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03-31-2003, 10:14 PM
This is a true story that happened a few weeks ago.

My wife gets her hair cut by a stylist who is located a few blocks from our home. Besides being a great stylist and being very convenient, the stylist is also a former classmate of my wife's. Her appointment is usually set after hours to accomodate my wife's busy work schedule, and I sometimes will stop on my way home to check in on them.

On this particular visit, I was a little early (as planned!) and found that my wife was having highlights put in her hair. She was in a reclining positiion with her head leaning back over the sink and could barely look up to acknowledge me. I told her "don't bother getting up", and she just laughed and said she had to sit still while the stylist was doing the application. We all chatted for a few minutes, and then I positioned myself at her feet. I bent down and slowly started to remove her shoes. She asked me in a rather startled voice, "what are you doing?"
I told her not to worry, that I had a surprise for her. Then I took off her knee-highs, and exposed her lovely, pink, size 7 1/2 feet. She was still in a reclining position and trying desperately to see what I had in store for her. Her stylist was also watching very intently to see what was about to transpire.
I grasped her left foot and started to massage it for a moment. Then I pulled her toes back and started to scribble my fingers underneath them. She started to giggle nervously, and tried not to move, but I continued to tickle her foot while she was unable to get away. After a few minutes of this torture, I did the same thing to her right foot, tickling her down her arch to her heel. She wasn't very happy about being tickled in this way, but I had been thinking about doing this for some time. I asked her, "you really like it when I massage your feet this way, don't you?" She did all she could not to laugh, but just gave me this leering look, as if to tell me to stop it right now! I then said that her feet were dry and needed to be moisturized, and pulled out a tube I had hidden in my pocket. I saturated both feet with my favorite scented lotion and proceeded to knead, tickle, massage, tickle, rotate, tickle (you get the picture!) until the lotion was all worked into her beautiful pink feet. She was almost at wits end by the time I finished, and I invited her stylist to see for herself just how soft and pretty her feet were. My wife was really shocked when her stylist reached down and obliged herself by stroking her feet, and then, tickling her soles! I couldn't believe it either. After that, I placed my wife's shoes back on and told her that I was going home to check on things. I gave her a kiss on each instep, and said that I'd see her later. I thanked her stylist for letting me "massage" my wife's feet while she highlighted her hair. She replied, "you can come back anytime to give a foot massage." I wonder if she meant for me to come back to massage my wife's feet anytime, or to come back to massage "her" feet anytime?
I'll let you know!

sole seeker
04-01-2003, 02:16 PM
Damn fine post, Mick! :awe:

I too love to tickle ladies' feet when they're helpless in real life settings. Unfortunately it hasn't come up in the time I've been married. (Well, it did about fifteen years ago when I was in another marriage, but I posted those stories some time back in another thread.) ;)

BTW, you write very well. Nice grammar and spelling, and your story flowed well without making me stop to decipher what the heck was being said. :confused:

I'd love to hear more about this type of situation in general, and specifically I'd like to know what develops in the future at the beauty parlor. :cool:

04-02-2003, 01:47 PM
Thanks, Sole Seeker! You are too kind.

I have nothing (as yet!) to report on the stylist, but I'm working on a plan to get my hands on her feet, as we speak. I've seen them only once, and they are lovely and very inviting!;)

I'll post some other true wife tickling stories soon.:)

04-03-2003, 12:50 AM
I must say that was a very entertaining reality story. Good job man, maybe next time ya can take pictures aye?

04-06-2003, 11:45 PM
I believe it is so wonderful to tickle a womans feet!!!!!
:D :D :D