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03-18-2005, 02:27 AM
Here's part two, I'm gonna finish it off in part three

After the string had been pulled through the last toe, she stopped and pondered, wondering how to torture me next.
“Where should I go next girls?” She asked. One of the girls came forward and whispered something into Claire’s ear, that was her name, I should have mentioned it earlier but when you are being driven half-mad from tickling you tend to forget these things.
“That is a very good idea Stacey!” Claire praised, “I think he’ll think so too”. She knew I wouldn’t, but she wasn’t the one tied down. With that she proceeded to draw her finger along my leg up to my belly button. She then straddled my hips, giving her unrelenting access to my entire upper body.
“This is going to be fun!” Claire giggled. Suddenly she dropped her long nails onto my stomach and began scribbling furiously.

“Lets not and say we did!” She suggested and continued her assault, moving up to my ribs. I thrashed and bucked and yelled and laughed. It was as if that was all I knew how to do. Like a machine programmed to do a certain function. Mine was to be a tickle slave to these ten evil, but gorgeous cheerleaders.
Stacey and another girl each took a spot. Stacey wanted my armpits and the other girl my feet. This new wave of sensations drove me to a point that I hadn’t reached ever, silent laughter. My throat could not produce a sound. A stupid grin etched on my face with spasms of movement that was supposed to be laughter.
At that point, if I remember correctly, they stopped. This must have been oh so satisfying to them. A male, broken to point like no other, by cheerleaders. I must have continued giggling for another five minutes until finally I stopped as well, looking blankly up at the fluorescent lights shining down like rays of heaven. Just one problem, I was in the other place.
“Claire, the principal is coming!” Chelsea, another girl, stammered.
“I’m saved” I managed to announce. All the girls scattered as the principal, a female as well, entered. All left, except Claire, she remained standing next to my near lifeless body.
“You’re gonna get it you bitch, suspension, expulsion, it all sounds good to me!” I thought to myself as I smiled for the first time on my own.
“Hi mommy!” She chirped. My heart skipped a beat.
“MOMMY!” I groaned, “NOOO!”
“Claire, what in the hell are you doing?!” Her mom demanded.
“It wasn’t our fault!” Claire cried, “He made us do it!” The bitch, first she tickles me to near death and then blames the whole damn thing on me.
“Really?” Her mom asked, looking over to me. I glared back, shaking my head back and forth, forming the word “no” with my lips.
“Yeah, this guy is a real loser! He said that if we didn’t do as he said he would try to . . . um . . . well you know!” Claire said. I couldn’t believe it, the worst lie in the book and the mother was falling for it.
“Well, then, I think you are in some serious trouble young man!” the Principal exclaimed. I sank back, almost in tears. In a sudden bolt of desperation I strained against my bonds, but to no avail.
“You’re not going anywhere!” Claire said.
“She’s right, I think its best that you stay down here until the end of the pep rally” the Principal said, “after the rally we will determine your punishment for this, come on girls the rally will be starting in about an hour so get ready”.
“Mommy?” Claire asked, “can I pleeeaaassseee stay down here and keep an eye on him, he seems so strong”, she rubbed my stomach, resulting in a jerk and laugh on my part, “I don’t want him escaping without being punished for what he did”. She smiled that bitch, fake, innocent smile.
“Very well, he looks desperate enough!” the Principal joked.
“If only you knew!” I said to myself. Well, now things had gone from bad to worse, the only person who probably could have freed me from my torturer was a clueless dope and now I am all alone with a sadistic liar. When every one left, she straddled me once more.
“We’re going to have so much fun, and with my mom, the principal, on my side, your life is about to become a living hell”.
“Once I get free, we’ll both share this living hell”, I snapped back.
“Sounds like some one is sad, let’s make him a bit happier!” she said, “I’ll start off slow this time”. With that she began to trace circles around my belly button with her long, red nails.


“A very ticklish spot your belly button is!” she exclaimed.


It was all I could say at the present time.
“I wonder how ticklish the inside is; hold on, I have just the tool for that!” Claire declared. She reached back behind her, tickling my right foot as she passed it. When she turned around, in her hands was an eye shadow brush, the things women use to apply eye shadow, obviously.
“Wait a minute, I think it’s a little dirty”, Claire said gleefully, “I’ll have to clean that out, you can’t go walking around with a dirty, little belly button”. She got up and went into the next room. When she returned, she revealed her ‘plan’ to clean my belly button. In the palm off her hand was a towel. In the towel were three, large ice cubes. She straddled me again and taking one of the ice cubes.
“Let’s clean!” And with that she placed it on top of my belly button.


“I can’t, I must clean!” was her excuse. She pushed the ice cube up a little bit and slowly twirled the brush around, all the while whistling some dumb Snow White song.


Finally, she removed the brush and the ice cube. I heaved for every breath, trying to lift my head so I could show that she had not crushed me fully. Claire got off of me and came around above my head. She had enough of my stomach and wanted to tickle the crap out of my armpits.
“I can’t remember how ticklish your armpits were!”
“Why don’t you find out, your gonna do it any ways why not start!” I gasped. I figured acting like I wanted it would cause her not to tickle me any more. I guessed wrong.

03-18-2005, 05:44 PM
Cool! Thanks for Part 2. By any chance is there a Part 3 on the way? ;)

03-18-2005, 08:53 PM
Very nice, the addition of 'identity' to the ticklers adds a lot. I look forward to part three. :happy:

03-19-2005, 03:32 AM
Cool! Thanks for Part 2. By any chance is there a Part 3 on the way? ;)

You better believe it! Part three is gonna be crazy