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03-29-2003, 03:12 AM
I've loved tickling women all my life and one of my prime targets as a kid was my Aunt Theresa. Her feet are incredibly ticklish. She's about ten years older than me and as a kid I would sneak into her room at night while she slept and tickle her feet. I hadn't seen my aunt in a long time except holidays. When I began working in the town of Boston I would stay overnight at my Grandmothers for the convenience. My aunt is a very pretty woman, long black hair, good figure and a very pretty face. She was about twenty eight at the time. I'm not attracted to my aunt, I just love tickling her feet. One Sunday morning I got in from working the early shift about four a.m. Everyone in the house was asleep including my aunt. Her door was open and I could see her face by the sliver of light in the hallway and knew what I had to do. I carefully walked into her bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. Being wintertime she had the blankets pulled all the way up to her chin. She was sleeping on her stomach and I followed the outline of her legs to her feet at the end of the bed. I had prepared for this moment earlier in the night. The firstthing I always did when I got to my grandmothers house was go upstairs to my aunts room while everyone was downstairs and pull the sheets, and blankets out from where they were tucked between the mattress'. They weren't out enough to be noticed by pulled to the very edge to make what I was about to do easier. I slowly folded back the blanket, she didn't move, then the sheet, I looked and she was still sleeping deeply, she went out that night and the alcohol was helping me, I pulled the sheet all the way to expose her soft feet. They were side by side and wrinkled from laying on her stomach. They looked pale from the light in the hall and I knew from past experiences they were smooth and soft. I checked again to see she was still asleep and began. I touched the sole of each foot to see her reaction. She lay still. Then I lightly ran my index finger along her heel and across her sole. No reaction her foot didn't twitch. Time to increase the pressure. I began fluttering my fingers along the sole of one foot and in the arch This time her foot began to twitch. I could see a slight smile form on her sleeping face and I added my other hand to her other foot. Both feet began to twitch and move slightly. I stopped when she brushed one foot with the other but started agin when she replaced side by side. I tickled her feet non stop for about fifteen minutes alternating from fluttering strokes to single finger slides along the length of her feet. Although she never really laughed she would sometimes moan and gasp. I wanted to lick her feet so a bent my face close and caught the sent of soap and talcum. I began licking her foot. Long licks from heel to toes and back. I licked both feet for several minutes and then went back to tickling. As I was tickling her this time she let out a loud gasp and pulled her feet away. When my heart started beating again I decided it was time to stop so I put the sheets and blankets back and left the room as carefully as I had entered. I hope you enjoyed this story. It's 100% true. I had other tickling times with my aunts feet I'll try to post them.

03-30-2003, 09:43 PM
Hi Tickle 56. It was very exciting. There's a combination of arousel and fear that makes your heart race. I'm like to hear of your experiences.