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05-20-2010, 10:50 PM
I feel that it would be better if I just started over and made a new post. Included here are all the great foot tickling clips that I currently have on my computer. The best of what I've kept over the years, since around about 2000 when I first got on the internet and discovered that I was not alone.

My criteria for a great foot tickling clip is as follows:
Female lee
Cute laugh, with occassional screaming acceptable
Complete bondage of the ankles, meaning the ticklee is unable to pull away from the tickle torture and this also includes the hands being bound in some fashion.
Some toe wiggling also brings home to me at least that this girl probably isn't faking. If she just lies there and laughs and laughs, but her feet aren't doing anything it's a little bit harder to believe that what I'm watching is real.

That being said here then is the clips which I could not live without.

Ana videos -
1. His new Jayda clips are fantastic. Get the ones where she is in a blue top, arms tied above her head and she's laying on the bed while Ana tickles her soles. Holy crap that's a hot girl. Best bondage situation in my opinion as well. The Jayda clips I bought recently are easily 10's.
2. Saya, who he tied to his famous workout bench. This clip was added to clips4sale a while back. I would give this clip a 9 only because it's pretty grainy.

A store by the name of Tickling Torture clips4sale studio 3881 -
If you pick up a clip by the name of Sexy Tickling 1 it's pretty good. It might only be an 8, but this girl does do a fair share of squirming while the ler does a bunch of heavy petting along with tickling her lee's soles throughout the clip.

Bound to Tickle -
Features a clip with Amaya bound with blue rope lying on the floor. Again maybe only an 8 in my book, but this girl's reactions are great stuff.

Feetonline -
1. This used to be a pretty big player in the world of tickling and their clips4sale store is still up on the site, but doesn't feature probably even 10% of what their original material had. Not a lot of great stuff in my opinion, but if you head over to his store and pick up a copy of cfs017, the 3rd part of that rather short clip features a really nice lee. I'd give it a 8 only because it is rather short.
2. The other clip I would definitely buy is Tickling 002. This clip is longer so I'd give it a 9. Great reactions from a wonderfully ticklish lee.

Tied and Tickle Tortured studio 152 (formerly The Fetish Vault)
1. They added not too long ago a great clip Randy's Moore's Foot And Body Tickle which is a 9 in my book. I should have given it an 8, but this girl has such hot foot action. It could have easily been a 10 if the ler hadn't messed around for the first 75% of the clip tickling the girl's upperbody only half heartedly. She doesn't even laugh much for most of that part. The bondage is kind of light in that the bars she's tied to aren't fastened to the bed, and when he moves down to her feet we don't see her face anymore. So buyer beware it does feature a really solid three minutes of foot tickling, but at the price of a ten minute clip.
2. I did delete a while back a clip called Poetic Tickle. It wasn't all that bad, but it had just gotten old for me. Plus the lee doesn't wiggle her toes much. Still, it is a corny clip where the ler is reciting poetry while making her lee laugh pretty good. I'd give it an 8 if I still had it.

Fusskitzler - (German tickling clip store on clips4sale) I'm so glad to see that he is still running his store as he has unfortunately just readded all his old clips to his store again lately. So the store won't die soon, but it doesn't feature any new material. Still, Jil is his best model. The three clips that follow are made better in my opinion because they feature bed bondage in the style that I fantasized about before I found the tickling community. So I apologize if I'm biased and like this clip more than it should be given credit for.
1. If you want a girl who has a great tickle response then you must purchase Cleo und Jil 1 Clip 7. This clip is a 9 in my book.
2. As well as her other clip Isabelle und Jil 1 Clip 4 (the whole clip which unfortunately I cannot seem to find on his store anymore) which is at least as good as the first clip.
3. She also appeared in Jil christmas tickle 2004 which features her ler taking her high heels off before tickling her soles. Great clip, solid lee. I'd give Jil a 9 overall on these 3 clips.

MP Tickle -
1. Buy their clip Feet Up because it features a lee who's feet seem unbearably ticklish and she let's us know this by wiggling them around quite bit and laughing as he strokes her soles. Nice close-ups of the feet. An 8.

Shy and Wild Tickling -
His bondage positions to me seem too loose and how he avoids getting kicked in the face is beyond me. But his clip with a model named Domestique is really hot. Girl in a purple top, and stockinged feet bound together laying in his lap. Watch her go nuts as he tickles her soles. A great foot tickling clip in my book. I'd give it a 9.

So Ticklish -
He has one clip which I still love and that is one that features a girl named Allison in Allison Tied II. Girl spreads her toes, then scrunches them up and all the while she can't do anything about being tickle tortured. Some of the most toe wiggling I've ever seen. I'd give it a 9 easy.

Southern Belles 1st Time in Bondage -
Features the clip Natalie Tickle Torture. The clip features a really hot girl. Supermodel quality, but the clip isn't without some grain and the worst part about the film is the dude that tickles her comes into the scene barefoot. Kind of a real turnoff for me. That being said I'd have to give it an 8. If you don't mind dude's being barefoot then you might give it a 9.

Tickle Haven -
If you can get Just a Little Bit More featuring some random model you'll love it. Nylon tickling and the girl's reactions are authentic it seems. I'd give it a 9 for shoe removal, and a clear picture.

Tickle Touch -
Elisa Graves tied to a massage table and tickled on her soles is a pretty good thing. Too bad the girl doesn't laugh that loudly and we can hardly see her face. Still a good clip in terms of the bondage position used. I'd give it an 8 though.

Tickle Vault -
A pretty much dead store that does feature one really hot clip. Older woman lying on her back, hands tied behind her back, and her ankles locked into some sort of contraption. The contraption doesn't seem to be anchored, but it's okay because she doesn't try to escape her tickle torment and we get a great view of some really nice soles flexing and trying to avoid being tickled. Her pleas for mercy are also unique in my collection and so because of this I would have to give it a 10.

The Tickleshow -
Features a girl named Kendra. The clip with her kneeling at the end of the bed with her ankles tied to the bars is amazing. She wiggles her toes quite a bit and has a real nice laugh. Too bad we never get to see her face. I'd give it a 9.

Tickling Games French Site -
If you go to this store you might wanna pick up Jennifer part 1 & Alissa part 3 which are both 8's in my book. Jennifer is tied in the perfect position and Alissa is just insanely ticklish on her feet.

Ticklish Dolls -
Roxy DeVille Tickle who is a supermodel gets tickled on her feet. Another clip with very weak bondage, and I would have preferred that he tied her ankles to the futon bar, but her reactions are great. An 8 because it also features some talking between the ler and lee which is uneccassary.

Tickling Treanna -
A rather old store that is still on clips4sale even though it only features 5 clips and hasn't been updated in forever. Still, I would strongly suggest Tickling Treana - Clip 3 & Tickling Treana - Clip 1 which features the clips stores wife I'm assuming. The girl is about to jump out of her skin it tickles so bad, but the best part about these clips is that it's absolute bondage. She is not going anywhere. A little grainy, but as I said great reactions on the lee's part. I'd give it a 9.

Viviana's Tickling Video Vault -
While I've never been able to figure out if this girl's a faker or not I did like her one series Viviana's Stolen Shoes. She does a pretty good performance (if that's what it really was) in this one and the reactions seem pretty good. I'd give it an 8 since I'm not sure about the authenticity of her ticklishness.

All Tickling TMJ Productions -
1. He has a model named Stacie Lynn who has been doing videos with him for a quite some time now and while she's a little bit bigger than I like my girls to be her Stacie Lynn's Bedtime Tickle clip was pretty good. He tickles her slippers off her feet while she's lying there in the perfect bondage position unable to defend herself and the rest of the clip laughs her head off. An 8 for this one.
2. Anything with the model Zapi from a while ago. Specifically the one where he ties her to a chair and then tips it back. This was a 9 because it had all the elements of a good clip and the girl was really ticklish. You might also pick up Zapi's tickled soles in your face which as the title says is her soles in your face. Close-ups and the girl's feet scrunching up and her crazy laughter in the background. This would be a little weaker though because you don't get to see her smiling face. An 8.

Tickling Paradise -
1. Even though I am absolutely convinced that their clips today feature a lot of faking, at one time this producer was at least somewhat respectable and they did feature great models.
If you buy any and I mean pretty much anything Lily you will not be disapointed. She has quite a large library of material with these guys and I'd say they range from an 8 to a 10 with the one 10 being her clip Lily in the Dungeon!! features one of the absolute best stock tickling scenes I have ever witnessed. The girl is off the charts ticklish.
2. Also included in the Pit of Torture scene is a girl by the name of Starr. An amazing model who fetches a 9 in her clip easily.
3. Miss Ticklish USA featured two models for sure that are worth mentioning and they would be Brandy and Melody. Both are definitely ticklish and would fetch a 9 as well.

Tickle Central -
1. He did a clip with Crissy Moran way back in the day titled Crissy Moran's Tickle By Two. This girl is just a doll and it's a shame that she left the porn community. She also did a lot of work for FM Concepts who I've mentioned below. This clip was a 9 in my book easily.
2. Tickle Switch Part 1 features some nice shots of both girl's feet as they each take turns kneeling in stocks. The girl in the blue top giggles like a school girl when the other girl tickles her foot bottoms. A 9 easy.
3. TK3 Ticklefest was one of his early clips from 2004 and features 2 girls who could easily be models. Both have crazy ticklish feet. A 9 for this clip too.
4. Now if you want a must buy clip you must buy both Sara's Turn For Stocked Tickle Revenge On Chloe & Sara Stocked & Tickle By Chloe. Tickle talk, pleading for mercy, and the lees both unable to get away from their tickle torture. I really enjoy either one of these two clips and give them both a 10.

Tickle Abuse 2 -
I have to say that Tickle Abuse 2 does seem to use the same bondage equipment over and over to the point that the clips get old. And it's not that there's anything wrong with any one clip, just that he makes so many of the same sort of clip.
But I digress.
1. toothbrush torture featuring a girl named Stacie is amazing. This girl is unable to do anything the way they have her tied up, but you still know that it tickles her to death. I'd give this clip a 9.
2. If you haven't experienced Remi, then you must buy Remi Nylons. This clip showcases just how horribly ticklish this girl is. She's flopping around in that chair of his and cannot escape save her life. A 9 easily.
3. If you're like me and you believe that how much a girl wiggles her feet during tickle torture indicates how ticklish she is, then you have to buy yummy yumi. This girl goes nuts from the tickling. Another 9.
4. Diane is yet another model who we have been so blessed to receive in this community. Her 2 clips sheer sexy & dancer diane showcase why this girl deserves a 9 in these two clips.
5. Another model of his that is just great to watch is Dee. 2 clips will show you why Revenge Sweet Revenge & have mercy on my feet Dee is horribly ticklish. Both get a 9.
6. You don't get such a strong reaction out of Angelina, but her clip Sexy Angelina showcases just what a doll she is with an 8 performance.

Silvercherry -
1. His rack clips were just brilliant in my opinion. If you can get anything with Alexis Capri in it including her seriously ticklish performance on that rack you will not be disapointed. As a lee she's a 10.
2. Another great girl in his store is Destiny. Stretched and Tickle was his I believe first rack clip and this girl goes nuts when she's tickled anywhere. Shoe removal makes this a 10.
3. A Beautiful Girl and her Ticklish Bare Feet is another just great foot tickling clip. Her reactions and attempts to cover her feet are just perfect. I'd give it a 9.
4. Another perfect clip is Tickling Jackie's Bare Feet. It was hard to actually see the soles of her feet as the quality wasn't 100%, but the bondage position she finds herself in was just right. I'd give it a 9.
5. If you want to see a ticklee who is just as hot as they come then you will want Secluded Bedroom Tickle Torture. The name alone gives you fantasies. Great clip, with a great lee makes this a 9.

Tickling - Handjobs - Female Orgasm - clips4sale studio 601 (formerly RealTickling) -
This store used to be run by a different guy and features some top notch stuff from back in those days.
1. Audrey Dupree is one of the absolute best tickle models we ever got the chance to see. TC 5389 and 5390 were her best work in my opinion. Girl laughs herself silly as the tickler strokes her soles. I'd give her a 10 in this.
2. TC 5045 was also a very good clip. The girl's tickling each other in this are just cute as a button. I'd give it a 9 because of the lower quality picture.
3. TC 5055 features two women with accents tickling each other while they take turns being tied to a couch by wrists and ankles. The tickle talk and the one girl's explosive laughter make this at least a 9.
4. TC 5356 features Mercedes being tickled while tied to a bed. Great closeups of her feet as they wiggle around. I'd give it a 9.
5. TC 5105 and 5106 is one of the only clips that you will find that has the look of being in a dungeon. The girl being tickled is great, but the quality is halfway between really bad and HD quality. I'd give it an 8.
6. TC 5273 features another girl who's not from around here, but who nonetheless has really ticklish footsies. I'd give this one a 9.
7. The series TC 5022, 5027, and 5029 is a great set featuring 2 girls. The lee is helpless, and in a straitjacket. Great views of their soles as the tickling takes place and both girls are model quality. Easily a 9.
8. One of his last models before he sold the store was Reemah Dane. Pick up Tickling Reemah Dane 5 - Oh That India Girl & Tickling Reemah Dane 7 - Tickles From Guy and Girl and you won't be disapointed. Another 8.

French Tickling -
1. Pick up anything from Vanessa or Veronique. These 2 girls are this store's premier models. Both horribly ticklish but also very sexy in their clips. Both girls get a 9 or 10 depending on the clip.
2. Another great clip featured a girl named Nelly in Nelly's ticklish feet. Great reactions from this girl and the bondage was good. An 8 for this clip.
3. Helene is another one of the best models this store features especially in Veronique Tickles Helene 1 a clip worth at least a 9.
4. A great clip where you can hear the ticklee becoming tired is Tickled to Hysteria Complete Video. It's 27 minutes long and so kind of costly, but an 8 in my book as you never see the ticklee's face.
5. Another great ticklee is Helia. In Helia's First Tickle Experience FULL we get to see shoe removal after he tickles her feet in her shoes and just great reactions to being tickled in general for an 8.

FM Concepts has reappeared on a new site http://www.fmconcepts.us/policy.cfm -
While you might be thinking that their Tickle Party clips are still really grainy, like horribly grainy, they've actually improved the quality of these by quite a bit. They do not have all of their old clips and maybe even their new clips posted yet, but they've been slowly working on it. The best part about their website is that you can pay to watch the videos first before you actually put down any money. I was able to get through pretty much their whole library for the one fee. So for ones that you can buy on their site now here's my list:
1. Again Crissy Moran makes an appearance in tickling videos when she is tied to her own bed and tickled by an escaped con. Her reactions make this an 8, but it would have been a 9 if they had put some foot tickling in this one. I had a picture of the man tickling her feet, but the video contained none of that. Still she has an awesome laugh.
2. Anything Isabella Janacek. This girl is just amazing. Pretty much anything's she's in is a 9 in my book but only because of the picture quality.
3. When Kelli Douglas gets tied to a bed and tickled mercilessly you're in for a real treat. This girl gives a 9 performance as well.
Two clips I wish they would add are the Julia Parton tied to a bed with her ankles propped up, and Monique stretched ever so slightly on their bondage rack.
They did add the Tori Sinclair bound by her wrists and ankles to the bed while being tickled by Tawney Lachelle (sp?) scene.

Now the most prolific tickle producer we have in the market today is Czech Girls -
They also seem to have a one-itis with their bondage equipment, but they do seem to also have quite a few pieces of furniture. Just wish they'd use all of them more.
1. Zuzana's Ticklish Orgasm features some really great ticklee action and I'd give it an 8 because you're paying for a potentially faked orgasm scene too.
2. Ticklish feet in torturous beam. Even though the producers at this store are unable to write a grammatically correct English sentence, you have to believe me when I say that this is one of those rare breed of clips which is worth giving a 10 score too. The reason? It doesn't happen often, but once in a while you'll find a clip where the girl on that particular shoot was just extra sensitive and as a result is just horribly ticklish. This girl just about cries she's so damn ticklish in this one. And I wasn't when I first bought it going to give it much hope because I had bought her other one and tickled - FULL CLIP and in that one she's only mildly ticklish. Maybe it was the tickler in this one that got the great reaction from her, but you must buy the clip where her feet are locked in stocks.
3. Two girls who clips are very similar and both rated as 8 would be Verona and Vendula both in blue jeans and both bound to the silver master.
4. Student Suzi is tickled features another girl who is just excruciatingly ticklish. And the best part? Her ankles are bound to the silver master so that her feet have no way of escaping her torment. I'd give it a 9 because of it being a nylon clip.
5. Another marvelous clip is Santa's elf Sheila is tickled! The quality of the clip is a little lower because it was one of their early clips, but I'd give it an 8 at least.
6. Their signature model Sandra is just unbelievably ticklish if you get her in the right clip with the right tickler. Sandra's tickled feet in nylon is a 10. Nurse in Tickle Action - FULL CLIP is a 9. Vibrator Sandra & Tickled Feet is a 9. Then the last clip that I would recommend is A good bet with Ticklish Sandra which is also a 9. Her other material is okay, and I have some of those too, but in those 4 clips she is just a sweet ticklee.
7. Mummified Sabina features a girl mummified and with just feet sticking out perfect for tickle torture. She goes nuts when the expert tickler Jane tickles her feet and this is why I give it a 9.
8. Assaulted and Slept Ticklish Nurse features Radka a very pretty ticklish girl who wiggles her toes quite a bit when her feet are tickled and so this earns it a 9.
9. Ticklish Salome part 3 is just one of those girls who must be very sweet and nice as she is so shy in her reactions. Really great clip 9.
10. Curious newspaperwoman is tickled - FULL CLIP features Pavla and with the silver master utilized as the bondage piece this makes for a great clip 8.
11. Another great girl with great reactions in Tickled Monica on the devil. 8.
12. Tickling in Bikini features Milada. One great thing about this clip is that at one point the camera zooms in on her one foot as the tickler's fingers stroke her sole. Great reaction then which earns this an 8.
13. Tickled feet in nylon pantyhose features Lola in stockings and in a contraption that is sorta odd looking. Great reactions as her foot bottoms are tickled. 8.
14. Jessica Forced Orgasm was a really promising clip, but being as how it's an orgasm clip it was not as great in the foot tickling as it could have been. Also, this is because two girls tickle Jessica at the same time and so it's not a true "just" foot tickling clip. Judging from her reactions though when it was just the one girl tickling her feet I'm guessing they should have made a 5 minute clip with just that and then it would have been a 10, but as it is it's an 8.
15. Now I shouldn't mention an Upperbody clip here, but it does have foot tickling in it. Tickling girls in jeans - FULL CLIP features Hana and omg is her upperbody tight and ticklish. When the tickler moves down to her feet she's almost as ticklish down there too. This clip with it's shoe removal is easily a 10.
16. Another clip worth giving a 10 to is Barbora's cruel torturing from Jane - FULL CLIP. The girl is just helpless features shoe removal and her reactions to the tickling are perfect.
17. Barbora's tickled feet on the devil features a girl who is also just horribly ticklish on her tootsies. You want to see someone going ape shit when her feet are tickled this one's for you. An easy 10.

05-20-2010, 10:53 PM
Hopefully that isn't too long or tedious for people to look through and I realize that this is only going to be a great tool for people like me without a girl who's into being tickled, who buy tickling clips, and who are probably new to the community and need some ideas on where to go to get new clips.

I also realize that my vision of what makes a great tickling clip is one niche in this community.

But please feel free to spend your time reading the post and enjoy :).

05-21-2010, 12:04 AM
I think from now on I'll be using this as my thread to talk about recent clip purchases.

As I said Ana just put out some very nice clips with his model Jayde tied to the bed and going nuts getting her feet tickled.
Tickle Central also posted 2 new clips lately which were gems and featured girls held in bondage on his bed with medical straps. Britney and Miss Leia I think the models are.

All those clips are worth purchasing.

I just purchased another round of clips today.

I wouldn't say that the Jackie and Audrey clips at Silver Cherry were actually that great. They were okay, but seemed about average for what material he puts out.

Czech Ticklish Feet posted a clip with model Michelle just in the last 24 hours. She's not that ticklish. When the scene starts and you see her bound she looks super sexy and then he comes in and takes her shoes off and begins to tickle her feet. She's about a 5 on the tickle scale. Don't waste your money.

And then I want to really gripe at TMJ productions. Pro Domme gets tickle tortured was supposed to have foot tickling in it, and it did, but I couldn't see her feet at all throughout that part of it. So that was a complete waste of money, unless you like upperbody then it would have been just an average clip as this girl doesn't freak or anything.
His other clip that's brand new Mo's No Mercy Tickle Session was about average too. She breaks out of her bondage at one point and she's about a 6 or 7 on the tickle scale.

05-27-2010, 03:42 PM
2 more clips purchased this week.

The first one I purchased was from the Czech girls sites. It featured a new model named Caprice in a pair of stocks and from the pictures I thought it was going to be a really great clip, but when I watched it it seemed as though the girl was faking. The girl who first attempts to tickle her elicits no response.

The 2nd clip that I got was from Silver Cherry and featured Lexi. Very nice clip featuring a great lee who scrunches her toes often. I'd recommend this be added to your collection.

06-09-2010, 02:40 AM
Had some computer issues 2 weeks ago, but I'm back up and running and I have to say that today I downloaded 4 more clips.

2 of them were from Tickle Central and featured his latest series of clips where he has the models bound to the bed with medical restraints. Brand new clips these 2 are so if you head over to Tickle Central they'll be near the top of the page. I'd give them an 8/10 for the girl in black and an 9/10 for the girl in yellow.

Then I purchased 2 clips from Shy and Wild Tickling. These clips were from recently (last 2 weeks). Featuring Mia, questioned while wearing nylons and bound to some contraption and then having her barefeet washed this girl is a foot tickler's dream. Toe scrunching, spreading, and just generally going bonkers when Mr. Darke gets her real good. I'd give this clip a 10/10 both of them, but unfortunately in the foot wash one he does mess around quite a bit and doesn't keep her going. In the questioned wearing nylons clip she does get it real good a few times throughout the clip, but at least he more or less keeps her in a giggly mood throughout. Plus this was my first time downloading a clip where the model is questioned while being tickled and seeing her try to answer while giggling was a dream. I highly recommend at least the nylon clip.

06-17-2010, 01:29 AM
I purchased a few more clips in the past week or so. Usually I don't find this much stuff that looks interesting. Well the milf that french tickling has found does not laugh very much when he tickles her feet. So you can pretty much avoid that clip completely.

Then there are the 2 newest Silver Cherry clips. They're both as good as his other good stuff. Both quality clips.

And then an update to the FM Concepts store which I requested finally came true. They did find the actual footage of Julia Parton tied by her ankles to the bed and tickled. Amazing clip. One of my all time favorites and the footage that they found is again a better quality version of this old clip.