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Smile French Teacher's Tickle Torture (repost)

Here's a repost of my favorite story, written by UK Alex ...

French teacher's tickle torture.


Simone De Castigne sighed when she saw the two girls approach her desk as the rest of the class filed out at the of her French lesson. It was 3.30pm and she had been hoping to hit the road before the evening rush hour began to make her 5pm gym session. Now she had to hold this damn detention for an hour.

The girls in question - Sarah Harding and Rachel Brown - were typically precocious American 18-year-olds who had spent most of the semester gosipping through her lessons and making sure their hair and make-upwas perfect rather than listening. The day before, the French teacher had finally snapped told the students they would have to stay behind after lessons the next day.

“Do we HAVE to do this damn detention,” asked Sarah when the room had finally emptied. Typical, thought Simone. Sarah Harding was full of the confidence and arrogance one might expect of a perfect blonde
cheerleader lusted after by every boy in school.

“Of course you ‘ave to do this detention,” shot back the French redhead. “In fact, nothing will give me greater pleasure than to keep two spoiled brats like you from chasing boys and shopping your lives away for an hour.”

“Ok,” said Sarah. “Don’t say we didn’t give you a chance.” With that, the girls began walking around Simone’s desk toward her.

“Hey,” shouted the teacher, standing up as Rachel grabbed her arm. “What the Hell are you doing?” She felt Sarah’s arm go around her neck from behind. Although Simone worked out every week, so did her two students and they quickly dragged her to the floor.

Simone started to shout but as she did so Sarah produced a roll of masking tape and placed a strip across her teacher’s mouth.

The girls then held their teacher face down and between them tied her hands and wrists together using a pair of black nylon stockings Rachel had produced from her pocket.

Once they had rendered her helpless, the girls rolled their teacher over so she could she her captives. Simone tried to say something but thanks to the tape across her mouth it came out as “Mmmmm!!!”

Then Sarah spoke. “We gave you a chance but you blew it. Now, we’re gonna teach you to go handing US detentions. Don’t you know who we are, for Christs’ Sakes?”

Simone’s blue eyes widened in terror as Rachael spoke: “Don’t think we don’t know this classroom won’t be cleaned til seven tomorrow morning. And we know you live alone so won’t be missed. Believe me, this whole thing has been VERY carefully planned. Now the fun can really begin.”

Various thoughts as to what these two little bitches were going to do do her now ran through Simone’s head. Surely they weren’t planning on torturing her in some way? But people would know if she had been
tortured. There would be marks for one. Maybe they were going to...No, Simone banished that terrible thought to the back of her head for what she had in mind was more terrible that any pain imaginable. She would prefer physical torture to THAT anyday. Now Simone lay still and waited for a rescue she knew would never come.

Rachel spoke. “It’s gonna be a looong night for you Miss De Castigne. I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes. Or OUT of them, as the case may be. Sarah, the door, please.”

Simone’s heart skipped a beat as Sarah locked the classroom door before covering the small window with a sheet of black paper. Once more that terrible thought of what her students planned to do to her helpless body entered her mind before she sent it away.


Sarah then fetched a wooden chair and set it down at her teacher’s feet before sitting on it facing the back.

Rachel undid the nylon stocking around her teacher’s ankles before the girls guided her feet through two gaps in the vertical slats on the back of the chair where Sarah sat and rested her heels on the seat.

Rachel then handed Sarah the nylon who used it to re-tie Simone’s ankles back together in front of her so she couldn’t her feet back through the slats as Rachel tied her knees together with another stocking.

With her hands trapped behind her back as she lay on the floor, her knees tied together and her raised feet resting on the chair with a stocking binding her ankles, Simone was now totally helpless.

“What do you think,” cooed Sarah. “D’ya think Miss Castigne would mind if I took her shoes off?” “Do it,” replied Rachel with a grin. “Ok,” said Sarah. “But first I want her to be able see what’s happening to her. Prop her head up.”

Rachel did so with a cushion as Sarah started running her fingers over Simone’s expensive size 7 leather high-heels. “Nice,” said the student. “I bet your feet are real pretty too. Shall we find out?” Simone shook her head wildly from side to side and tried to shout out but her gag prevented her from doing so. She also couldn’t pull her feet off the chair away from Sarah because of the sturdy wooden

Surely this wasn’t happening......Anything but that, please God. Anything but that.

Sarah was loving every minute and began to taunt her helpless teacher. “Hmmm,” she said. “It looks like you don’t want me to take your shoes off. I wonder why? Could it be because your feet are....ticklish? Let’s see...” For a split second, Simone’s world seemed to freeze. They couldn’t tickle her feet. Oh God, no! She tried to protest through her gag but it was no use.

There was no stopping Sarah now. She slowly slipped off Simone’s high-heels one-by-one to reveal a pair of perfect bare feet with creamy-white soles and sensitive looking toes painted a deep purple. On the second toe of her left foot, the teacher wore a silver toe ring. It was obvious Simone took good care of her feet - something which pleased Sarah immensely.

“My,” she said. “What beautiful feet you have. They look so soft, and sensitive. I love the shade of purple on your toes. And such a pretty toe ring. It looks to me like you have pedicures every week. That must make your feet very, very, very ticklish. Tell me.......am I right?”

Simone refused to answer so Sarah said: “Take off her gag.” Rachel ripped of the tape and the teacher began gasping for breath. Finally she cried: “YES! You’re right, I have pedicures every week and YES, my
feet are very, very ticklish! But PLEASE! I BEG you, don’t tickle me. I’ll do anything, I swear! Just don’t touch my feet! PLEASE! I can’t stand having my feet tickled. I’m insanely ticklish! I’ll do ANYTHING!”

“Oh, we don’t want anything from you,” replied Sarah. “We’re doing this for sheer pleasure. Basically we’re gonna take it in turns to tickle you aaaalllll night long. Sometimes there will only be one of us tickling you, sometimes both. Your feet are just the beginning. By the end of the night we’ll have stripped you naked and tickled every inch of your helpless body while you scream and scream for mercy.”

Sarah then picked up a length of string and added: “Time for the fun to begin. You’re ALL ours now. First I’m gonna have to secure your toes though.”

“Please non!,” pleaded Simone. “Don’t tie my toes. I won’t be able to stand it! PLEASE, I beg you. ” Sarah smiled and ignored the pleas as she wrapped the string tightly around Simone’s big toes before tying a
knot. She then tied the other end of the string around the wooden slat between Simone’s ankles, pulling her toes back and exposing her sensitive soles. Now her teacher’s feet were completely immobile and at Sarah’s mercy.


With deliberate casualness, Sarah picked up her bag and started laying items she had bought with her on a chair she pulled next her teacher’s feet. What Simone saw sent a shiver down her spine. There were several types and lengths of feather; hairbrushes; make-up brushes; toothbrushes; biro pens; scrubbing brushes; a
fake set of fingernails and a bottle of baby oil. “We’re gonna use each and every one of these on you before
the night is out,” cooed Sarah. “Now, what shall I begin with?”

She spent an agonising amount of time inspecting the torture instruments before her before finally settling on a stiff, white quill. “Oh God, please no,” groaned Simone as her cruel student held up the feather for her to see. “Not a plume, please! Please, I beg you, don’t use that feather on me!!!”

Sarah ignored her teacher’s pleas. “This will be the longest night of your life, and I’ll gonna enjoy every second. Put her gag back on.” she said. Rachel placed the tape back across Simone’s mouth as Sarah began the torture.

Very slowly, she started trailing the tip of the feather up and down the soft bare, creamy soles of her teacher’s bound feet. Time after time Sarah carefully traced a path from the bottom of Simone’s heels to the tips of her big toes, eliciting moans and whimpers from her helpless ticklish victim.

The blonde student smiled as she gently grazed the tip of the plume around the smooth balls of Simone’s feet then dragged it back and forth under all ten of her painted toes before dancing the feather in between each one.

Simone was trying desperately not to let her students see what the tickling was doing to her but it was proving difficult. When Sarah put the feather down after around 30 minutes of sheer torture and picked up a stiff-bristled hairbrush, Simone groaned and tried to plead with her cruel tormentor through her gag.


Rachel watched with a wide grin on her face as her friend tickle- tortured their teacher with the brush. Simone finally broke down and screamed through her gag as Sarah raked the bristles up and down her taut, sensitive soles excrutiatingly slowly for what seemed like hours.

When her student started agonizingly stroking her soft arches with the brush, Simone howled and tears began rolling down her face. She threw her head from side to side but couldn’t escape the tickle hell that Sarah was putting her through.

Sarah was enjoying playing with her new toy and started to taunt her teacher. “Cooochie cooochie coo,” she said, as she tickled Simone into hysterics. “Agony, isn’t it? But this is just the start. There are HOURS to go yet and I could keep this up all night.”
Then, as Sarah laid down the brush and pulled on the silk gloves, she added: “Take her gag off Rach, I wanna hear her laugh.”

Sarah began playing This Little Piggy with Simone’s toes as Rachel tore off the strip of tape. Ten silky fingers at once slowly tickling her feet combined to almost make Simone hit the roof.


Simone prayed for the torture to stop and clamped her eyes shut in a bid to shut out the sensations. But seconds later she opened them again when she heard a strange whirring noise. Simone looked up to see
that Sarah had selected a electric toothbrush and was holding it up for her to see.


With an evil grin she lowered it towards her teacher’s immobile feet and spent the next hour covering every inch of her teacher’s bare feet with the spinning bristles


By the end of the 60 minutes Simone was a mess. Her face was covered with mascara and her red hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat. She was no longer capable of laughing and merely sobbed as Sarah selected a peacock feather and began slowly dragging it between each one of her immaculate toes. When the student tired of torturing her teacher’s toes and started using the other end of the quill to torment her reddening soles, Simone finally passed out.


Sarah woke Simone by slapping her around the face. The teacher slowly came to then took in her surroundings before murmuring: “Oh God, please, no.....”

She had been sat in a chair with her wrists tied together and her arms stretched out above her head. Another stocking fastened Simone’s bound wrists to a pipe that ran the length of the wall. Her legs were
strapped to the chair legs by stockings which were tied at her ankles and just below her knees.

Worst of all she had been stripped down to her strapless black bra and matching G-string by Sarah and Rachel, exposing much of her fit, tanned body. She could see her blouse and jeans in a heap on the floor
next to her high heels. Either side of her, on chairs, sat her students. Both held large, stiff, wicked-looking red feathers.

“Please,” Simone murmured, turning her head from side to side to plead with her captors. “No more...”.
“No more,” replied Rachel. “But we’ve only begun. Now the fun is REALLY gonna start!”

Simone entered tickle hell once more as Sarah and Rachel started stroking their feathers up and down her smooth sides and into her exposed armpits. Within seconds she had cracked as the effect of two feathers rather than one was too much to bear.


Simone’s begging was music to the ears of Sarah and Rachel. They stepped up their ticklish assault and within minutes the tips of their feathers were grazing the delicate skin around her firm breasts. To her amazement, the French teacher could feel her nipples swelling as her students tortured her with their feathers. She prayed they wouldn’t notice but it was impossible.

“Well, well,” said Sarah. “Looks like you’re enjoying this FAR more than you’re letting on. Shall we take a closer look?”

The blonde reached behind Simone’s back and undid the clasp of her bra. It fell to the floor revealing the teacher’s large, full breasts with their stiffening, red nipples. The girls began trailing their
quills across the side of Simone’s firm breasts, getting ever closer to her ultra-sensitive nipples.

“Please,” she gasped. “Not there, I beg you. Not there! Ahhh!” A moan escaped Simone’s lips as first Sarah then Rachel started slowly circling the stiff tips of their feathers around her dark aerolae.

The girls grinned as they extracted more moans and gasps from their French teacher by flicking their feathers against the tips of her now fully-erect nipples. Incredibly Simone found herself becoming more and more turned on as Sarah and Rachel worked on her. She could feel her G-string becoming wetter with every passing minute and once again, prayed her tormentors would notice. But once again it was a forlorn hope. They had guessed.

Sarah placed her hand down the front of her teacher’s thong and exclaimed: “My God, it’s like a flood down there! You ARE a naughty woman, Miss De Castigne,” purred Sarah as she began to tease down her
french teacher’s black G-string. And now,” she added, “We’re going to have to punish you....”

To be continued......
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Yes, this is one of my favorites as well.

I always had hoped for the continuation, but I doubt Ill see it.

Ah well, nice to see the repost!
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I would as well...

It is one of my fave stories ever. Too bad UN Alex had to bail...
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an old favourite off mine
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the hollywood brother just reread this last night and the hollywood brother really can dig this story
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Default Part 2! (by UK Alex)

Hi everyone, thanks for the response to part 1. It kinda made me get on with part 2, so here it is. Enjoy! First, a quick recap from the first part.

“Please,” Simone gasped. “Not there, I beg you. Not there! Ahhh!” A
moan escaped Simone’s lips as first Sarah then Rachel started slowly
circling the stiff tips of their feathers around her dark aerolae.

The girls grinned as they extracted more moans and gasps from their French teacher by flicking their feathers against the tips of her now fully-erect nipples.

Incredibly Simone found herself becoming more and more turned on as Sarah and Rachel worked on her. She could feel her G-string becoming wetter with every passing minute and once again, prayed her tormentors would notice. But once again it was a forlorn hope. They had guessed.

Sarah placed her hand down the front of her teacher’s thong and
exclaimed: “My God, it’s like a flood down there! You ARE a naughty woman, Miss De Castigne,” purred Sarah as she began to tease down her french teacher’s black G-string. And now,” she added, “We’re going to have to punish you....”

Part 2.

Simone pleaded with Sarah as the teenager, ten years’ her junior, tugged down her sopping G-string. “Non,” she cried, almost red with humilation at the abuse she was receiving at the hands of her students. “I beg you Sarah, please, don’t do this to me! I’ll-I’ll tell! You’ll be expelled!”

“Oh, we already thought of that,” replied Rachel. She reached into a bag and fetched a camcorder which she sat up on a table facing her victim. “If you tell ANYONE about what we did to you, a copy of this ‘film’ will be sent to everyone you ever met, along with every pupil at this school. Naturally, we’ll edit it so we’re unidentifiable.”

Simone groaned. They had her. Sarah grinned and continued to peel down her French teacher’s silk thong until it was round her spread knees, exposing her moist, trimmed pussy. The teenager then used a pair of scissors to cut away the flimsy, soaking undergarment before tossing it over her shoulder.

To Simone’s suprise, Sarah then began to untie the stockings that bound her legs and ankles. But any hopes the teacher had of the torture session ending were dashed when Sarah spoke.

“I hope you don’t think we’re letting you go,” said the curvy student as she undid the final restraint. “On the contrary, we want a bit more....access.”

With her hands still tied to the pipe above her head, the girls forced Simone to stand before twisting her around so she faced the wall. They then turned her chair around and made her kneel on the seat with her feet sticking out through two slats in the back. Once more the teacher’s ankles were tied on the other side - making it
impossible for her to pull them back through.

Simone tried to struggle but it was no use. With her hands bound to the pipe above her head and her ankles tied together as she knelt on the chair, she was completely helpless.

“Please, non,” she desperately begged as she watched the laughing girls position their chairs for prime access to her most sensitive spots. Sarah sat down in front of Simone and grinned at the possibilities. Her teacher’s naked, juicy pussy smouldered just
inches away from her face at eye level while her perfect, bare breasts and sensitive, erect nipples hung over her just begging to be tormented.

Meanwhile Rachel moved her chair to sit behind Simone by her trapped feet. She was just dying to slowly torture her bitchy French teacher into insanity by using an array of tickling implements on her helpless soles.

“No, not again! Not my feet! S'IL ne VOUS PLAIT pas MES PIEDS! PLEASE
NOT MY FEET!” Cried the busty redhead she looked over her shoulder to see her student tie her delectable big toes together with twine.

Rachel carefully selected the bottle of baby oil and poured half the bottle over her teacher’s feet, drenching them from heel to toe in the slippery, cool liquid. “Please, no...”, continued Simone as she watched Rachel choose a large scrubbing brush.

“Mmmm, I’m gonna enjoy this.....,” commented Rachel. Her mouth was practically watering as she applied the brush to the smooth balls of Simone’s feet. She knew the oil would amplify the ticklish sensations of the thousands of stiff bristles many, many times but had kept the fact from Sarah during her torture of their teacher as she wanted this pleasure all to herself.

The affect was instantaneous. Simone began howling in ticklish agony as Rachel exploited her helplessness to the full. The 18-year-old moved to her teacher’s prone soles and scrubbed them relentlessly as her victim screamed and screamed for mercy.

“Mmmm, your soles are going red,” taunted Rachel. “Tell me how much it tickles while I scrub them purple...”


In spite of herself, Simone was finding the cruel torture intensely erotic. Despite eing 100% straight, (she had fucked some random guy in a one night stand just the week before) being tied up, stripped naked, and abused by these two admittedly attractive girls was turning her on like never before.

Her pussy was now dripping wet and Sarah, being sat directly in front of her naked French teacher, couldn’t fail to notice. The honey blonde student could even scent Simone’s aroma and knew it was time to step up the torture session.

With exquisite slowness, the 18-year-old began teasing Simone’s moist, trimmed pussy with her stiff plume. A brief gasp escaped the redhead’s lips as Sarah stroked her engorged lips with the tip of her feather.

In the meantime Rachel had applied more oil to Simone’s feet and was slowly scrubbing the sensitive skin under her toes. The dual sensations of being tortured by one of her students and pleasured by the other were almost causing her to pass out as she went through Heaven and Hell at the same time.


Sarah was now grinning wildly as she elicited moan after moan from her helpless French teacher with her feather. She knew they had almost broken her. As she started flicking the tip of the plume against Simone’s hard clit, Rachel came to sit beside her.

“This will teach you to mess with us,” cooed Rachel, taking hold of the feather from Sarah. “WE control YOU now. Now, tell us........... would you like us to make you cum? If you beg us we might......”

“Non,” replied Simone in between moans. How could she ever live it down if she begged two of her students to make her orgasm? She couldn’t imagine a greater embarrassment. “You-you can’t, I beg of you, AH! Please don’t do this to me! J-je vous mendie! Aaaaahhhh! ne pas me faire l'orgasme, je mendie de vous!”

But the girls were unstoppable now. They were taking it in turns to pleasure their bound teacher with their evil, stiff feather as they sat before her spread legs and soaking pussy, and taking immense delight at the power they were now wielding over her.

"Tell us,” taunted Sarah as she dipped the quill into Simone’s moist womanhood once more. “Tell us how much you want us to make you cum...”

Non,” repeated Simone. “Please, AHHHH! Please don’t-don’t make me c-cum! S-s'il vous plaît ne me faire pas avec! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Non, I beg you!”

For the next hour, Sarah and Rachel skilfully worked on their naked, helpless, and extremely turned-on French teacher. They would take her to the brink of an earth-shattering orgasm with the feather before cruelly stopping. They could have made her orgasm at any time, but knew they would have only broken her completely when she begged them to do so.

Finally, when Simone was on the edge of exploding for the sixth time, she could stand no more. Once again, Sarah was taunting her. “Tell us,” she said. “Tell us just how much you want us to make you cum with this feather.......”

“Ahhhhhhhh,” she gasped, scarcely able to believe what she was saying. “P-p-please, please make me cum. Mon Dieu, cela se sent si bon! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! S'il ne vous plaît pas l'arrêt!!! Please, d-don’t stop! Me faire l'orgasme! Oh God, it feels so good! Don’t stop, I beg you! Do it, please! Me faire l'orgasme! make me cum!

Sarah and Rachel looked at each and grinned. They had won. Now they would complete Simone’s punishment - her ultimate humiliation. As Rachel started stimulating Simone’s rock-hard, large nipples, Sarah continued stroking her aching clit with the feather.

Within seconds, a tremendous orgasm racked through Simone’s tormented body with an intensity she had never experienced before. As the girls continued to pleasure her the redhead cried out in ecstasy.


The teacher’s body shook as she encountered orgasm after incredible orgasm at the hands of her two students. The sexual release after hours of teasing was immense. Finally she slumped forward in her
bonds, exhausted but satisfied.

Sarah and Rachel stood up, their job done. Rachel went to turn off the camcorder and collect up the tickling props while Sarah spoke to their prisoner as she continued to kneel bound and naked on the

“Perhaps things will change a little in the classroom now,” she said, smiling. “Don’t forget what we have on tape. In fact, we really must do this again sometime. There are quite a few things I have in mind for you now, Simone. And if you try to stop us, or tell anyone, well.... do you think your parents would enjoy a copy of the video?”

Simone groaned again. So it wasn’t over after all. Rachel packed the camcorder into a bag but as the girls prepared to untie their captive, they heard a door slam in the corridor outside.

“Shit,” exclaimed Sarah. “There’s someone here. We’ll have to go out the window and we’re gonna have to leave the tools too. Remember Simone, you have no idea of who did this to you, right?” The teacher nodded weakly as she watched the girls make their escape and awaited rescue, albeit a humiliating one as she was completely bare.

Casey Green finished cleaning one classroom and began to move on to the next. It was funny being back at her old school after a year away. But all the partying she had done at college meant that she had had to find a way of making money while she was back at home between Semesters. Cleaning was easy and the pay was good. The only bad thing about the job was her old school was on her rounds. The 20-year-old brunette had had her good times - she had been on the cheerleading squad and been popular - but that fucking French teacher had made her life misery. What was her name again? That was it. Simone De Castigne.

Casey unlocked the classroom door and walked in. She almost fainted at the sight before her. Kneeling on a chair, completely naked, with her arms tied above her head and her feet pulled through the back of
the seat, was that bitch Simone herself. On hearing the door open, Simone cried out for help. But Casey couldn’t believe her luck. She kept silent, and knew at once what she must do.

Thinking quickly, she picked up a stocking that Sarah and Rachel had been left behind. Then, walking directly behind her former teacher so she couldn’t see her, she crept up on Simone and wrapped it tightly round her eyes, blindfolding her.

“Hey,” cried the redhead. She had been expecting to be untied. “Who-who are you?”

“Oh, you probably don’t remember me,” purred Casey as she took in the sight of her beautiful, nude - and completely helpless - former teacher before her. Judging by the array of feathers and brushes neatly laid out by Simone’s feet, it was obvious someone had had their ticklish way with her. And now Casey was about to, too.

As she took a seat behind Simone and admired her gorgeous, immobile bare feet with their sensitive-looking soles and tied toes painted a deep purple, Casey continued. “But I sure as hell remember you. And now I’m gonna make you pay....”

“Oh please non, not again, no,” pleaded Simone as she felt the twine binding her big toes being tightened and more of the cool baby oil being poured over her tormented feet.

There was silence but then Simone heard a whirring sound, one that she had heard once before that day. With growing terror she realised what it was and began to beg again.


Casey smiled and slowly lowered the electric toothbrush towards Simone’s naked soles. This was gonna be a lot of fun......

The end.

Oncve again, let me know what you think of my first effort. Any criticism greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Alex
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the hollywood brother just reread this story and forgot how good it was. the hollywood brother's hat is off the the author of this great work once again
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french, repost, teacher, tickle, torture

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