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Old 10-09-2004, 07:19 PM   #1
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Default My Friend Gets it Again m/f (true)

Let me begin by saying that the girl in this story is the same girl as in my previous story, Tickling My Friends Feet. Thats right she gets it again and she gets it good.

It all started when she called right after dinner and asked if she can come over. I said of course and she did. When she did, we directly went into my room. The first thing she tells me is that she broke up with her bf and that she was a little upset. Of course I there to comfort her. She then asked if I wanted to go to the club with her and I said. About this time it was pretty early to even start getting ready so we were watching tv. She then said that she wanted to rest before we went. I offered her my bed. In instint she popped of her flip-flops and laid there watching tv. I was sitting in lounge chair right next to her. We were talking about something stupid and then she made joke towards me.

I want to stop for sec just to say that if u read my previous story then you know that when I did tickle her that last time that it was brief and that there was alchol involved. So she really dosen't remember.

Anyway after her little joke I made a comment on how she is getting a little chubby, which she isn't, and then I poked her side. She jumped pretty high. I said whats wrong and poke her again. She says nothing but with a laugh. I said that it seem that you are little ticklish. She then tries then to deny it. I give her quick tickle and stop.

She tried to take a quick nap but was unable to. She tells me that she is unable to relax. I then tell her to roll on her stomach. I hop on top of her and begin to give her a massage. While I am doing this I am trying to tickle her but for some reason it wasn't working. I was giving up hope until I grazed her under arms and she closed her arms so quickly.

"Don't touch me there please, it really tickles," she says

I asure her that I will not to but her hands back up. Big mistake, as soon as her wrist meet, I clamp my left hand on her wrist and use my free hand to tickle her like crazy. She was laughing so hard and kicking at the same time. It drove her to insanity.

"Stooooppp, pleeeasssee, noooooooo"

Tickling her sides her under arms while layiing untop of her. How could this get better. I continue on my tickle fest for about 15 mins and then worked my way to her bare feet. My fave. While still on her stomach I sat her ankles and cross my legs in indian style so that she couldn't move her ankles.

"Are your feet just ticklish as your upperbody and you better not lie?," I said

"Please not my feet," she replied

I slowly ran my fingers up and down her soft soles, watching her wiggle her feet and toes. Then I just busted all ten fingers and just tickle her beautiful feet like there no tomorrow. She continue to beg me to stop as she continue to laugh and punch my bed in hysteria. I put her into tears as I continue my torture on her. As she was laughing, I heard her say "I am going to pee myself, please stop."

I reluctinly released her after another and she went under the covers in a fiddle position. We continue to watch tv and talk after words. After about another hour she was getting ready to go home so that we can go out. She was brushing her hair and then she said "I wouldn't have to do this is somebody didn't tickle the hell out of me for 30 mins."

I began to laugh and told her that if she tries to to crack a joke about me that she would recieve the same punishment. This happen about 3 weeks ago and I hope that she does try it again. Just so that punishement will definitly fit the crime. Do u not agree?
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go for it!

Kinky is with a feather - Perverted is with a chicken.
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friend, m/f, true

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