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Carolyn lie naked on her bed, each of her wrists and ankles trapped in a padded cuff. The cuffs pulled her arms and legs toward the bedposts, which they were tied to by taut nylon straps. Carolyn’s heart beat like a hummingbird’s as she waited for her boyfriend Martin to return. She tested her bond frequently only to find again and again that the most she could move any limb was an inch at the most.

Carolyn sighed nervously. She hadn’t wanted to be put in this position. Being so helpless, even with Martin, made her more nervous than she would admit. But what choice did she have? Ever since they had moved in together in October, Martin had been pushing her to make their sex life more…exotic. Bondage had been the least objectionable of his suggestions, and when Martin had threatened to leave, Carolyn had given in to it to keep him.

Besides, she kept telling herself, Martin had promised to let her go if she asked. She wasn’t helpless, she wasn’t! Her freedom was only a word a way. As soon as Martin started touching her, Carolyn knew, she would get swept away by the pleasure. She probably wouldn’t remember the cuffs anymore. She probably wouldn’t want to move.

If only Martin would come back so she could stop feeling so…dirty!

Finally, the bedroom door opened and Martin entered. She was a little surprised to see he still had his pants and even his shoes on. Martin usually didn’t undress in front of her, considering it a waste of time. Maybe he was going to do a strip tease? That didn’t seem like him.

“Hello baby,” Martin said in his melodious voice, “I can see you’re all ready for me.”

“Absolutely! Come and take me big boy!” Carolyn tried using bravado to cover her true feelings. She really wanted to tell him to get started so she could be untied!

“In a minute, Carolyn,” Martin said. He sat next to her on the bed and caressed her breast, sending a wave of pleasure down her spine. “I thought we would talk first.”

“Talk?” Carolyn looked at Martin in pure amazement, “You got me like this to talk? I thought you had more physical things on your mind. This is your fantasy after all.”

“I know,” Martin said slowly, “I thought we might talk about some of my other fantasies.”

“Other fantasies!” Carolyn’s voice started to rise as her nervousness turned to anger, “We haven’t done this one first! I agreed to be tied to the bed naked! You had to search three fetish shops before you found the right cuffs!”

“It’s just…” Martin began.

“Its just nothing!” Carolyn shouted, her blood boiling, “I didn’t want to do this! I gave in because I loved you, because I wanted to make you happy! Now you want more? Go to hell!”

“Just listen!” Martin said.

“Not a chance! I don’t want you to touch me. Untie me now!” Carolyn couldn’t believe martin was being such an ass! It was almost like he was trying to make her mad! But why would a man talk himself out of sex? At least his insanity would get her out of this ridiculous bondage.

Instead of begging her forgiveness like Martin usually did when he made her mad, he just kept going. “What about my idea of having a three-way?”

“I wouldn’t sit there and watch you and another woman paw each other in a thousand years!” Carolyn shouted, “I wouldn’t let some slut paw me in a million!” What was wrong with Martin? He just kept digging himself in deeper and deeper! He knew she hated that kinky fantasy the most!

“You know, I think if you gave being with another woman a chance, you might just find you like it. In fact, I’m sure you would.” Martin stood up and started moving for the door. “All you need is the proper enlightening experience, the kind that can overcome your prudish experience. And as your boyfriend, its up to me to give you that experience.”

Like a glass of cold water, the sight of Martin leaving without untying her put out the flames of Carolyn’s anger. “Wait! Martin Please! Don’t leave me like this!” And then Martin was gone, walking through the bedroom door and leaving her all alone.

All Carolyn could do was stare at the doorway, tears welling up in her eyes. Martin would be back! He just had to come back! He wouldn’t do this to her! He couldn’t! She’d…she’d leave him, she’d skin him alive! She’d…she’d…

Carolyn spent five minutes in near hysteria until she saw the door of the bedroom open again. He sobs of relief were cut off, however, when she saw the person entering wasn’t Martin. It was Darla.

“My, my, my isn’t this a pretty sight. Its been a long time since I’ve seen you Carolyn, but seeing this much of you makes up for the wait.”

Darla. Carolyn still expected Darla to be wearing that skimpy red and blue cheerleader uniform from high school instead of a modest green dress, which covered so much of Darla’s body it made Caroline feel even more naked! (Though that shade did make her red hair look fabulous Carolyn had to silently admit) When they’d graduated just a few months ago, Carolyn had thought Darla was out of her life forever. Now she was back, with Carolyn in the most vulnerable position she could imagine.

Neither woman talked for a minute. Darla’s eyes were busy slowly examining every inch of Carolyn’s body, as if the bound woman was a cow at an auction. Carolyn was so overwhelmed by numerous emotions, humiliated at being bare and helpless, angry at Martin for using and deceiving her, and scared to death at what her old enemy was planning on doing next, that she couldn’t remember how to speak.

Carolyn and Darla just stared.

Finally it was Darla that broke the silence “I guess you are a natural blond after all. I shouldn’t have spread all those nasty rumors about you and hair dye.” She started moving slowly to toward the bed.

Seeing where Darla’s eyes were fixed, the compulsion for Carolyn to close her legs or cover that area with her hands became unbearable. She tugged on her bonds with a strength born from desperation. Nothing she did though could have broken those nylon straps. She was the fly stuck in the web, watching the spider grow closer and closer.

“Please…” Carolyn said at last, her voice creaking, “You have to untie me…don’t…don’t…touch me…I will…”

“Sweet little Carolyn,” Darla said, stopping at the edge of the bed, “I never would have dreamed you were this kinky. You were always such a stuck-up little priss in high school. I hated you for that. That and for beating me out for cheerleader captain of course. Who would have guessed we could have been having this much fun?”

“Know we couldn’t!” Carolyn yelled, anger winning through her other emotions, “Let me the hell up now! Now, or you’ll be so sorry Darla! You untie me now, or you’ll regret this for the rest of your life!”

“You’re really not in the position to make threats, now are you,” Darla smiled, “Martin has told me all about what you want before he left. Trust me, I’m just the woman to give it to you. It doesn’t matter how much you yell or scream. No one can hear you. No one whose listening anyways. In the end, you are going to lie there and enjoy this.” Darla started reaching out for Carolyn’s naked flesh.

Oh, Carolyn knew what Martin had told her, alright. That snake! He was going to have his two women fantasy no matter how sick and depraved it was! It didn’t matter how disgusted it made her! Well, she might have to let Darla touch her, but if that snake thought she’d actually enjoy it, he was insane! Carolyn would endure Darla’s…fondles, but she’d remain stone cold the entire time. Martin wouldn’t get any jollies from her! Then, when they finally had to free her, Carolyn would make both there lives a living nightmare!

Carolyn’s plan started off well. Darla caressed her thigh, then her breast, but got nothing. Darla even took Carolyn’s nipple in her mouth and found that she might as well have been licking a mannequin for all the reaction she got. Carolyn’s rage and repugnance of being touched by another woman was more than enough to shield her from any pleasure.

“You’re like ice!” Darla exclaimed when she finally stopped, “Martin told me you needed to be warmed up a little, but I didn’t think you’d be Antarctica!”

“Let me go now. I don’t want your filthy hands on me anymore.” Carolyn said softly in as bitter a voice as she could manage. She didn’t feel vulnerable, helpless or even ashamed right now. Martin had tried his best and so had Darla, but Carolyn was in control of her own body. In a weird way, even tied down to the bed, Carolyn felt like she had the power.

“You win,” Darla said simply. “I guess Martin was wrong about you,” Darla was giving up surprisingly fast. Carolyn should have remembered the redhead’s iron determination from high school and been suspicious. Instead she was gloating in her victory, sure she had saved herself from disaster.

Darla reached her hands up towards Carolyn’s wrists, as if she was going to open her padded cuffs. Just as her fingertips touched the soft nylon however, Darla slid them down Carolyn’s biceps into her armpits, gliding her fingernails across the smooth, hairless skin.

Carolyn squealed! The tickling sensation had taken her completely by surprise. When Darla didn’t stop tickling, but started lightly swirling one finger in each of Carolyn’s underarms, the blond dissolved into a giggling mess.

Darla kept tickling for a few minutes, enjoying the girlish sound of Carolyn’s giggles and the fact that she was finally getting some kind of reaction from her prisoner. Finally, she stopped and allowed Carolyn to regain her composure.

“Well, well well, we have a ticklish little girl here, don’t we?” Darla asked, “Did you think I wouldn’t remember your weakness from high school?”

Carolyn felt a sinking feeling start growing in her belly. She had always hated being tickled, but part of being an attractive girl in high school meant the occasional squeezes and pokes from the guys. Sometimes even the other cheerleaders would wiggle their fingers across her belly or behind her knee when they were showering or changing in the locker room. It never lasted more than a second, but it had always made Carolyn feel so…weak.

“So what if I’m ticklish,’ Carolyn barked, trying to bluff her way through this, “It won’t make me want to be touched by you, slut!”

“Oh, I think it will,” Darla said, sitting on the edge of the bed, “How are you going to keep up your wall of ice if your laughing ?” Darla held her hands above Carolyn’s naked body like claws prepared to rip her flesh. “These can make you forget how angry you are. These will make you happy!”

Darla’s hands now attacked Carolyn’s ribcage, gently squeezing and letting her fingers probe into the spaces between Carolyn’s ribs. Carolyn was braced for this assault and was determined not to laugh. Still, she couldn’t prevent her face from breaking into a huge grin at Darla’s first touch. Darla’s hands were soft but moved over her skin in a knowing way.

Darla knew as soon as she saw Carolyn smile that the blond would crack eventually. It was just a matter of time. Darla kept her hands moving up and down her sides, like they were climbing a latter. Darla’s fingers never stopped their tender attack, poking and pinching Carolyn’s soft flesh.

Carolyn felt tears well up in her eyes as she fought to control her body again. It had been so easy to block out the pleasure Darla’s hands had tried to cause earlier. The new sensations that were sweeping through her body were like water, finding every crack in Carolyn’s defense. The former cheerleader balled her little hands up into fists, determined somehow to hold off the onslaught.

“Aw,” Darla teased as she tickled, “Is little Carolyn having a hard time not laughing? Is this to hard for her? She wants to giggle for mommy. Come on, giggle for mommy! Giggle for mommy!”

Darla’s taunts made it harder for Carolyn to keep silent. The word ‘mommy’ in particular burned into her brain. She would not be reduced to a little girl for Darla! She wouldn’t! But even as Carolyn clenched her teeth, she could a vibration building in her throat.

Now it was Darla’s turn to smile. She had found a particularly bad spot on Carolyn’s left side, one that made her body jerk every time she ran a finger over it. Darla kept one hand there, twisting and turning her fingers into that one spot while she kept moving her other hand lower and lower until it slid across Carolyn’s belly.

Carolyn’s eyes flew wide open as soon as her belly was touched. She wasn’t the type to wear bikini’s, or even those t-shirts that barely covered her breasts. Her stomach almost never saw the light of day. It was all virgin territory. When Darla’s talented fingers began lightly dancing over that skin, it was like her nerves were being set on fire!

“Mmmm…hemmmnnMMnM!” Carolyn grunted animal-like, barely choking down her laughter. Darla was surprised she had lasted even this long! Carolyn’s belly was as soft and smooth as butter, a joy to touch. She skated her five fingers closer and closer to Carolyn’s belly button. Every ticklers instinct told Darla that that would be the key place.

Darla’s fingers never even made it. With one hand torturing her ribs and the other on her belly, the tickling finally overwhelmed Carolyn. Her balloon burst suddenly, and laughter poured out of her cute mouth like a waterfall.


Having broken her opponent, Darla stopped tickling Carolyn’s ribs, but kept her other five fingers slithering across her supple tummy. “That’s right baby, laugh for your mommy. Mommy loves to heasr her little girl laugh. Coochie coochie coo mommy’s bad little girl.”

And laugh Carolyn did. With just that one hand on her belly, Darla could make her victim laugh as long as she wanted. Whether she was lightly grazing her fingernails over the smooth skin, wiggling them into the firm muscles just below or pinching Carolyn’s flesh like a crab, Carolyn just kept bellowing like a stuck pig.

When Darla finally stopped, Carolyn could feel the sweat built up on her brow. She was breathing as fast as she used to after coach made them run the mile in gym class. Worst of all was that gloating look on Darla’s face, as if she’d finally triumphed over her old adversary. It was an idea Carolyn refused to tolerate.

“Fine, I’m ticklish,” Carolyn said after she’d finally caught her breath, “You can make me giggle and laugh all you want. But what does that accomplish? Martin wanted me to enjoy this, and I’m not enjoying any of this. I haven’t warmed up to the idea of having sex with you, you’re just oohhhhhh…”

Carolyn’s speech broke off into a moan. Tired of listening, Darla had caressed Carolyn’s firm breast, running her palm over her erect nipple. For Carolyn, it was like facing a cold breeze without a jacket. That touch went right threw her skin, leaving her wanting more.

“Somehow, dear Carolyn, I think it is working,” Darla did it again, causing another moan if a softer one than the first. “The tickling is ripping away your defenses layer by layer, like peeling an onion. Soon you’ll be begging for my touch. Your body is under my control.”

“Never!” Carolyn grunted threw clenched teeth. “I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction slut! I don‘t want to be touched by any woman!” Carolyn cried out, though the last sentence was directed more at her own libido than Darla.

In response, Darla slipped her index finger into Carolyn’s belly button and started wiggling it around. Carolyn started laughing immediately, unable to hold out even for a second when her vulnerable button was invaded.

“Oh I don’t know if I’d say never,” Darla said above Carolyn’s cries, “You are going to be my play thing little girl.”

“he ehehe ehe Go to hell!!!! HE ehe eh HE EHEHEHEHEHEHEH” Carolyn managed to bleat between laughing fits.

Darla kept vibrating that finger faster and faster, forcing Carolyn’s laughter to get louder and louder, thrashing her head from side to side and bucking her hips. Darla felt an amazing rush of power, knowing she was causing her old rival all this misery with only one finger. It got her own juices flowing and made Darla look forward to what would happen after the tickling stop.

“Poor, poor baby,” Darla patronized, “Ask me to kiss you and I’ll give you a break.”

“Nehehehehehe NENENEeheheheheh NEVVEERRRRE heehe EHH HE EHEHEH!!!” Carolyn gushed, barely getting the words out. She was in agony. It was like she was being tickled from the inside out! Darla’s finger kept drilling deeper and deeper, driving her insane!

“There’s that word again my tickle baby,” Darla said mockingly, “I told you I didn’t like it,” Darla reached her free hand to Carolyn’s armpit and this time used four fingers to dig into the sensitive hollow. Her nails raked across the hairless skin, making Carolyn’s laughter spike upwards, becoming an almost supersonic shriek.

Darla didn’t speak now. She didn’t have to. Carolyn’s hysterical screams clearly showed she was fighting a battle she just couldn’t win. Instead, Darla enjoyed the suffering reflected in Carolyn’s eyes and the way her entire body shook even though she was tied down. This would make up for not making captain of the cheerleading squad! And if it didn’t it was still a ton of fun!

Carolyn felt like she was drowning in a sea of laughter. The fingers wiggling under her arm were more than she could handle. Her lungs were on fire, but still she couldn’t stop. She had no more thoughts about being the master of her own body or winning some kind of contest of wills. She just wanted it to stop. She would do anything if the tickling would only stop, but she couldn’t get enough air to say the magic words! She couldn’t speak! How could she end this if she couldn’t speak!

Finally, Darla noticed Carolyn was puckering her lips and making crude kissing noises amidst her laughter. She looked like a cartoon character asking for a kiss! As much as Darla didn’t want to stop, she knew it was a necessary step if Carolyn was going to be seduced. Reluctantly, after only a few more minutes, she pulled her hands back into her lap.

Again things stopped as Carolyn caught her breath after the tickling. Her muscles were starting to hurt now, like she had just finished an aerobics routine. It took a few minutes, but felt like hours to Carolyn as she was dreading what would happen next.

“Well,” Darla said at last, “Are you going to say the words, or were you just trying to tickle me with that kissy face? If you were and I start tickling again, it will be a long time before I stop again.”

“Darla, will you please kiss me?” Carolyn would have rather put her tongue in an electrical outlet, but she believed Darla’s threat. It was humiliating to be forced to ask, but how bad could it be? Carolyn had kissed her aunts on the mouth many times and even a few friends during especially sentimental or drunken moments. That hadn’t changed her into some crazed lesbian!

Darla smiled and leaned in close. Carolyn could smell her flowery but subtle perfume as Darla’s full red lips caressed hers. Instantly, Carolyn felt her blood boil at the touch. It was soft and warm and so inviting. Carolyn was again overwhelmed with the need to rip her arms free from their bonds, but this time it was so she could wrap them around Darla’s slender form, not push it away.

The kiss ended, leaving Carolyn gasping for breath again, but not for the same reason. Carolyn felt like her entire body had become one giant nerve, sensitive to Darla’s slightest touch.

“Please, don’t do that again,” Carolyn gasped. Her body had betrayed her, and it felt like her mind was going down the same path. That plea had come from Carolyn’s very soul, seeing the precipice it hovered over.

“Didn’t you enjoy that?” Darla smiled, “I know I did.” It amazed Darla how quickly Carolyn had melted. The ice maiden was gone. All that was left was a hot, quivering body that desired something the brain knew it shouldn’t have. And since when had the brain ever won over the body?

“I’m not a lesbian, I’m just not. I…I don’t want to be one…” Carolyn begged, though both women knew she was talking to herself, not Darla.

“You know Carolyn,” Darla continued as if the blond hadn’t even spoken, “There was one spot I never saw tickled on you, not even for a second. Before I finish breaking you…and I will…I just have to find out. Are your feet ticklish?”

A look of horror fell across Carolyn’s face. Darla had never seen Carolyn’s feet tickled because she never given anyone in high school a chance. Carolyn never, ever went barefoot. Even when she’d taken a shower in gym class, she’d worn a pair of thongs. Not since she’d been in junior high had her feet been tickled, and that was a memory she had tried to bury for years.

A cousin, Mindy, had come to stay with Carolyn’s family for the summer. The girls had shared a bedroom, so Carolyn had never been able to hide her feet from her cousin. Mindy just had to wait until Carolyn got ready for bed and her shoes came off. Then she’d jump on Carolyn, sit on her cousins legs, rip off her socks and tickle Carolyn’s feet with wild abandon until she thought she‘d go insane.

With Mindy a year older and stronger than she was, she’d never come up with a successful defense. Mindy ended up using Carolyn’s ticklish feet to blackmail her into all kinds of things, like giving her money, telling secrets and even kissing her first boy! She had virtually become Mindy’s slave, all because of her hyper-ticklish feet.

Now, years later, Carolyn’s feet were again threatened, and again she could do nothing to protect them. With her body already on fire, how could she ever hope to prevent herself from becoming Darla’s slave now? Did she even want to anymore?

Darla moved down to the end of the bed. “You’ve got really nice feet. Size five I’d guess. Maybe even a four. They look so soft and silky. I’ll bet they’re really ticklish, aren’t they?” She strummed her fingers across Carolyn’s left sole as if she were playing the guitar, making Carolyn shriek. “Oh, they are, aren’t they little girl?”

Carolyn didn’t even try to answer. At this point, she couldn’t trust herself to know what words would come out of her mouth. What she intended as a cry of defiance might end up as a plea for more.

Darla grabbed her toes in her left hand, pulling them back to make Carolyn’s bare sole as taut as a guitar string. Darla then used her right hand to rake all five fingernails down Carolyn’s high arch all the way to her heel.

Carolyn laughter sounded like the howl of some wounded animal. Darla kept scraping her nails up and down her sole, keeping her victim howling over and over again. In seconds, Carolyn was completely hysterical, laughing like a crazy person, completely beyond reason.

Next, Darla released Carolyn’s toes, and used her free hand to tickle Carolyn’s other foot. With both soles being tormented now by long, sharp fingernails, Carolyn felt like electricity was stabbing up her legs, slamming into her brain. Her lunatic laughter increased somehow, flowing across the room like a haunted melody. At least, one last sane part of Carolyn’s brain told her, it couldn’t get worse.

Carolyn was wrong. Darla started attacking her chubby toes, slipping her fingertips underneath and between then. Carolyn started cackling, cackling like some kind of demented witch wishing they would only burn her at the stake. She tried to clench her toes, but laughter had robbed Carolyn of almost all her strength, and Darla forced them apart with ease.

The toe tickling seemed to last forever. Eventually, all sound failed Carolyn, and she descended into silent laughter, still in agony but unable to express her pain. A nail grazing the side of her big toe, another worming its way between two middle toes to scrape underneath them. A third fingernail was tormenting one of Carolyn’s pinky toes, scratching all around it, above and below, somehow rending Carolyn incapable of protecting it.

Amidst the ticklish sea Carolyn found herself drowning in, she slowly became aware that Darla had released the cuff holding her right foot to the bed. Abandoning the left, Darla began lifting her right leg of the bed, firmly holding her right ankle in the crook of her arm, still tickling the toes with the two or three flicks of her fingernails.

Carolyn wanted to pull her leg free, but her muscles felt like wet noodles, unable to jerk, twist or turn. Another part of her brain told Carolyn that she hadn’t even tried to wrench her leg free because she didn’t really want to, but Carolyn no longer knew which voice to believe.

Then, with the tickling slowing and the tiniest bit of sanity breaking through, Carolyn felt something on her sole she never had before. It was hot, wet and rough, starting from her heel and swooping its way up, almost covering her entire sole. It was Darla’s tongue, and it felt like nothing Carolyn had ever imagined before.

The moan that escaped from Carolyn’s lips was unlike any she’d ever uttered before. It deep and throaty, like the mating call of some wild animal. Darla licked her foot again and again, as if it were a cherry Popsicle. It tickled and pleasured, and Carolyn moaned and laughed. Then Darla popped one of Carolyn’s toes in her mouth, sucking hard, and lights exploded in Carolyn’s brain. She would later realize this was the first of many orgasms.

The next thing Carolyn knew, Darla was lying on top of her kissing her on the lips more passionately than Martin ever had. Carolyn’s arms were free know, and she enveloped Darla, pulling her closer to her body. The green dress was gone now, as were any other clothes Darla might have been wearing, and the women’s bare skin molded to each other.

When Darla’s nipple slipped into Carolyn’s mouth, it was the redhead’s turn to moan. Darla’s hands stroked her new lovers body, tickling and caressing. Carolyn did likewise, and both women were laughing and moaning almost in unison.

Finally, exhausted, Darla’s fingers slid between Carolyn’s legs, touching her womanhood deep inside her body. Carolyn did likewise, and both women soon felt their bodies erupt in what both would later claim as the biggest orgasms of their lives.

Afterwards, they snuggled and talked. Darla was shocked to find out that her new slave had been serious about not wanting to be touched by a woman. As Carolyn had guessed, Martin had lied to her new master, telling Darla that this was all one big fantasy Carolyn had come up with. Martin had said that Carolyn desperately wanted to be taken by another woman, but needed to be ‘warmed up first’.

“That snake!” Darla cried out when she knew the truth. “Tricking her into virtually raping you!”

“Oh, I’m so glad you did, master!” Carolyn protested.

“Still, making me tickle you like that! He should be ashamed! I think your husband is going to pay for this my slave!”

That announcement only made Carolyn smile bigger.

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Hi jag älskar. jag är en flicka kontakta mig att ordna.. jag älskar att vara bundna och återhållsamma och sig. Än en gång, kontakta mig snart om man bor i södra Sverige. jag gillar pojkar och flickor. Jag är

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Thanks For A Great Story!!

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*bump*....outstanding...fantastic...and yes Martin was indeed a snake...i love how descriptive your writing is...and i've always enjoyed non consensual scenarios..

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thank you so much for sharing this story. I just loved the belly and breast tickling in the story.

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This story rocks!