View Full Version : tying and tickling my aunt( true story)

03-29-2003, 07:08 AM
After spending years, chidhood thru teens, tickling my aunts feet while she slept, I decided to try and do it while she was awake. This is really the second time I had tied her and tickled her. Both times it was under the ruse of showing her a magic trick. The first time wasn't much due to my nervousness.This time,the second was much better. It was only a few weeks after the first time. My grandparents were out shopping leaving my aunt Theresa, who was about 28 or 29 at the time and me alone in the house." Do you still want to see that magic trick? I really do have one." I asked. She looked suspicious at first but said okay. I pulled out four scarves and belts and tied her spreadeagle to her bed. My heart was racing especialy when I tied her pretty feet which were bare. Once I had her secured I said," You're so gullible." and began tickling her armpits." NOOOO STOOOOP IIIT" she screamed and began bucking on the bed. "OOOH GOD,stooooop,
aahhaahaaaa GOD" she began laughing uncontrollably and pleading with me to stop in between gasps of air. I tickled her armpits and ribs for several minutes and then went to her soft feet. I sat next to her right foot and held it by the ankle." Don't tickle my foot, pleeeease aahhaahaahaa." was all she got out. I held her ankle tightly and began running my fingers along the bottom of her smooth foot." NOOO,DOOON'T HAAHAAAHAA" I held onto her foot and slid my fingers along sole. A rich,deep laugh came out of her as she lay there struggling to get free while I tickled her right foot." STOOOOOP, aaahhaaahaahaaaaheeehaaa" The house seemed to fill with her laughter and I was afraid the neighbors might hear. She gave in to the tickling and lay there laughing, her head tossing from side to side and her back arched. Unfortunately her left foot worked free and she started kicking my with it. I stopped before my spinal cord got crushed and untied her. She lay there laughing and giggling but never got angry. In fact she apologised for kicking me and asked if my back was okay. I said it was and we spent the rest of the night like nothing had happened. several weeks later I got her a third time.

01-27-2006, 03:12 PM
man that is a great story. do you have anymore of you tickling her?

01-29-2006, 03:32 PM
Not a bad little story you got here. I enjoyed it. If you dont mind some constructive criticism try to put some more of a build up in your future stories. It makes the reader anticipate and that is part of the excitement. Other than that, fine work! :D