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11-20-2007, 10:09 PM
“You shouldn’t be camping alone” Mike said aloud in mocking voice. “What a bitch! “

Mike and his girlfriend, Linda, just had a blow out argument. He had told Linda that he was going camping alone because he needed down time to ”get his head together”. Linda did not want Mike to go camping by himself arguing that the dangers outweighed any benefit of alone time. Mike refused to change his plans. So as Mike sped away from the city, he was alone in Lexus SUV. But the muscular man continued to vent his anger by mocking his girlfriend aloud. “You shouldn’t be camping alone. What if something happens? What if you get hurt?”

Beneath his anger, Mike wondered if Linda knew the truth. It was true that his little camping excursions were an opportunity for him to escape the pressures of the city and his job. He was a wildly successful commodities trader. But commodity trading is constant pressure with fortunes often made and lost in minutes. Nevertheless Mike seemed to have an uncanny knack for sensing market changes. So in a relatively short period of time, Mike had amassed a considerable amount of wealth and did in fact need to blow off steam on occasion. And the camping trips were a perfect outlet, Mike had reasoned to a dubious Linda. He was able to “clear his head “ when he was alone in the woods, far from all the hustle and hassle of his big city.

But, a darker truth also existed for the camping trips. Mike liked to also spend some time in nearby town bars looking for an easy lay. And finding women for sex came easily to Mike. He had classic dark and handsome features. Mike was a former college varsity athlete who still maintained a vigorous weight training and cardio schedule. So between his money, almost model perfect face, athletic body, and well rehearsed lies about looking for a long term love, Mike usually had little trouble finding a woman to spend the night with him at an isolated campsite. Then in the morning, he would dump the foolish bar woman and move on to his next location. There were many towns that Mike would not visit again due to morning after threats of some bitter ladies he had bedded.

“I don’t need another mother, bitch” Mike yelled to the empty space surrounding him in the Lexus. “ If you want to worry about me being in danger then you should be worrying about me in the trading pits, bitch” he continued to rant out loud. Belittling Linda made Mike feel better. It made him forget how loving she was. It made him forget how many small things she did to make his life easier. And it made it easier for him to cheat on her.

Mike drove about three hours from his city to a campsite located near a small town. Mike had selected a campsite that was about a four mile walk from town. He liked to set up camp, walk into town, have dinner and then some drinks. Mike believed that the walk helped give the local women the illusion that Mike was really just interested in camping. The fact that Mike had hiked into town and was slightly sweaty was very effective in causing local women to drop their defenses. Their logic was that if Mike was on the make, he would be showing up better dressed. The fact that Mike was kind of disheveled at a bar made his story about being a lonely camper looking for a long term relationship much more credible.

Following his well established pattern of camping and seducing gullible women, Mike had scouted out a remote campsite about four miles from a small town. He set up camp, followed a hiker’s path into town, had a home style dinner at the local dinner and headed into a nearby bar. When he was walking toward a bar stool, Mike eye’s were drawn to a very attractive blonde bartender. She was extremely pretty, had a large breast that Mike loved in women, and was dressed in rather tight fitting clothing. “There’s my target “ thought Mike as he walked toward the bar. Mike was so focused on the sexy blonde woman that he roughly bumped into the back of scrawny blonde man. The man’s beer spilled out splashing both the blonde man and his two friends.

“Way to go, dickhead!” the scrawny blonde man yelled. The attention of the nearby bar patrons were drawn by the outburst.

Mike turned to face the men. In an instant, the four men sized each other up.

The three local men realized that Mike was a huge powerfully built man. He stood six feet three inches tall and had a huge muscular physique with large hands. Mike’s haircut and general appearance indicated a man who was both successful and confident. The steady stare from his deep blue eyes indicated that Mike may be outnumbered but was not afraid. And Mike’s self assurance was unnerving to the three men.

The three friends, Noah, Brody and Zach were the polar opposites of Mike. The tallest of the three men stood no more than five feet nine inches. The men had lean bodies with scrawny arms and thin legs. They were dressed in clothes so shabby even a Euro trash street urchin would not be similarly attired. An unlike the wildly successful visitor, each of the three men had pretty much failed at everything. The three friends were high school losers who carried their losing streak forward into minimum wage jobs and small stints in the county jail due to possession of marijuana or beating on their long departed girlfriends.

“You spilled my beer” yelled Noah.

In what was an undoubtedly castrating moment for the three local men, Mike replied loudly” So? What do you want to do about it?”

There was a moment of silence. The three men could feel the eyes of the bar patrons on them. They were intimidated by the unwavering stare of the muscle bound tourist. It was almost like the big man was hoping he would get a chance to kick their asses in front of the bar occupants. Second by humiliating second ticked by while Noah struggled for something to say, scrambled for some way to save face. But the three men stayed silent.

“Yeah I thought so” snarled Mike with contempt he reserved anyone who was weaker or less affluent.

“Hey handsome come here” called the blonde bartender. Mike continued to stare down the three men.

“Come over here now, big guy” the blonde called more insistently to Mike. Then addressing the three men said” Noah, Brody, Zach, I want you boys to move down the bar. I don’t want any trouble in here. And you don’t want to be seeing Sheriff Cody.”

The three men used the bartender’s orders as a way of saving face and moved to a table near the far end of the bar. But the smirks and comments of their neighbors made it apparent to each man that their reputations as punks and losers had again been reinforced by the encounter. They sat down sulking at small table near the restrooms.

For his part, Mike took a seat at the bar.

“So you’re a tough guy, huh? “asked the petite blonde woman tending bar.

“No, mam” replied Mike seductively” I am a lover, not a fighter.”

In spite of herself, the bartender laughed. She bought Mike a drink and between serving the other bar patrons entered into a spirited and often suggestive conversation with the handsome visitor. Mike learned that her name was Amy. And he rapidly used every weapon of seduction in his extensive arsenal to gain her trust. Amy enjoyed the banter and teasing as well as the exceptionally generous tips that Mike was giving her. And since Mike had told her that he had hiked into town, Amy felt no need to monitor Mike’s alcohol intake. She sensed the towering man was becoming somewhat inebriated but reasoned he would be fine walking back to his campsite. It was very safe area even if it was pretty isolated. There had been no reports of serious crime in this area for years. Sheriff Cody spent most of his days chasing down high school pranksters.

While Mike sat at the bar having the time of his life, Zach, Noah and Brody continued to sulk in the corner table. Tonight’s humiliation impacted each of the men in a slightly different fashion. It incensed Zach that Mike had so easily captivated Amy. Zach had a crush on Amy since junior high. And while she was friendly to him, it was always in a polite business like manner. Watching Amy laugh and good naturedly touch the athletic man’s arms or shoulders was driving Zach insane with jealously. Brody was annoyed for another reason. Brody had always wanted to hang with popular kids but they always cruelly rejected Brody’s hopes for friendship. Throughout his entire life, Brody’s only two real friends were Zach and Noah. And while his two buddies were very loyal friends, Brody sometimes wished he had more successful, more popular friends, friends who were more like Mike. And what killed Brody as he watched Mike at the bar, Mike was soon surrounded by some local bar patrons who were laughing and joking with him. Brody had lived here his entire life and in two hours time, Mike already appeared to have more friends than Brody. Noah just hated the disrespect. Throughout his life, Noah always felt insignificant. And what added to his anger was Mike had passed the table at which they three men were sitting several times on his trips to and from the restroom. Mike never once looked at the three men. It was like they were so irrelevant that they did not even exist. Noah was enraged by that. But the life experiences that united all three men were memories of being targets of the cruel torments of their high school athletes. Noah, Brody and Zach were easy and frequent targets of the bullying of the jock boys. And they had suffered many degrading moments at the hands of muscle heads like Mike. It became too much for Noah to watch. Noah convinced Brody and Zach that it was getting late and that he was hungry. Noah promised to buy his friends breakfast at the Waffle House if they would leave with him. As the three men exited the bar, each of them glanced up at Mike. Mike sat surrounded by new friends while Amy occasionally reached out and sporadically touched him. Their good natured bursts of laughter filled the air. No one even looked up as Noah, Zach and Brody left the establishment.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, the waffle stuffed men walked back to the bar parking lot to retrieve their pick up truck. The bar had closed for the night about 20 minutes earlier. The parking lot was empty except for Amy and Mike. The three men stumbled upon Mike being a little too pushy in trying to get Amy to come to his campsite. Amy easily out maneuvered the intoxicated visitor and simply drove off. Mike was now alone in the parking lot. Zach grabbed the arms of his two companions and pulled them back into the darkness.

“He looks drunk. Let’s mess the big guy up” said Zach with false bravado. All three men were cowards. Each man knew none of them would ever enter into an actual fight with man of Mike’s stature even if Mike appeared to be intoxicated. But it was game of pride building that they ritualistically played out. “We can’t get in any fights” said Brody following the unwritten ritual” Or Cody will get us hard time”. “That’s right” agreed the other two men with atone of fake disappointment, “I guess we can’t kick his ass.”

But anger at Mike and a curiosity about the interloper’s presence encouraged the three men to follow Mike as the drunken intruder followed the hiker’s path back to his campsite. It took the intoxicated city boy almost ninety minutes to stumble his way back to his camp ground. Hidden by the darkness, the three local men watched as Mike briefly opened his Lexus, urinated near the right front tire and then crawled into a sleeping bag partially sheltered by a small green pup tent. While Mike slipped into a deep slumber, Zach, Noah and Brody hid in the woods discussing Mike’s possessions. Brody and Zach got into a somewhat heated exchange over the price of a Lexus SUV. In a few minutes, Mike’s loud snores began to fill the night air.

Noah interrupted the argument between Brody and Zach and suggested they steal something from Mike’s campsite. The three men were no strangers to petty crimes so Noah’s idea was readily accepted. The three men padded to the Lexus that was parked about forty feet from where Mike slept. Brody opened the unlocked driver’s door and slipped inside. Noah and Zach soon followed. The scrawny thieves rapidly pawed through Mike’s possessions. The Lexus was mainly filled with accessories that Mike used in his athletic pursuits. A gym bag, some mountain climbing rope and rappelling gear, ski gloves, and a host of other such items.

“This is all crap “ said Zach. “ No one around here is gonna buy any of this stuff.”

“I found his wallet” said Brody triumphantly “and his cell phone.”

“How much does he have with him?” asked Zach

“Five, ten, twenty, twenty three, twenty seven,” counted Brody.” He has three seven…”

“He’s got almost four grand with him???!!!!!” interrupted Zach” Awww the rich city boy took four grand into the woods with him. What did he think he was gonna do? Buy the whole campsite?”

“Not thirty seven hundred, you cow pie” snapped Brody” Thirty seven dollars. He has thirty seven dollars!”

“Screw this” replied Zach” This whole night has been bullshit. I am out of here.”

“Hang on” counseled Noah “A rich boy like this did not come to the woods with thirty seven bucks. I can hear him snoring. Zach, let’s you and I take a look at what he has around that little girlie pup tent he set up. Brody, keeping looking through city boy’s fancy Lexus. There has to be more than just what we found so far.”

Zach and Noah tiptoed to the pup tent. Mike continued to snore loudly. The hooligans were waiting for their eyes to adjust to the darkness when the Lexus let out a sudden ear splitting blast from the horn. Brody was kneeling in the driver’s seat digging through the seat cushion when he accidentally leaned against the horn. Zach and Noah froze in fear. Each man expected Mike to rise up like some disturbed Godzilla and pound them into the ashes of a long ago campfire.

Then a split second later, Zach and Noah heard it.

Mike’s loud snores continued to pierce the night air.

“This guy is passed out” said Noah. “I want to go through his stuff more slowly but I do not want to get my ass kicked if jock boy wakes up suddenly. He got all that mountain climbing ropes and stuff in the back of that fancy SUV. Let’s tie him up in his sleeping bag so if the big guy wakes up, he ain’t gonna be no trouble.”

The small town punks need not have worried. Mike had always been a very sound sleeper. The tall muscle man had a very stressful week of trading in the commodity pits. Every night before this camping excursion, Mike had put in long workouts at the gym in anticipation of bedding some townie. And last night, he had Linda had a mammoth love making session. The combination of the emotional stress from his blow out fight with Linda this afternoon, the three hour trip to the country, the hike to and from campsite to the bar , and the generous amount of alcohol consumed at the bar acted together to send Mike into a very deep slumber. The muscle bound athlete was dead to the world and oblivious to the sinister intentions of the three punks he had disrespected earlier that night.

The three men may have been losers in the eyes of a city boy like Mike but the three small town friends were experienced hunters and trappers. And the scrawny men were about to use their backwoods skill to take the arrogant city interloper down a notch. Zach, Noah and Brody quickly retrieved the ropes and climbing straps that Mike had stored in the rear of his SUV. Like a cunning pack of wild coyotes, the men silently padded their way to the pup tent where the mammoth quarry slept in an alcohol induced bliss. The scrawny trappers carefully studied the camp ground where their enormous prey lay snoring loudly.

Mike was a towering muscular man. His head and strongly built shoulders extended above the front flaps of the pup tent into the cool forest air. The bottom of his sleeping bag extended beyond back of the pup tent into the moonlight night.

Responding to head nods from Zach, the three bony punks quietly surrounded their slumbering camper. Zach softly zipped the sleeping bag up to Mike’s neck. Using hand signals and ensnaring skills honed by a life of trapping, the men worked like a pack of battle wise predators. As they worked to disable the stranger, the men maintained an eerie silence. The experienced hunters used the loud snores of the inebriated strong man to guide their efforts. While Mike was snoring steadily, the men would work segments of rope between his massive body and the soft ground then loop the length of rope around the sleeping bag. Each loop of rope pulled the sleeping bag tighter against Mike’s powerful physique and immobilized some part of his brawny body. When Mike’s snoring became irregular, the three men stopped and waited in silence until their massive adversary’s snoring again became deep and steady. Mike was so dead to the world that he never woke as the local thugs slowly worked to immobilize the exhausted commodity trader within his expensive sleeping bag. Soon the huge muscular arms and mighty legs of the intoxicated athlete were tightly encased within the sleeping bag. The bony trio then used some extra tent stakes to secure Mike’s sleeping bag to the ground.

Mike may stand six feet three inches tall and have an intimidating physique that carried two hundred ten pounds of solid muscle. But when the skinny punks were done, Mike was wrapped up as helplessly as a newborn infant. And the entire time he was being tied down by the three skinny losers, Mike’s snoring continued to let the scruffy predators know the huge man was unaware of their actions. Brody dropped the front and rear tents of the pup tent blocking Mike’s view of his Lexus. Even if the sleeping athlete should awaken, he would be unable to see the men riffling through his belongings.

Brody, Zach and Noah should have been on easy street. They had managed to tie up an arrogant city boy that had disrespected them in front of the some of the town women. Their helpless victim was in an isolated area far from town. And all the wealthy man’s possessions were theirs for the taking. But somehow lady luck just never seemed to smile on the three punks.

As the triumphant trio was rummaging through Mike’s belongings, the reality of their how small their victory was began to dawn on three hooligans. All three men were afraid to do anything to the Lexus. Each of them had previously spent time in the county jail due to some small time drug dealing or domestic violence. Noah convinced the other two men that they would be sent to a penitentiary if they did anything too serious to either Mike or his car. The men did find Mike’s wallet and cell phone in the car. But after a long night of partying and buying drinks for some locals, Mike’s wallet really did contain only 37 dollars. And they were afraid to use the cell phone as anyone they called would undoubtedly turn them in the event the police should become involved.

“This is bullshit” whispered Zach. “Even when we win, we lose. Look at all we did and what we gonna get? 37 bucks. And when Superman wakes up, it will take him about 30 minutes to get free. He’ll get in that fancy car, drive back to the city and spend his time talking about the three losers he bested on their own ground.”

“That ain’t gonna happen” said Noah. “Maybe we can’t do nothing serious to him or his stuff. But we can prank the city boy. We can make things uncomfortable for him and still stay out of jail. We do this right and even if the asshole calls the sheriff, the sheriff will just think it is some high school kid’s practical joke.”

“What do you want to do?” asked Brody.

“Come man. Think. Just like the shit we used to do in high school. “replied Noah. “ First let the air out of his tires. Then we steal the big man’s boots so the big guy has to walk back to town barefoot. And you know how these city types love their cell phones. So we make his walk back to town a little more interesting. We’ll steal the battery from his cell phone but then hang his cell phone from a tree branch where he can see it. But we hang it from a tree branch right above a batch of briars. He won’t be able to tell we took the battery so he’ll rush toward it so he can call a tow truck. City boy will probably be so desperate to get cell phone that he will probably run right to it. By the time he realizes he is in a briar batch the bottoms of his bare feet will be covered with those sharp nettles. It would be a hoot to watch him hopping around and then pulling them sharp little stickers out of the bottoms of his feet. Then we take that fancy leather jacket of his and hang it on a branch above the mud flat. When he goes for the jacket he will be knee deep in that smelly mud. So by the time he gets to town, he’ll smell like an old barn stall. Even if he goes to the sheriff, old Cody will probably think the high school football team pranked him. And Cody hates city folk almost as much as he hates us. So if Cody don’t think we had anything to do with it, he just send this guy back home“

“Speaking of high school, I think that church group is supposed to be hiking out here tomorrow morning so if we do this we better do it fast” added Zach. “So let’s do it now”

“I am in. Besides, thirty seven bucks ain’t so bad “counseled Brody. “ And we got his ATM card. If we hurry, maybe we can make us a little withdrawal.”

“If you try and use that card, your photo will be taken, dufus” argued Zach. “Besides we ain’t got his PIN number.”

“Don’t call me a dufus, Zach” said Brody angrily. “Besides that ATM down the block from the Wal-Mart got busted up by a hail storm. It still gives out cash but the camera’s all busted up. Maybe we can try a few PIN combinations”

“You are stupid” replied Zach. “Four numbers mean there at least 4 million possible PIN numbers. And you think we are so lucky we will just stumble on it in one or two tries. “

“Well it’s worth a try” Brody began to yell angrily. He was about to continue when all off a sudden, he heard the deep voice of their tied up victim beginning to yell for help.

The three men froze in panic. Mike was indeed wide awake and yelling very loudly.

“Ain’t anyone around for miles” said Noah “But we should have gagged him anyway.

“Can’t go up there now “said Brody” he sees one of us and we have gone from a high school prank to kidnapping. Let’s just get out of here.”

“No. Hell no!” replied Noah. “Jock boy ain’t getting away with treating us like shit. It will take us five minutes to get this done. He can’t see us cause the tent flaps are down. Zach, you flatten his tires and throw his jacket into the pine by the mudflats. Brody, here pull out his battery and hang the cell from the maple we used to have a swing in, there’s lots of briars around that tree. I’ll steal his boots and then we are out of here. Hurry up. Don’t use names and make sure you stay out of his line of vision. Man he is loud.”

While Mike’s shouts for help echoed through the forest, the three men sprung into action. Brody quickly disabled Mike’s cell phone and hung it above a thick briar patch. While Zach let the air of Mike’s tires, Noah headed back to the pup tent to steal the trader’s hiking boots. As he arrived at the foot of the tent he can see Mike struggling mightily to escape while shouting for help at the top of his lungs. Noah felt a sudden flash of pride when he realized that he and his buddies had effectively tied the powerfully built man up. And then with a sudden flash of genius, Noah decided to try to convince Mike it was high school prank, while simultaneously shutting Mike up.

Noah tried to disguise his voice. Speaking loudly enough that Brody and Zach could hear him, Noah yelled at the helplessly tied up Mike. “Shut up, Vince. You may be a big time quarterback in Pikesville but you ain’t at Pikesville high school now.”

There was moment of silence. Then Mike fell for it. “You idiot” screamed Mike” I am not some high school quarterback. You stupid kids! I am very important man. You let me up before I kick your redneck little asses. Get off me. What are you doing?”

Noah was straddling the calves of the powerful trader. Noah started to unzip the bottom of Mike’s sleeping bag and said” I am going to borrow your boots, Vince”

“I am not Vince” replied Mike angrily. “You dim-witted kid. Get up here where I can see you man to moron” Mike struggled against the ropes but the three men were experience trappers. The ropes did not budge so Mike stayed tightly wrapped with the sleeping bag with what he believed to be some high school kid straddling his calves. He heard some other whispered voices. Mike could not see that Brody and Zach had completed their tasks and joined Noah at the foot of the pup tent. Thinking he was dealing with some high school kids, Mike was not scared. He was just angry. “You stupid kids had better let me go now.”

The three men snickered at the base of the tent. Noah replied” Come on Vince, you know how it goes between our schools. Pikesville rubbed its face in our homecoming loss. I remember you mocking us on the field after the game. It’s just a little payback time, buddy.”

Mike felt a rush of cool air when Noah unzipped the sleeping bag around his boots. The helpless trader threatened what he believed to be a misguided high school student who was rapidly unlacing his boots. He uttered a stream of profanities when he felt his huge boots pulled from his large feet. Mike heard a whistle and then the punk say” Wow, look at the size of Vince’s feet. You got some big feet, Mr. Football hero.” Mike began to again angrily deny being Vince while simultaneously threatening his unseen captors. Mike could feel the bottoms of his jeans being pulled up as he continued to rant at his captors. From his perch on Mike’s calves, Noah rolled up their prisoner’s calves and then stripped the thick white socks from Mike’s big feet. Noah then grabbed a loop of rope and quickly cinched Mike’s sturdy ankles together. With all the tasks completed, Noah was about to signal time to leave when an evil thought crossed his mind. Still burning from the embarrassment that Mike had inflicted on him and his friends earlier that night, Noah decided on one final humiliation. He decided to tie Mike’s big toes together and then stake them at an angle into the ground. Noah knew it would not do any permanent damage but it would give Mike a very uncomfortable night.

In a controlled voice, Noah said to Mike “Vince, you Pikesville quarterbacks have always had a bad attitude” chuckled Noah. “Right now, you don’t seem so high and mighty like you did a few weeks ago when you was rubbing our noses in our loss on our own field.”

“I am not Vince, you half breed piece of trailer trash” yelled Mike angrily.

“Vince, I gotta get out of here. But I am gonna leave you a little reminder of our time together.” Noah grabbed Mike’s big toes and started to tie them together. And enraged Mike jerked his feet so violently that Noah was unable to maintain his grip on the athlete’s toes. Mike kept screaming death threats while Noah grabbed at his plump toes.

“Hold his feet steady” Noah whispered to Zach and Brody. Each man grabbed one of Mike’s beefy feet. Mike continued to twist his bare feet away and fight back with considerable strength.

“I am gonna kill you high school pieces of shit” yelled out Mike.

“This guy is fighting like a cornered wildcat” whispered Brody as he struggled to control Mike’s bare foot “Let’s just go. We did enough to him”

“Hell no! “replied Noah “ We leave now then he wins again. No way. We tie up his toes and then we go. We are leaving on our terms not his. Now hold him steady.”

“We’re trying” said Zach” but this dude is strong and he is fighting us with all he got.”

Mike was fighting the three men with all his might. He was enraged that what he believed to three high school kids were mistakenly messing with him in a case of mistaken identity. In his arrogance, it never occurred to Mike that his tormentors might have been the men he disrespected at the bar. Men like Zach, Noah and Brody were so irrelevant to Mike that he forgot about their existence moments after he put them down. And Mike’s arrogance was about to work against him in yet another way.

Mike was very vain. He also took great pride in his physical appearance. Armani, Gucci and Dolce were stables in his expensive wardrobe. Mike also loved to wear sandals when he was not in a business environment. So the self absorbed trader had his feet regularly attended to by a woman at a day spa near his health club. Mike found Betty, the young woman who did his pedicures extremely alluring. So Mike allowed Betty to sell him additional spa services in a so far unproductive attempt to get her to join Mike for dinner, and hopefully more. Mike even tolerated Betty’s pumice stone treatments on the soles of his feet that stripped away his calluses so he could spend time trying to win favor with her. Mike paid additional fees for the use of skin softening lotions when Betty massaged his large feet in his fruitless efforts to impress her with his wealth. Unlike his rock hard tan body, the soles of his big feet were soft and pale. And unlike the gentle caresses of the Betty, his big feet were being manhandled by rough hands of some country bumpkins.

“I will hehe kill you stupid hehe rednecks if you don’t hehehe if you don’t knock it off right now hehe ” yelled Mike at his attackers. “I am gonna hehe I am gonna me me mess hehe you up!”

It took a few moments for Zach and Noah and Brody to realize what was happening as their rough hands were grabbing at the soft bare feet and large toes of their helpless enemy. But the sudden small giggles that were periodically interrupting the big man’s threats finally got their attention.

“I think this big dude is ticklish.” Said Brody

“No way” said Zach.

“No kidding” said Brody “Watch this.” Brody ran his two fingers across the arch of Mike’s wide foot. A sudden burst of laughter from Mike split the night air.

For a moment, everything stopped as all four men froze in stunned silence while the reality of the situation sunk in.

For Zach, Noah and Brody, the three life long losers, something may finally have gone their way. The arrogant city boy who had victimized them was camping alone. The country boys had successfully used their life honed trapping skills to render their well built enemy totally helpless. When they plotted to strip the big man of his protective boots, they had hoped to then lure the barefoot jock into the sharp nettles of a briar batch. But now they discovered the colossal body of the egotistical muscle head who had humiliated them had an Achilles heel. Their towering prisoner was extremely ticklish. And the three men were sitting within inches of where the defenseless bare feet of the overconfident bully protruded from the sleeping bag which held the rest of his massive body motionless. There was no one for miles. And it would at least three hours till dawn so no one would be passing this way for sometime.

For his part, Mike had hoped against hope that his captors whom he believed to be high school punks had not stumbled upon Mike’s greatest weakness. Mike was a towering powerful built man with a very large muscular physique. But the soles of his feet had always been incredibly ticklish. And once before, his ticklish feet had been used to even a score.

When Mike was senior in college, he was merciless in hazing a small student who had pledged his fraternity. The small pledge was a state champion wrestler who competed in welter weight category with a fighting weight of 135 pounds. Mike did not think the small lean pledge was an appropriate addition to a frat house filled with 200 pound varsity athletes. In an effort to get the short grappler to quit the pledge class, Mike was a nightmare to the student during his three month pledge period. The pledge did make through initiation in spite of Mike’s horrific torments throughout the semester and especially during hell week.

A few weeks before graduation, a drunken Mike returned to the common area of the frat house after unsuccessfully trying to get laid. Out of force of habit, he began again picking on the small wrestler. But, unfortunately for Mike, the small wrestler was now a full fledge frat brother and was unconstrained by the house rules governing pledges. While Mike had spent the night drinking at the bars, the wrestler had spent the night consuming pots of coffee while cramming for an exam. No one’s sure who initiated the wrestling match or how it started. But there was no doubt among those watching as to whom was a better wrestler. The former state champion wrestler moved fast as lightening as he placed the Mike’s much bigger limbs into one painful hold after another. The watched frat brothers joked and laughed at what appeared to be the good natured battle. Only Mike knew that the smaller man was applying much more pressure than necessary during what appeared to be fleeting brotherly wrestling holds.

Mike’s pending sore muscles and coming hangover would have rapidly faded like so many other college memories if it had not been for Mike’s sensitive feet. The small man had put Mike into a half crab wrestling hold. Mike had been forced onto his stomach and the small wrestler had grabbed Mike’s shoe. The sinewy athlete pulled Mike’s shoe toward his head bending Mike’s leg into an uncomfortable hold. When Mike’s shoe came off, the welter weight grabbed Mike’s socked foot in order to maintain the leg lock. Mike giggled quietly as his lean rival’s hand gripped his socked foot. The gathered frat brothers were cheering so noisy so they did not hear Mike’s quiet laughter. But the small grappler did. And he quickly decided to use that knowledge to his advantage.

The wiry grappler released his hold on Mike’s socked foot and attacked Mike’s bulging arms for a few minutes. Mike rolled onto his back in a drunken effort to better defend himself. That was the exact position the former state wrestling champion had hoped Mike would assume. The small grappler attacked Mike’s upper body for a few more moments and then with lightening speed switched his attack to Mike’s mighty legs. In less than a minute, the slender aggressor manipulated Mike’s beefy legs into an inescapable leg lock. The hold forced Mike’s legs into a pretzel like configuration with Mike’s heels tightly pressed against the smaller man’s chest. This leg lock did not cause pain unless Mike fought to get free or if the small fighter bent Mike’s feet forward. With logic dulled by alcohol or desperate from escape from the pressures of pending final exams, the growing number of frat brothers watching the fracas began to cheer loudly and hoot at the sight of the little man besting Mike in a wrestling match. No watching frat brother suspected the loathing the small grappler felt for Mike. And even in his drunken state, Mike’s ego would not allow him to quit.

Mike’s egotism suited the smaller wrestler’s desire quite well. The sinewy fighter’s goal wasn’t to beat the drunken Mike in a wrestling match. His goal was to humiliate Mike the same way Mike had humiliated him repeatedly when he was a pledge.

The small champion locked his lean hairless legs tightly against the brawny hairy legs of the frat brother who had so cruelly hazed him last semester. The shorter grappler pulled the remaining shoe from his adversary’s foot. He rapidly stripped off Mike socks. The short man now had complete control of ticklish fourteen inch bare feet of his tormentor who had repeatedly and cruelly hazed him. The watching frat brothers laughed and cheered at what they believed to be a playful drunken brawl. Filled with scorn for the indignations he had endured as a pledge from Mike’s hazing, the short welter weight began to vigorously tickle the soft arches of the towering athlete’s bare feet.

The impact on Mike’s athletic frame was immediate and extreme. The little grappler’s fingernails caused an explosion of tickling sessions to rush up Mike’s powerhouse legs and explode in his brain. A huge roar of laughter exploded from the fallen athlete. His frat brothers also yelled and good naturedly taunted Mike. Mike’s first instinct was to curl his body up and try to grab the legs of the small attacker. But as he tired to bend forward, his knees felt a rush of pain from the leg lock. His second attempt to escape caused Mike to experience excruciating pain in his knees and calves. Mike rapidly lay back to escape the pain.

But there was no escaping the tickling. The sharp fingernails of the little wrestler continued to enthusiastically stroke soft skin of Mike’s wide arches. Wave after wave of tickling sensations flooded Mike’s powerhouse body. The frat house was filled with his roaring laughter. The frat brothers snickered at the scene. No one watching realized the soles of Mike’s feet were unbearably ticklish. Mike’s closest friends good naturedly taunted their defeated buddy not understanding that Mike was actually being tortured as they watched. Mike’s colossal ego would not allow him to ask for help. The only sound from Mike was a roar of screaming laughter and the loud thumping of his large hands as he beat his arms in frustration against the floor.

The smaller wrestler could feel Mike fighting desperately to escape the tickling. Mike’s powerhouse thighs and brawny calves trembled as the tickling sensations rushed up from soft arches of his huge feet. The small tormentor could feel Mike’s body shake frantically as waves of booming laughter exploded from deep within his lungs. Mike’s bare feet wiggled and large toes twitched frantically in a useless attempt to escape the agonizing contact with the little man’s fingernails. The lean welter weight knew the tickling was as agonizing to his frat house adversary as Mike’s cruel pranks had been to the small athlete. The tiny conqueror could sense Mike’s desperation as Mike pounded his powerful arms over and over into the frat house floor. For a moment, the short man considered being forgiving and compassionate to his overpowered rival. But he quickly discarded that notion in favor of a plan to humiliate Mike by tickling the much bigger man senseless in front of the gathered fraternity brothers.

The triumphant wrestler began running his fingernails up and down the entire length of the soles of Mike’s bare feet. The tickling sensations became more intense. Mike’s laughter increased in volume to a screaming laughter. His watching friends cheered the little prankster on. In desperation, Mike tried to dislodge the tiny grappler by rolling on to his stomach. The experienced grappler sensed Mike’s strategy as his big adversary started to turn over. He simply rolled with Mike and easily maintained his grip on Mike’s legs. Mike’s plan seemed to have worked for a moment as the new position pushed the soles of Mike’s bare feet against the little grappler’s chest and hence protected them from more tickling. Mike desperately gasped for air while the little man’s scheme to humiliate him had been disrupted. But it was temporary respite. The resourceful welter weight propped his lean upper body up on one arm and used his hand to push back the three smallest toes on Mike’s left foot. The wrestler then used his fingernails on his free hand to aggressively tickle the soft skin where the three smallest toes joined the Mike’s foot.

The impact on the Mike was extreme. He let out a high pitched screamed followed by howls of strained laughter. Fearing Mike’s friends would intercede, the small wrestler wore a good natured smile and winked at the gathered frat brothers. Not realizing the complete misery their friend was experiencing, Mike’s frat house buddies toasted the victorious welterweight with their beers and cheered him on. The small athlete was filled with ecstasy. No only was he torturing a muscle head that he absolutely despised. He was torturing Mike in front of his closest friends. The little man returned his attention to the skin beneath the three smallest toes on Mike’s left foot. He was rewarded with howls of high pitched laughter from his muscle bound foe. Mike also began to punch his big fists into the floor in desperation. The pace of the tickling did not slow.

Mike pushed his bulging arms against the floor and tried to rise up into a push up like position. But the tickling disoriented Mike’s enormous body. Mike only succeeded in rolling back again onto his back. His little enemy rolled with him. And now the short grappler had unfettered access to the fourteen inch soles of Mike’s hyper ticklish feet. Mike immediately felt sharp fingernails tracing an unpredictable path of torment from his heels to his toes. His body convulsed with his forced laughter. And his ears were filled with the sounds of both his own tortured laughter as well as the cheers and jokes of his clueless buddies. For a moment Mike thought he was in hell.

While Mike thought he was in hell, his tiny rival thought he had reached paradise. He was firmly in control of an arrogant jock boy who had persecuted him for months. The wrestler got an evil pleasure from watching tears flow from Mike’s tightly closed eyes. The grappler got a vengeful joy from hearing the agonizing laughter of his former persecutor filling the frat house. The welter weight got a cruel rush from feeling the sweat coating Mike’s brawny legs as his small fingers took compete control of Mike’s strapping body by stroking the bottoms of Mike’s moist feet. And he got the greatest perverse pleasure from knowing he was slowly dominating Mike in the presence of a large number of Mike’s clueless frat brothers. The small grappler had no intention of letting up on Mike for hours.

But fate would intervene on Mike’s behalf. Mike had spent the early evening looking to get laid. With his useful confidence in his assets, Mike wore no underwear underneath his khaki shorts. The head of Mike’s penis had fallen against Mike’s right leg and was almost peeping out of his shorts. Mike had been tickle tortured for about twenty minutes when his bladder released a stream of foul smelling beer drinking urine. The first spurt of urine struck the little wrestler on his foot. The first spurt was then followed a few seconds later by a substantial stream of urine. The urine began to puddle and move toward the small wrestler’s leg. The grossed out grappler immediately released Mike and stood up. When Mike stood up, a large urine soaked spot darkened his shorts and he accidentally slipped on his own urine on the floor. The gathered frat brothers were rolling with laughter. Although Mike was filled with an internal rage, he good naturedly shook the little wrestler’s hand. Mike would have loved nothing more than to have pounded the small grappler into the ground. But Mike feared the wrestler would once again get him in disabling hold and tickle torture him. Mike decided any pleasure he would get out of beating up the small man was not worth the risk of another episode like the one he had just endured. The memory of the wrestling match was quickly forgotten by everyone but Mike.

Mike never mentioned one other encounter to anyone else but Mike thinks the little wrestler left him a warning a few days after the wrestling match.

Mike had always been a very sound sleeper. One morning he woke up to find someone had entered his room while he was sleeping. The intruder had must have stood at the foot of the bed and carefully folded up Mike’s bed sheets exposing Mike’s bare feet. The prankster then left a bright red feather on the bed between uncovered ankles. Mike took it as warning from the little grappler. Even though Mike never talked about it, the prank had unnerved Mike.

Two days after finding the feather on his bed, Mike had a nightmare. Mike dreamed he was clothed in a traditional white karate outfit called the gi. In his dream, Mike was laying face down a wooden gym floor. The gi had been nailed to the floor trapping Mike’s powerful body in place. The only limb that Mike could move was his right calf and foot. Mike’s dream, whoever nailed his karate uniform to the floor, drove nails every few inches through the gi beginning from where his hands protruded from the arm cuffs all the way to the where his left foot protruded from his ankle cuff. For some reason the captor only nailed the gi material along Mike’s right thigh but did not nail gi material that surrounded his right calf. Mike struggled helplessly to get away but he was only able to swing the right calf up and down. Every other inch of his muscularly body was held tightly against the floor by the nailed in karate uniform. And the heavy white material would not budge an inch.

Then Mike dreamt the small wrestler walked in front of him. His little adversary was also wearing a karate outfit and carried a hammer in one hand. As the lean wrestler sneered at Mike’s muscle bound body trapped by the karate outfit, Mike realized that it was the little man had nailed his gi to the floor. Mike’s small enemy dropped a hammer on the wood floor and picked up a devil red feather. His small foe looked at Mike and said “Looks like I have you pinned”. Before Mike could respond the little man walked toward Mike’s trapped legs. Mike felt the little man sit on his thighs and with diabolical strength pull Mike’s right calf toward him. The little man wrapped his lean arm around Mike’s sturdy ankle and trapped Mike’s brawny calf against his lean chest, Mike’s bare sole was turned up to the ceiling. Mike could feel the fiendish hot breathe of his little enemy on his bare heel. Then the little wrestler began to slowly drag the devilish red feather up and down the bottom of Mike’s bare foot. Where ever the satanic feather touched, it felt like thousands of sharp tiny fingernails vigorously wiggling against his sensitive skin. Demonic tickling sensations rushed from the sole of his tickled bare foot and took control of his powerful physique. Unable to escape, Mike spewed out maniacal laughter. And somehow Mike sensed that this would be how he would spend his eternity.

Mike awoke from that nightmare with a start. It was terrifying nightmare. But it was only a nightmare. There was never another actual encounter between Mike and the small state champion before the semester let out. A few weeks after the nightmare, Mike graduated and the incident was largely forgotten.

Until now.

The twenty nine year old man found himself once again helpless with his ticklish bare feet exposed. Even worse, the hundred of dollars he had dropped at the health spa trying to get the pedicurist to sleep with him had made the soles of his feet especially vulnerable. But no way could these little idiots have figured that out thought Mike. These little morons will probably just rip me off and leave thought Mike. I haven’t done anything to these kids.

Still Mike’s heart raced a little bit when he heard Noah speak again.” Looks like we got ourselves a situation here, Vince.”

“I am not Vince” interrupted Mike

Noah continued” Looks like we got us the Pikesville quarterback all tied down. Man, Vince you got some big feet. But your toenails look all clean and shiny and the rest of your feet look soft as a cheerleader’s tit. Are you Pikesville boys doing funny stuff on the side? You know, painting each other’s toenails and stuff in the locker room after a game?”

Brody and Zach laughed out loud

“I am not Vince, you double wide trailer park retards” snarled Mike.

“But I don’t really care what you Pikesville boys do in the locker room on a Friday night after the game, Vince. I am someone who is always more concerned about the here and now. So right here and right now, from where I am sitting on your calves and looking at the two huge bare feet of Pikesville haughty quarterback, I gotta ask. You ticklish, Vince?”

Mike hearts jumped in terror for a moment. Then he decided the best defense is offense. Mike’s strategy was to intimidate his high school captors

“I am not Vince you he he hhe he he” Mike started to curse out Noah but Noah was softly tracing the rough tips of his bony fingers across the sensitive arches of Mike’s wide feet. As Noah lightly stroked the soles of Mike’s bare feet, tickling sensations flooded the nervous system of the powerful athlete and forced his lungs to emit small chuckles. “ I am hhe he he I am he he eh stop hehe or I will hehehe”. Mike was learning it is hard to be intimidating while giggling like a school girl.

“Wow! Is Vince the mighty Pikeville’s football hero really as ticklish as a little bitch?” taunted Noah as he lightly traced his fingertips up and down the bottoms of Mike’s wildly twitching feet.

“ I am heh ehhe not eh e h Vince you hehe hehehe” replied Mike through his giggles.

“Come on; big guy” mocked Noah “you enjoyed laughing at our school on our own field. Let’s hear you laugh now, Vince! “ With that said Noah began to tickle the soles of Mike’s big feet in earnest. His fingernails increased the intensity and speed with which they ran over the soft soles of their ticklish victim. Nerve jarring sensations rushed up Mike’s robust legs and drilled deeply into his brain. A roar of laughter exploded from his lungs.


Zach and Brody had cruel smiles on their faces as they listened to the roaring laughter of their arrogant victim. Noah’s grin stretched from ear to ear as he tickled the big feet of the muscle bound man who had disrespected him and his friends in the local bar. The skinny man was filled with pleasure as he watched the beefy feet of the arrogant city boy twist and curl in wild attempts to escape Noah’s touch. It reminded Noah of watching a fish that had been pulled from the water jumping in desperation.
But just as a landed fish is unlikely to escape his fate, Mike’s feet were unable to escape the cruel attack of Noah’s fingers. Noah would run his bony fingertips up the center of one of Mike’s soles, then grasp the sides of both Mike’s feet and tickle vigorous until Mike pulled his feet free, then run a single fingernail across the tops of Mike’ Mike’s feet. The entire time Mike’ laughter and impotent threats filled the air.

Like a pack of experienced predators running their prey to ground, the three men knew that Mike would not be able to continue to fight with so such vigor for an extended period of time. And once he was exhausted, that would be the moment the three men would repay the bar room bully.

“I am gonna keep taking the piss and vinegar out of him” whispered Noah to Zach and Brody “ See what you can find around here to make this payback something our buddy won’t soon forget. And don’t forget to stay out of his sight. Sheriff Cody finds out about this , he will charge us with kidnapping and assault. So stay out of his sight.”

Zach and Brody disappeared into the darkness while Noah continued to tickle Mike’s big bare feet. Mike’s laughter was becoming more desperate as Noah learned the zone’s on Mike’s feet that were most ticklish. By the time, Zach and Brody returned with a random collection of items that may be useful, Noah had come up with some evil plans. Mike was becoming tired and his ability to keep twisting his feet away from Noah’s fingers was slowing. Taking one of the goose feathers Zach had retrieved from the edge of a nearby pond, Noah sawed the feather in the space between Mike’s big toe and his second toe. Mike exploded with laughter and then renewed the vigor with which he wiggled his feet.

“Pay dirt” whispered Noah” Now we begin to pay this guy back in earnest. His toes are hyper ticklish and I figured out a way to keep his feet still.”

“Hey Vince” yelled Noah as he slide off Mike’s calves.

“I am not Vince” replied Mike still believing that he was a victim of mistaken identity not the target of the men he had abused in town “ I am not Vince you little assholes. Now let me go or I am going to beat the hell out of you and your dads. I am not kidding.” Mike waited for response. The kid got off his calves. Mike thought “ Maybe I scared them off. I do not hear the punks. For a moment Mike felt a flash of pride that he had driven the kids off. But the pride quickly disappeared when he felt some bony legs place a scissor lock around his feet. The bottoms of his feet were pressed against his attacker’s left leg while his attacker’s right leg was pressed against the top of hi s feet. Mike figured whoever put him in the scissor leg must have crossed his legs at the ankles as Mike could no longer move his feet to and fro. But Mike smirked to himself that the kid had covered up Mike’s soles. What an idiot thought Mike.

“ Hey Vince “ called out Noah. “ Please don’t beat up our dads. We love our dads.”

Mike could hear the three kids snickering and he was getting angry.

“Our dads used to play this little game with us. It was called this little piggy. Did your dad ever play that game with you, Vince?”

It was at that point Mike realized that although the soles of his feet were trapped between some kid’s bony legs, his toes were exposed and vulnerable. And he could not wiggle his feet at all. He felt fingers grasp his big toe.

“Remember Vince??”

“I am not Vince, you stupid little…” but he was cut off by the start of a what would prove to be a devastating round of this little piggie.

Noah wiggled Mike’s big toe back and forth and taunted “This little Pikesville quarterback went to market:”

“This little Pikesville quarterback stayed home” as Noah humiliated his muscle bound victim by wiggling the second toe that was next to Mike’s big toe. Mike felt his anger turning to rage.

“This little Pikesville quarterback had roast beef” goaded Noah as he wiggled Mike’s middle toe. Noah also momentarily scratched at pad of the plump toe causing a slight surge of tickling sensation to run up Mike’s leg. Mike responded by trying to break free of the sleeping bag that held him motionless but the ropes held steady.

“I am going to beat the snot of you kids if you don’t ……”

Mike’s threats were cut off by Noah who gently scratched the pad of Mike’s second smallest toe before grabbing it and wiggling it. Mike successfully suppressed the urge to giggle while Noah mocked him saying “This little Pikesville quarterback had none.”

Noah softly scratched the soft skin under Mike’s smallest toe. A flood of tickling sensations sped across Mike’s huge body. Mike fought the urge to laugh. The towering athletic man also braced himself for whatever onset his tormentors had planned for the end of the game. Mike felt the two calloused fingers grasp his smallest toe and begin to shake to it back and forth. The mocking voice taunted “This little Pikesville quarterback went wee wee wee all the way home”.

There was second of silence. Then the onslaught on Mike’s toes began. All three men attacked Mike’s toes at the same time. Their six hands began to tickle Mike’s toes in earnest. Brody focused his attacks on the toes on Mike’s left foot. Brody began to randomly saw a goose feather in the spaces between Mikes’s desperately wiggling toes. Noah assisted Zach in tormenting the toes on Mike’s right foot. Noah used his hands to firmly push Mike’s toes backward exposing the hyper ticklish skin where each toe joined Mike’s right foot. Zach used the point of the feather to quill to tickle the soft skin.

A flood of tickling sensations raced throughout Mike’s athletic body and exploded in his brain. His lungs responded with a furious burst of forced laughter. He tried to kick his feet away but the leg lock and the combined action of the three men made that impossible. Mike was unable to do anything that could lessen the impact of the torment. He could merely try to endure the torment. As long as his captors choose to tickle his toes, Mike would continue to emit a deep screaming laughter.

The vengeful men smiled as Mike’s anguished laughter split the night air. Their bony fingers had to fight to pull apart the toes to gain access to the hyper ticklish spaces between them or to keep his large toes from bending forward to shield the sensitive skin underneath them. Their powerfully built prisoner fought furiously against the smaller men’s attack but their six hands were easily able to defeat his shielding efforts. Waves of tickling impulses surged through Mike’s over stimulated nervous system and forced his well conditioned lungs to spasm with forced laughter. The country losers could judge the impact of the relentless tickling on Mike by his wildly twitching toes and the pained volume of his bellowing laughter. But any thoughts of pity for their muscle bound victim were blocked by the memory of the humiliating treatment they had endured from the arrogant jock at the local bar. So it wasn’t mercy that drove them to slow their assault on Mike’s toes. It was desire to prolong their prisoner’s misery.

“He’s gonna pass out if we keep going at this pace” whispered Brody.

“I don’t care “replied Zach.

“I do care.” said Brody. “We still got at least two more hours till dawn. I want him to hear “Mr. Popularity” laughing the whole time”.

Once again, Brody and Zach began to argue with each other. Once again, Noah was forced to be a mediator in another dispute between the two friends. Noah’s peace making offer was that three men would take turns paying back their captive for humiliating them. The payback would be the choice of each man. Since Noah had already spent some time tickle torturing Mike, it would be Brody’s turn and followed by Zach.

Brody rapidly invent a devious manner of both tickling their handsome victim’s feet and playing a mind game at the same time. Brody had Noah again sit on top of Mike’s bound ankles which rendered Mike’s muscular legs motionless. Brody always addressed Mike as Vince in an effort to keep alive Mike’s belief that he was victim of mistaken identity, not the target of the three men he had insulted earlier that evening. Brody harassed Mike by telling him that he would not tickle him if Mike would identify the football play that was being outlined on the sole of one of his feet. If Mike failed to identify the play, the opposing team would score. And the applause of fans of the opposing team would be indicating by Brody’s fingernails running up and down the soles of Mike’s feet.

Brody used a twig to tracing small X’ and O’s representing the line up of two football teams on the sole of Mike’s bare foot. Brody would then ask Mike how to defend against the play. No matter what answer Mike would give, Brody would say Mike was wrong. Brody would then yell out “Score. The fans go wild.” As he stated the fans go wild he would begin rapidly running his fingernails up and down Mike’s feet causing the powerfully built man to roar with forced laughter.

Brody’s method of paying back the jock who had snubbed him and his two companions earlier had a touch of demonic genius. Brody was able to slowly torment Mike by drawing the pattern of X’s and O’s on the ticklish bottoms of his victim’s feet. The three men took sadistic glee in watching the bar bully’s plump toes wiggle or whole foot jump as Brody used a twig to slowly trace either a football pattern or a football play across Mike’s ticklish sole. The three men smirked in cruel glee as the bar room tough guy desperately gave answers trying to determine football plays from Brody’s nonsensical sketching of Xs and Os. The most evil aspect of the plan was to it let Mike recover enough between the attacks on his ticklish feet that he was always fully alert for the next round of intense tickling of his bare feet.

Mike was enraged at being the victim of what he believed to be three high school punks. His tall muscle bound body sweating within the tightly wrapped sleeping bag. He was still fighting to escape the sleeping bag but his captors had tied him up very well. Mike was unsuccessful in his attempts to break free. Mike was a man who was used to be in positions of power and controlling his own destiny. But now his powerful physique was held motionless and vulnerable to the whims of three little punks. Mike’s initially felt anger at being unable to stop three thugs from stripping off his boots and socks. But that anger was nothing in comparison to the fury that he felt now as the three punks toyed with his ticklish bare feet. It infuriated Mike that some little punks had turned his athletic body into a massive tickle toy that they controlled by simply stroking the bottoms of his bare feet. Mike would giggle involuntarily as a rush of ticklish sensations raced through his well conditioned nervous system as his unseen tormentor used a twig to trace X’s and O’s across the soles of his feet. His jaw was clenched tight with rage as he listened to the taunts of the young inquisitor. Mike knew the kid was playing a mind game with him but tried to answer the questions as a way of delaying any more tickling. Mike would try to brace himself against the pending torment when he heard his young tormentor yell “Score! And the fans go wild!”. But as soon as the young punk’s fingernails started rushing up and down the soles of Mike’s bare feet, his well conditioned nervous system would explode with tickling sensations. In spite of Mike’s efforts to resist, his lungs would roar with deep bellowing laughter. The thought that he was “owned” by three young punks was maddening to Mike.

But if Mike’s was enraged at the toe tickling and twig teasing he had received from Brody and Noah, he was unprepared for the vengeance that Zach had in store for the arrogant jock.

As the clock ticked down on Brody’s turn, Zach just stared at the bottoms of their prisoner’s twitching feet. Zach thought about how easily the tied up city boy was able to charm the bartender, the same woman that Zach had a crush on for years. As Zach listened to Mike’s sporadic outbursts of laughter in response to Brody’s more vigorous tickling, he thought about how the local bar patrons befriended Mike when the same locals had ignored Zach and his friends. As Zach gazed at the intruder’s big bare feet, he thought how he and his friends had been abused by the physically stronger athletes in school. Zach thought about the athletes used their bigger bodies to make Zach and his buddies the object of countless humiliating pranks. While it was true that Mike had never encountered the three men before this evening, Zach was sure that Mike’s arrogant attitude was shaped by years of favoritism that Mike had likely received due his physical prowess and outward appearance. Zach had no doubt that Mike had tormented less strong students just like the local jocks had tormented Zach and his buddies. But now, thought Zach, the shoe is on the other foot. Or laughing to himself, Zach thought, or should I say the shoes are off your feet and so are your socks. Brody’s turn is over and now it’s payback time.

Brody and Noah sat on the ground a few feet away watching Zach take his turn. Zach sat crossed legged near Mike’s bare feet. Zach used one bony hand to grasp the top of Mike’s left foot. He used the fingers on his other hand to vigorously tickle the sole pale skin on Mike’s wide arch. The baritone laughter of his muscular victim exploded across the campsite. Zach began to rake his fingers from Mike’s rough heel to the base of Mike’s plump toes. Mike’s laughter became more intense and more constant. Zach dug his fingers into the base of Mike’s plump toes and began to wiggle his fingers wildly. Mike’s emitted a high pitched burst of laughter followed by a stream of constant laughter.

Zach began to tickle both of Mike’s bare feet in earnest.

The muscle bound city boy was Zach’s plaything now, and the skinny man was intent on drawing out his victim’s misery as long as he could. Years of humiliation at the hands of men like Mike built to an inferno of rage with Zach. So now he was deriving ultimate pleasure of revenge from the fallen jock’s horrible ticklish agony! With uncanny precision, the life long loser was able to focus on the most ticklish regions on his muscle bound victim’s soft soles. Zach’s persistent stroking of the bare feet of the trapped camper sent waves of tickling sensation through the toppled athlete. The tormenting sensations forced Mike to roar with laughter in an unending ticklish anguish.

“How’s it going, Mr. Pikesville football star? “taunted Zach. “I am sure glad we got together for a couple of laughs, tough guy.”

Unlike the less severe tickling of Noah and Brody, Zach tickled Mike’s bare feet like a man possessed. Fiendishly, Zach continued the unrelenting tickling torture on the sensitive pale undersides of the restrained intruder’s big bare feet. As the scrawny loser was discovering to his sinister delight, the broad ticklish soles of his prisoner’s huge bare feet had no calluses to offer any protective buffer to the diabolical stroking of Zach’s torturous nails. Zach’s fluttering fingernails erratically stroked the length of Mike’s hypersensitive soles, fluttered along his pale arches, and endlessly circled the balls of his big bare feet. Wave after wave after wave of unbearable tickling sensation shot through helplessly bound muscle man. The night air was filled with baritone thundering painful laughter. Mike’s deep bellowing laughter was an aphrodisiac egging on his ruthless tormentor.

Mike’s body was racked with tickling sensations. Only his superb aerobic conditioning prevented him from passing out. But Mike almost hoped that he would pass out as way of escaping the unending tickling agony. His powerful body was useless to defend him. He had no escape from the tormentor working over his bare feet. And he was rapidly losing the ability to end try to fight back. Mike felt a rush of warm liquid caress his groin. It took a few moments for him to realize that he urinated on himself and was sitting in a last night’s beer. Mike was rapidly slipping into a tickling induced haze.

Noah and Brody could sense that Zach’s intense tickling had weakened the toppled jock. The struggles of towering muscular body had lessened against his tight sleeping bag bondage. Some men might have felt pity. Noah and Brody only wanted to watch Zach add to his helpless victim’s ticklish agony. They snickered and offered Zach encouragement in his tickling craze. They only stopped Zach when the first light of dawn began to illuminate the camp grounds. By this point, Mike had been tickled to a point that he was only semi-aware of that tickling was ending. Through an exhausted haze, Mike felt a cool point trace a path up and down the soles of each of his feet. He then heard the sounds of footsteps running from the campsite. Mike felt no more tickling then fell into a semi conscious sleep.

Mike heard a bunch of women yelling excitedly. Mike opened to his eyes to a bright sunny morning. As he stared at the cloudless blue sky, it tool him a moment to remember where he was and what had happened. Mike had been found by a church group that was hiking. The middle aged woman immediately over reacted to the scene and called the local sheriff. Sheriff Cody arrived at the campsite about fifteen few minutes later.

For most men, it would hard to figure out what the worst moment of that morning was. For Mike it would be easy. Some runners up for the worst moment of the morning included:

 The moment when the church ladies decided not to untie Mike until the sheriff arrived. Instead they spent fifteen minutes asking him stupid questions which he politely answered. This forced Mike to spend fifteen minutes trying to avoid looking at the fat cellulite bulging legs that protrude from the beneath their hiking shorts. Hiking group, Mike thought to himself with disdain. The only hiking these cows are doing is from donut shop to donut shop.
 The moment that Sheriff Cody and his very skinny deputy arrived. They immediately reminded Mike of Boss Hog and Barney Fife. Mike had to endure their stale coffee breath while they untied him.
 The moment they made him call Linda so they could verify his story. The sheriff insisted it was the only way to verify Mike’s identity since his wallet had been stolen.
 The moment Mike realized that the sheriff had overheard Mike referring to him as Boss Hog and his deputy as Barney Fife when he was talking to Linda on the phone.
 The moment that Mike realized the sheriff was giving Linda driving directions to the town so she could come join him.
 The moment that Mike realized he had no change of clothes with him so he was forced to sit in his urine stained underwear while the investigation went forward.
 The moment he was handed a six hundred dollar mechanic’s bill for towing his car and filling the tires with air. It was explained to him that additional charges were required as the repair shop was not normally open on Sunday.
 The moment he realized that he was going to have huge hassles replacing his ID’s and the cell phone numbers.
 The moment he had to wash his feet and then hold up his clean soles so the deputy could take pictures of the words PIKESVILLE SUCKS that his attackers had written in indelible ink on his bare soles.
 The moment that Linda arrived while Amy was still recounting her version of Mike’s antics at the bar to the sheriff and deputy. Sheriff Cody had asked Amy to come to the station top verify Mike’s story. Fortunately for the three attackers, Amy never mentioned the brush up the men had with Mike at the beginning of the evening. Amy wasn’t protecting them. The men were so insignificant to her that Amy had forgotten the men were at the bar. And Zach, Brody and Noah wisely choose to stay out of town for week while the whole incident blew over.
 Any of the many moments when Mike had to recount the humiliating story in which three attackers he believed to be high school students tied him up and then pranked him by tickling the bottoms of his bare feet.
 The moment that he realized that Sheriff Cody was not going to do anything about the attack. The sheriff explained to Mike that the high school teams were always playing pranks on each other. The sheriff explained that Mike had been a victim of mistaken identity and that he was sure as soon as the teenagers realized their mistake they would mail Mike’s wallet back to him. When Mike insisted the sheriff do more, the sheriff mocked Mike saying “what do you want me to do? Call the department of Homeland Security and tell them someone tickled your toes?
 The moment that Mike understood that he had been pranked and the little punks were going to get away with it.

Yes, for most men, any of the moments could have competed to be the worst part of all. But for Mike that moment happened as he and Linda turned to leave Sheriff’s Cody office and return home. As the young couple started out of the office, Sheriff Cody called out to Mike.

“Son, I know you do not like me. And truthfully, I am not very fond of you either. But let me give you some fatherly type advice.”

Mike looked first at the sheriff and then at Linda. Then the worst moment of the entire trip became clear. It was the look on Linda’s face when she heard the sheriff finish his advice by saying:

“You shouldn’t be camping alone.”


I had three goals in posting this tickling story.

First, I wanted to contribute something to the tickling community. It’s my way of saying thanks to all those who posted the stories and art that I have enjoyed over the years.

Second, I would especially like to single out two very creative artists, Sloth and Achilles. When I joined their website, I asked them to consider drawing two scenes. Achilles did a masterful job of drawing the scene from Mike’s nightmare where his karate outfit is pinned to the floor and the little wrestler is tickling his bare foot. Sloth did an excellent job of drawing the scene where Mike is tied in his sleeping back unable to see the three tormentors who are tickling him. This story was inspired by their artwork. Their website is http://www.achillesheelart.com. You have to be a member to see the drawings PINNED and CAMPING ALONE. But their website has a free area and a re-mastered area that hosts about twenty M/M drawings that anyone can access.

The Achilles heel art website is well worth a look for anyone who enjoys M/M tickling.

My final goal was a little self promotion. I do write erotic tickling stories but my usual story involves women ticking men. One of my e novels is currently available for some nominal charge through http://www.mtjpub.com/enovels/Instant.html. The story is only available through that publisher. By contract, I can not distribute the story directly.

It’s story of a very powerfully built drug runner who gets tangled up with the tiny inhabitants of a primitive island tribe. If you enjoy F/M tickling stories or stories where the weak overwhelm the powerful through tickling, you may want to check it out.

11-23-2007, 08:11 PM
Whoa Its a great Stroy ;)
So many details whooo *g*
I really enjoy it! Sad that only his feet are so ticklish!

I think Mike would be a very bad spy ;)

12-03-2007, 02:38 AM
very cool story =) i enjoyed it , thanks for taking the time to write it!

12-03-2007, 01:59 PM
hot hot hot !

12-18-2008, 04:19 PM
I am straight and that was a really good story!

Darth Vegeta
06-09-2009, 02:38 PM
i know i'm digging up an oldie but despite me being heterosexual, i really liked that. You should try a soldier interrogation one.

07-07-2009, 03:28 AM
a very sensous story. i might go camping now...