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Old 06-22-2005, 01:38 AM   #1
No one can put me out!
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Default How to turn a ticklish woman (FFF/F)

Heya everyone. Been a while. lol. Oh and I pose a question to any gay women out there: is there a chance this could actually work in reality? Haha. Anyway, Enjoy.

“So… This is awkward… Ok I’ll just say it… Do you wanna go out sometime? … On a date?”
The small, slight figured red headed woman, named Chloe, looked understandably shocked. “Um… are you… are you serious?”
The taller brunette named Stacy chuckled slightly. “Yes! I’ve always… really liked you.”
Chloe looked like she had just received a math problem involving the denominator 7, the power of 13, and a multiplication of 294. “Em… I…”
“Don’t be scared,” said Stacy with a smile. “Take a chance on me…” She leaned in to kiss Chloe, but Chloe pulled away.
“Um… listen… I like you too, but… I’m not gay.”
“Oh, gay, straight, who cares! Knock down some boundaries! Come on.” She tried to kiss her again, but once more Chloe avoided it.
“Stop it! Look, my answer’s no!… Can’t we just be friends?”
Stacy gave up, but still tried to force a smile. “Ok, if that’s how you… you feel.” She sniffed. “I have to go.” She turned and walked away at a fair pace.
Chloe’s eyebrows were drawn down an odd blend of emotions, but then she had only been honest, so she didn’t feel too guilty. She blew out a sharp breath, shook her head, and went on to her next lecture.

“Bitch!” cried Stacy as she slammed the door of her flat. Her male roommate, Mark, raised an eyebrow. “No one says no to me! And ‘not gay’?! Pffft! What, doesn’t she watch MTV? There’s no such thing as a completely straight woman anymore! Everyone knows that!”
“Evidently…” muttered Mark as he resumed reading his book.
“Rrrr I’m so mad! I’ve not had a ‘no’ in four years! Four! …Are my breasts too small?”
“… Show them to me and I’ll tell you.”
She gave him an icy glare. “I cant believe it… Hey, you get said no to all the time, what should I do? There must be some way to change her mind?”
“Well, in some areas you could try being a bit less blunt, for a start. But… I don’t know… Seduce her. Show her that she can be just as turned on by you as by a guy.”
He shrugged. “Be persistent. When you’re talking to her, put in a lot of flirty physical contact. If you can turn her on with out her wanting to be, she’ll start questioning whether she really is completely straight or not, and then you’ll have planted the seeds. All you have to do after that is stick at it.”
“Hmm… Is there anything you can tell me about Chloe? What are her kinks? You’ve known her for a while, right?”
“Um… look, I’m not gonna dish out secrets on a friend ok.”
“If she says yes, I’ll pay you.”
“Um… yeah, ok.”

“A tickling fetish!” cried Sherry, one of two female friends who Stacy had invited over for lunch, the other named Karen. “How infinitely bizarre!”
“I know!” Stacy replied with a grin. “It’s perfect! She doesn’t know I know, so I can tickle her, turning her on without her ever knowing that that’s what I’m trying to do!”
“Yeah,” said the other friend, Karen, “but does she like being tickled or tickling? Aren’t they sorta two different things?”
Sherry squinted at her. “How by Satan’s beard do you know that?”
“It’s common sense!”
“Oh sure, that’s convenient.”
“Guys!” cried Stacy. “But yeah, according to Mark, she’s a total submissive.”
“Makes sense,” agreed Karen. “She’s a shy girl.”
Sherry peered at her. “You’re secret ambition is to be a dominatrix isn’t it?”
“Shut up!”
“Guys! I need you two to help me! What’s going to happen is this: Sherry, you’re going to get her over to you’re place to watch a movie and have a meal. Karen, you’ll be there too. Then, I’ll turn up, and it’ll seem awkward, but I’ll pretend to be cool with it and that I just want to be friends, like she said. Then, after someone’s told a joke, and we hear that exquisite little giggle of hers, I’ll say: ‘You have such a cute laugh’ then I’ll start tickling her! A little at first, then more when she gets all curled up and helpless. Hehe. Then Karen, you can say…”

“You have such a cute laugh!”
Chloe giggled a little more, giving Stacy a kind look. They were all sitting and chatting on the floor of Sherry and Karen’s apartment, furnished with a carpet with some big bean bag chairs. Stacy casually poked Chloe in the ribs. Chloe jumped a little bit, before poking back playfully, not knowing of Stacy’s actual intent. Then Sherry pinched her stomach, and Stacy squeezed her waist. She squirmed a little bit and giggled some more.
“Aww It is really cute isn’t it!” said Sherry, as Stacy danced her fingernails across Chloe’s stomach over her sleeveless t-shirt. Chloe giggled again and batted the hands away, but even as she did Stacy moved quickly and got a quick tickle in on her exposed right armpit.
“Hey!” squealed Chloe, blushing slightly. “Quit it!”
Her protest merely encouraged all three of them. They prodded and fluttered all over her upper body at random, one of them attacking her then the other with huge grins on their faces, and doing it erratically so that she never knew where to defend. Being a shy girl as she was, Chloe didn’t try to hit them or order them to stop, but instead just hiccupped that delightful giggle of hers while squirming and yelping little protests.
“Oh guys, please stop!” she let out in a high pitched raspy squeal, as she held her arms against her body in an attempt to guard from Stacy’s rummaging fingers which were jammed in her armpits. “You know how ticklish I am!”
“Get her feet!” Stacy shouted at Sherry, whilst pinching and kneading the poor girl’s stomach and waist.
They were all in socks, since Karen liked people to take their shoes off while in the apartment, and Sherry grabbed Chloe’s shins with a gleeful smile and yanked the pink little cottons of in one clean swoop. Again, Chloe didn’t kick out particularly hard - she didn’t want to hurt anyone or come across as aggressive – but she did shake and twist and try hard to pull her feet away.
“You have such tiny feet!” exclaimed Sherry. “And they’re as soft as marshmallows!” She had both of Chloe’s legs securely locked under one arm; all three of them were significantly stronger than the poor little five foot pixie, and had relatively no problem in holding her arms or legs in any place they wanted.
“Please don’t tickle them,” begged Chloe, “I’ll die!” She had a permanent grin pasted on her face, and was completely flustered.
“Oh don’t be silly,” Sherry replied, and attacked the soles with vigour.
For the first time Chloe really opened up and let out a shrieking laugh, falling back onto the carpet, her eyes squeezed shut and her chest heaving with hysterics. At that point, as she lying there, her feet at the mercy of Sherry’s relentless assault, Karen grabbed her arms and pulled them back, before positioning her knees against her shoulders so that the victim couldn’t pull her arms free. Just afterwards Stacy leapt on top and straddled Chloe’s waist, which made the little woman feel extremely awkward, though she obviously wasn’t in a state to express as much. So with her limbs locked and completely out of her own control, and being in a position where she was completely unable to twist or buck her body to break free, the unfortunate cutie just had to lie there and be subjected to Karen dragging her fingernails along her underarms and fluttering them along her ribs, Stacy torturing her waist and upper hips and blowing raspberries on her soft, flat stomach, and Sherry playing continuously with her feet as though they were a scratch and win ticket that was being incredibly stubborn.
Poor girl; her silky, milk like skin was ablaze with the searing, blissful unbearableness of a good hard tickling. She didn’t want it to be. Although her friends often tickled her a little bit, she was too nervous to let anyone really tickle her. If any of the three found out that this was actually unwillingly turning her on, she would feel so embarrassed. And what the hell was Stacy doing! It felt extremely strange to have the girls lips press against her stomach like that. Tears were forming in her eyes now, and she renewed her requests for it to end.
“Please! I hate being tickled, you know I do!” She cackled a fresh batch of laughter. “I can’t stand this! Stop!”
“Oh we can’t do that,” taunted Karen. Her expression said that she had found her new passion in life.
“Yeah,” agreed Sherry, tickling in-between her toes, “you’re our new play thing.”
Stacy laughed. “And you’re so much fun to play with, I don’t think we’ll ever let you go!” She squirmed around the ultra sensitive sides of Chloe’s waist, then wiggled up inside her t shirt around her ribs. She was finding all this a huge turn on also, not so much because of the tickling, but rather just the feeling of dominance over her crush and all the physical contact she was enjoying with her. It felt so good to dance her fingers all over Chloe’s skin and feel her wiggling and trying to break free beneath her legs.
. It was time for the next phase of the plan. Karen stopped for a moment and said, “You know guys… I think she’s enjoying this.”
Chloe felt a flash of panic run though her. “What?” she managed amidst gasps. “That’s insane, why would I enjoy this; this is torture.”
“Lying,” announced Sherry. “You can hear it in her voice.”
“No! I’m not!”
“Yeah, and I’m Maggie Thatcher’s second cousin.”
“Really? Oh my god is this turning you on?” asked Karen.
“No!” Chloe insisted. “What do you think I am? Some kind of weirdo?!”
Stacy hurriedly stood up, pretending to be very embarrassed, and muttered an apology. Putting on an awkward act, she stood there for a couple seconds before smiling a fake smile and telling them she needed a drink, then heading through to the kitchen.
Chloe, looking slightly concerned, got up and followed her. She closed the door behind them once they were in the kitchen. “Stacy… don’t listen to them. They’re just trying to get to you; of course that didn’t turn me on. I mean that would just be ridiculous.”
Stacy put on a meek smile. “No… it’s not that… I have a confession to make.”
“What?” Chloe replied sweetly, putting a hand on Stacy’s shoulder.
“It… it turned me on. I’m really sorry, I’ve always had this…” Then she told a blatant lie. “I’ve always had a secret… ‘thing’ for… tickling girls. I let myself get carried away through there. I’m so sorry.”
“…Really? You have a thing for that? That’s kind of odd.” Chloe made a forced chuckle.
“Yeah. I know, I’m a freak, right? I just wish…” She sniffed back a tear which wasn’t actually coming. “Sometimes I wish other people knew what it was like to be into something like that, and not be able to share it with anyone. Do you ever get that with anything? A fear that you’ll go through your life without being with someone who you can share those little kinks with? Heh, I must sound so stupid.”
“No no, I understand, really.”
“…Yeah? What’s your secret?”
Chloe giggled. “That’s personal.”
“Oh come on, I just put my neck on the line to be honest with you, can’t you pay me the same favour?”
“Look, I…”
“Why are you afraid? I won’t call you a freak. Ha, that would be a little hypocritical wouldn’t it?”
Chloe blushed very deeply. “Oh go this is going to be so awkward… I like being tickled, but, I mean, don’t think that, well… that is, I was…”
“You’re waiting for a guy right?” Stacy broke in. “Don’t worry about it,” she continued, trying to make it sound forced. “I understand.” Then she walked away, acting as though she was becoming upset and trying to hide it.
Chloe just stood there for a moment, her brow drawn down, not sure what to do or what to think, before calling out, “Stacy.”
Stacy turned round.
“Don’t worry… you’re a sweet girl. You’ll find someone to share that sort of thing with.”
Stacy sniffed, and once again put on that meek smile. “You know it’s always the people I want who say that to me.”
“Come here.” Chloe moved to give her a soft hug, but even as she pulled her close, Stacy abruptly grabbed her head and kissed her. A moment passed before Chloe pushed her away.
Stacy’s attitude shifted dramatically, and she gently, and not with the intent of tickling, ran her fingers down Chloe’s arms. “Do you deny that when I touch you it feels good?”
“I, well…”
“Tell me the truth.”
“Well no but anyone who…”
“And I could tie you down and tickle you for hours… wouldn’t that turn you on?”
“Well yes but again anyone who…”
“Then how can you define yourself as straight? How can there be such a thing as straight, if I’m able to give you pleasure on so easily? Think about it.”
Chloe just held a confused and slightly intimidated expression. Then Stacy quickly tickled her ribs, causing her to giggle involuntarily.
“Do you like that?”
“No! Well yes, but…”
“See that’s your problem! You just have to let yourself enjoy my touch! Forget all these modern definitions and walls.” She kissed Chloe again, harder this time, with more tongue application. “I’m a good kisser aren’t I?”
“Stacy, please stop…”
“Just answer.”
Stacy moved her lips very close to Chloe’s ear. “Well I’m a good kisser in more than one place.” She grinned, then started tickling the poor girl again, dancing her fingers along the soft skin of her waist. “You love it don’t you? Coochie coo! Tickle tickle tickle!”
Chloe was giggling uncontrollably. “Stacy, seriously! I mean it! Please, I can’t just…”
Suddenly Stacy lifted her up onto the counter, and hooked one of her legs under an arm. “Just let yourself enjoy it!” She began tickling Chloe’s trapped foot, grinning all the while.
Chloe cackled, trying to twist away, grabbing the edge of the sink and attempting to pull herself away with it, but she just wasn’t strong enough to get out of Stacy’s grip. She could always feel herself becoming aroused when someone continuously tickled her feet, and in this situation there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Finger nails teased fire across her silky skin, and with every eclectic trickle of tickling she screamed with laughter, and tried in vain to deny the pleasure of it. She decided she had to try something; being meek certainly wasn’t working here. She tried to pinch the back of Stacy’s neck and tug on her hair slightly, but her heart clearly wasn’t in it and it only made Stacy laugh in surprise and tickle her more.
Of course this whole time she could have simply called for help; the two in the other room probably would have came through if they had thought Stacy was doing anything abusive or too rash. But Chloe didn’t really want to take it that far. She was still sure that Stacy wouldn’t do anything overtly sexual to her without her consent; she wouldn’t take it to that level against her will.
Well that assumption was about to fall flat on its face. Suddenly Stacy stopped tickling the tiny foot and started kissing it sensually. Chloe felt thrills of pleasure run through her nerve endings and echo in between her legs as the warm tongue slid over her sensitive toes. It made her feel extraordinarily good physically, and extraordinarily awkward mentally. As Stacy was doing this her grip loosened substantially, and when she took a pause – Chloe hadn’t wanted to hurt her mouth with one of her toenails or anything – Chloe gently but swiftly pulled her foot away.
“Look, stop this,” Chloe pleaded. “If you don’t stop I’ll… I’ll call for help.” She was sitting there on the counter, her legs over the edge, leaning away from Stacy slightly in an afraid but undeniably submissive manner.
“No you won’t,” Stacy retorted simply as she began undoing the button on Chloe’s jeans. She undid the zip. She slid her hand inside.
“Stacy, stop… please…”
“I can feel how turned on you are,” Stacy whispered, her lips very close to Chloe’s. “Stop lying to yourself.” She began moving her fingertips in a tight circular pattern. “It feels good doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter that I don’t have a dick between my legs does it? It doesn’t change the fact that it feels good, doesn’t stop you from wanting more.”
Chloe was trembling. The word help hung on her lips, but she just couldn’t bring herself to call it out. Despite her mental protests, she could feel the pleasure building between her thighs, feel Stacy continually circling her aroused clit in that slow, rhythmic fashion, ignoring her feeble protests and requests for it to stop. Her mind wanted it to stop, but her body refused do anything about it.
It was then that she realised than she was never going to call for help. For one reason or another, she just didn’t have the guts. Inevitably Stacy was going to do whatever she wanted to her, and she might very well have five unwilling yet no doubt brain shattering orgasms by the hand and tongue of this woman. Being as submissive as she was in fact, the protests of her mind probably sped up her body’s welcoming reaction. It was quite surprising to her that she felt that way; she had never been under the power of a woman sexually before.
The weird thing was that, when push comes to shove, the physical side of the rush wasn’t actually all that different, at all in fact, that it would have been with a man. Hell, perhaps the only difference would be that Stacy, who was a woman herself, might be far better at pleasuring her than most men, since she knew what to do and where to go. Maybe Stacy was right, maybe all she did have to do was let go and let her body decide what it thought was a good or bad thing. Maybe her protests were just the product of social and cultural conditioning. It made sense that this might be the case; the ancient Greeks seemed to be able to sleep with either gender freely enough. All men in mainland Europe could kiss each other comfortably, without feeling sick. Old Monarchs in the ancient Far East, who would sleep with women and bear children, also had hired male eunuchs to give them blow jobs as a pass time. Maybe the whole gay and straight thing was actually just utter and entirely fabricated bullshit.
Stacy began pulling down Chloe’s jeans with that same seductive grin on her face. To her slight shock and delight, Chloe slowly lifter her bum off of the counter to make it easier for her. She leaned in again with a surprised smirk, and twisted her finger around the top of Chloe’s underwear. “Now, do you want me to show you how good a kisser I can really be?”
Chloe couldn’t hold back the little smile that curved her lips. “Yes. Please.”
"Em... Do you really have to tie me down so tight?"

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...I'm a little tea pot short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout... :weird:
"Em... Do you really have to tie me down so tight?"

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Very nice story.
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No one can put me out!
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Dude, that last quote on your signature is utter genius! hahaha. The Halo one aint bad either lol. Ahh... good times.
"Em... Do you really have to tie me down so tight?"

..... :
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Pretty cool but I would have liked to read about that kiss that ended the story. Great work overall though.
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Quote Quote:
Pretty cool but I would have liked to read about that kiss that ended the story. Great work overall though.
Thanks. lol if i'm in the mood i might follow it up, just for you
"Em... Do you really have to tie me down so tight?"

..... :
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Quote Quote: Originally Posted by Dude'sonfire
Dude, that last quote on your signature is utter genius! hahaha. The Halo one aint bad either lol. Ahh... good times.
Yeah, I LOVE that last quote. Found it on some site with funny quotes from IRC chat...don't recall the name of the site. As for the Halo quote, that's totally mine. I'm a complete trash talker on Halo 2. I rub it in the newb's faces.

To anyone not game savvy..."newb" means noobie, which means new to the game. Basically, it's an insult.
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No one can put me out!
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Quote Quote: Originally Posted by -Kunoke-
I'm a complete trash talker on Halo 2. I rub it in the newb's faces.

To anyone not game savvy..."newb" means noobie, which means new to the game. Basically, it's an insult.
lol Always brilliant to meet a fellow ego reveller
"Em... Do you really have to tie me down so tight?"

..... :
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Man I loved the story! Great work! Awesome, dude!

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No one can put me out!
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Thanks comments always appreciated
"Em... Do you really have to tie me down so tight?"

..... :
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fff/f, ticklish, turn, woman

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