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A Warriors’ Weakness
by FoxyRoxy

Everyone has at least one. Though being the Te Xuan Ze she never thought much about it. She had super human strength and enhanced agility. She could cast spells, use potions, the works Never once did it ever cross her mind. Why should it? She was ‘The Protector’, nothing could best her. So she went about it in the same manner. Punching out demons and thwarting any that dared to disturb the peace of Orchid Bay. Still she cared not about that one thing. A thing which all heros have, a weakness. Yet she was about to come face to face with it. And in the most unlikely of places, a sleep over.

I. Slumbering Affair

It was a peaceful night in Orchid Bay. Not much had happened that week for Juniper. It was times like this she enjoyed the most. Being the Te Xuan Ze wasn’t what it was cracked up too be. Not too mention she never wanted to responsibility in the first place. She would rather be hanging with her friends then battling a century old monstrosity. Lucky for her she had gotten her wish. There was hardly any disturbances and that allowed her to spend a night at her friend Ophelia’s. It was very rare for Ophelia to host a sleep over. It wasn’t something she often did, but this was a special occasion. Special because someone of her acquaintance was visiting. That someone happened to be, Ashley.

Ashley happened to be a Good Witch in training. No one knew this but Juniper and sometimes she wanted to forget. It wasn’t that she was a bad person, though she had a reputation for being annoying, well Juniper thought so. Everyone else thought she was fine. In fact, they thought she the best thing ever, which drove Juniper nuts Why didn’t they see it? It was obvious the girl lived way out their. Her world practically revolved in a place were ponies flew and everything was pink and happy. She was like a living, breathing Barbie doll. Always happy and smiling. Yet no one else saw it but Juniper.

As for the sleep over, that was Ashley’s idea. A fun filled night of games, movies and hot fudge sundaes. Nothing was quite like it. The entire attic was filled with the sound of merriment. Even Juniper was having a great time. You might say that she was beginning to like Ashley’s company. Her whole Valley Girl image wasn’t as annoying. Who knows? This could’ve been a change for the both of them. However, something was about to happen. Something that would change Juniper for good.

The midnight hour had passed. All four girls had drifted off to sleep. Sometime during the night Ashley awakened. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and got up. After a trip to the bathroom she returned. She had a mind to crawl back into her sleeping bag, but something stopped her. The room was dark with just a hint of moonlight coming from the window. The light cast a glow about the three sleeping forms. At that moment a smile formed on her face. It was the perfect time, everyone else was off in dreamland. Just right for one last sleep over moment. One she had invented herself, or so she said.

While the others snoozed Ashley prepared for the big moment. Quietly she cast a spell. Suddenly a small cloud of pink smoke appeared. It was soon replaced by a large, purple feather. She took it and hugged it.

“Hello Mr. Kootchie Woochie?”, she said with a giggle.

She then made her way to were Ophelia lay. Ashley tried holding back the snickers as she tip toed towards her. She looked down at the sleeping form, how peaceful she looked. Then she knelt down. Once agin she talked to her little friend.

“Time to make Ophelia happy.”, she whispered with a hint of glee.

Slowly she took hold of the blanket. Pulling it up and over to reveal the socked feet underneath. She looked at the purple and blue stripped socks. Now came the hard part. Removing one of the socks without waking her up. As she reached for one Ophelia stirred in her sleep. Mumbled something about Roger being a dork and then settled down. Ashley sighed with relief and went back to the task at hand.

Taken a hold of the socks’ toe she started pulling. Slowly but surely it came. While this was going on she kept an eye on the other two, a specially Juniper. If either of them woke up she was in big trouble It would be very hard to explain to them what she was doing. And she didn’t want to lose any friendship with them. It was always smart to make sure nothing went wrong with this sleep over event.

It took some time but finally she was able to remove Ophelia’s sock. There laid her barefoot, defenseless against anything that might happen. For a moment she looked at it. Her foot was so cute The toes were all curled up as if they were cold. She was about to warm them up. It was time for Mr. Kootchie Woochie too have some fun. Taking the feather she began brushing the instep. Ophelia sighed in her sleep as the brushing continued. Her foot shifted a bit as if too shake off the feather. After a few more brushes her socked foot began rubbing at the bare sole. Obviously the feather was making it itch.

10-23-2005, 04:22 AM
After several seconds the foot stopped scratching. For some reason it didn’t move back to it’s original position. This gave Ashley an idea, she thought she would play a little game with Ophelia. And so she started anew. This time she went after the heel, using slow strokes. Three of them was all it took to get her foot going. While it was still scratching she brushed the ball of her foot. The socked foot went right after it. Never had she seen anything so cute She went back to the heel and then the ball of the foot, repeating this several times. But Ophelias’ subconscious must have caught on. For the socked foot was now blocking the bare one.

Ashley thought for a moment and then. This was no goo, she wouldn’t be able to continue her game this way.
“Oh you naughty socky Your not letting me have any more fun ”, she pouted. “Well if your not going to move, I’ll just have to make you.”, she smiled and dragged the feather from tow to heel.

The foot twitched some as the feather made it’s way down. It didn’t seem to like what was happening. Again Ophelia sighed as her foot twitched faster. The second time the feather made a pass her toes started to flex. After the third one it moved away. Ashley kept tickling the socked foot until it had fully exposed the other. Once it was clear she did the same to bare foot. Ophelia’s toes wiggled somewhat as the feather brushed against them. She even giggled a little. Ashley did this several times before stopping. She could see a smile forming of Ophelia’s face. It was working, but not complete. She wanted to hear her laugh before she was finished.

“Come on Ophelia, give me a laugh.”, she said. “I know you can do it.”

Then she stroked the feather under her toes. They wiggled more this time and Ophelia started to move in her sleep.

“Oh..he he...that tickles.”, she softly spoke.

Ashley kept tickling the toes, she loved to see them wiggle for the feather. During all this Ophelia could hardly stand what was happening. She was smiling and frowning. It wasn’t look before her foot started kicking. Ashley ceased the tickling when this happened. When Ophelia finally calmed down she went back too the toes. It wasn’t long before Ophelia cracked. First just a few giggles and then one big chuckle. The feather stopped and Ashley placed the sock by her foot. Taking the blanket she covered the feet. Now it was Jody’s turn.

Jody was one of the few people that called Ophelia her friend. Which was odd since they were complete opposites. Ophelia being the dark moody one, and Jody the sweet caring one. Tonight it made no difference. Tonight she was going to get a visit from Mr. Kootchie Woochie.

Moving down to the end of the sleeping bag she started to unzip it. Again she was nervous. She almost feared one of them might have awoken while she was tickling Ophelia. Thankfully that didn’t happen. But now in a silent room the sound of the zipper was twice as loud. It might just as well been a link of chain she was undoing. She tried doing it more slowly, but even that didn’t seem to silence her operation. It seemed like hours though it was probably only a few minutes to get the bag unzipped. Almost after the zipper was fully open she could see her feet. Both were bare and peeking from out under the bag.

“Hello cuties.”, she whispered. “Mr. Kootchie Woochie wants to say hi.” With that she brushed both feet from tow to heel. The feet literally jumped upward as the feather touched the soles. Already her toes were starting to scrunch up and wiggle. She knew she was going to have some fun with this one.

Ashley kept on dragging the feather up and down both soles. During this Jody began to giggle in her sleep.

“He he he...please.. don’t do that..”, she softly spoke.

10-23-2005, 04:23 AM
“Ah Are you dreaming Jody?”, she teased. “I bet you can even feel this in your dream. Maybe your dreaming your being tickled, is that it? Are you have a tickle dream Jody?”

She responded in the same manner.

So Ashley kept brushing up and down each foot. After several passes she would whisk the feather across her toes. That made Jody laugh a little more. And so she did it more.

Jody laid their with her face buried in her arms, the same position she was before this happened. Her body wriggling about as she giggled. When the feather pasted across her toes she would give out a small laugh.

After awhile Ashley began brushing the feather across both insteps. Her feet bounced a couple of times during this. Poor Jody was now over come with tickling.

“no...no more....”, she giggled.

Ashley didn’t stop right way. She brushed her insteps a few more times and then made one last pass across her toes. Then it was over. Her feet were once again covered up. Jody laid their breathing somewhat heavily. One could almost hear the words, ‘Thank You’ coming
from her lips.

“That was fun.”, Ashley said walking away. “Now for our friend June.”

Juniper was resting peacefully, hugging her pillow. A smile was on her face has she slumbered. She was unaware of the young girl approaching her. She breathed very soothingly, not realizing what was about too happen.

At the other end Ashley had sat down, feather in hand. She had no trouble exposing Junipers’ feet. In fact, her left foot was sticking out from under the blanket. Laying their wanting for Mr. Kootchie Woochie too come over and play.

What happened next would change both of these two girls’ lives. For at that moment, when the feather touched the sole, Juniper went crazy She let out a single laugh and slide her foot under the blanket. This made Ashley curious.

‘She couldn’t be that ticklish? Could she’, she thought as she looked at her.

Juniper was breathing a little more heavily. It was most intriguing Ashley began to wonder just how ticklish she actually was. And so she pulled away the blanket. Her feet were now huddled together. It was a cute site too behold. Her entire left sole was covered by the right foot. It was like she was trying to protect it. Yet her right sole was partially visible. And that was what she was after.

Once again she took the feather and started dragging it up the sole. Juniper squealed in her sleep and kicked her foot. Ashley did it a second time.

“Don’t do that ”, Juniper cried out as she sprang up.

She was now fully awake. She could feel a tingling sensation on her right sole. Her face was that of utter surprise. Surprised to see Ashley staring back at her.

Their was Ashley, a feather in her hand and a big grin on her face. “Hi June.”, was all she could say.

“What..what are you doing?, she asked.


“It doesn’t look like nothing too me. And what is that in your hand?”

She looked at the feather and then back at Juniper. She was trying hard too think of something. Something that could get her out of this situation. She decided to play it safe, just tell only half the story. It would work.

“Just umm...Just having some sleep over fun. How about you?”

“Sleep over fun? What kind of sleep over fun?”

This wasn’t the question she wanted to answer. Sure she could try telling her the truth. Just explain to her that you were tickling her feet with a feather, maybe add the ‘Sorry for waking you up’ bit. But she decided to take the easy way out. She said nothing, just got up and was going to make her way back to her sleeping bag. Hopefully she would forget about in the morning. It didn’t quite work out that way. For as she was taking her leave Juniper spied the object in her hand.

“Is that what I thin it is?”

Ashley turned to face her, looked back at the feather and then at her. Juniper just stood their with arms crossed. She obviously wasn’t buying anything she had said. Now she had seen the feather and it wasn’t long before she put two and two together.

She had too do something. She still was uncomfortable with the whole truth thing. So she devised a better alternative. Get rid of the evidence. And ‘poof’ the feather vanished. Now she could show her there was nothing in her hand, simple. Not quite. Juniper had seen the puff of smoke. She knew a disappearing spell when she saw one. Ashley was hiding something and she was going to get too the bottom of it. So she took her the arm and walked into a secluded part of the attic.

“Okay Ashley, spill it”
“Why June, whatever do you mean?”, she asked innocently.

“Oh come on Ashley Enough with the fakery Now what were you doing? What was in your hand both you made it disappear and why are you smiling like that ?”

She was going to say ‘Like what?’ but thought against it. Instead she tried to change the subject. That only made Juniper madder. This in turn made Ashley frightened, and when she got frightened she started rambling. On and on she went as Juniper covered her ears. All she wanted too know was what had happened, not the whole Gettysburg Address It wasn’t until she said something about a feather that Juniper perked up.

“Did you say something about a feather?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Well you did didn’t you?”


“Yes or no Ashley ”, she exclaimed.

“I might have. What difference does it make?”

“Because I saw you holding one just before you made it vanish. Now what could you be possibly be doing with one in the middle of the night.”

“Are we playing twenty question June? I love that game.”

Juniper rolled her eyes, “No Ashley were not playing Twenty Questions. I’m asking you about the feather.”

“What about it?”

Now she was doing what she did best, driving her crazy. There was no question that she wasn’t about to tell her. It was also true that she was being a pain, so Juniper tried a settle approach.

“Ashley were friends right?”

She nodded.

“And friends tell friends the truth. So just tell me what happened.”

“Okay, I did have a feather.”

“I already know that. I want to know what was happening just before I woke up.”

Ashley dug her foot in the ground and placed her hands behind her back. She was hesitating. She seemed ashamed now of what she had done. Juniper had a good guess as to what it was, but wanted to hear it all the same.


“Huh? Oh ya Well I was just playing a game is all.”

“A game? What kind of a game do you play using a feather? Is this some new god witch game or something?”

“Oh no.”, she laughed. “Just a sleep over game.”

“Ashley?”, she said. “Good this game have anything to do with tickling?”

“Maybe.”, she said lowering her eyes.

“Well is it?”


“Ashley just tell me if I’m right or not ”

“I..I can’t.”, she said shakily.

“Why on earth not ?”

“cause you’ll get mad.”


She nodded.

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Juniper realized what she had done. As before she had lost her temper. Maybe Ashley did deserve, maybe not. The point was she considered Juniper a friend. Even if Juniper at times didn’t want her company, she still wanted to be friends. She had to calm down. There was a logical explanation for all of this. And to place Ashley and logical in the same sentence was beyond rare. Still she needed, wanted to know. First thing was first, she would have to apologize. No matter how painful it was to actually admit you’d done something wrong.

Ashley of course excepted. It wasn’t her nature to hold a grudge, after all, she knew she was at fault. She should’ve told her to truth from the start. That was what she would end up doing. So she took a deep breath and told everything. Juniper stood and listened. It was making sense. So she had made up a little game to play at sleep overs. Probably wasn’t the first time she had done this. It was silly, harmless but oh so wrong. Not that there was anything bad about tickling. It’s just she never cared for it. One could say she disliked it, and if you asked Juniper she would tell you she hated it.

About the only thing she never could stand, even as a small child was to be tickled. It drove her up the wall! It made her loose control and that never was enjoyable for her. And now someone knew. Someone that also knew her role as the Te Xuan Ze. This wasn’t going to be easy. For if word got out about this, it could make her job a bit complicated. Although being ‘The Protector’ had earned her respect, it had also earned her several arch enemies. Now that her secret was out it would soon make her life a living hell! That is unless she could get Ashley to keep it between themselves. And she made it clear to her about this. No one was too know. Heck, even Ophelia and Jody didn’t know.

“Ashley you have to understand. My job, as much as I sometimes regret it, is important. If every monster in Orchid Bay knew that the Te Xuan Ze was ticklish, well they’d all line up. It is possibly my only weakness. Now you have to promise not to say a word. As far as were concerned this whole thing never happened.”

“But it did happen June. I mean wouldn’t that be like lying or something? A Good Witch isn’t suppose to lie.”

“Ashley, I’m not asking you to lie. I’m asking you to keep it between you and me. You know, like a secret.”

“You mean like friends do?”, she said with a smile.

“Ya! Like friends, sure. Now do you promise not to say anything about this?”

“Of course June! It will be our little secret. I swear on our friendship not to say anything about you being ticklish.”

Juniper watched as Ashley skipped away. Juniper watched here with a look at said, ‘I totally don’t believe you.’

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rofl nice story. (: Will it get or has it a sequel?

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Actually it's only the first chapter:) I'm almost done with the second one.

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