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01-30-2009, 08:40 PM
EDIT: multiple f/f, all over tickling

-Okay, here's a new image that's been in production for quite a long time. In fact, it was originally to be part of Cheshire Cat's latest 'Slumber Party Spectacular' project. However, due to time constraints (and then...the hospital problems) it got delayed beyond the project. So I took my time...and started to make it a project of my own and developed it quite a bit more. Again, it got severely slowed up by hospitals and holidays...

-Here's the result. A tribute image featuring Bandito/White Lotus' lovable Bounce Chix...well, mostly Andi. Plus my gal Aello over for a 'slumber party' and the fun a night of gaming ensues.

-Did I mention it's now an illustration for an accompanying somewhat lengthy story? ^^ If you only want to see the image, go to the end (the 'scene' it shows is also toward the end of the story), but hopefully people will read from start...

-Hopefully it's not looked at as a horrible ripoff of Bandito's epic 'Chix on Chix' story.

-The story's rated N for Naughty, and the 'game' R for Raunchy. Or the other way around. ^^

-Apologies to Bandito and Lotus, and a few other artists who might notice cameos/hints...

-This is crossposted in the Artwork Forum, as pic+story.

Agony of Defeat for a Cheat

"I think you'll like this one. I designed it myself."

The words came from the pouty lips of an amazingly sexy young woman just as she let her shiny golden hair out of the bun it had been arranged into for most of the night. Unabashedly, she bent over at the waist to retrieve a pink cartridge from its makeshift sleeve, giving the other person in the room a pretty obvious view of her nicely rounded bottom...since it was clad barely in some crimson bikini panties.

Apparently unaware (or deliberately doing it) of the sight had she just presented to the other denizen of the slightly darkened living room, the female jammed the cart into the slot of a midnight black console, flicked on a power switch and spun on her heels to face the couch. Stretching her back a tad as she straightened up exposed a little more of her taut tummy than the teal T-shirt (adorned with cute UFOs and hypnotic swirls spinning right around down to where each nipple pressed against the material) already left bare. She smiled to the other figure, striding in a slinky manner as she approached with long legs clad in thigh high yellow and orange striped socks taking dainty little steps on the fluffy rug.

"A 'warrior' would appreciate a little fighting game, I'd guess. Hopefully it'll be simple enough to get the hang of...knowing it's your first time, eh Legs?" the freckled girl smirked as she spoke. "Or maybe 'Ms. Pac-Tickle' would be more up your alley...don't even have to use the buttons for that one."

The lovely Andi's slightly condescending tone was noted by her guest at this little 'slumber party' but disregarded...for now. Said guest didn't exactly understand the second part of what Andi said but it didn't matter at the moment. She smiled back as she watched the cute blond start to load up the game on the wide television screen, after making a big show of plopping onto the purple couch beside her, bouncing (literally) a few times.

Andi eyed the lithe visitor who was staying the night at the apartment owned by her and her roommates. Tanned and a few inches taller than even her own significant height (probably due to those rather succulent looking loooooooong legs), her guest had an odd semi-wild look in general. Auburn hair, held up by a striped hair band, descended in small spikes around slightly animalistic blue eyes, fortunately focused on watching the game's intro at the moment. A somewhat toned figure, clad only in a tight green tank top already slipping down one shoulder...and some rather short ripped jean-shorts, she still had somewhat of a 'savage' look even though the outfit clearly fit in with the meager sleeping wear Andi and her partners usually wore. And the nickname Andi gave her fit: those sexy looking legs were long and luscious, all the way down to the bared feet playfully clenching their toes into the fluffy rug.

The blond genius noted the warmth of the room and very slowly slipped the cute socks off her own legs, raising them enough to get her partner on the couch to notice the curves of their calves.

"Yeah, this is going to be fun...she won't know what'll hit her. Probably too complex a game for her to even land a blow," Andi thought to herself. She plopped the socks on the couch next to her and rubbed her own bare soles against the comfy rug. The sensation almost made her titter aloud...this WAS going to be a fun session of gaming.

Yes, Aello's eyes darted to Andi's latest exhibition and back to the flashy screen. Her new friend wasn't being subtle on showing off how confident she was in herself. Not that she wasn't enjoying seeing Andi act so 'relaxed' with someone she didn't know too well yet.

"Good," the slightly amazonian girl thought, "I like being underestimated."


Andi, super cute geek that she is, indeed had created this console game. It was, in essence, a fan-made sequel to a famous series of fetish fighting games, the Strip Tickler series. After so many years without another sequel, Andi took it upon herself to create her own with ideas from both the 'net and input from her oh-so-helpful roomies who suggested (and inspired) a few of the new and revamped characters themselves. It was an excellent 2D fighter, getting rave reviews from those on the 'net that beta tested it, and people adored the lovable lineup of battling beauties ravishing each other. Andi even tried to sell the design to the company behind the Strip Tickler series, thinking it'd be a hit. The title: 'Strip Tickler IV: Bouncing Organization Of Beauties', encompassing a tournament of the 'order' all these femme fatales came from when the barriers of time are broken. Lovelies from every era meet and tickle-fight to see who's the best of all time...of course, when do you play a fighting game for a story though. But Andi was immensely proud of her baby and would have loved to keep the series going with her own impressive entry...

Of course, Crapcom rejected it. The current head of production on the series almost simultaneously announced a 4th in the series was under production...one that more or less had all the characters from the second game YET AGAIN with ugly 3D models and chunky gameplay and a mere 4 ripoff, er, new characters that bored the hell out of everyone with their lame designs. Oh, they also retconned the third in the series to not exist, as it was 2D and had a bunch of new characters instead of rehashing the 2nd game again...unlike this 'new' sequel...but this is all a digression in our story...

Andi, smoldering inwardly as she thought of the rejection and what those morons did instead, snapped back to reality and remembered where she was. With another grin on her beautiful face, she began to explain the controls to Aello and how the game worked.

Unlike most fighting games, this one had two 'health' gauges for the characters. The first was a typical stamina meter. The second was for the character's sanity...as the goal of the game was to make your opponent a quivering mass of hysteria more so than beating them up. Sure, there were direct attacks to weaken your enemy's life...but there were many more moves to tickle the shit out of them to lower their self-control...to drive them insane with laughter or lust...to purely DOMINATE their opponent.

Of course, knocking a fighter's stamina to zero would make them VERY easy to jump on and tickle till their mind was gone. Not to mention the ability to strip bits of clothing in order to make it even easier to set an opponent into hysteria. So there was some strategy involved to the bouts beyond just whaling on an enemy fighter.

Hence, Andi expected the not-so-modern-thinking Aello would be out of her league, even in single player mode.


And that's how she started her guest off, letting Aello take her time getting used to the controls and how the game played in some matches against the computer at easy difficulties. After a few minutes of somewhat random flailing around, Ael started to get the hang of it, fortunately before Andi got bored.

One of the first characters she tried was an enchanting looking gypsy apparently of the Middle Ages. Raven-haired, wearing an off-shoulder (and low cut) violet bodice with a threadbare skirt just past her knees and a gold anklet upon one bare leg, the character danced alluringly amidst her steps and strikes to confuse the AI-controlled opponent, an Asian samurai with heavy armor (with strange decorative feathers) on her arms and legs...but VERY skimpy, dare we say typical-anime-style, protection on her torso.

Aello's gypsy leapt back from a sword slash and responded with a series of apparently sharp-edged tarot cards thrown at her adversary. The cute samurai blocked all but the last which merely dropped to the ground...and out popped a ferocious wolf from its pattern. The lupine slammed into the unprepared girl and quite literally ripped off her right boot before it bolted off screen.

Aello raised a brown eyebrow and murmured aloud, "That was...unexpected..."

The violet clad wanderer took the opportunity to leap right at her enemy with a diving kick. However, the computer's character grabbed the incoming surging bare foot and dropped the gypsy to the floor on her belly. In a flash, the samurai was sitting on her opponent's legs, holding both ankles in the crook of one arm as she rapidly dragged the feathers of her wrist armor back and forth along the sexy soles. The poor gypsy squealed with laughter, her sanity meter dropping. She escaped her opponent's clutches but it cost her half of her skirt being ripped open in the process.

The AI kept up the pressure on Aello. It chased the crawling girl and had its samurai clasp her by the arm, then slash the already flimsy bodice nearly wide open. The gypsy's bountiful chest nearly poured out of what remained of her top...and then the Asian warrior brought the sword's hilt back down between the large pale orbs. But the copper hilt now concealed a large rigid feather that threaded deep between the nearly exposed breasts.

Gritting her teeth, Aello pressed a combination of buttons, and her hysterical character moved a hand to her necklace and suddenly whipped a handful of dusty incense into her attacker's face. She ripped out another tarot card from her ravaged bodice and flung it at the reeling samurai's feet. Another fanciful creature manifested from the card, this time a five-headed hydra of sorts. Unable to defend herself, the anime-ish gal found one head encircling each limb and the fifth wrapped around her torso...

...and then the tongues came out.

Being stretched in four directions was bad enough, but these mischievous serpents started lapping their forked tongues all over the exposed torso and leg of their victim. The Asian girl bellowed with mirth as slender tendrils slid completely around the sides of her breasts and dipped into her exposed navel. The one on her now-bootless foot took extra care to lather between the pudgy little tootsies, just to drive her more insane.

Her stamina gone and sanity nearly spent, the samurai was dropped to the ground as the hydra poofed...but Aello's gypsy immediately leapt atop the weary girl in a pounce similar to the wolf she previously summoned. Chest pressing to chest, the beautiful wander began biting like a vampire...though with rapid pecking kisses...all over the samurai's neck. Her own glistening legs bent up at the knee as she lay, the gypsy finished her opponent off by digging the edges of a peacock-feather fan into the quivering belly with quick swipes.


"Wow," Aello exclaimed, "That was so cool!"

Andi smirked at her new friend's reaction. She had to admit that she loved how she designed those latest two moves. That pose the gypsy lay in turned her on a little inside...and the hydra-

"That tarot card move with the snakes...it's like what I could see a fiendish octopus doing. You're really creative."

The sexy blond raised an eyebrow now. That's exactly what she pictured from that move too. She imagined herself in the position of the unlucky AI samurai many times with an octopus taking the place of the hydra. Of course, an octopus would have more tentacles free to 'play' with her...the thought of where those tendrils could go, well, it thrilled Andi to fantasize about it...

"Why, thank you, Aello," she replied, saving the delightful image in her mind for later that night, "Go ahead, practice some more."

As the amazon girl turned back to the screen, Andi just couldn't get the image out of her head...those extra tentacles trying to dig into her panties, rubbing ticklishly against her hips...


"Heh, you're learning fast, Leggy. You sure you weren't lying when you said you never played a video game before."

A small smirk crept onto Aello's face at Andi's words, but she was too busy trying to finish off another computer opponent in-game.

Apparently from a future era, her character at the moment was a cute midnight-haired space gal of sorts. A shiny red top exposed the girl's smooth belly...yet apparently the micro-skirt that once sat between it and her ridiculously spike-heeled boots was laying on a transparent battleground (uncovering her undergarment), ripped off by the AI's character. And what a strange girl that was: a pretty damn tall female with green skin and short silver hair (perhaps an alien from further in the future?).

It's fortunate that the emerald-toned beauty was stripped of her flimsy bra, letting some very perky breasts pop out. Aello slapped another button combination and her sexy space girl pulled out a cheesy sci-fi blaster and zapped the alien, encircling her with a tight trio of glowing blue energy rings. The enemy dropped to the floor and Ael's character suddenly attached what appeared to be a 'feather bayonet' to the tip of her ray gun. The long fluffy shaft started whirling and vibrating as the future female pounced on the poor green gal.

"Ohhh wow," Aello cooed, shifting in her seat a little, "I know just where I'd like to rub that..."

Her character thrust the spinning feather-lance right between the alien girl's now furiously heaving breasts and then drew it slowly down the shaking belly as if she was painting a picture with it. It was hard to tell if the opponent was laughing or moaning with each second that the 'deadly' weapon skimmed along her green skin...but as the space girl reached her adversary's nether regions, deliberately holding the vibrating plume there for awhile, she definitely started babbling with pleasure, back arching as she thrashed around. Digital sweat (and other fluids) flowed fairly freely from the green gal.

Almost simultaneously, Andi slowly brought her legs up on the couch, resting her feet next to her rump as she tightly clutched her knees to her chest. She murmured to herself, hiding the fact that her nipples were poking a little through the tight T-shirt now, clearly aroused.

She spoke softly. "Ooooh that was one of my favorite moves when I put this game together, mmmm."

Aello leaned over, nudging the blond girl.

"Did it come from 'personal experience' or just a neat idea?" The wild woman winked as she quested in a sultry tone.

Andi tilted her in response, returning a 'knowing' wink.

Ael grinned and finished the match off. Her space vixen rolled the whirling feather mass between and down the sensitive legs of the alien girl and then depleted the remnants of her sanity meter by using it to rapidly tickle every exposed inch of the paler-toned yet VERY huge four-toed feet. The computer's character bellowed in laughter as she lost.

"Alright, that's it," Andi giggled as she brought her feet back down to the fluffy rug. "I want to come in the game, ah, come into the game against you. I hope you practiced enough...but I'll take it easy on you at first."

Aello's eyes closed a little.

"Don't throw the game deliberately. There's no honor in that," she responded, sounding a little more forceful than she intended.

"I don't plan to. Get ready," answered the sexy tech wiz, picking up her controller.


Aello shook her head. She was enjoying the 'graphics' of what was going on, but not so much enjoying the fine line of balance her partner was using. She could tell that Andi was toying with her, deliberately not giving it all she had...

...but Andi was still winning every round somehow. Maybe that little warning the other gals gave her earlier was true...

"I dunno how she does it," Aello remembered Hailey whispering, "But she always seems to be like two steps ahead of you, as if she's some video game psychic mind-reader."

They had cycled through a few characters each so far, but the amazon was starting to believe Hailey's words...Andi DID seem to be pretty 'clairvoyant' in anticipating her next moves. Either that or she had ungodly good hand-eye coordination...

"Eeee...ow, that looks like it hurt," Andi chuckled, getting Aello's mind back into the game.

This latest match was similar to the previous ones. The blond game master was keeping it close, despite the fact that she was noticing that her opponent was indeed starting to pick up her game with each match. Quite a fast learner, Aello was.

The interjection was due to the move that Andi had just pulled off. Her current character was a curious combination of what was apparently some sort of modern ninja mixed with a cat burglar and dominatrix. Blond hair, crimson mask over her mouth, spiky hair band, sheer black leather outfit and leggings...but with a lot of skin exposed here and there still. And she had just did one of those typical moves you see ninjas do in 2D fighters...the old 'grab enemy in midair, flip inverted and slam them into the ground' routine.

Of course, in THIS game, it couldn't be that simple. As her sultry pseudo-ninja flipped Aello's character over, she immediately started raking her fingernails over the poor female's bare soles, causing her to squeal all the way down to the ground.


"Aww, that was a mean one to pull on lil' Janey," Aello cooed, "Tickling her to the point of impact."

Andi cast a glance at the other girl on the couch.

"You're smarter than you look. I didn't expect you to notice 'Little Biscuit' inspired that one," Andi answered. "A little 'digital immortality' for her. And the beta testers on the 'net loved seeing her like this."

Ael rolled her eyes at the first part of the response, then murmured, "I can imagine..."

Sure enough, the judo femme she controlled at the moment...sadly rolling on the in-game street in both pain and pleasure...had quite a resemblance to one of Andi's roomies. Short black hair, small purple tank top, tight yoga pants with a fatigue design encircling an equally tight little ass...that was Jane alright.

Apparently her in-game style was based on grapples and submissions, many of which led to tickling whatever weak point she had incapacitated. As the cute cat burglar came in with a sweeping kick, digi-Jane blocked and grabbed the offending limb, then in a flash flipped her adversary onto her belly and applied a nasty looking leg lock before she could escape.

"I think I got you this time!" Aello uttered.

As the dom-i-ninja struggled to escape, the karate-themed Jane took advantage of the position...and her opponent's outfit. The shiny midnight leggings not only exposed the hips, but also the heels and toes of the victim's feet. Fake-Jane grabbed the immobilized ankle and began to feverishly tickle the bare skin of the panicked foot. Little fingers raked up the heel and in the crevices under the toes...and then said wiggling digits were shoved into her attacker's mouth. The ninja girl howled with laughter and delight as digi-Jane 'shrimped' the tootsies, her tongue lashing her opponent's sanity meter with each lick.

As she did so, Aello's character moved her free foot to the bouncing rump of the kitty thief and started sliding her toes all along its surface. The frenzied reaction was quite a reward...that had to be a weak point.

Suddenly the hysterical blond flung a pair of bladed boomerangs in the midst of her revelry...straight off the screen to one side. A heartbeat passed...

Aello raised an eyebrow in disbelief as the 'rangs flew in from the other edge, behind her character, and slashed into the judo fighter's back, severing the straps of her top on one side. The impact gave the ninja girl enough time to miraculously escape the hold and roll away.

"Not this time," Andi warbled in a condescending tone.

The spiky brown-haired woman's answer came soon enough, as digi-Janey charged the weakened opponent. POOF! The dom-i-ninja vanished and was replaced with a tree out of nowhere with a very visible note on it...'MISSED!'. As judo Jane made contact...POOF!.

Aello's mouth dropped, as her character was suddenly lodged in two sets of wooden stocks, holding her wrists and ankles as she lay facing the ground. She started pressing buttons, trying to do moves, anything at all...and all that happened was her in-game persona struggled in futility.

The femme fatale caught her bladerangs as they returned to her, fiddled with each and then threw them again before straddling the wiggling form. Supernaturally, each 'rang returned on screen with its blades replaced with feathers...

Slashing open the hips of the pants and cutting the remaining strap of the top, Andi's character adjusted something on her gloves and long claw-like extensions popped out atop each finger...each topped with a bushy 'tail' resembling a painter's brush. Reaching down to cyber-Jane's shoulders, she started threading and fingering underneath the poor girl's arms with all ten digits...prompting a literal explosion of laughter.

Almost supernaturally (or was it remote controlled?), the two spinning feather-rangs began to 'attack'. One moved to the cute little feet sticking out of one set of stocks, whipping its whirling plumes rapidly up and down the heavily wrinkling soles as it hovered. The other, well...

...it flew underneath the raised victim's position, turned sideways...and slowly spun like a fluffy buzzsaw in her face. And then it touched her now bare breasts as the ninja herself had moved the brush tips to the shivering belly...

Aello put her controller down as the high pitched scream echoed from the television. Although she was smoldering slightly at that turn of events, she was feeling a little 'hot' otherwise. She could only imagine being in the position her losing character was presently...immobile, exposed...vulnerable. Fiendish whirling and brushing devices slipping into forbidden crevices and sliding over every sensitive inch of skin...

She crossed her legs abruptly, bare toes clenching the rug again as she hugged herself, thinking naughty thoughts with her eyes shut...


Ael raised her eyes to see the screen again...the hovering feather-rang had just plowed its plumes between pseudo-Jane legs, bringing the match to quite a vocal 'climax'. The ninja/burglar/dom-whatever was standing in her sultry victory pose, mask down, eyes glaring sternly out of the screen...with one foot pressing against and sliding its bare (and still dripping with digital saliva) toes on the mind-blown girl's shuddering back. Of course, saliva wasn't the only liquid on the ground at that point...

"Hmmmm," Ael muttered pleasantly for a moment, "That seems a bit...too powerful, doesn't it? A counter move which you can't get out of at all? How could you do that to poor Janey?"

Andi smirked, ignoring the first question.

"Well, do you think lil' J could get out of that situation in real life?"

In a flash, Aello was rather forwardly leaning into her on the couch, sitting on her knees, her face near Andi's lovely visage.

"Could you?" the wild female quested in a soft tone, "Your wrists and ankles completely locked in place, your sweaty exposed skin just waiting to be...touched. At any moment, those little brushes..."

Andi's lips opened a little as Aello leaned against her, radiating heat in such close proximity. Spikes of brown hair tapped her cheek as her new friend's mouth went inches near her ear.

"...RAVISHING every part of your body. Helpless. Panic...turning to pure pleasure as the tips slide where you both fear and want them to reach..."

She trailed off into a purr, slowly crawling back to her original spot and position on the couch.

Andi was stunned, shivering a tad as her heart raced at the words. She felt something stir 'down below'. She licked her now dry lips...thinking...visualizing...

"Perhaps," Ael finished, tone normalizing a bit, "You're right...she couldn't want to get out of that move. Another match, Andi?"

A silent nod from the other.


"I guess you like this game, eh Aello? Maybe you'd like it more if you could win a match against me, but I digress," Andi quipped as the pair of them chose two more characters. She laughed a tad haughtily as she picked one of her favorites: a tall super heroine with dark green hair done up in pigtails. Apparently the selection went to the more 'modern' school of superhero fashion, resembling 'Supergirl' with a tighter shirt baring her toned stomach, a short red skirt (making descending from a landing quite a spectacle), thigh high crimson boots and, of course, a small black mask around the eyes and billowing cape...which really didn't help to mask whatever her true identity was supposed to be.

Actually, she was starting to notice that her couch companion was getting gradually better. The matches were getting closer at a rather rapid rate. Perhaps she'd have to play a few trump cards if things got TOO close...

"Yeah, well, I hope that ridiculous-looking flying girl doesn't treat feathers as 'kryptonite'," Aello countered teasingly, stretching her legs out a little in front of her.

Of course, her selection was equally strange: a brown-haired woman in a tux jacket with a matching bowtie and top hat. Underneath the tux top, she wore a dark leotard ending at the hips. Long legs clad in fishnet stockings led down to a pair of black spiked heels. Practically another comic character...

Another match started. It turned out very quickly that Ael's choice was some sort of stage magician or illusionist, as the top-hatted female immediately waved her magic wand and chanted. The super heroine was in mid dash to pummel her opponent when her own cape spouted forth a flock of snowy white doves, their rapidly flapping wings brushing many feathers across the bare belly and hip flesh. Right out of the gate, Andi was in 'trouble', as her character panicked and flailed around, driven mad by the flapping and just how damn sensitive that her stomach was.

Aello pressed the attack. Her magician suddenly split into three separate images which surrounded the still tittering super gal. The magic stick held in each shade's hand suddenly sprouted into a bouquet of fluffy looking flowers.

A drop of sweat rolled down Andi's face. She had to stop this quick...

The images began brushing their bushels both under each arm and underneath the back of their enemy's skirt, prompting a bevy of laughter from the shaking female.

Suddenly the super heroine threw a punch aimed at one of the three targets...miraculously, it was the REAL illusionist she hit. The other images vanished as the tux-clad gal stumbled back...and was immediately grabbed roughly by her opponent.

"Ok, how the hell did you know which one to hit there?"

Brushing her blond hair over one shoulder, Andi smirked. "Awww, don't cry...it was all luck."

No, it wasn't luck. Andi had created the game...she knew which image was always the 'real' one when that spell was cast and merely kept her eye on it. Of course, she didn't tell Aello that little hidden detail...but she hadn't told either Hailey or Jane either when she trounced them using the same character.

The magic girl's top was ripped open and she was tossed to the side, moaning, after the green-haired gal had playfully fondled her exposed breasts for a minute. The stronger woman flew into the air and surged down as the illusionist shakily rose to her feet...

...and waved her wand again.

"Gotcha," Aello gloated.

Playing possum, her magician character was ready for the attack. Again she turned her adversary's cape into a tool...a large cloth finger that rubbed down the mostly bare back and slipped between the unprepared rump's cheeks (well, we did say that skirt was useless in the air). The supergirl reacted by arching her back at the surprising sensations, landing off-target.

"And now to make something vanish."

The illusionist tapped her enemy's chest with her wand...and POOF! No more shirt...just some very erect breasts heaving as that cape-finger ticklishly touched her waist. She backed off, changed her wand into the flower bouquet once more and approached to fluff those bouncy pillows.

Somehow, the masked cutie threw another punch, ducked by the quick magician. A second strike made weak contact.


Still squealing with laughter as her cape (and boobs) waved in the wind, the super heroine's latest blow flat out sent the pretty magician sailing across the screen. In fact, it was so hard and sudden that it knocked her right out of her heels and hat, all three articles of clothing simply dropping to the ground at the point of impact. As she curled up in pain, pantyhosed legs curled up against her stomach, Aello sat with mouth agape at the fact that her character's stamina meter had gone from 50% to zero in ONE attack.

Mighty-Hottie activated her super speed and leapt heroically upon the prone stage magician, fiendishly tickling the tits and legs of her nearly unconscious (yet still able to whine and giggle) opponent.

The wild girl turned to her host. Andi had her eyes closed and was, well, mimicking the finishing touches her character was doing to her own perky chest. Tilting her head, Ael moved one hand from her controller and gingerly brushed a fingertip up one of Andi's bare thighs, very slowly wiggling it when she reached a hip.

"Hee, hee, ooh...." Andi cooed and then realized that wasn't her hand down there causing the sensation. Her eyes opened gently.

Aello smiled, trying to be patient as she balanced anger with so wanting to start trying some of these moves out...in real life. Her lips were playfully pouty as she spoke.

"While I'll admit to loving how you...'play' this game...a move that does THAT much damage in one blow doesn't balance out too well, I think."

Andi stretched her arms over her pretty head and softly answered, "Surely you don't think that was all from one blow. An instant K.O. isn't possible in this game...assuming the victim's player isn't asleep."

The wiggling fingertip abruptly slid up and across Andi's navel, prompting a little giggle-shriek to be emitted by accident. She looked again at Aello's smiling face.

"Don't make me 'practice' this game again...this time using you. Let's try another round with these two...but no more overpowered knockouts, please."

Andi shook her head and answered, "I didn't cheat...yes, let's try another." Inwardly though, she thought, "Maybe I didn't cheat. It's not cheating if only you happen to know secret super moves (undocumented, of course, why share?) so no one can use them against you."

The next round proceeded...


Her hat already gone, the illusionist sized up her opponent and unleashed a storm of pink magical tendrils all over the place from her wand. They quickly shredded into the super gal's shirt and skirt and then grappled her limbs. Licking extensions of energy slipped into the new holes of their target's outfit, especially the girl's bare belly. Some dug under the belt of the now-micro-skirt. And two snarky limbs went right at the hardening nipples poking through the openings. Suffice to say, she struggled as her sanity plummeted, her entire form quivering.

Another quick series of button presses and the floating woman broke her arms free and banged her bracers together. She caught her breath as the resonance somehow made the spell backfire...and the magician hated the result. Off went her tux and in went the pink tentacles, deep into her armpits with feverish tickles. The thin top she wore underneath started to bulge as the in-game character got 'excited'...

Aello, also getting excited, had her character recover and, oddly enough, rip off one of her own black heels. Laughably, the brown-haired illusionist flung the shoe right at her dashing opponent.


Apparently carried by a spell, the heel hit smacked the target's head, stunning her and knocking the mask clean off. Spinning like a boomerang, it returned to its wearer and she slipped her fishnet-clad foot back into it, grinning. Another incantation was rapidly cast.

"Omigod..." Andi uttered as she watched the result...and how low it dropped her character's sanity meter. She was about to lose the match, but found it hard to concentrate...

A horde of fluffy white rabbits had materialized in the super heroine's arms. Nuzzling their cute little noses, they started hopping and crawling all over her sexy body, rubbing their soft fur and paws all over her skin. She screamed with laughter at the feeling...bunnies on her belly, bunnies binkying on her hips (she had been knocked on her rump by the heel-a-rang), even one adventurous hare trying to wedge itself down her cleavage and then slide down her stomach. Rabbits nuzzled her ears and nose, even going so far to lick the latter.

Andi's mind wandered, thinking of how fluffy bunny hell could feel...

Aello grit her teeth as she kept more rabbits manifesting, some even crawling out of the top hat still sitting on the floor between the two combatants. She REALLY wanted to find a real rabbit right now, just to let it sit on her for awhile...

Throbbing down below, Andi barely snapped out of it...and pressed a quick series of buttons.


White critters bounced away as the might of the super heroine. She was up, not laughing at all and already in the magician's face...and began throwing physical blows in rapid succession. Aello threw up several moves to her defense...rubbing the flower-wand at the enemy's bare belly, kicking her low to trip her, even tossing the magically guided heel at point blank range. Each made contact and sapped the soaring woman's remaining stamina, but nothing broke the combination of blows...was she invincible?

"Snatching victory from the fluffy paws of defeat!" Andi exclaimed to Aello's chargin.

Her stamina dropping rapidly, the stage magician used everything in her bag of tricks...and nothing worked. She got rapidly battered and beaten till she tripped and fell, knocked out of her heels once more. Even then, the mauling continued as the super girl grabbed her by the stockinged ankle and flew into the air above the battlefield, holding her inverted.

And then, with her free hand, the stronger female began playfully prodding and stroking the little fishnet-clad foot. Her victim weakly giggled as she dangled upside down, quite a distance from the floor. Seeing the foot flail and arch away, she rubbed her fingernail under the bouncing toes to increase the pitch of mirth below her.

Andi giggled as she brought her feet up on the couch extended her lovely legs along it toward Aello, slowly pumping them. She was clearly taking her time finishing this already-won match.

Her super-character finally started to rake the clearly vulnerable sole rapidly. The fishnet material, sheerer than a sock, offered no protection from such rigorous tickling. The pace of the torment continued to increase. Faster and faster, the flexy fingers tortured the splaying toes and arching foot...and arching motion mimicked by the desperate magician. Tears flowing down (up?) her face, she apparently both loved and hate being foot tickled, seeing as her breasts had nearly burst from what was left of her top. Mouth huge in merriment, her arms were crossed above (or is it 'below' in this viewpoint) her head. She thrashed harder and kicked unsuccessfully with her other leg as she ran out sanity...and still her stockinged foot was being attacked...now with the super vixen's fluffy pigtails...

Almost in synch with the wiggling foot, Andi playfully pressed her own bare soles against Aello's thigh, alternating each touch with them flexing alluringly.

"How'd you like to be in that situation, Spikey," Andi moaned, "Holding onto a mere precipice with your toes above a dangerous fall...but having to endure constant tickling all over your foot for every moment you held on. Think your simple brain could process that and make a choice? Enduring a devilish torture or give up and drop painfully."

Her feet pumped against Ael's thigh again, just to make the slightly ticked amazon a little more ready to drop the controller...

"Ignoring how random buttons seem to have made you the victor again with an uncounterable combo...I'll offer a counter proposition instead. What if you were in that same position...and I added one of those fluffy rabbits right atop your sole?" Aello quested in a surly yet sultry tone, "What choice would you make...could you resist as the little critter rubbed his soft body on your heel...wrinkled his cute little nose against the wrinkles of your arch...kissed your shivering tootsies with his lil' tongue?"

Ael's hand tapped the big toe of one of her host's feet gingerly, the rate of taps increasing slowly as she continued speaking.

"Or would you flex your foot and cause the poor innocent bunny to fall...you wouldn't drop the bunny, would you? No, I know you'd dangle there, enduring all those soft hairs touching your tender sole, cuddling its fuzzy face with your curling toes...you wouldn't CHEAT and take the easy way out, right?"

She abruptly pinched the toe in her hand and then drew a fast line with her finger down the arch. Andi uncomfortably bounced in the couch in response, spouting a giggle at the unexpected tickle.

"Or, shall I go see if Hailey has a rabbit and we test my theory?" Aello finished, her eyes fixed on her partner...wanting so much to do just that to her. Why did the room seem so hot at that moment...

Andi had, of course, unleashed another 'secret' thing she left in the game for herself to abuse that past match. She really had almost finally lost a round, and she definitely didn't want to screw up the rush she was on...she was hot too, and each battle was making her want to burst out...


Things kept going downhill the next few matches. Maybe she was distracted by Aello's tempting words. Maybe she was enjoying winning too much. Maybe even the problem was that Andi was getting more and more intensely turned on by the scenes and animations her wonderful 2D game was showing off each round...

...or maybe it was simply that Aello had eclipsed her 'teacher', fairly quickly for someone who hadn't played the game before. Because it wasn't Andi mysteriously foreseeing every attack and tickle anymore...the amazon girl seemed like SHE was more so reading her opponent's mind now. Ael was now looking ahead of her partner's attempts and avoiding or countering them to the best of her ability. Her deft eyes were catching little hints and motions before Andi struck...she WAS an archery expert after all. If it wasn't for a few more little 'tricks' Andi still had saved to use, the rounds might've ended with a different victor now. Even then, they were getting closer.

Aello, having done enough experimenting, now was sticking with a character she apparently liked a lot. And who wouldn't love a tall, sultry, scantily-clad pirate chick with vanilla skin and bushy (literally) crimson hair marked with small black streaks. It was a tad hard to tell what exactly this lady of the seven seas clearly was...her outfit mixed that of a cute pirate queen with that of a sexy pirate wench. She flipped off a frilly captain's hat before each round, her hair still done up in a black bandana underneath it, and wore quite a variety of golden earrings and a choker dangling a shiny pendant that dipped between her cleavage. But she also wore a white top, slightly frilly yet skimpy...open rather wide up top and exposing a smooth belly below. The sleeves oddly seemed sliced into 'ribbons'. It looked like she carried a coiled whip and a few sheathed daggers of some sort in a silver sash at the waist, below which were some tight red pants with black stripes on the fringes. They showed off some nice tone on some QUITE long legs before ending in slightly open, slightly frayed cuffs at the knees, leaving the rest of her legs and feet bare...barring a very fancy looking jeweled anklet encircling the slim right ankle. Her arms also looked a tad muscular, midnight-black bracers on her forearms with silver crescents upon them (closer inspection would reveal the 'crescents' were really depictions of a side view of her own arching feet...if the graphics were closer). And she hefted a rather unique weapon...

This was no ordinary cutlass. Oh, sure, the curved blade's outer edge was sharp and dangerous...but the inside of the edge was curious. Not only did its curve make it seem like a giant 'hook' she could catch and yank with...a line of fine violet feathers was arrayed along the edge, facing inwards. With a quick flick or twist of her wrist, she could 'loop' whatever she caught with the blade into a ticklish circular hell.

And said use of the weapon was demonstrated quite a number of times as Aello mastered this loot-loving female. The girl herself was pretty flexible and agile, using speed to avoid attacks and springing right back as a counter.

That's why this latest match's outcome caused Andi to make a truly nasty choice in character...Ael's pirate gal had just been responsible for a DOUBLE knock out! Andi had again been using one of those cheap, unblockable combinations, but the sea girl's counter-slashes kept doing damage (even as they failed to interrupt the assault upon her). Both gals fell down, stamina drained completely. Sure, Andi's character had a larger sanity meter left, so she technically still won, but...

Ael glanced at Andi, her eyes wide. "Did I just...cause a draw?"

Andi looked back and spoke, "Awww, you ruined it...now we don't get to watch your loser get tickled."

The bouncy blond was actually steamed. She was disappointed in missing another lovely finishing scene...but more so that she KNEW she was losing without 'advantages' now. This had to stop...and she knew exactly how to put Aello away for good. Maybe she'd even pounce on the wild young woman after dominating her this time.

She selected a character that was, well, hidden off the selection screen. Easily found, but just not an obviously displayed choice...

...probably because Hailey and Jane had nicknamed that character the "Extremely annoying and overpowered bitch" from the times they had played Strip Tickler IV. This one usually drove the other two girls to drop their controllers and whine to play something else.

Andi smirked. "And now this zoned-out 'zon will see why," she thought to herself with glee, fantasizing about how her choice did her job...



That was the ridiculously loud sound clip played as she appeared on screen: a big, blond cowgirl wearing a brown cowboy hat and leather boots (with fluffy spurs)...and not too much else as she brandished a red feather in one gloved hand and a lasso in the other. Certainly, the western femme had more on...if you count some ass-less black chaps exposing a pink bikini bottom. Or include the open cow-hide vest wrapped around her bare chest, somehow sitting just right to cover her udders, er, breasts.

"So, is she wearing plastic tape to keep that on, or did she glue the vest to her chest?" Aello mused, sizing up this hidden character.

"You're complaining?" Andi replied, "She looks pretty vulnerable based on how much creamy skin is showing, right?"

Aello tilted her head, "True...although I'm more worried that the 'glue' will miraculously prevent that vest from being knocked off."

"Oh, stop whining, Sheena. I'm just better than you...try to enjoy the game a little more," came the response, as its speaker stretched her legs out a little more just as the match started, resting her heels on Aello's thigh.


Andi seemed to fiddle with her control just as the round started.

The two sexy fighters approached each other. The whooping cowgirl threw a basic punch...from out of range...and the impact of her glove miraculously removed one quarter of the pirate gal's vitality.

Aello grumbled, shaking her head and having her character take evasive maneuvers.

The leather clad female took a few more swings and swiped with that large stiff-looking feather to no avail. Lithe and limber, Ael's bandanna-topped warrior dipped and flexed away from the blows, returning a few kicks with her very long legs (which had quite a range advantage themselves).

Throwing another haymaker and whiffing, Andi's character suddenly found her right wrist encircled with the end of her opponent's cracking whip. She responded by throwing an elbow, but the pirate bent over backward to avoid it and then showed off her sea legs. Planting her hands on the ground behind her, one foot struck the loud blond in the face (shutting her mouth for a moment, at least) but as the other anklet-wearing calf raised she suddenly flexed her foot. A small blade, baring a feather on the inside edge similar to her sword, sprung out perpendicular from the jeweled accessory...and she moved her leg so the plume 'slashed' directly between the cowgirl's huge (and nearly exposed) breasts.

Hollering with laughter, she doubled over as the sea thief circled behind her, draping those sleeve-ribbons under and around her arm to cause even more merriment. The crimson-tressed cutie kept up the pressure, hooking her cutlass's feathered edge around her victim's waist and swirling it back and forth, making sure some fluffy shafts dipped into the quaking navel. She was rewarded with both increased wails and some rather rigid looking nipples almost pushing her target's own vest off...

Losing her mind, the cowgirl abruptly reared back in a mule kick, trying to shove one tough leather boot through the stretchy pirate's frame. The strike was unsuccessful as her target saw it coming and dropped to the floor early in a perfect split...and then hooked the western woman's remaining shin with her sword.


When the dust cleared, the cowgirl was on her belly, somehow not bouncing off the ground via those huge breasts of hers, and Aello's gal knelt behind her, still clutching one end of her whip as it was caught between the cowgirl's legs...underneath. A smirk formed on the piracy pretty's face...she wanted to claim some 'booty'...

Hopping on her quarry's back and straddling her hips to face the kicking legs, the pirate girl began slowly pulling her whip...grinding its length back and forth between the cowgirl's no long flailing limbs.

Andi shivered at the visual, seeing the slick, smooth whip rubbing up and down her poor character's pleasure dome...quite a lovely display of friction. If said character wasn't moaning so loudly on screen, perhaps someone in the room would've heard the blond hottie doing the same. She suddenly noticed a long tan leg extended in the air toward the TV...Aello was also apparently loving this sequence. She flexed her foot temptingly as she gingerly slid the fingers of one hand down from her knee along her inner leg, lowering the leg as her digits moved closer, brushing their tips on her own smooth flesh.

Ael cast Andi a rather dreamy look, eyes partially closed and purred, "Arrrr...I think she wants to open...your treasure 'box'." It was probably meant to be like a pirate talking, but sounded more like a cat purring...in heat.

On-screen, the straddling pirate kept thrusting the whip in and out with one hand as she unsheathed one of the daggers stored in her sash. It turned out they weren't daggers...they were triple-pronged glaives, each shaft with the familiar 'blade on one edge, feather plume on the other'.

Saliva pouring down her chin, the cowgirl suddenly felt cool air coming up her legs...the pirate girl had quickly cut the soles off both of her leather boots to expose the bottoms of her feet. Tears flowed freely as a new sensation joined the throbbing pleasure slipping past her mound: the fuzzy 'blades' of her opponent were stroking and slithering all over her soles like little serpents. And since her feet were normally always in hot, stuffy leather...her poor feet were ungodly sensitive. The whip moved against as she shrieked louder and louder in laughter and lust...

More fluids dripped to the floor from the cowgirl's soaked bikini bottom...and the last remnants of her sanity meter dripped away as well.

Aello, still on a rush from the combination, smiled...until she noticed the round didn't end. Her pirate girl had dismounted the blubbering blond's shuddering form to get into a slinky victory pose but nothing else had happened...

"Oh, you SUCK, Andi!"

The cowgirl got back up, not laughing or moaning (although still dripping from everywhere) and threw another stamina draining punch. Another connected after that before Aello could get her temporarily frozen character to move. The pirate gal immediately hooked her cutlass on her adversary's chest and rapidly swirled the fuzzy edge right along the breasts, ripping the vest off as she did so.

Both blonds chortled with laughter: the cowgirl due to the tingling on her bouncing boobs...and Andi because her character didn't 'lose' still, even as her sanity was plainly zero now.

"No, you just BLOW at this game, Aello."

One more counter attack dropped the pirate girl to her knees, vitality gone from the overpowered attacks that had landed. Unable to defend herself, the redhead flopped on her belly as the cowgirl leapt and straddled her waist. In a flash the cowgirl's lasso was looped around the pirate's ankles. She bent the legs up at the knees...

"Get along little doggies', er, piggies!" screamed the obnoxious westerner as she scratched her fingers into every wrinkling crevice of the other female's bare soles. As those were some somewhat large and long feet, the cowgirl's soon utilized feather took its time in tormenting every wiggling inch of creamy skin. The response came in the form of increasingly higher-pitched screams, particularly as the plume slipped in between the clenching toes.

Deciding it was her turn to get some 'pirate booty', the cowgirl turned around in her perch, slipped her 'mount's tight pants down a little, and then dug in her spurs. Squealing still from the 'pain' on her feet, the sea girl thrashed and shook as the fluffy stars rolled their 'spiky' edges up and down her fine rump. The cheeks bounced rapidly as the cowgirl took off her hat and spun it around on one hand, enjoying her 'ride'...whooping loudly as usual.

The match ended finally, albeit with yells of laughing 'No!'s from the defeated pirate amidst the myriad of tickles.

Andi purred this time.

"I'm just that damn good...why keep trying? This game's just too fancy for you, Aelly," quiffed the game's creator, nuzzling her own butt into the soft couch. If only it was feathery too...she'd have to see if the other two girls would consider such a purchase someday.

"Or too RIGGED for you, Andi. I'd like to see you keep a shred of sanity in that situation," Aello responded, rather pissed off at the interruption in her own...delight. "I bet you won't, er, couldn't."

"You're never going to come close to beating me," came the blond hottie's retort in a sultry tone, starting another round with some extraneous touches to her controller.


The sexy swashbuckler found her slim ankle looped by that damn lasso again midway through the fight. How it got there...Aello didn't know as she spinning her character's glaives via her fingers all over the fallen cowgirl's exposed inner thighs. Almost with a mind of its own, it caught the other leg and miraculously tripped its target down. Guffawing, the booted blond recovered and threw the middle of her line over an unseen (off screen) beam of some sort, then tugged, raising the inverted pirate gal off the ground.

"Avast ye!" Andi teased, "I've tied ye to the mast and now ye're gunna pay for yer crimes upon the seven seas!"

The cowgirl ripped open her enemy's blouse and let the breasts spill forth. With an evil grin, she pulled out that rigid feather and rapidly dipped and touched its hard plume against the exposed nipples before her. The expected response happened: a gradual hardening in the cool in-game air accompanying by frenzied gasps and giggles of delight from the crimson-tressed maiden.

Aello struggled with her controller, eyeing Andi who was nearly doing the exact same thing to her own chest. She mumbled in a low tone, "Ye're going to walk the plank next...mmm, a plank of feathers would be a great peril for a move...jump off or keep coming across in 'pain'."

The long-legged woman flexed her trapped feet as she squealed, eventually triggering the blade to pop out of her gleaming anklet once more. Another few wiggles and the rope would be sliced, freeing her...so she smashed her bracers right into the cowgirl's stomach to double her over before she finished cutting. Gasping for air from that latest bout of tickling, she rolled with the fall and scrambled to her feet. The cowgirl staggered, clutching her beautiful bare belly while the female sea-goer recovered and got ready to attack...

...so why was her sanity meter still dropping rapidly?

"What in Artemis' name...why is every damn match 'weird' now?" Aello literally growled. "Tickle poison or something? Then why is my girl not even laughing or such?"

The meter kept sinking, even as she commanded her avatar to rush in and start slashing and kicking the crap out of the unready cowgirl. The last drop of the pirate gal's sanity gauge emptied just before Andi's vitality ran out...and the match immediately ended. Loser: Aello yet again.

"Ohhhhh, better head back to the wilds where the games are so much easier," Andi chortled. "You just can't best my skills, jun-gal. Give in."

Aello's silence was eerie as another round started.


The two fighting femmes stood in their battle poses as the screen phased in. Sure enough, Andi fiddled with her controller yet again. The round started.


In a flash, the poor pirate girl was completely nude. And her stamina was zero. And her sanity was empty.

Aello's mouth dropped. A red haze started to cloud her vision as she watched the now VERY loud cowgirl walk over to the collapsed opponent. The white lasso was promptly coiled about barely moving ankles and wrists, leaving the victim hogtied.

Weak laughs issued from the defeated swashbuckler's mouth as gloved hands tormented the areas beneath her arms and then rolled their tips in swipes across her barely waving feet behind her head. Pausing for a moment, the cowgirl abruptly flipped her quarry over, perching the naked female so she 'stood' on her tied hands and feet...her torso baring everything from the neck down to the naughty bits towards the digital sun. Out came the feather...in went the feather...and out shortly came a weak climax to the 'fight'...

Andi was moaning, her eyes shut...as she had the controller wedged vertically between her thighs and, well, was mimicking the motions done to that alien girl in the last match Aello had won long ago. It throbbed up and down against her bikini-clad mound...too bad it wasn't a vibrating controller. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so high on power and 'dominance' from these games...maybe it was had to do with how potent her trash talking was when she knew her adversary could have had a chance really...

Up and down...up and down...


That was the last straw. This time the wild girl was SURE of it...her giggling opponent HAD to be cheating. She made the damn game, after all.

Brushing both a spike of brown hair and a few drops of sweat from her brow, she recalled seeing the other girl's hands pressing a few purely random buttons as it happened, ones that had NOTHING to do with what was happening on-screen...and the result was an instant loss. Some secret combination of buttons performed before the round even started...in fact, she had barely noticed Andi doing something before EVERY round since they last chose characters.

She grit her teeth behind tight lips.

"Hee, hee, hee...wow, I really beat the crap out of you that round, eh Legs? Have you had enough, or is this game just too complex for your primitive style of gaming?" the cheater said as she draped her long mane of blond hair on the arm rest, splaying further down the couch. It was hard to say if she had had 'enough' with the controller now on her thigh.

"Alright, I've had it," she thought to herself as she watched the bouncing chest of her opponent heaving with every spiteful giggle. That last bit of trash talking hit the nerve too deeply. Throbbing with pressure of wanting to unleash something...

Throw a controller and a fit? No, too cliche and too expected of this...

She glanced down at her lap where the other young woman's legs stretched. She barely noticed how they had moved further across her lap with every damned lost match, smooth skin pressing against her lower regions...

"No, there's an even more perfect way to teach her to shut her mouth and cut the crap," she mused, a vile grin forming on the edge of her pursed lips as she eyed the slim form half atop her on the sofa.

The cord of the controller between her hands, she stretched it once quickly to see how taut and tight it could feel. Her blue eyes gleamed with fiery passion...thinking of every finishing move she had seen throughout the night as her gaze locked on her friend's freckled face. The tension in the cord reminded her of the whip her pirate babe was using...

Aello licked her lips.

"I don't think I'm going to listen to this anymore, or lose another round...sweet Andi."

The amazon made her move. In less than two seconds, she grabbed Andi's right ankle as it lay upon her lap, lifted it a few inches, and rapidly looped the cord of her controller around the limb several times. Letting the control pad itself dangle from her fist, she tightly clasped the wire near its base and abruptly yanked it...and Andi's right leg with it...into the air about equal with her chest.

The sudden motion got Andi's attention just as she started a new round, primarily because it pulled her further down the couch and off balance from the armrest her shoulders used to be on.

"Hey! What are you doing?" exclaimed the blond.

Aello's reply was silent: a cold glance at her host's green eyes, then a narrowed stare at the raised foot in front of her.

A bead of sweat dripped from Andi's brow and she started to audibly protest...

The 'simple' girl immediately took her free hand and began to gingerly slide her fingertips behind Andi's elevated knee. They gently feathered their way in soft yet definitely noticeable swaths up the creamy calf.

Andi lightly bit her lip, shivering as the soothing digits brushed about her now-coiled ankle like tiny snakes slithering around their prey. The fingers stopped under the blond's bare heel, tapping its surface.

"Cut it out-" Andi started.

Without warning, Aello yanked the cord and leg higher, making Andi fall further down the side of the couch and way off balance. It made her truly unprepared when Aello dug her fingernails into the surface of the shaking sole and began to roughly rake from the ball of the foot to the heel.


"What? What did you say, Andi?" Aello purred, maintaining her grip on the raised cord so that the wiggling of the leg wouldn't shake it loose. The tips of long fingers scratched up and down the bottom of her victim's foot, 'smoothing out' each of the cute wrinkles caused by the foot curling forward...and then prompting the sole to re-wrinkle as they stroked it in ticklish swipes when it flexed and exposed its entire surface to torment. Andi barely had the mindset to bend her left leg at the knee and pull it close, hopefully to keep it away from Aello's attention.


"Sorry, I'm playing a game here...and you still have a long 'sanity meter' to drain, you cute smarty," Ael replied, her tone a bit wily.

"GGAAAAAAHHHDDDD...AHAAHAHA!!!" squealed Andi as she shut her eyes and tears started to form in the corners. She HATED being tickled...or at least, that's what she normally tried to show...

...because she secretly LOVED this too. She was already hot enough from her 'winning high'. But the sensations rolling about her encircled foot (at the moment, wriggling wildly as Ael's dexterous fingers trailed little designs on her arch) were REALLY heating her up...even as they drove her mad.

"C'mon, let's see you concentrate on cheating, ah, I mean 'playing with skillz' now!" the wild girl uttered with both contempt and passion.

Sweat starting to bead over more of her exposed skin, Andi dropped the controller and tried to push her upper torso up off the couch, using her arms for leverage even as she spouted louder laughter.

"Oh no you don't," Aello cooed.

She showed off her own flexibility in a heartbeat. Ael twisted her body, maintaining both the hold and torture of her friend's cute foot, and brought her own right leg up onto the couch nearly in a split.

Before Andi could get her back more than a few inches off the couch she felt a warm pressure on her bare belly, pressing her back down and keeping her off balance again. Crying with mirth, the blond opened one eye to see a lovely, slightly tanned foot pushing against her lighter skin. Its long toes curled a little on her stomach before she had to wedge her eye shut once more due to another sensation...

...this time of Aello's fingers now digging at a particularly sensitive part of her ped: underneath the stem of each tootsie.


Ael was undeterred as the toes tried to clench and protect that weak spot. She was too focused now, too dedicated to showing her own dominance. The 'warrior' girl wanted to ravish every sexy inch of Andi's body, starting right here with these delightful little toes. Their defiance made her intense...she relished in breaking their resolve as she tickled their soft tips feverishly. Amidst giggles and gasps from their owner's lips, the attack made them flex and spread apart...and in went the devilishly deft fingers again, scratching between each quaking digit.

"Oh, you are going to LOSE it this time...all your control," Aello whispered, bringing her own rush higher as she showed off another element of dominance she just ADORED to use...

Already going mad from the tickling of her restrained foot, Andi shrieked in surprise as Aello's foot began to arch, smushing the tense skin of her tummy in little waves back and forth...and then those soft toes pressing there started to bob and curl on the sensitive skin. It felt like little fluffy birds bouncing in quick hops all over her quivering flesh. Her entire body shook in shock...she'd never felt such a ticklish sensation like that...playing 'footsie' using a foot like that as such a tool...


Aello loved this. Every gasping laugh excited her...every flail of Andi's raised foot enflamed her to punish it more...every quake of the sizzling little belly that her foot was curling into entranced her as if it was a dance. Sweat dripped a little from her own body as she intensified that last feeling into both of the girls.

She literally began to 'dance' with her foot upon Andi's stomach, even as she continued to swish the ball of Andi's foot in her grasp. Ael's big toe dug into her partner's belly-button, the other piggies flexing into the delicate skin around it. In tender hops, she walked her long ped upwards in slow, feathering 'steps' along the ticklish ribs...toes barely nudging the bottom of Andi's now-rather-perky left breast...

Andi thrashed madly, her golden mane disheveled and all over the place...she felt as her entrapped ankle rose even higher...

...And then her eyes snapped wide open at what she felt next; her wails softened as she looked at her chest...

Aello's foot, formerly rubbing gingerly on her ribs...was now pressing softly on her left orb, cupping the sole around its curvature. The sexy appendage flexed from heel to toes, pushing gently as it slid its arch against the thinly-clad breast.

"MMMMmmmm," Andi started mumbling. Her eyes locked with Aello's slitty glance, then narrowed in delight...her partner on the couch was practically massaging her chest with her FOOT. She never felt something like this before...and she liked it.

Ael smirked, enjoying the feeling beneath the ball of her foot. She could feel just how soft the flesh there was, even though the t-shirt...and how hot the skin felt against her sole. The amazon playfully began to feather Andi's own raised foot some more.

"Hee hee hee..." was the tittering response that reached her ears. That and a gradual hardening of the nipple she was stretching her sole against...

"Oh, is my little cheater getting excited?" Aello quiffed in a sultry vocalization. "Maybe I should get that enjoyment a bit closer to you."

She started tickling the blond's tied-up toes a little more rapidly as she pushed harder and in rolling motions with her foot against Andi's heaving breast. The fluffy 'pillow' bounced with each depression and slight clench of her digits upon it.

Andi moaned, louder and louder. The attention being given to her chest, mixed with the devilishly lovable tickles to her toes...it made her throb in her nether regions. Heat and moisture dripped both down below...and up top in the form of increasing sweat. Saliva began to drip from the corner of her mouth.

"Would you like to confess now, sweet prey?" Aello whispered, "That wasn't all 'skill'...you cheated."

"Nooo....ooooh, heee eeeeee," Andi cooed.

"Very well, maybe you'd like to get know me a bit...closer..."

Ael's toes trailed around the perky nipple, flexing as they went, until they reached the bottom edge of both Andi's chest and her t-shirt. They wriggled their way under the thin material like cute worms, tickling the hell out of Andi as they went.

"Toooo...much...haaaa haaaaa haaaaa..."

Tapping at Andi's now sweaty heel, Aello began lifting the shirt from its position with her toes, scrunching and pushing it up as she went along until her digits reached the VERY rigid nipple. Radiating a lot of warmth, the orb was stimulated even further as the dexterous tootsies bounced and swished against its tip.

Andi gushed something incomprehensible as her mind raced. This wild woman was pretty damn talented (and creative) in using her legs...and persistent. The pressure was getting too high between her legs. Her cord-wrapped leg thrashed in Ael's grasp almost as madly as her head and its now disheveled mane of golden hair. It didn't help that the amazon was now gently trailing a finger under her shaking calf.

The massaging foot's playful motions turned direct: the sexy toes curled tightly and wedged the nearly rock-hard nip between the two largest digits. Aello's long sole flexed, pressing the heel into the breast, then the arch along its edge...and finally the shivering toes pinched the nipple.

Andi shrieked in a high pitch, her body shuddering as it lay on the couch. Juices started to flow from her pleasure dome as she released, dampening her bikini bottom. It's almost like the pinch had caused a balloon to pop...

Aello, gently kneading the orb under her foot as she watched Andi's climax, murmured pleasantly to herself. She casually glanced at the television screen and then pressed a few buttons on her dangling controller, even as it hung from Andi's relaxing ankle. A giggle escaped her lips at the result on-screen.

Her lovely pirate babe was draped atop Andi's cowgirl in an inverted, flexy position...and the latter was wearing only her hat at this point. Aello pressed a few more buttons to cause her avatar to tickle the western gal's legs with those feathered glaives again. The matched ended with a delightful visual: the dominated cowgirl worshipped and kissed the already bare toes of the victorious pirate queen that had defeated her.

"Mm...great graphics...great gameplay," Aello uttered as she started to move her own 'dominant' toes around the throbbing breast.


Andi, drool dripping in a line from her bottom lip, chuckled softly as her sanity started to come back due to a sensation under one arm. She could tell already that Aello had wedged her foot in there and those talented tootsies were digging into her armpit. Even though it wasn't as tender as the rest of her lovely body at this point, she couldn't help blurting out.


It stopped abruptly. The smart chick slightly opened her watery eyes at a soft touch upon her left cheek. There was Aello's tanned sole, toes just giving a cute little tap at her face. She just had to turn her cute visage slightly, giving the big tootsie an affectionate peck of a kiss amidst her coos. It was surprisingly soft to the touch of her wet lips. In response, the toes feathered her cheek a little more, tickling her gently, before being withdrawn to trail against her neck. Andi looked forward to see Aello smiling back with a wink.

Ael moved closer to Andi as she lowered her leg. Her left bare limb moved from its position on the fluffy rug up onto the couch before the amazon girl. She rested Andi's tied leg upon its knee then shuffled across the couch even nearer to her quarry. Andi's left leg offered no resistance as Aello placed it in her lap...then slowly raised it before her face.

Aello kept her eyes on Andi's face as she leaned in close to the vanilla skinned limb. She pressed her lips against the ankle, making sure the spikes of her brown hair brushed the bare foot as she spoke.

"You know, Andi," she started, sounding almost like a feline creature, "As you've reminded me time and time again tonight...I can be quite...ffffff..."

Sapphire eyes gleaming, Ael purred the last sound long and slow, watching Andi tremble from head to toe in anticipation.


She punctuated the word with an action: a slow, enticing lap with her tongue allllllllllll the way up the arch of Andi's left foot. The cute ped reacted by stretching in an alluring motion, toes flexing back as the slick muscle dragged past the ball.

Andi quaked, laughter mixed with moaning. This wasn't over yet. The foot at her neck trailed down between her breasts, stopping to wiggle the big toe inside her navel.

Aello displayed a vile grin as she looked past the flexing toes before her toward her hostess.

"Come...it's time to admit you cheated. Or," she suggested, "The game must continue...using MY tricks."

With that, Aello lifted her tormenting right foot from Andi's withdrawn belly...and pressed her heel directly into the blond beauty's bikini-clad groin.


It was hard to tell which foot flexed more: Andi's poor ped (as it was now rapidly assaulted by a hot tongue, not to mention acting in reflex to its owner's panic) or Aello's now-wet appendage, deliberately sliding its sultry sole against the soaked material down there.

Aello was taking no prisoners now. She was taking deep 'steps' with her amazing foot, slithering its smooth surface in brushes along Andi's thighs and then stretching its lovely length in deeper strokes against Andi's naughty spots. Simultaneously she was ravishing her partner's sole, mouthing her lips in pecks upon every wrinkle, lathering the tasty flesh in long painting laps, and enjoying playing with the wildly spreading toes as if they were lollipops. They tasted like sweet candy...

Andi babbled madly...her breath in pained gasps and giggles, her mind blown, her body pent up and arching even as she lay on the couch. The stimulation that Aello had created was going to cause a second release soon. Those same toes that she had just kissed were about to trigger another explosion. The foot kept pressing and flexing...

Ael's tootsies bounced in rhythm to the shuddering of Andi's body. And then they curled around the lip of Andi's bikini...the sexy toes dug underneath the material to edge near their target's sex...

About to burst, Andi's laughs and cries of pleasure became shrill. Aello's toes were tickling her nether regions...HER TOES, not a feather or some other tool, were responsible for the oozing of juices down there. She gripped the edges of the couch tightly, barely able to wonder just how the wild gal had learned to be so effective in that manner of sexual tickling...and as they curled and brushed down there, she didn't have time to think of it anyway.

A deep wiggle of those digits, combined with a well-timed insertion of Ael's tongue between her Andi's clenched toes...


Andi came hard. Her screeching eclipsed the volume of her previous release and her entire body flexed, even her ravaged feet in Aello's grip.

The warrior woman pulled her foot back as the fluids gushed forth...she has finally won a round, apparently. Andi's sanity was clearly zero as she came down from her climax, her body feeling limp as it was splayed in front of Aello or atop her knees.

The Chix would probably need a new couch now though.


Her head twisted, blond hair stuck in wisps to the sweat, saliva and tears that still stained Andi's face. Aello's tongue just had dragged roughly along her inner left shin. She was weak, but aware that Aello rested that leg on her shoulder...although honestly she didn't care at the moment, willing to be moved around as however her 'tormentor' had desired.

She giggled softly at the lap on her leg, even as she felt the cord being gently removed from her raised right ankle. Both limbs were still raised but she offered no resistance, just basking in the glow of the experience.

"I'm glad to hear you admit it," Aello said softly.

Andi kept her eyes shut as the cord was unwrapped and fell away. However, she became slightly aware that her right calf was still being held by something. And she could swear a hand gripped her left ankle now too. Both legs were gently raised, spread and pulled back further towards her head.

Suddenly, she felt a deep kiss on her lips, followed by another on the big toe of her left foot.

"We're glad to hear it too."

Andi's eyes snapped open and she looked in the space between her split and lifted legs toward Aello. The wild girl was smiling, her head tilted as she knelt on the couch. A look of terror crept over her mouth as she looked 'up'...and saw her roommates' faces, upside-down to her view. Hailey had planted the sweet kiss upon Andi's surprised face...and Jane was presently trailing a single finger up the arch of the blond's left foot.

"How long have they been standing there?" she thought to herself, panicked and unable to move her legs.

...Where Jane and Hailey were and what they were doing...that is a tale for another story...

"So, you've been CHEATING at this game all the time?!" the midnight-haired cutie uttered.

Hailey whispered, "And the 'loser gets tickled in real life' bet on our matches...fixed?"

A single bead of sweat felt down her freckled face from below her already drenched hair as Andi realized she was in DEEP trouble now.

"Well, game mistress of tickling," Aello quested, brushing a spike of hair from her eyes, "I think you deserve some punishment for cheating them too...a little agony of 'de-feet'...right girls?"

Andi bit her lip as her two best pals held her legs in that flexy position and prepared to strike.

"HELL YES!" they announced simultaneously and started playing their own games.

...Aello waited for a few seconds of bellowing laughter before she pounced...


The End?

(author notes to follow in a response, maybe)

02-01-2009, 09:16 AM
Wow! A wonderful story and a wonderful picture! It was a joy to read, I love how you managed to fit so many kinds of tickling in there, and the whole thing was quite hot, hehe. Please, please, keep on writing and drawing!

02-03-2009, 06:11 PM

Yes, I put a ton of work into both image and tale here. I wrote backgrounds and styles and such regarding each and every in-game character, and then went to town on how they'd engage in a tickle fight with each other. Tried to get creative and get as much varied tickling as I could. ;)

Of course, as the game got hotter...so did the reactions of the two gals playing it. :D

Thanks very much, glad you enjoyed the read. ^^


You know, there are a bunch of little hints/cameos/details in both the pic and story that no one has brought light to, or where some characters were influeced from. I have a few notes I'd like to push...but not yet still...

Although I'll ask a q for those who actually read the tale yet. Any favorites among the game characters, design-wise? Or perhaps, which would you want to tickle most? ^^

02-03-2009, 11:29 PM
Hmm... I'll give it a shot. Gives me another excuse to read, mm? ;)

- Strip Tickler 4, SF4, Street Fighter 4, eh? Everything about the series as you describe it make sense. ;)

- Green alien, Teeva!

- The modern space girl reminds me of Ulala from Space Channel 5, although it's not a perfect match. I suppose there aren't too many of them around. *grins*

I can't find any other references off the top of my head! But I did enjoy reading it again. =P I like how Aello's feral and wild, but at the same time is down with talking about 'skillz'. *fans self*

As for the characters, all of them are endearing in their own ways! It's difficult to pick one or another as a favorite... could I have them all please? *grins*

02-04-2009, 12:33 AM
Wonderful story and drawing, Khali. Great work! :redstar::redstar::redstar::redstar::redstar:

02-06-2009, 04:49 PM
-Yeah, Strip Tickler IV and its description (origin) is a parody of what Crapcom, er, Capcom did with SFIV.

Anyone notice the very cheap joke of STIV's subtitle's acronym?

-Yep, cameo by Teeva. I guess she lost. ;)

-The space girl, you've got part of her 'inspiration'. The other part I'm still not saying, but an ancient pic of mine around here has a hint...

Heh heh, well, Aello's got a feral side she likes to let loose at times, but she was clearly mocking Andi's tech/gaming speak...not to mention her skills. ;)

You might get more than you can handle if you ask for all of them at once. ^^ Better only go for one or two at first.

Thanks very much. ^^