery packages lay next to his automobile, the last trace of Jeff Reeseman.

* * *

The tanned shapely women scurried to the landing strip on this bright afternoon. Their lush green island was bathed in warm sunlight and wrapped in balmy breezes. The Cessna was about to land. Several of the females began to finger themselves beneath their soft pink tunics, some moaning and laughing at the possibilities of what the Procurers were bringing.
The rush to the plane was ecstatic. “Fulvia! Leticia!” they shouted.
The hatch opened and Fulvia grinned wickedly, “Fresh meat, sisters! I bring you males from the mainland!”
The screaming was almost deafening. “How many?” they cried. “Let me see! Let me see!”
Leticia walked around to the cargo hold and the women followed her. “We have three new additions, sisters! Three luscious hunks of beef!”
The ensuing babbling was indecipherable as the women lunged passed Leticia and yanked the males from the cargo, but words like “delicious,” and “yummy” and “suck” could be distinguished.
The males had been tied, spread-eagled and fully clothed as they were when captured, to rudimentary army stretchers. They were conscious, but obviously dazed by their surroundings; still too drugged to understand their fate at the hands of these hungry Amazons.
“Let’s take them to Hannah,” one young Amazon cried, “and quickly so that we may begin to partake of them!”
As Fulvia and Leticia followed the dozen or so Amazons carrying their male captives to the island queen in the clearing, they discarded their mainland clothing and changed into the Amazonian tunic.
Hannah was seated in her bamboo throne, a handsome and very naked male slave with hands bound behind has back, licked her sopping wet cunt beneath her silken tunic. His head was so buried beneath the garment that Fulvia thought for sure she was going to suffocate him.
Hannah smiled and leapt from her throne when she saw the fresh meat the women lay before her. The licking slave tumbled to the sand and was quickly seized by a couple of the Amazon women. They carted him off to a nearby hut.
“Ah, Fulvia! Leticia!” Hannah greeted her women. “You have done well! These are fine additions to our collection and most desirable; most necessary! This makes a total of fifteen, does it not?”
“Yes,” Fulvia smiled. “Fifteen delicious hunks of delectable male beef - prime and ready for our uses.”
The queen salivated and wiped the drool from her chin. She stepped off the throne platform and onto the sand where the slaves lie. She leaned down to inspect Jeff.
“Mmmmmmm, studbeef,” she said as she ran her hands over his torso. “Scumptious. Studbeef meat male.” Her hands trailed to his thighs and his knees and back to his ribcage. She gently dug her fingers into his sides. He squirmed and giggled. The other women hissed approvingly and began to moan.
Jeff focused on the queen while trying to expunge the ticklish smile from his face. “Who are you? What is going on? Where...?”
The queen rose to her feet and towered over him. “Did I say you could speak, slave? Did I say you could open your mouth, stud?” The corners of her eyebrows peaked in rage and her silky raven hair shined brightly as she bellowed: “QUIET! NO MALE SPEAKS UNLESS HE IS ASKED TO! Otherwise, a price will be exacted and he will be punished—severely!”
The other men: a tall lanky brown-haired chap in a sweatshirt and big feet in hush puppies; and a straight-nosed dark and handsome man in a Brooks Brother suit; shuddered and turned away from Jeff and the queen.
Hannah looked at the three studs and calmly told them: “You are no longer free men of the mainland. You are prisoners of my island and you shall remain here as stud slaves to me, and to my women. You will serve all of our sexual needs as well as any other needs we may desire. You are playthings—as all males are—to women. You are meat. We may decide we’ve had enough of you and devour you—literally! Therefore, you must constantly PLEASE us! You are stud servants to women! Women are your superiors! It is as simple as that, studbeef...meatmales...hunkslaves...”
A rise of orgasmic moaning was running through the crowd of women as they stood watching and listening to their queen explain the very basic principles of their way of life, to the newly arrived males. Hannah recognized her womens’ need and said, “yes, my children, you will have them and soon! Let me see, who got to initiate the last procurements?” She pondered this thought and then looked at Fulvia and Leticia. “You two, my dear huntresses, you have never had the opportunity to initiate. Therefore, the three of us will handle the task.” She turned to the other Amazons and promised, “and later this evening, each and every one of you will have a chance to partake of these fine, lickable, delectable, sex-objects of our lust!”
Fulvia grabbed the end of Jeff’s stretcher and dragged him into the use tent. Leticia followed with the lanky stud; and the queen followed with the businessman.
The women took knives off of a table in the tent and began to cut away at the clothing covering the torsos of the good-looking males. The businessman whinced the most as the blade sliced through his very expensive-looking threads.
Hannah laughed, “you will have no need of these things anymore, my captive. You will have need of no clothing here, studcakes.”
When the men’s chests were completely bare, the women marvelled at their sculpted prizes. They took turns molesting each man’s torso with nips, bites, pinches and tickling. All of the men reacted with high-pitched feverish laughter when tickled. The Amazons sighed deeply and moaned longingly when they heard the laughter. Hannah noted that other Amazons were outside the tent, listening, and shouted to them, “in time, my dears—go attend to the other studs ‘til then.”
Next, the three hungry women moved to the feet of the three captive males.
Fulvia slowly removed Jeff’s left docksider to reveal a long shapely foot clad in a thin navy blue sock. She murmured as she eyed the foot, “oooh, it’s heavenly. Look at this, Leticia. His arch is spectacular and you can see that his second toe is longer than the big one.” She inhaled, “mmmm...musky scent, but clean!”
Leticia pulled the size 12 ½ hush puppy from the lanky stud’s left foot. He wore a dark brown sock with a swirling white and black pattern that ran across the sole. “What’s your name, cutey-pie?” He hestitated to answer. “Go ahead, you have my permission, meat-male.”
“Skye,” he answered.
“Hmm, ‘Skye,’” Leticia pondered. “No - no, I think it should be ‘dick-lick,’ yes...yes, ‘dick-lick.’”
Fulvia eyed Jeff’s blue eyes as she massaged his foot in its sock covering and said, “your name my pet shall be, ‘silky-feet’.”
“No!” the queen commanded. “Any of the men on the island could be called that! No, that stud should be called ‘peckertickle.’”
Fulvia approved. Peckerticle closed his eyes tight and swallowed hard.
The queen stopped watching her two women partake of their men and turned her attention to the businessman. “You my slave, are going to be called, very simply, ‘penis.’” Then she pulled his size 11 Florsheim slip-on from his left foot. “Ah, a man who knows what Hannah likes—Amazons, look at his sock! It’s luscious black nylon! Mmmmmmm!”
Dick-lick jumped as Leticia’s long sharp fingernails traced the swirling pattern on the sole of his sock. Peckertickle giggled uncontrollably as Fulvia lightly brushed his socked sole with her blood red fingernails. The women stroked and stroked the left foot of the man they partook of until Hannah finally said, “it’s show time, girls!” With that the three women displayed their fine right hands to the men, showing off their long hard fingernails and tapering fingers. “Dig in, Amazons! It’s tickle-time!”
“Hahahahahahahahahahahahaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaha hahahahaha.....”
Torrents of male laughter filled the use tent as the Amazons raked their rapid-fire fingers across the socked-soles of the men’s ticklish feet. Amazons still listening outside the tent fell to the ground and fingered their clits to the cue of the males’ harried laughter.
“Good goddess, Fulvia!” cried Leticia. “This male is made for tickling—listen to that fine laugh and look at his wiggling toes! His foot is so prime for tickle!”
“Mine is better, Leticia!” shrieked Fulvia as she attacked peckertickle’s left sole. “His laughter subsides as he loses his breath and when it comes back, it is hysterically sexy! Queen Hannah, we bless you for giving us this heaven! Good goddess, males were made for tickling!”
“Mmmm,” the queen orgasmed. “Ah, girls, his foot is so perfect—thank YOU for bringing this one! Ahhhh, his chuckle—penis is a ticklish stud for sure! OK, try tickling the top of the foot!”
The Amazons did as instructed and the male slaves continued to laugh hysterically and exhaustedly, until minutes later when Hannah cried: “Sock removal!”
Fulvia and Leticia watched as their queen slowly pulled penis’s calve length silky black sock over his heel. “Mmmmm!” the three women murmurred. “Nice! Very nice!” Penis’s heel was smooth, but hard and pink. Hannah gave in to her desire to bite it. Penis yelped.
Hannah excuriatingly and slowly continued to finger the sock off of his “luscious foot” until it wafted slowly to the sand. All three women dove for the foot. Tongues lapped, lips kissed, teeth nibbled, until Hannah instructed the other two to now attend to the “other meat,” pecker-tickle and dick-lick.
When all three men now had bare left feet another round of tickle torture ensued. This time the Amazons not only used their fingernails, but also their teeth. By moving their jaws up and down rapidly against the bare smooth soles of the captive male slaves, they were able to produce a tickle beyond any tickling any of the men had ever received in their lives. It drove them nearly insane. Their harried laughter doubled, tripled, quadrupled in ecstatic frenzy!
“Ahhhh,” Fulvia sighed. “Male feet are conduits for the purpose. Tickling men is the most delightful thing on the planet! And just look at peckertickle’s fine foot, Leticia—just as I suspected through his sock: long tapering toes, that second longer toe is almost as long as my pinky finger!”
“Then suck it off, dear!” the queen cried. “He is after all, a male—a succulent piece of meat put here to pleasure you!”
Leticia and Fulvia chuckled heartily with their queen. Their breathing became rapid and beads of perspiration formed on their brows.
Leticia licked dick-lick’s long thick bare toes as she continued to attack the rest of his foot with her fingers.
“Thank the goddess we don’t have to pedicure these creatures of lust!” Leticia said. “All of them have such well-tended ticklish feet meat.” The pupils of her hazel eyes dialated into black pools of wonderment as she gazed at the naked smooth and shiny sole. Her index fingernail travelled swiftly in the silky lifelines of the foot.
“Let’s expose the other foot, girls!” the queen said in an exhilarated voice.
The Amazons discarded the shoe and sock of that foot on each of their stud slaves far more quickly than was done with the left foot. When the men’s right feet were bare, the women untied the right ankle and crossed it over the left ankle, then retied the feet together.
“Yummmmmm,” Fulvia sighed as she shoved her face into the bare soles of peckertickle. “Big silky dreamy male meat feet!”
Leticia laved dick-lick’s bare soles swiftly with her rapid fire tongue while grasping his bound ankles. Soon her brilliant teeth were nibbling away at his sensitive soles, soles so very loaded with countless nerve endings. Dick-lick’s hearty laughter exceeded her wildest fantasies of bound howling ticklish men. It made Fulvia and Hannah leave their stud slaves and move to dick-lick’s torso, where they smiled evilly at him before digging their fingers into his extremely sensitive rib cage.
Pecker-tickle and penis took advantage of the respite by taking long slow deep breaths. Recovery from tickling by Amazons was not easy, pecker-tickle thought.
Dick-lick’s laughter suddenly faded. The tickling Amazons looked at his face and realized he had passed out—or was he dead?
“Nah!” Hannah checked his pulse. “He’s not dead, but he, like all males, is a frail creature—not accustomed to servicing Amazon women! No matter, we’ve still got these other two!”
The knives were back and soon the slacks were sliced away from peckertickle and penis. Hannah eyed penis’s silky white briefs. “Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Look here!” Fulvia and Leticia beamed at the site of their queen’s discovery. “This stud’s got a lovely erection!”
“Wow!” Fulvia dove at it. “It’s gotta be a nine-incher!” She quickly cut the brief away. “It is!” Then she turned red and humbly said to the queen, “I’m sorry, I should have let you be the first to reveal his manmeat.”
Hannah calmed her. “Don’t fret my dear. What Amazon in her right mind could resist this luscious creature! And not to worry—I’m going to get in plenty of play time with this stud!”
Leticia marvelled at penis. “Big beautifully sculpted cut dick, succulent big feet, nice bod...ohhhh, he IS a wonder!”
Hannah huddled her two women together. “Let’s all partake!” With that, the three Amazons began to lap and lick and suck penis’ luscious cock—while running their fingers rapidly behind his bare knees and into his very vulnerable rib cage.
The ecstatic pleasure-torture went on for at least ten full minutes before a cascade of semen spurted forth and actually hit the top of the use tent. Through it all, penis’ excitable male laughter kept rolling and tumbling out—until he too, passed out from sheer ticklish exhaustion!
That left peckertickle. He closed his eyes as the three women turned their attention to the pole in his briefs. “It looks a little excited, doesn’t it,” Leticia teased.
Hannah chimed in, “Let’s see if we can get it MORE excited!” She ripped the briefs off his groin with her bare hands. He yelped in shock and slight pain.
As was done with penis, the Amazons licked and sucked peckertickle’s size 8 cock while tickling various parts of his “delectable male” body. He barely lasted to orgasm before he, like penis and dick-lick, passed out.
But the Amazons, who by then had multiple orgasms, still were not completely satisified. Each took a man’s bare big toe into their sopping wet cunts and massaged their clits to full, body convulsing, screaming orgasms. Then they collapsed onto the bound naked male bodies the “sexy feet and toes” were attached to.

* * *

A long line of seventeen Amazons got behind their queen and waited. Hannah turned the device on and placed first the fingernails of her right hand on it, then the left hand. The small pumice wheel spun rapidly and Hannah’s eyes gleamed as she surveyed how sharp her fingernails were getting. Fulvia stood behind her and said, “I’m glad to see that our generator is working.”
“Yes!” Hannah agreed. “I had chucklestud and joystick fix it. Having procured electricians was a coup on your part, my dear.”
Fulvia laughed, “we make them fix the generator, sharpen the hell out of our fingernails, then we tickle the life out them—mmmmmm, I love males!”
Hannah shrieked, “Fulvia my sweet Amazonian lady, you have the right attitude for my island! Viva la female superiority!”
“VIVA LA FEMALE SUPERIORITY!” all of the Amazons shouted.

* * *

“HeeeehahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHAAAAAAA—ple eeeease! Heeeehoooo—haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—heeee-hhaaaaaaaa—st-st-shhhhaaaaa stop it! HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...”
Flaming torches amid the lush green in the large clearing perfectly complimented the dark blue midnight skies and the robust hearty male laughter that filled the tropical air. Fifteen nude males were bound spread-eagled with silken lace to low bamboo beds, barely wide enough for their bodies, while seventeen Amazons wandered from male to male—endlessly tickling their big naked vulnerable feet and washboard rib cages. All of the lusty beautiful women had long hard and sharp fingernails, filed for the express purpose of tickle-torturing men!
The women at male bare feet sat on cushiony pillows, while the women at the naked male torsos sat on the men’s groins.
Peckertickle, dick-lick and penis were getting the most attention, of course, being the latest procurements to this island paradise for savage women. One Amazon sat near penis’ head just watching his laughing face and listening to his steady hysterical howling. That alone satisfied her as she fingered herself to enriching orgasmic fulfillment.
Most of the males apparently hated the seemingly endless torture as they had winced and shook their heads not to be tied to the bamboo beds, however, there was not one male being tickled whose cock did not rise to the occasion.
“Funny creatures, these males,” Leticia said between sucking joystick’s bare toes. “Their manmeat almost always rises to full mast in spite of their utter dislike of being tickled by us. The nerve endings in their delicious feet must be directly connected to that big nerve they have so little control of! Ha! They’ll cum only if we want them to, too! I love it!”
Fulvia sat on the groin of joystick and said, “this one may cum soon—I’m gonna ride ‘em.” With that she lowered herself on his “large juicy cock” and bounced up and down while Leticia continued tickling his extremely sensitive feet.
Leticia pondered what Fulvia said, “no, sister. You forget, they don’t cum while being riden and being tickled at the same time—they cum when we’re pumping and licking their dicks—and tickling them.”
“Leticia?” Fulvia asked while riding joystick’s joystick, “when did you first realize you enjoyed tickling males?”
“Ohhhh, that’s easy,” Leticia responded. “When I was barely 11, my older brother—that reminds me, we HAVE TO GET HIM HERE, mmmmmm, Fulvia, his feet are perfect specimens and his long legs, ooohhh, he’s pure heaven...”
Fulvia turned around, “well, go on! What happened when you were 11!”
“Oh...yes...yes...uh, my brother Frankie used to fall asleep, barefoot, on our sofa a lot and I don’t know exactly why, but I always would sit on his legs and tickle his big succulent feet. He’d go nuts! I think he loved it—even now, when I visit his house, he’ll take off his shoes and socks and stick his feet near me—almost like he’s tempting me to do it!” She fingered herself and said, “oooooh, yes, Fulvia—we gotta get him here!”
“Doesn’t he have kids and a wife?”
“Yes!” Leticia cried. “An 18 year old stud! We’ll get him too! We need some younger meat to compliment the seasoned beef we’ve --- ooooohhh—already got here...” She lapped on joystick’s foot and grasped his ankle with both hands and then took a five second love bite out of his big toe.
“What about the wife?” as she galloped faster on joystick.
“Fuck her,” Leticia said. “She’s a freakin’ PTA wench. She ain’t no true woman, not Amazon material at all. Frankie needs us as much as we need him—I know it!”

* * *

“Milking time, ladies!” Fulvia called out to the other Amazons as she strode past the dining hall. “Come on, the meat has been prepared!”
The women scampered to the area where the naked “delicious males” where standing, their long-fingered male hands tied above their heads with fine leather bonds. Another leather bond was fastened around their torsos. The leather held the male slaves secure to smooth round wooden poles, which had been anchored into the ground for the express purpose of tethering the males up for various delectable purposes. Tonight, there would be the “milking hour.”

The Amazons brought bamboo chairs and sat them before each of the vulnerable naked men. They also brought with them large plastic tube receptacles, each of which had a half hood over the opening of the tube. “Mmmm,” Fulvia murmurred. “Look at the meatmales shudder. They are worried what we may do with these instruments!” The other Amazons laughed heartily. The males did indeed wear faces of near-terror. They had just experienced endless foot-tickling and now they were tied to stakes awaiting a different fate.

Leticia was the first to begin. She sat on a milking stool in front of dick-lick. She slowly and achingly ran her sharp fingernails over the length of his long, yet flaccid penis. He began to rise to the occasion, much to his dismay.

“Oh,” Fulvia sighed, “next to tickling their big feet, there’s nothing like watching their marvelous manmeat grow before me. “

Dick-lick fought the temptation to look at his cock as it rose to attention. The sight of a woman working his dick always heightened his sexual excitement. Alas, it was no use. Leticia’s expert fingers smoothed the now taut skin of his meat whistle in such a way, that no man could fight the tension. He was powerless to her masturbation of his manhood. A drop of cum appeared through the slit as her fingers worked over the rim of his meaty helmet.

“Mmmm,” Leticia sighed. “The liquid of man makes its first appearance!”

The other Amazons murmured and each then began to work over the cocks of the men they were sitting at. The males grimaced, closed their eyes, flinched, twisted in their bonds, and did every possible thing they could to fight the exciting sensation of these lusty Amazons’ ministrations of their vulnerable meat. But, to no avail. Like dick-lick, they too were powerless and rendered helplessly and sexually enslaved by these hungry women.

The Amazons who had no men to work over took bets as to what stud might come first. They agreed not to pick dick-lick as Leticia began to work on him before the other Amazons started masturbating their respective meat males.

Leticia applied her lips to dick-lick’s cock and lovingly licked the pre-cum from his slit. The other Amazons also used their tongues, lips and in some cases their teeth to assure maximum stimulation of their slave’s manmeat.

Dick-lick came. The powerful surge of semen could be heard as it hit the hood of the collection tube. The other Amazons turned to look at Leticia’s slave as he moaned and groaned through his continuous orgasm. The males watched, too. They saw how long dick-lick’s climax lasted and so naturally wondered if their’s would be as rewarding. But did they want such a reward? Finding such pleasure in this situation might only serve to further their enslavement to these savage women!

One by one, the sperm cascaded rapidly into the semen receptacles, and one by one, the Amazons left the males to enter a nearby hut. They emerged minutes later, without the semen tubes. What they had done with the sperm, the men could only guess.

The Amazons giggled and skipped toward the males. They teased and taunted the men with alternatingly dominating then school-girlish looks. They’d glare at the men’s wandering eyes with peaked eyebrows, then turn and whisper to each other when they’d catch the men looking away, seemingly in terror. Then, the women took their places with the same men they had forceably but lovingly, milked.

They tossed the milking stools aside and sat Indian-style, at the FEET of the males.

Fulvia lifted peckertickle’s left long-toed smooth bare foot up by his contoured ankle. “Mmmm…feet meat!” she sighed as she smoothed the bare sole and toes against her face. She caught the look in his eyes as he slung his head back in defeat. Would this titillating torture ever end?

The other Amazons did similar things with their male’s bare left foot, licking, sucking kissing toes, lapping soles, fondling heels, tracing the lines of the bottoms, and the tendons on the tops.

Queen Hannah placed penis’s foot to her nearly naked chest and captured it between her large breasts. “It’s time, my sisters, it is time!”

That was all the other Amazons needed to hear.

Feminine fingers wildly scampered across the tender bare soles of the males’ bare left feet. The men tried in vain to pull their legs back, but each woman expertly held on to their captive ankles while tickling their bare soles. The laughter was wilder than before, and the women gave each other a knowing look.

Through his hysteria, dick-lick began to wonder why the tickling sensation had become so extreme. Was it because of the milking? And why was the milking so phenomenal? It was the best orgasm he had ever experienced. Was it something the Amazons had placed in the men’s food? Their water?

The Amazons themselves seemed more maniacal than before in their tickling of the males’ “beautifully arched succulent sensitive feet meat.” They each managed to use the men’s big toe on the right foot for self-masturbation. This was no easy task as that particular foot also served to keep the men from toppling over, given that the left foot was still lifted into the air for ecstatic pleasurable tickling!

“Mmmm,” Leticia moaned nearing orgasm. “Male feet meat! Mmmmm…tickle laughter…manmeat….tickle beef…feet…tickle…tickle…tickle….”

Soon all of the Amazons were chanting “tickle” as they each came, for what seemed like minutes at a time.

Moments later there was no surprise, only smiles on some of the women’s faces, to see that five of the men, had passed out.

And Fulvia showed no remorse as she checked for heartbeats, and pulses in the males.

“Well?” Hannah smiled at Fulvia.

Fulvia sighed, “all alive. Maybe next time.”
* * *

The three new acquisitions had been steadily put through the daily rigors of being ticklish male slaves on this lush island designed for the sexual pleasures of unusually libidinous Amazon Women. “Peckertickle,” “penis,” and “dicklick” had had their full share of being endlessly tickled, mainly on the soles of their long, tender, sensuously arched long-toed feet and milked of their daily (sometimes twice a day) ration of their copious semen. The men, now in their adjacent cages, after a bout of milking, had time to quietly discuss their predicament.

“I don’t understand it all,” peckertickle sighed, as he sat on his bamboo cot, one long-fingered hand massaging the left sole of his oft-tickled foot. “I feel more ticklish and more sensitive in the groin with every passing day! There must be something in the food or the water!”

“And those women,” penis watched peckertickle massage his foot. “Did you ever meet women this nuts for men’s feet? I mean, I can see by looking at your feet that they’re attractive, but there’s more to us than feet, you know?”

Dicklick agreed, but added, “it’s probably all part of the reason they tickle us so much. I mean, I don’t think it’s just our feet, though I can see they like ‘em. It’s more the vulnerability these ladies seem to find in our sensitive soles and toes. They get off on the laughter, too, I can tell you that! Did you see those Amazons who just sat by and watched us get tickle tortured? They were fingering themselves like mad!”

“I don’t know,” peckertickle said, as he let his long left foot slowly drop to the sandy floor of his cage. “It’s definitely a dominance issue. They love having men as slaves. And, I hesitate to say what they will do with us next.”

“What do you mean?” penis said with a quivering lip.

“Didn’t you hear them kind of complaining that some of the men had pulses after the last milking/tickling session? I kind of think they were hoping one of us would drop off!”

“Then, then what?” penis quizzed.

“Then – I think – I think they’d probably eat us!”
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The TickleTheater.com web site is an adult tickling community meant for tickling enthusiasts, fetishists, and any visitor with an open mind who is at least 18 years of age (21 years in some areas) or older. You will find literally thousands of media files available to you once you register a free account with us. Come join in the fun!