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Default "The Sorority" By TickledToDeath FFFFF/M

The following story was inspired by a story in the TMF written by sandrasugar about a true sorority tickle torture story.

"The Sorority" Part 1
by TickledToDeath(TTD)
Copyright April 2005

That time of year again. Pledges to the sororities were in their final stage of testing to see their worthyness of becoming part of the sorority.
5 girls were ready for their final test to become part of Delta House and it was now up to them as to whether or not they were successful.
The president of Delta House was Beth along with her two assistants, Trish and Arlene, they had the final task planed and set for the 5 pledges.
Tanya: 5'4" 109 lbs. Brown hair and Blue eyes. 18 yo.
Krista: 5'5" 112 lbs. Blonde hair and green eyes. 18 yo.
Sonia: 5'7" 120 lbs. Black hair with brown eyes. 19 yo
Darleen: 5'9" 125 lbs Redhead with green eyes 18 yo
Amanda: 5'11" 127 lbs Auburn hair and hazel eyes. 19 yo.
It was Thursday evening. After dinner drinks were served then Beth,Trish and Arlene stood up at the head of the table while the rest of the pledges sat and listened with a hint of nervousness for they had no clue what their final task was to be.
Beth started the instructions for the pledges.
Beth: "Ok girls, this is the final task. I ask you to not ask any questions or say anything for that matter until I am done speaking, then you may ask ONE question each. We will do our best to answer and then you will leave and prepare for your final.....test of your worth and dedication.
Your mission is to, as a group, find a male "victim" on campus, who is a member of a fraternity and lure him however you want back to our recreation hall here where all will be prepared for you and you will tie him to the bed that will be set up here waiting with all the restraints you will need to secure him very nicely. After you have him tied up you will then tickle him into agreeing to strip naked and walk to his frat/sorority house and admit to all of his sorority members/brothers there that he is a wimpy boy who allowed himself to be taken advantage of by women and that he is not worthy of being a member of that sorority anymore and renounces his membership to that sorority.
You will have 3 hours to tickle torture him into doing this for if you FAIL you all fail and together you will all be tied to beds and tickled mercilessly for 5 hours or until you say the safeword. If you say the safeword your membership in this sorority will be rejected and you will be banned from joining any other sorority in this University.
Your victim must be extremely ticklish and you will in no way tell him anything of your mission and its consequences for you failing. You will be constantly monitored and if you do tell him what is going on your membership will be immediatly rejected and you will be outcast from any sorority for life and labeled as liars and untrustworthy.
Again you are a team for this mission and if the mission fails you all fail and will suffer the penality and consequences.
You have until 7pm Saturday night to get your vicim here and into the recreation hall.
You will not see myself, Trish or Arlene here but will will be watching you and will know everthing that happens so no tricks or .....well, you know or else.... .
The 3 hours you have to get him to agree to do what he is to do will start as soon as you have him restrained.
You have no choice here whether or not to accept this mission. Well actually, your only choices are to; A) accept the mission or B) Have your membership rejected, thus you are gone. or C) Turn down the mission and go right to the punishment and consequences test.
IF I were you, I would accept the mission.
Any questions"?
The girls looked at each other with a mix of fear and excitment and all were almost literally shaking.
All thought the same thought in their own minds,'oh my god I can't handle being tickled, especially tied up, I'll go out of mind......I'll pee my pants, I couldn't take it, shit how are we gonna do this'.
Tanya started off with the first question.
Tanya: "How are we going to get some guy to come back here with us"?
Trish: "That is your problem. How you do it is of no matter to us. Just so long as you do it."
Krista: "How will we know if he is even ticklish"?
Arlene: "I would suggest somehow testing him before you ask him or get him back here. Playfully poke him in the ribs or flat out ask him......however or whatever, again that is your problem but you best know for sure before you get him here and all tied up or you will be in big trouble".
Sonia: "Say we do tickle this guy into doing that, when does he have to do it"?
Beth: "Immediatly after you untie him. It will be a Saturday night and the campus will be rocking as will all the frat houses"!
Arlene: "How are we supposed to get him tied down to the bed"?
Beth: Once again girls, that is your problem. It will be 5 on 1, please, give me a break"!
Arlene: "IF we fail, after the three hours of tying to tickle him into doing what we ask, when does our.......punishment and consequences suffering start"?
Trish: "Immediatly. You could be in for a LOOOOOOOONG night"!
Beth: "Ok girls, question and answere period is over. The rest is up to you. I expect to see you all here 7 O'clock Saturday night. You can all go out and get him back here or you can have a few or one of you go and get him back here. How you do it is up to you. Just do it or else and remember, you will be constantly watched and not necessairly by us. It could be anyone from this sorority and you may or may not recognize them so no tricks. You are not that slick so don't test us. If ONE of you breaks the rules you ALL suffer the consequences"!
With that, Beth,Trish and Arlene left the room leaving the 5 pledges to discuss their game plan amongst themselves'.
Once again they expressed, this time out loud to each other, how they felt about what would happen if they were to fail their task at hand. They also had no idea at that moment at least, how they were going to pull it all off!
"My god" said Tanya, "I don't know what I am going to do if we fail this, I am so damn ticklish I will go crazy in a few seconds let alone 5 hours"!
"No shit"! Sonia agreed. "My brother and sister used to tickle me all the time till I was literally screaming for them to stop"!
Amanda added her past experiences saying, "My big sister would tickle me so bad and so long I would pee myself and that made her tickle me more"!
Their final thought that they all agreed on was that they HAD to do this and they had to make sure they did not fail.
They had to make sure they found the most ticklish guy on campus and hope he absolutely hated to be tickled.
None of them felt they were able to just back out of the whole thing. They were all expected by their sisters, older sisters, to make it into the sorority just as they did before them. They were never told of what the testing entailed. A secret is a secret they presumed and they all equally presumed that this was not the first time this test was given to the pledges.
That was another question that Sonia wanted to ask but the group was only allowed one question each so it had to wait for another time.
It was getting late so they all, still totally freaked out thinking of the worst case scenario in this mission, them failing and having to endure hours of incredibaly merciless torturous tickling or be riduculed and embarassed for life not to mention rejected from the sorority they were so wanting to be in and expected to by their families.
It would not be a totally restful sleep for them.
They needed the rest and they agreed to work on the game plan in the morning.
Friday: A normal day for everyone else on campus, a day of mental anguish and scamming for Tanya,Krista,Sonia,Darleen and Amanda.
Darleen told them of a night of nightmares for her. Mainly of being tickle tortured relentlessly by faceless people without emotion and she was the center of attention while what seemed like hundreds of onlookers watched her tickle torment, cheering for her to suffer and scream for mercy!
The rest of the girls had nightmares related to being ruthlessly tickled as well so it was far from a restful sleep for any of them.
After breakfast, they all went for a walk around campus scoping potential victims out and wondering how they were going to go about their task.

As they walked they asked one another who was going to do what. Should they all go out together and bring their captive back or should they split up?
They asked one another how they were going to do it.....what would they say to the would be captive?
The questions boggled their minds and worried them all day.

Friday: 2pm.

Walking around campus, thoughts raced through their minds.
How to choose. Who to choose. What traits should they look for before finding out whether or not he was even ticklish or not.
Which of them should approach him. Should it be one two three or all 5 of them? Would all five be intimidating and scare him off?
Well, they got at least one answer to all of their questions to themselves'. Yes, all 5 of them would definitely be overwhelming and intimidating.

Friday 5pm: Still wondering where to go scoop up their project and knowing they could not go OFF campus, they resorted to the thought that they somehow had to crash a frat party early Saturday Night. On top of that, they had to do it without letting on that they were on a sorority initiation test mission.

Mainly they knew what they were going to do. Crash a frat party....have a few drinks, wait around for everyone else to have a few drinks as well then pick and choose amongst the the frat boys who was just intoxicated enough to be taken advantage of.
They decided that all five will crash the party......but just who will approach the would be victim and get him to go back to their frat house was something they decided to wait and see while at the party.
Just as they were heading back to their rooms they passed one of the other frat houses on capus and outside were a few of that frats sorority members. Three guys just hanging out having a smoke. They called out saying hi to them and the girls returned the greeting. They stopped for a few minutes and traded the normal pleasantries and to their amazement they guys mentioned that they were having a party on Saturday and had invited them to come on over, telling that there would be alot of other girls there as well. They responded telling them that they were new on campus and really wanted to get to know as many people as possible and with great relief in their minds, at least for this stage of it all, accepted the invitation.

Friday 6:30pm Happy that they at least knew the "where" their first task will take place, all they had to do now is plan on "how" they would get their victim back to their frathouse.
They decided to sleep on it. They did.

Saturday 10:00 am.........Breakfast with the rest of the girls of the sorority but not much talking except amongst themselves and by the end of breakfast it was all planned out.

Saturday evening.....5:00pm........The pledge girls arrived at the party which apparantly had been going on for some time as there was a big crowd and it appeared as if they had been partying for some time as well. The blended in very nicely and were greeted soon after by the guys who invited them and shown where the bar was and away they went being indroduced to practically everyone on the way to the bar, all of which the girls looked at closely sizing each of them and rating them whether or not the possiblilty was there for the taking so to speak. Afterall, time was not something that was on their side.

Saturday evening 6:00pm.........after a few drinks and come conversation and mingling about, it was time to start putting the plan into play. The music was loud and everyone was laughing and having a good time. The girls were made to feel quite welcome and they felt very comfortable so they felt that it would be very easy to be......themselves' and take chances trying to find their captive to be. The really tough task will be, how to get just ONE guy to go back to their frathouse?!
They split into two teams. Tanya, Sonia and Amamda went one way while Krista and Darleen went another way back into mingling mode. Mingling with a motive. With drinks in hand, Krista and Darleen sat on the sofa along with a couple of others, then managed luckily to sit and have this guy, Greg, whom they have been talking to on and off since they got there, in between them.

Saturday evening 6:20pm...........Tanya, Sonia and Amanda were talking to two other guys who were sitting on the staircase, Allen and Carl.
They were all able to see each other hoping someone would give a signal that sucess was achieved and the move to Delta house was in motion.
Nothing yet.

6:30pm.......Krista and Darleen looked at each other and each at the same time gave an eye signal looking down to Gregs' rib area and at the same time, casually, grabbed and wiggled their fingers in his ribs and his reaction was beyond what they had even dreamed and hoped for!
Greg screamed and laughed hard while bending over and almost falling off the couch. Darleen and Krista stopped after a few seconds and Greg was barely able to compose himself! After a moment or two, he looked back and forth at both Krista and Darleen and said. "God don't evey do that to me, I am so f*c*ing ticklish I go totally out of my mind even if touched in certain spots, I literally freak out, please don't do that again, I beg you! "OK they replied. We understand".
Bingo, Krista and Darleen thought to themselves'.
Tanya, Sonia and Amanda had no luck and not really an opportunity to test tickle either of the guys they were talking to.

Darleen spoke up as an idea came into her mind and she went with it quickly.

6:37pm.........Darleen: "Hey, by the way, do ya think you can do us a favor real quick before it gets too late and we forget"? "Sure"! Gread responded, without even being asked exactly what that favor was. (A few drinks will elevate ones' courtesy level and especially Greg, a few drinks made him a VERY nice guy.)
Greg: 5'5" 140 lbs. Brown hair and brown eyes. Average complexion and looks. Clean shaven. Not nerdie but definitely.......different. Sort of a loner type and full of totally useless info.
Favorite shows were of the soap opera-ish type, if ya know what I mean?! He was a weak kid of 18 years old, rather strong but not a body builder type. Always wore nice clothes. Doesn't even own a pair of blue jeans or a tee shirt.
Greg: "What do ya need"?
Darleen: "It will only take a few minutes. We need some help moving stuff around in the recreation room in our sorority house for our party tomorrow afternoon but being that we are the new girls, it is our job to set things up but some of the furniture is heavy, sooooo could ya pleeeeeeeze come over real quick and give us a hand and we'll be right back, ok"?!
Darleen had the feeling that someone, a spy, from Delta House was within ear shot so she made sure she didn't do or say anything wrong but also knew that time was getting very short.
"Yeah, ok, the sooner the better I guess since it is still early".
Darleen also saw that the other girls were watching her so she, as discretely as possible, gave them a signal that they had their prey.
Krista came back over and innocently said "hey, we're gonna head back and start moving that furniture now so we can get back here early and we won't have to worry about it later tonight when we have been partying all night".
Darleen, innocently responded, "great idea, Greg here has even agreed to help us so we can get back here quicker and so we don't have to struggle with the heavy stuff".

6:42pm.....They all headed to Delta House.

6:50pm.....They entered the recreation room of Delta House.

Upon entering, they saw the room was in slight disaray, folding chairs piled in the corner. A few lounge chairs and two couches were against the wall as opposed to near the center of the room where now stood 6 single beds, set up making a large circle. Alone in the middle of the room, which was rather large. It had two televisions, one above the bar and the other, a big screen t.v.(60 inches) was where it always was and should be, against the other wall. The couches and lounge chairs usually faces them along with a table that was center of them but that too was moved to the far side of the room.

Greg: "What the hell are they for"?
Amanda: "Who knows but I guess they have to be moved somewhere too"?!

There was a door behind the bar that led into a smaller room used for an office. The door opened and a very tall blonde, whom the girls have yet to meet, came out.
"Oh, I thought I heard someone come in. Don't mind me, I have some business to take care of in the office I won't be in your way. By the way I'm Sheri, I do all of the, paperwork I guess you can say, here for the sorority. Sort of like an accountant. I major in business so it makes me the right person for the job, doncha think"?!

The girls knew in their minds exactly WHY she was there but also figured she was telling at least a half truth.

Sheri went back in the office but did not close the door all the way.

6:57pm.....They pretty much had to act quickly but were not under the pressure of time at this point, at least not until they had their captive to be.....captured.

They all sort of looked around then at each other, Greg was walking toward the beds saying, "I guess we should start by moving these out of the way".

The girls noticed a pile under each of the beds, crouching down they saw what looked like rope and leather cuffs.
Then they again looked at each other then over at Greg whose back was to them.
Almost in sync, they walked quickly toward Greg and up behind him then pounced on him tackling him onto one of the beds. He was taken totally by surprise and really had no chance to defend himself. "HEY" he yelled as he was taken down then pinned down on the bed by Tanya,Sonia,Darleen and Amanda while Krista reached under the bed and pulled out the restraints and rope.


Krista came up with leather cuffs and lots of rope nicely placed for them under the bed.

The other girls had Greg pinned on his back with his arms now above his head and his legs held down spread apart as far as humanly possible.
Krista got the cuffs on his wrists quite easily then grabbed the rope and tied both wrists to the corners of the head of the bed to the point where there was no way he was going to break free. There was alot of rope left for them.

Gregalmost screaming) "What the hell are you girls up to"?! "Let me the f**k outta here"!
Amanda: "We will sooner or later, all depending on you"!
Greg: "What the hell does that mean"? "Let me go NOW"!

Amanda, Darleen, Tanya and Sonia were lying on Gregs' legs while Krista placed finished placing the leather cuffs on Gregs' ankles and then tying his feet to the far corners of the bed stretched out as far as they will go.

Greg: "Goddammit, what are you doing and why"!

The girls got off the bed and walked away each going to the bar the get something to drink.
When they got there they noticed Sheri peaking out the door with a big grin on her face. None of the gals acknowledged her.

7:11(1911 hours for you internationals and military types).........

Greg: "What are you going to do to me"! "Why are you doing this"?!

Amanda walked back and stuffed a rag in his mouth that was also left under the bed which she assumed was for excactly this purpose.

Gregs questions and screaming was now a muffled mix of grunts and moans.

The other gals at the same time said "thank you".

They all walked back and surrounded the bed looking down at him while he looked up at them, his face already a bit red from trying to scream through the rag gag stuffed in his mouth,
Greg had been wearing backless sandles which convieniently fell off during the inital struggle so he was already barefoot.

Krista and Sonia knelt down on either side of the bed up near his arms. Darleen and Amanda knelt furthere down on each side of the bed by his ribs and waist area while Tanya knelt at the foot of the bed.
Immediatly Gregs eyes buldged out almost cartoon-like!
Gag or not, it was very obvious what he said next.

Greg: "F*ck noooo please don't f*c*in tickle me"! {That would be the translation}

With that they all started in tickling him at the same time. His pits and underarm area, sides and ribs and both bare feet were being tickled in ernest!
Greg was going balistic immediatly and Krista took the gag out of his mouth so they could hear his scraming laughter. He was not even able to speak a word let alone beg for them to stop.
He could barely move at all since he was stretched out so tightly. He was literally in absolute hysteria! Hard screaming laughter bellowed from him and sweat was already pouing out of him and tears streaming down his face as the girls continued to tickle him relentlessly for over 5 minutes now and continuted for another few minutes still until it was about 10 minutes of non stop tickling of his pits sides ribs and feet!
Then they all stopped.
Greg was struggling to regain some composure and after a minute or so he did and spoke his first words since this started,

Greg: "Oh my god you gotta stop this please please please please let me go, I really really cannot sssssttand being tttitickkled"! (he as so rattled he was stuttering)
"Why are you dddooing this to me please stop, I'll do any thing jussst don't tickle me any more I will go out of my mind and I--- (he as cut off as the they resumed their tickling without saying a word to him) "WAAAAAAAHHAAAAAAHNOOOOOOOOOOOAAHHAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAA ..."

Again he was thrust immediatly into hysteria!
The one thing (of a few things) about Greg is that he is soooo ticklish, he literally cannot speak when tickled! All he can do is scream and laugh wildly and when tickled for any length of time over a minute or so, he looses his strength and cannot even struggle to escape the maddening tickling!
Now being tied down like he was, was driving him totally insane!
Greg was screaming and laughing......that was all he could do as the 5 female pledges, hoping to tickle their way into Delta House, continued to tickle him for another 10 minutes without stopping for a second!

7:33pm....They stopped.

Darleen: "Hey, lets tickle each spot alond and see how ticklish he is on each spot and where he is most ticklish"?!

The rest of the girls loved that but before they resumed as Greg again regained his composure and again begged for his release and for them to not tickle him any more they interupted him and gave him the 'ultimatum' even though they didn't really want to as they were actually having fun tickle torturing this helplessly incredibly ticklish guy who was totally at their mercy for.....well, at least 3 hours but then again....for ONLY 3 hours in reality as if they did not complete their mission it would be THEM at the tickling mercy of .......who knows how many sorority members of Delta House!

Sonia: "You want us to stop tickling you and set you free"?
Greg: "Friggin yes, yes yes, anyttthing, I'll do anything you want me to just ask"!
Sonia: "Well, you have to strip naked, right now, walk acccross campus, naked, to your frat house, go into the frat house and get everyones attention who is there at the party and announce to them that you are a wussy boy who was overpowered and taken advantage of by girls and are not worthy to be in your sorority and then renounce your membership there and leave, walk back accross campus back here and get your clothes but just carry them back accross campus and to your frat house and up to your room for the rest of the night".

Greg: "No fu**ing way"!

Immediatly Krista and Sonia wiggled their fingers in the hollows of Gregs armpits and immediatly sending him into wales of laughter......no giggles.......pure hard wales of laughter!

This time only about three minutes of tickling on just the pits then Krista and Sonia stopped.
After only a few seconds, Darleen and Amanda dug in to his ribs and sides wiggling their fingers up and down his ribs and sides sending Greg into another fit of absolute hysteria, screaming in hysterical agony! Three minutes there and then they stopped briefly only to start again on his hips and those pockets right where the legs meet the upper torso and again, Greg was thrust back into hysteria unable to speak through his laughter and screaming!
The tickle tests went down to his knees and thighs and yet again, he went wild. That 3 minute tickle test ended and Tanya resumed her tickling of his bare feet from the toes to the heels tops and bottoms of his extremely ticklish feet and again he was insane with laughter as it seemed that he was pretty much equally ticklish all over! Tanya was relentless and kept tickling for about 15 minutes. Greg was going totally insane! His body bucking and struggling as much as he could which wasn't much since he was so stretched out and tightly bound! Silent laughter took over for a moment or two and then Tanya stopped her torturous attack on his soles and toes!

8:00pm.........Gasping for breath. Soaked in sweat and tears. Composure slowly returning. Greg pleaded with them to set him free and to stop their tickling.
Again he was asked if he would do as they demanded of him and again he shook his head>

Greg: "How could you ask me to do that"? "You can't be serious, right"? "This is a joke, right"?

Tanya: "No joke. You will do it or we will tickle you all night until you do agree to do it"!

Greg: "Why do you want me to do that"? "What did I do to you or to anyone that I should be made to do that"?

Sonia: "That doesn't matter. Either you do it or we tickle you more and more each time the tickling will get harder and longer"!

Greg: "This is just a test, right"? "I really don't have to do it. Just agree to and then it's over and you say it is all a joke, right"?

Krista: "No joke. You do it and mean it. WE mean it"!

Greg: "I can't, I won't"! I-------

All five resumed their tickling covering every inch of his ticklish body again!

Greg was thrust back into manic hysteria, again screaming at the top of his lungs, laughing even harder as he seemed to be getting more ticklish each time they resumed their tickling!
Tanya stretched back his toes tightly and raked her fingers under his toes and on the ball of his right foot sending him into yet another level of hysteria. They were totally relentless and merciless in their tickling for they did not want to become the victims themselves of possibly the entire sorority tickling THEM for, yikes, 5 hours! They couldn't dream of that happening to them or not getting in to the sorority at Delta House!
They were merciless and relentless digging into his ribs, sides, pits and raking and wiggling fingers on his bare sensitive soles and toes!
This little session went on for yet another 15 minutes or more as they were loosing track of time now totally engulfed in his tickle torment. They stopped for only a few seconds and then started again for another 15 minutes when Tanya noticed a big wet spot forming between Gregs legs for he peed himself! The gals looked at each other with wicked grins in their faces and continued their tickling for another 10 minutes!

8:45pm......They again stopped and composure came very slowly this time as Greg desperatly gasped for breath.....tears streaming down his face and sweat pouring out of him. He wanted so to curse them but felt he was in a bad position to be vulgar or sarcastic. He was embarassed beyond belief that he actually peed himself in front of these women. He begged them to stop this and let him go but it fell upon deaf ears. They just looked at him and asked again if he would do as they demanded. He wanted to say yes. Anything to get free and end this unbelieveable tickle torture that was all but killing him. He wanted to escape but could not. He thought if he agreed to do as they asked then once untied, run away but that thought was banished as, after the girls rotated and changed spots, their ruthless unmerciful tickling started once again!
Once again insanity hysteria enveloped Greg and they tickled him non stop for what seemed like another eternity to him but in reality was still only 15 minutes or so.

9:05pm.........Time running out. The girls couldn't believe he did not give up and give in to their demands yet seeing and knowning how excruciatingly ticklish he was!
Again they stopped and again asked him if he will surrender and do as they wanted.
Again, Greg wanted to say yes but knew that such embarassment would be with him for the rest of his life. He would never be able to live it down. He would be an embarassment to his friends, his frat brothers and his family for they would surely find out what happend and how it happend and the reprocussions of that would be more than he could take so he must endure this maddening incredibly torturous tickling for as long as it took for them to give up and set him free!
However, he figured he would ask this...it would at least buy him a moment more of rest from the merciless tickling he was being put through.

Greg: "What if I do agree, how will you know I did it and what if I just run off after you untie me"?

Tanya: "Oh you think you would be so slick huh"?! "Well buddy boy, for one, we would follow you and make sure you did it and if you tried to get away from it, we, back at your frat house, right at the party with all to see, would pin you down and tickle torture you right there in front of all of your friends and frat buddies and then even invite them all to join in and tell them that you LOVE to be tickled and that all the screaming and begging for it to stop is just an act and only means you want more! We will make you pee yourself again right there in front of everyone and embarass you to no end"!

With that, they once again resumed their tickle onslaught sending him back into manic insane hysteria.....screaming and laughing even louder then before finding every single ticklish spot on his body and exploiting it relentlessly.
Greg was going literally out of his mind. Reality slipping away. Everyone and everythign seeming distant as his own laughter echoing in his mind. His body weak and his bladder still full from all the drinking he had done, emptied again as he was tickled into peeing himself for a second time! His face red from laughing so hard and from totaly embarassment he could barely think!
They tickled and tickled him on every inch of his body unmercifully and relentlessly for almost 30 minutes! They were getting desperate now and felt they couldn't stop untill he finally, hopfully gave in to them and their demands! They couldn't bare to face the consequences if they failed!

9:37pm.....The girls knew that they were being watched and timed. They didn't forget Sheri in the office and knew that they had little time left and could not say anything to their ticklish captive about what was going on. Not that it would have made any difference anyway for he would still have to go through with what he was made to do. They were very nervous now and desperation was an understatement.

Darleen: "For the last time, will you do as we say or else we will tickle you non stop for the rest of the night until you pass out......then we will revive you and start again and tickle more and more and maybe even get some more of our sorority sisters in here"!?

Greg: (wanting so desperatly to agree, and almost did) "NO goddamnit you bitches"!
He couldn't believe that statement came out of his mouth but soon after it did, so did the laughter as they all tickled him in ernest and vigor!

Greg totally lost it and was beyond hysteria and insanity and again for the thrid time his bladder let loose what was left of the beers he had been chugging that afternoon and early evening. It must have been a gallon or more he imagined as he once again slipped into insanity and hysteria!
His voice horse from screaming and laughing so long hard and loud he flet as if he were going to be tickled to death, literally and there was nothing he could do about it!
On and on and on they tickled him mercilessly. Underarms, armpits, sides ribs, knees, hips and both of his bare feet all at the same time. He was in overload and going crazy as all strength drained from his body as well. While reality slipped away from Greg, it approached Tanya,Krista,Sonia,Darleen and Amanda with reckless abandon for they were begining to realize they were in big trouble if they could not tickle Greg into submission before 10:11pm!
Panic engulfed their minds and they tickled harder and faster driving Greg further into hysterical insanity!

10:00pm.......the tickling continuted stronger and faster more and more their fingers wiggled and dug and raked over his body and bare feet! They tickled him with less mercy then imaginable wishing inside that they could tickle him for the rest of the night and would if not for the approaching deadline of time and the term deadline as very much appropriate for they knew that they would be tickled to death if they had to endure 5 hours of merciless tickle torture at the hands of their would be sorority sisters or face bahishment from this sorority and ridicule from everyone they knew or even didn't know!

10:08pm........Greg sounding as if he had lost his mind for sure was laughing like a lunatic totally wrapped in hysteria and madness!

10:10pm.......The girls lost all track of time and didn't care or think to stop or notice Beth,Trish,Arlene,Sheri and the rest of the Delta House sorority sisters, 15 in all) walk into the room.

10:11pm.......a loud horn scared the crap out of the girls and made them stop, jump and look up to see 15 girls standing at the enterence of the rec room. They were shaking their heads and smiling wide and evil smiles of wicked pleasure that made the pledge girls know they not only failed but were in serious tickle trouble.

Beth: "Don't say a single word girls". "You know the consequences here". "Let him go"!

Sheri: "If we didn't have plans for you girls, we just might keep this guy here for the rest of the night and tickle him to death with you but alas, the bell tolls for you girls"!

Trish: (walking over to Greg, who was barely able to sit up let alone stand) "You are free to go BUT let me tell you this little man, if you breathe a word of this to anyone, ever, we will get you. Capture you and we promise this on our souls, we will bring you here and tie you down and tickle you for an entire weekend. We will make this ordeal you just went through seem like a playful poke in the ribs compared to what we all will do to you. Do you understand"?!

Greg: "God yes"
He was barely able to get that statement out but made damn well sure he did even if it was the only words he spoke for the rest of his life.

Tanya,Amanda,Sonia,Krista and Darleen collapsed on the floor exhausted and shocked in amazement that they failed and what was soon to come upon them. Hoping it was all a joke but they would very soon find out, it was no joke.

Greg with what strength and dexterity he had left in him, left as fast as his legs would carry him. The door was closed behind him.

15 Delta House girls. The Sisterhood all turned and faced the shaking in fear of the unmerciful tickling to come to them, pledges.
Time to face the.........music girls!

End of part ONE.

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I loved it...please keep the story going

stories about gang tickling and foot related stuff :weird:

Stories about some hard core f-f domination through tickling and foot worship. Heavy bondage and control in these stories. If this does not sound like fun please don't come into this group.

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loved it, can't wait for the 2nd part....
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Sadistic Tickler
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I read the story in another forum first and posted a reply there but I will post one here too.

WOW!! and

One great story TTD.

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Quote Quote: Originally Posted by Merciless1
I read the story in another forum first and posted a reply there but I will post one here too.

WOW!! and

One great story TTD.

Thanks!! and
THANKS!!!!! Merciless1.

After I finished, I had a feeling you of all people would like it!\

Geeeeeeee I wonder why :weird:

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MistressValerieUser is a TickleTheater Moderator
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I enjoyed it greatly and would LOVE to read the second part
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Quote Quote: Originally Posted by MistressValerie
I enjoyed it greatly and would LOVE to read the second part
Thanks MistressVal! Coming from you I take it as one hell of a compliment!

I am actually working on part two and am about 3 quarters of the way through it. Not sure exactly how I am going to end it though. I have a couple of endings in mind.....one of which leaves it open for a part 3 or even a part 4 if I decide to have the initial victim captive (Greg) blab about his ordeal and he ends up getting punished big time. Not sure about that though.

Anyway.......again, thanks for the response.


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Part 2.....Monday May 16th!
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Are you gay? Having a guy tickled? This place gets worse every day, seesh
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I say go for part 4...have him get tickled out of his mind

Looking foreword to the next part of the story

stories about gang tickling and foot related stuff :weird:

Stories about some hard core f-f domination through tickling and foot worship. Heavy bondage and control in these stories. If this does not sound like fun please don't come into this group.

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fffff/m, the sorority, tickledtodeath

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