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06-01-2005, 02:12 AM
I don't think this is my best story - but I wrote is special just to entertain
people. I hope you all enjoy it!


When Miranda Lopez had decided to be a cop she didn't really think she'd be
doing this kind of crap. But then again, what was a girl to do? Despite women's
lib the men on the force really didn't respect her. It was one of the few that
hadn't had that many women. So they gave her crappy assignments like this.

Dressed as a prostitute, Miranda walked up and down the street, waiting for a
John so she could make her arrest and get out of this damn miniskirt.

"How much?" A voice asked - a female voice, amazingly enough.

Turning, Miranda raised an eyebrow. A young blond woman, obviously fighting a
weight problem, but beautiful with her large green eyes stood there. "Excuse

"I asked," the woman said with a sigh, "how much?"

This had to be a joke. Someone on the force got his sister to do this or
something. Well, might as well play along. "50 for 30 minutes, 100 for a hour,
over is 50 extra."

"Give you $700 for all night if you meet one requirement." The woman walked a
little closer, her eyes looking Miranda up and down. "Besides being
disease-free that is."

"I've had all my shots," Miranda said, playing the part to the hilt. "What's
the requirement?" Yep, this had to be a joke. Oh she'd get the guys for this!

"Are you ticklish?"


"You heard me. Are you ticklish? Everyone has their quirk, their fetish, their
kink. For me I can't be turned on any other way then to tie down and tickle a
woman or be tied down and tickled by a man or a woman."

Miranda chuckled and raised her arms. "See for yourself."

Of course Miranda had no idea. Unlike other kids - Miranda had never been
tickled. Her parents did not believe in touching for any reason other then a
brief squat on the butt. She had also been an only child and had gone to a
private school where again, no touching was really allowed. Miranda had no
boyfriends or girlfriends. Unlike most women - Miranda had never been tickled.
Not in fun or in torture. So she was quite unprepared for the over-whelming
sensation of fingers in her armpits. A loud, rapid-fire giggle shot from her as
the fingers did their dance. The woman stepped back and smiled.

"You'll do. Come on, I've got a room."

Now Miranda still thought this was a joke. So she decided to play along. The
guys would be there in the room laughing at her, of that there was no doubt.
After all, no one could get turned on by tickling.

So it was another surprise when Miranda found herself in a room that looked
just like a dungeon. The woman didn't even give Miranda a chance. An ether mask
was slapped onto her face and the cop was knocked out cold in a heartbeat.

When Miranda awoke she found herself in darkness - a blindfold - and tied down
to some sort of table - spread eagle - it seemed even her toes were tied -
though her nylons were still on, she could tell from the sensation of air on
her skin the rest of her was nude.

"Oh good, you're awake." The woman said. "Forgive me, but I wasn't sure you'd
allow me to tie you so I had to knock you out." Suddenly Miranda felt something
- a finger slowly moving along her side. She giggled loudly. "I've never met
anyone so ticklish before." The woman continued. "I think I'm going to have fun
with you."

Miranda didn't even get a chance to say anything. Since she couldn't see she
had no chance to prepare herself for the feather duster as it was moved in a
rapid dusting motion over her belly and chest. "Hehehhehehe!" Miranda giggled,
squirming. Her police-academy hardened muscles jerked as she was tickled. The
feathers sliding so easily over her skin. It felt strange - soft and teasing
and erotic all at once. "Sthahahaaop!"

"No - I don't think so -" The woman said as she dusted Miranda's armpits -
first one then the other.

After a half-hour of this the woman must've tired of it, for suddenly Miranda
felt maddeningly tickling fingers all over her torso - even her breasts were
ticklish. Her training kept her from feeling too tired and strained, still, she
was starting to ache from all the laughing. The woman stopped and let Miranda
drink some water before digging in again, telling her the entire time how
attractive she was as she was tickled. Teasing her verbally as her fingers
danced in Miranda's belly button.

Slowly the woman tickled her way lower and lower - attacking Miranda's knees
with tickles and pinches until the cop was in hysterics. "Are you a ticklish
lady? Yes you are! Are you ticklish - here?" The woman's fingers stroked
Miranda's nylon-covered legs, making the giggle into a guffaw. Then suddenly it
got much worst -

A light feathering on Miranda's nylon-covered soles. Miranda shrieked as the
tickling sensations hit her nerve endings. Causing her to thrash as much as her
bonds would let her. If her upper body was bad - then her nylon-clad feet were
laugh-screamed as the thin, nylon- covered skin between her toes was attacked.

The woman just kept teasing, kept tickling. "Writing" on her soles, nibbling,
licking, and kissing. Much to Miranda's surprise the officer found herself
getting aroused. Suddenly a feather flicked against her nylon-covered clit as
the woman tickled Miranda's right foot - just that one brush sent the officer
into a mind-numbing orgasm. She laugh-screamed as she came. Then passed out....

"Miranda?" A male voice asked as the world came into view. "Hey there,

"Lieutenant?" Miranda asked with a laughter-hoarse voice. Her sides and belly
ached from all the recent exercise and her thighs felt sticky.

"Don't talk." Lt. Dannver said as he stroked the officer's dark hair. "You're
going to be okay. But damn it, you should've arrested the bitch. Didn't anyone
tell you about the Tickler?"

"N-no. Thought - it - joke...." Miranda coughed a bit, gratefully accepting
water as a glass was pressed to her lips.

"Damn it!" The Lt. cursed. "The Tickler has been tickling hookers into
unconscious - usually against their will - for months now, but we haven't been
able to get her until now. You're lucky - she didn't gag you and someone
upstairs heard your laughter filled pleas for help."

Miranda just nodded and closed her eyes - falling into a deep natural sleep,
brought about by being over-tired from being tickled senseless. The strange
sense of arousal still with her....


The woman sat in the car awaiting transport to the state jail. Her sentence had
been passed and she would be there for the next five years.

It was a huge surprise when she saw the cop - that damn bitch who had dressed
as a whore - step into the back. The men up front drove for awhile. Then
stopped. "We'll be right back, Miranda, have fun," the driver called out, then
there was a slamming of doors.

The Tickler fixed Miranda with an icy stare. "So what now."

The cop smiled and shrugged as she slide off the bench and sat at the Tickler's
feet. Slowly she reached out and began to take off the helplessly handcuffed
woman's shoes. "Tell me something, are you ticklish?"

~The End~

Heather & Anna
06-01-2005, 05:51 AM
Lovely and this is what is needed!
Heather and Anna

sole seeker
06-01-2005, 08:12 PM
THIS should be an episode for COPS!

Good story. Enjoyable read.

F.L. Atlanta
06-01-2005, 08:45 PM
Good story! Very 'captivating' ;)