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The Wheel of Laughter

Ashley, Cassie, Brenda, and Carissa found themselves in a plain wall room. The room was totally empty except for a huge wheel about ten feet in front of them. The wheel was about four feet across and divided into four equal parts. It looked like a wheel from a carnival. Metal pegs lined the perimeter of the wheel with a thin flexible metal strip on the top of the wheel. In each quarter was inscribed their names. The ladies tried to move but were unable because they were securely strapped in modified dentist chairs. They tugged and pulled with all of their might but it was impossible to break the bonds or even slip out of them.
“What’s going on here?” asked Ashley.
“I have no idea.” Replied Cassie as she continued to fight to get freed.
“Can anyone get loose?” questioned Carissa.
“I can’t.” answered Brenda with her Texas draw.
“I wonder who is behind this?” asked Ashley.
“I have no idea, but they have a sick sense of humor.” Replied one of the other gals.
Without any warning a billow of smoke appeared. When it dissipated, a man was seen. To the ladies surprise it was Simon.
Simon had worked the ladies at the local dollar store before moved on to bigger and better things.
“Hello, ladies.” He asked with great excitement. “I hope that you are all comfortable.”
“Why are you doing this, Simon. And what happened to you?” asked Ashley.
“I’ll answer the last question first. I found a bottle that turned out to be the bottle of a Djinn, a genie. I had the three wishes in a way that I have become a very powerful freed Djinn.”
The ladies did not like how this might turn out.
“Now the first question, ‘Why am I doing this’. Well, to tell you ladies a little secret is that for as long as I can remember, have had a major tickle fetish.”
He looked to see their eyes grow huge with horror and disbelief as if saying; “He did not say what I thought he said”
“That’s right.” He continued. “I love to tickle women. The more ticklish the better.”
Simon paused to see them struggling even more adamantly to get freed from their bonds.
“It is no use. You will be set freed only when I want to you go and not a moment less. Trust me. You had better save your strength because you are going to need it.”
Simon turned to the wheel. “You may wonder what this wheel is here for. It is here to determine how your ticklish fates will begin. I call it ‘The Wheel of Laughter’. I spin it and the name it lands on that person will be mercilessly and sadistically tickle tortured to my heart’s content and beyond.”
The more Simon talked the more scared and terrified the ladies became. Each started thinking about their most ticklish tickle spots and pondering how it would be like to be tickle tortured.
Cassie her horribly ticklish feet.
Ashley her upper-body.
Brenda her feet and knees.
Carissa everywhere.
“Any last words, ladies?”
“P-Please don’t do this” begged Carissa. “I thought we were friends. You’re one of the good guys.”
The others agreed.
“Don’t you all remember the questions I asked about your ticklishness. The ‘dreams’ I had about you being in the saw-the-woman-in-a-box magic trick. I did this to find out if you were ticklish, how ticklish, and where you were the most ticklish. Now I get to fulfill my tickle dreams I have fantasized about you ladies.”
Simon stepped towards the wheel and gave it a good strong spin.
“One other thing. I have dreamt about tickling each of you nigh after night while masturbating.”
The women cringed at the thought of Simon spanking his monkey with them in his thoughts.
The wheel spun for what seemed forever. The ladies closed their eyes and prayed as they heard the metal pegs quickly brushing against the metal strip. The wheel started slowing down. Slower and slower it continued its deceleration. The suspense was almost unbearable for the ladies. Final the last few plinking sounds came to an end. The gals held their breath as Simon spoke the name of the first person.
“And it’s the Kewpie Doll.” Said Simon with great delight.
Cassie’s eyes popped open with great fear and terror. Her heart stared pounding harder and harder as she saw Simon coming towards her with a shark’s grin.
“Ready for some laughs, Kewpie Doll?”
“No. P-Please don’t. Don’t tickle me.” She pleaded with her lovely blue eyes.
Cassie was a nineteen-year old who weighed between 100 to 110 pounds. She was about 5 ft. 5in. tall with long sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, sweet adorable face with big dimples. She has a great body with curves in all of the right places. But don’t let these cherub looks fool you. Cassie can drink with the best of them and she smokes like a smokestack.
Cassie was instantly transported to a corner of the room and buried in the floor with only her head and feet shoulder width apart sticking out.
Simon went over to her and sat at her feet.
“P-Please don’t do this.” Begged Cassie as Simon began to untie her shoes and remove them and her socks. “I-I can’t stand to be tickled. Please, please don’t do this.” She begged and pleaded even more with the definite look of fear on her sweet face.
Simon started stroking the soles of Cassie’s feet. She gushed a river of sweet hysterical childish laughter. Simon remembered the first time he saw Cassie’s naked feet. She has cute small slender feet with high arches and fleshy pink wrinkled soles. Next, he got a nylon basting brush and started brushing an oily substance on her soles. After about a minute of coating her soles, Simon produced two kittens.
“Remember her, Cassie? It is your cat Cuddles and her friend Wuddles. They love the tuna oil I coated your feet with and they are quite hungry.”
With that he placed the cats on the floor and they took their positions at Cassie’s helpless naked insanely ticklish feet.
Cassie threw her head back in unbridled laughter as she felt the rough sandpaper textured tongues of the cats sliding up the bottoms of her feet. Simon had caused her toes to fan out so the cats can easily lick in between her cute toes. This was not good for Cassie because it just caused the tickling to be even more maddening when the cats licked her toes.
The other three sat there totally helpless as they heard Cassie soon screaming and hollering in pure hysteria. They started crying for Cassie out of sympathy for her and knowing that they will soon be in the same ticklish situation.
After about five minutes, Simon came back to the others. The wheel changed to be split into third sections.
“Lets see who will be next.” Stated Simon as he gave the wheel a good spin. Simon looked at the wheel with tears trickling down their faces. The wheel started to slow down till it landed on “BRENDA”.
“Your next.”
Before Brenda could do or say anything, she instantly popped to one of the corners. Brenda was suspended about two feet off the floor in the spread eagle position. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt, snuggle denim jeans shorts, and snow white KEDS, no socks.
Brenda was 33 years old. About 5ft. 5in. tall, shoulder length wavy blonde hair, big beautiful blue eyes, and fleshy pink skin. Simon really took an interest in her when Brenda started coming to work wearing pink thong sandals. She would change into her snow white KEDS with no socks. There were times he’d follow her like a puppy to the break room and watch Brenda change shoes. Simon would get his fill of seeing the soles of Brenda’s rich pink soles.
Brenda looked and saw that she had kneepads on. “The knee pads.” Spoke Simon. “Will vibrate at various pulses and intensities. These will be perfect for those ticklish knees of yours.”
Brenda started laughing uncontrollably as the pads came to live and she feeling the extreme tickling sensation surging from her knees. She began bucking about in a vain attempt to knock the pads off, but it was to no avail. Next, Simon had a pair of disembodied female hands appear at her feet and begin to methodically and sadistically tickle the soles of her feet. This caused Brenda to go absolutely bonkers in wild hysteria. She felt the long killer fingernails lightly scratching her fleshy soles. Friends and family had tickled her in the past, harmless stuff, but it was nothing like what she was experiencing now. Soon Brenda was consumed in the thralls of a state of silent hysterical laughter. Her twisted and contorted face had blushed into a bright rich shade of tickled pink. Tears were streaming from her eyes and Brenda’s body was trembling in pure hysterics. She was simply beside herself.
Simon returned to the last two gals. The wheel had been changed to two halves with their names in each.
He spun the wheel. It was clearly seen that Ashley and Carissa were not liking this “game”. They wanted to close their eyes, but at the same time they wanted to see the outcome. The wheel came to rest on “CARISSA”.
“You’re next, Laughing Girl.”
In the blink of an eye, Carissa was in a corner and placed in full body stocks. She was seated with her hands, head, and feet in stocks. She tugged and pulled to get out of it, but it was no good.
“I still remember the night your boyfriend and I tickled you silly. I loved it, and this is going to be even more great.”
“P-please! Don’t do this. Y-You know how ticklish I am.”
“Yes I do.” Replied Simon. “ That is why I have you here.”
Before Carissa could say anything, her shoes and socks vanished revealing her big white feet and her creamy white soles. Furthermore, he placed toe spreaders in place that were made of solid brine.
“The spreaders I’ve are made of brine. Goats love this stuff. As they lick your horribly ticklish toes, the brine will dribble down the soles of your feet and the goats will start licking your feet.”
The goats appeared and went to work on Carissa’s toes. Her eyes just about popped out of her head as she felt the rough tongues of the goats licking to hyper-ticklish tootsies. She stared screaming and hollering like a banshee. Simon loved it. In a matter of seconds, the brine started running down her feet, and the goats started lapping it from her soles. Carissa’s hysterical laughter doubled and went into a state of silent screaming. Simon had always thought that Carissa had a really big lovely smile. Now her smile consumed more than half of her face as it went from ear to ear.
After a few minutes of watching Carissa, Simon went over to a very scared and helpless Ashley.
“Ready?” he asked.
Ashley popped up in the last empty corner. She was stretched out on a table in the spread eagle position. Her wrists and ankles were in padded stocks made out of pure adamantium. Ashley was stretched to the point of having all of the slack taken out of her, so she could hardly move a muscle.
As Simon was walking over, Ashley looked around to see the others being tickle tortured. The sheer agony on their twisted and contorted faces. Cassie’s face was beet red with tears streaming down her face. Brenda had become limp as a rag doll and her body trembling in utter and indescribable hysterics. As for Carissa, she had shaken her head so violently about due to the tickling sensation that her glasses were thrown from her face. She looked as Simon stood next to her with this evil, sadistic gleeful look. She tried to not show fear, but it was hard when all she could hear the others laughing uncontrollably and knowing that any minute she was going to be doing the same thing.
Simon caused her shirt and bra to vanish. He had always wanted to see Ashley topless. WOW!! What a sight. Ashley had amazingly flawless soft milky white skin. Perfectly perky full luscious breast, pink nipples. Nice clean shaved baby soft armpits, and her flat sexy tummy begging to be tickled. Just looking at Ashley in this situation screamed, “TICKLE ME! TICKLE ME! TICKLE ME!”
Simon showed Ashley a jar of ants.
“W-What are those for?” she asked with a clear look of fear and dread in her lovely almond brown eyes.
“These? These are ‘Tickle Ants’.” Answered Simon. “I’ll sprinkle them all over your upper body. They will painlessly burrow just underneath your young fresh skin and tickle you to sheer madness.”
Ashley gasped in fear at what she just heard only to feel moments later the ants falling on her insanely ticklish flesh. Simon was right. Seconds later Ashley started laughing hysterically as she felt the insanely ticklie itch of the ants crawling all over her naked upper body.
Simon looked to see the ants crawling just below her skin. Since Simon loves feet so much, he went to Ashley’s feet and folded up her pants legs, and removed her shoes and socks. Ashley has stunningly lovely feet. Snow white feet with nice fleshy pink sole and high arches. Simon took a small jar of Tickle Ants and sprinkled the on her feet. He looked on as the ants absorbed into her skin and started moving freely about from her soles and toes to her ankles. The insane tickling sensation was even more maddening with the fact that Simon had caused Ashley’s feet to become hyper-ticklish. Her helpless feet were wildly floundering about in a vain attempt of shaking the ants off.
After a few minutes of watching Ashley, Simon went to the other gals and relished their ticklish situations. Brenda had a huge wet spot in the seat of her pants from wetting herself. The goats were showing no sign of slowing down or giving Carissa any mercy as they were, without a doubt, enjoying their salty treats. Carissa was laughing so much she was drooling and her face flushed into a nice shade of tickled pink. Cassie’s cute angelic face was racked with sheer agony as tears poured from the corners of her eyes. It was clear that all the Kewpie Doll wanted was for the tickling to stop.
Simon moved to the center of the room, closed his eyes and drank in the rich wild agonizing hysterical laughter of his four ticklish co-workers.

The End

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