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leon felps
06-09-2003, 09:42 PM
sup yall, its mark. now if some of you remember i was lucky enough to tickle alot of ladies including teachers feet from elementary school all the way through high school. well there has been one teacher who as a child i always wanted to tickle her feet..shoot i just wanted to see them. this teacher was my elementary school gym teacher. she was the coach of a team that i was on when i was younger. so over the years i would always go back and say hello. basically we have had a cool relationship.

anyways as the story is titled she is a gym teacher. she was a gymnast in college and now in her..ill guess late 30s she is a good looking woman. about 5'4 brown hair and blue eyes..i guess size 7 feet. i always had a crush on her when i was younger. now she always would wear running shoes and socks. so i have never seen her feet before..even in elementary school seeing her feet was impossible. well today i decided i would go past and see her and finally ask her striaght up if i could massage her foot.

so i get to the school and as usual she is in her running shoes. after about 30 minutes of me talking to her and other teachers many thoughts in my head of just giving up and going home were running through my head. well as i had given up and was walking to my car i remember that i saw her in the caferteria waiting for some kids parents to come get them. so i went in there and was going to tell her good bye and that i will see u next year when i am home for xmas break. well!!!

as luck would have it after about 10 minutes of talking she and i were the only people left in the caferteria. she was getting ready to leave for her office when i knew this would be my only chance to make a move...so i said to her. (and just to be safe ill call her Ms.) "you always where running shoes...she then said i like open toed shoes actually...i then said to her "Mrs. M when i was younger i always wanted to give you a foot massage..so can i give you one now?" she responded by saying she would have let me do it but her feet were to sweaty now..after some pleading i finally got her to let me give her one. well we went to her office and she did soem work...just she and i talking. well the custodian came in the office cleaning and she was like i am going to leave now..but ill give u a ride to your car. well when we got in her car i asked her if i could give her that massage. i told her it would only take 10 minutes. so as we got to the other side of the parking lot my heart was racing. she told me she wasnt going to take her sock off. when we parked she took her shoe off and placed her socked size 7 right foot in my lap. i was getting turned on like crazy..so i start massaging..you know the usual.rubbing the balls of her feet. i had to feel her feet in my hand. so i asked if i could see if she had nice feet..so i took her sock off. WWWOOOAA!!! i was not ready for how soft and wet her feet where. but what got me was her toes were not on point...yeah she really needed a pedicure..haha. but her feet were so soft so as i was massaging her feet i covered her toenails with my hand so i wouldnt have to see them..haha. anyways while rubbing her arch and toes i was going nuts. they were so soft and wrinkly. she then asked me how i could do that since they were so wet. i said i have a foot fetish..she only laughed and was like..so i guess thats how u get girls how..rub there feet. i replied no..but deep down i was lieing..
anyways back to the massage. i raised her foot a bit so i could see her sole in the side mirror...it was so perfect looking that i had to see if she was ticklish. so i asked her if she was and started running my fingers of my right hand on various parts of her foot. i started at the ball of her right foot and worked my way up to her toes. it was when i reached the ball of her foot that she let out a little laugh and said it tickled. she just sat there and smiled and jerked her foot everynow and then. however i coudl tell she was enjoying it because later when i was tickling she said it felt good. so she could have pulled away when it started tickling again. she just sat there and said it tickled so much. i told her its only laughing...anyways for the next 10 minutes i just sat in her car rubbing and tickling her right foot. everynow and then tryin to tickle her toes. it was mostly when i hit the balls of her foot did she start laughin and smiling. her foot was so soft..i mean guys i was in heaven. finally after so more tickling on her arch and ball of her foot she said she had had enough with a smile. she put her shoe and sock back on and said her foot was now tickling. she thanked me for it and i told her when i get back..in the same fashion..waiting for everyone to leave i was gonna ask if if could give her another foot massage. she just smiled at me.

so basically i tickled and older teachers foot today...it was soft that as i am sitting here writing this i am still going crazy. now that i know she likes it..next time i see her which could be this thursday night...MAYBE!!!...i am going to start with massaging both of her feet and then ask if i can tickle them. i figure if she allowed me to tickle her feet today and didnt say anything that it will be cool...so yeah. i say after 21 years of tickling ladies feet i still have those skills...haha..anyways..catch yall later

sole seeker
06-10-2003, 02:01 PM

I'd bet most of the folks on this forum have had the desire to tickle their past teacher's feet, but didn't work up the nerve to try. I know I fall into this category! ;)

leon felps
06-10-2003, 05:53 PM
its aight if you fall in the catergory...i went on a drought when i got in college but with time i worked my magic and regained my skillz..haha..anyways u never know...next time u are with a female just ask the question..dont be scared. worst thing she can say is..no..its aight ill pass on a foot massage. not like you have to tell a woman everytime that you have a foot/tickle fetish. nevertheless thats my 2 cents for the youngsters out there..

sole seeker
06-11-2003, 02:08 PM
And excellent advice it is, Leon... except if you're married.

If you are a married man, I suggest you consider how your mate will take the idea of you asking to stroke some other chick's foot. After all, you gotta sleep sometime! :weird: